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Artemis White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater

$3,495.00 $2,995.00

Mantel Dimensions: 52″w x 43″h x 15”d


White Electric Fireplace Features

Buy White Electric Fireplace With Realistic Flames

Buy White Electric Fireplace With 26 Flames

Buy White Electric Fireplace With Log Crackle Sounds

Buy White Electric Fireplace With Touchscreen

Buy White Electric Fireplace with Smart Phone App

Buy White Electric Fireplace with Heater

4,600 BTU Heater

Built in Log Crackle Sounds

Nature Background Sounds

Buy White Electric Fireplace with Bluetooth App

Self Updating Feature

Buy White Electric Fireplace with Sleep Timer

Built in Sleep Timers

Buy White Electric Fireplace Thats Safe

Safe Around Children / Pets

Buy White Electric Fireplace with Easy Assembly

       20 Minute Assembly

Buy White Electric Fireplace That's Energy Efficient

NO More Chopping Wood

Buy White Electric Fireplace with Zone Heating

Zone Heating

  • ELECTRIC FIREPLACE with ultra-realistic flames and real fire sounds! Our flames look real because they are real. We start with real video of actual flames & use holographic technology (we patented) to make it look as if the logs are actually on fire! We then sampled actual sound from a variety of fires in high quality and play them back along with the burning fire loops. The resulting illusion looks almost as good as the real thing but with none of the mess or expense of a traditional fireplace!
  • FAKE FIREPLACE that simulates wood burning, gas, and fantasy flames. With 26 flames to choose from our electric fireplace has the most abundant flame selection of any electric. Pick from a huge library of wood burning flames with subtle smoke details, or gas burning logs with just a hint of blue to look like natural gas -or- fantasy flames that look like the linear or wall mount fireplaces you may have seen. With so many flames to choose from you will never get bored of the same fire effects.
  • WHITE ELECTRIC FIREPLACES Mantel & Insert Combo. Purchase our award winning fireplace insert and wall mantel kit combo and save money on the finest electric fireplace of 2018. When you chose MagikFlame you’re getting the best and we always innovate features nobody else has! Our nature background sounds soothe the mind and body. Relax to crackling fire while enjoying the sounds of crashing ocean waves or unwind to the music of nature as birds chirp as if you’re in the great outdoors.
  • ELECTRIC FIREPLACE AND MANTEL package with heater and iPhone App. Warm your home in the winter with a built in (safe) 4,600 btu heater to warm a 1,000 sq/ft room or use it in ambiance only mode. Fireplace can be controlled with the included log remote control when in front of the fireplace OR right on your iPhone or iPad with our free phone app. Imagine pulling into your driveway and using your phone to turn on the fireplace so it’s warming and crackling before you even enter your living room!
  • FIREPLACE MANTELS in a variety of colors and styles to fit any living room decor. Our furniture grade mantels look at home in any room of your home & are sure to be the center of attention no matter where you put it. Save money on installation by doing it yourself. Professional installation is NOT required with the MagikFlame. If you can turn a screw driver you can put this fireplace together on your own no matter your age or technical experience. Free technical support and updates for life.

The MagikFlame electric fireplace is the most realistic electric fireplace ever made. It’s an authentic fireplace experience utilizing revolutionary HoloFlame technology including 26 real video flame effects with genuine crackling log sounds! Clean and safe around children and pets and uses less electricity than a light bulb.

Our white electric fireplaces is ultra-stylish with a beautiful, semi-gloss white finish and decorative frame. Embrace the vogue crown molding with a bull-nose edge. Perfect for use in your home, living room, condo or high-rise.

Fireplace mantels come in five different colors and styles. Pick the perfect mantel to fit your style and decor. Our mantels range from modern and chic to a traditional look.

Fake fireplace that simulates wood burning, gas, and fantasy flames. Select a unique flame to match the mood of any moment. We have the most abundant flame selection. Features an alluring and genuine fire for any occasion. You’ll have so many flames to choose from you’ll never get bored.

Our electric fireplace and mantel packages compliment any home decor and is sure to be the focal point of any room. This mantel style is: 52″w x 43″h x 15”d. It’s easy to assemble regardless of age or skill level. If you can turn a screwdriver, you can put this together.

Traditional wood burning fireplaces emit hazardous smoke and chemicals into the air that’s dangerous to breath. Relish in clean, pollutant-free air and peace of mind with a safe and convenient electric fireplace.

We’ve thought through the small details to provide luxury, convenience and peace of mind while mastering the subtle nuances of real fire. Our ultra-realistic electric fireplaces are handmade and manufactured in the USA in limited quantities. To maintain quality, we build in small batches and rigorously test each unit to ensure perfection before it arrives. Last year, demand exceeded capacity. Buy now while units are in stock and ready to ship.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the nature of this being a holographic electric fireplace there are important considerations to keep in mind before purchasing. Viewing angle is extremely important. For the best visual experience it’s best to be seated at least 4+ feet away from the unit and view it by looking straight into the opening. Viewing the fireplace while standing above it is the worst possible viewing angle and should be avoided as from this position you may see some unwanted reflections in the glass (that are not visible when seated). Also like any other electric fireplace its best viewed in dim or subdued lighting.

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Weight 180 lbs