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“I have a bright room with a lot of windows”

Having a bright room with a lot of windows or lighting is generally not a problem with our fireplace. With the technology in other fireplaces, the flames projected onto the surface behind the logs actually diminish in a bright room, because they are simply a reflection of light off of some chromed reflectors. If you were to take a photograph with a flash on of a traditional electric fireplace, there will actually be no flames visible because the flash completely wipes out the fire effect.

Our fireplace works completely differently than that. Our proprietary holographic technology projects real video of actual fire onto a special holographic glass that will show a vibrant and clear flame even in a very brightly lit room with many windows. When viewed from a normal viewing angle, that is from several feet away, and preferably seated, there will be little to no reflection in the glass, and the flames will look as close to a real fire as you can get without setting anything on fire.

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We love talking fireplaces! Call us anytime at 615-844-3330 or chat with us on the web site. We can also be emailed at [email protected]. Usually phone calls and chat widget requests get the quickest replies.
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