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Better Than Real. Meet The MagikFlame HoloFlame

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Holographic Technology For Flames That Actually Appear To Burn the Logs

The MagikFlame is the most realistic electric fireplace ever created. We have spent the last 5 years developing from the ground up our state of the art HoloFlame technology which projects real flame videos onto your log set in 3D. Our flames look absolutely real because they are sampled from real fires and are real! Buy realistic electric fireplaces.

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Realistic Electric Fireplace in Living Room

The World’s Only Fully Immersive Electric Fireplace

Get lost in the flames as the MagikFlame stimulates several senses simultaneously to whisp you away.

Only Fireplace w/ 3d Projected Holographic Flames

Every other fireplace on the market has a screen behind the logs that create a fire effect. However with our HoloFlame technology the flames actually dance and burn right on top (and not behind) your logs resulting in visuals identical to the real thing.

Ships With 21 Highly Detailed & Realistic Flames

View our partial gallery of flames with sound just like you would in your living room. Navigate through flames by moving your mouse to the far left/right edge to pick a slide and click play. When viewing use arrow keys to view different flames.

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Countless Benefits to Owning a MagikFlame

Safe Around Children & Pets

The MagikFlame is completely safe around children and pets because it does not heat up and cause burns like a traditional fireplace. The MagikFlame emits no harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide into your home making the air safer to breathe and it saves you money…

The Flames Look Real Because They Are Sampled From Real Fires for Unsurpassed Realism

Touch-Screen Controls

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No more fumbling around in the dark for your remote control and squinting at tiny words. Simply tap the built in touchscreen to bring it to life. Navigate an easy to use menu system to control anything. It’s easy and intuitive; just like your smart phone.

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Realistic Electric Fireplaces

21 Super Realistic Flames w/ Sound

The volume can be adjusted up/down or muted as desired.

Ambient Nature Sounds

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Heighten your relaxation by enabling the built in ambient nature sounds. Enjoy the crackling and popping of the logs while you relax to crashing ocean waves. Optionally you can select to un-wind to the sound of rain and thunder or even fall asleep to the sound of nature as the HoloFlame lulls you to sleep.

Integrated Bluetooth Technology

Control Your MagikFlame w/ Your Smart Phone

Realistic Electric Fireplace with Bluetooth Phone App

Most Technology Begins to Age The Moment It Hits Your Home. Ours Updates Itself w/ New Videos & Features Automatically & Gets Better In Time!

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Realistic Flames With Smoke & Embers

Realistic Electric Fireplace Flames

The MagikFlame has the most realistic flame effects of any electric fireplace bar-none. Experience vivid photorealistic flames dancing upon logs complete with glowing embers and wispy rolling smoke.

Authentic Log Glow Effects

Realistic Electric Fireplace Logs With Heat

Each log is meticulously painted and lit from the inside using a variety of low powered but brilliantly colorful LED lamps that pulsate to simulate glowing embers as your logs appear to burn.

Low Power LED Fire Lamps

Buy the Most Realistic Electric Fireplace

The MagikFlame is the only electric fireplace that uses micro-controlled LED lamps that contain 24 yellow and orange diodes to accurately re-create a fiery glow to warm your home with a soothing orange hue.

Crackling Logs Sounds

Realistic Electric Fireplace with Sound

The flames are accompanied by digitally sampled crackles & pops of real burning logs to further sell the illusion of an actual fire. Built in  speakers re-produce the sound of burning logs with utter realism & clarity.

Beautiful Crown Molding

Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace

The MagikFlame will look beautiful in your home whether its turned on or off. Our fireplace is an elegant piece of high-quality hand-built furniture with intricate decorative molding throughout that compliments any decor.

Scent Atomizer

Realistic Electric Fireplaces with Scent

Enjoy the scent of fresh cut winter pine as your MagikFlame runs with this optional add-on. This device oscillates pine needle oil to re-create the scent of newly chopped wood just like a real wood-burning fireplace.

4600 BTU Coil Heater

Realistic Electric Fireplace with Heater

The MagikFlame can heat the room you’re in with it’s efficient and safe electric coil heater. The heating element can be turned on to warm you up on the coldest of winter nights or switched off to enjoy the MagikFlame in ambience only mode.

Aged Brass

Realistic Fireplace Logs With Heat

The handcrafted look of the MagikFlame is taken to the next level with the addition of a simulated aged brass metal container to hold the logs. The antique look of the wood holder ads a decorative charm to your home with a sense of class.

Fits Any Decor

The MagikFlame is shown here in a modern matte white finish. Our electric fireplace looks beautiful as it warms a cold living room on a brisk winter day.

28″ HoloFlame Insert

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From classic to modern several finishes are available to perfectly match your decor.

Artemis Modern White

Aphrodite Antique Ivory

Stand Alone Inserts Now Available for a Limited Time

28″ Holographic & 26″ Non-Holographic Stand Alone Inserts Are The Most Realistic Available

After dozens of phone calls and email requests, we get it — you want to purchase just the electric fireplace inserts without the wall mantels. For a limited time only we are making available both our full size 28″ holographic insert and our smaller 26″ non-holographic insert for use in your own mantels or chimneys, or even integrated directly into your walls. Many of our customers use the inserts to convert their existing wood or gas burning fireplaces into electric and clean fireplaces using our state of the art hyper-realistic electric fireplace inserts. Buy realistic electric fireplaces now.

Realistic Electric Fireplace Inserts with Sound

Three Year Warranty (Industry Best)

The Best Electric Fireplace Warranty

The MagikFlame is manufactured using the highest quality materials and marksmanship. Our products use solid state electronics with few moving parts that last much longer than our competitors. While others offer only a 1-year warranty MagikFlame offers a full three (3) year warranty covering your product completely if something should go wrong.

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26″ MMS Insert

Budget Priced Realistic Electric Fireplace TV Stands

These non-holographic TV stand electric fireplace consoles are perfect for those with limited space looking to store all you audio/video equipment in one attractive piece of furniture. The MMS line features 17 super realistic flames with actual fire sounds and is Bluetooth enabled so you can control your fireplace with your smart phone. The MMS series is the little brother to the HoloFlame series and is priced accordingly. Buy realistic fireplace inserts with sound

View Media Mantel Series

MagikFlame Media Mantel Series TV Stands

Electric fireplaces built into TV console stands to store your audio/video equipment

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Florida Trade Show Announcement

You may have seen us at the Florida Home-show November 18-20 2016 in Fort Lauderdale

Distributors? Where Can I See a MagikFlame in My State?

Click here for a list of our national distributors.