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Take a Tour Inside the MagikFlame Factory to Learn...

How It's Made

Precise German Engineering Melds With American
Craftsmanship to Produce The World’s Finest Electric Fireplace

German Engineered &
American Craftsmanship

Learn How MagikFlame is Hand Built with Love in the USA

Built With Love

MagikFlame’s are built in Nashville, Tennessee with the loving hands of highly skilled technicians, with combined decades of experience honing their craft. We’re proud to say our Inserts are made in America, and each one is a masterpiece of engineering and craftsmanship. Hard work, a bit of love, and hard-core dedication to quality goes into each and every “one-of-a-kind” unit that we produce. It takes several weeks to build just one MagikFlame and everyone that leaves our warehouse is perfection worthy of our brand. We use only the best quality metal and wood in every unit we create, so that the investment of a MagikFlame will endure. Every HoloFlame is a marriage of high-tech engineering and precision manufacturing for a premium electric fireplace worthy of your home that is destined to become the focal point of your luxurious living space. Let’s dive right in and peel back the curtain so that you can learn how your MagikFlame has been built to be the very best electric fireplace that money can buy.






Engineered to Perfection

To begin with, our product has been precision-engineered using the same CAD software the US Navy uses to build its submarines. With this technology our German engineers are able to design every component of the MagikFlame and scientifically work-out how all our parts will interact together for a symbiotic relationship. We design our Inserts and mantles like a fine Swiss watch, where every component fits precisely together just as it should for impeccable performance. Five years of research and design went into creating the perfect fit, form and functionality of our award winning HoloFlame fireplace that produces the most realistic flames of any electric fireplace on the market. Other brands use outdated mechanically driven technology to re-create the look of fire, but we believe that you will agree that those products fall short of expectations. The MagikFlame was designed and engineered from the ground up to create a soothing fire experience as close to the real thing as possible without actually setting anything on fire. Our patented technology will transform your living space with lifelike flames and sound just like real fire. Let’s take a look at how we do it…

Built with Accuracy

CNC Computer Controlled Laser Cutting Machines & Hand Brakes Produce Panels With 1/1000Th Of An Inch Accuracy For Precise Fit Every Time
Our engineers have methodically reviewed every curve of the MagikFlame with laser attention to detail. The product is as close to perfection as we can get it. CAD helps us to achieve perfection in the computer and our talented and skilled technicians then use the cutting edge high-tech computer assisted machinery in order to accurately re-produce the digital model in the real world. Because every MagikFlame that leaves our shop must be exactly the same as the one before it and the one after it, we use finely tuned CnC laser cutting tables and computer controlled handbrakes to precisely cut and bend our sheet metal so that each and every MagikFlame is exactly the same, every time we build one. This means that every MagikFlame that exits our shop has been built with the utmost precision and is as close to perfection as we can achieve. We continually work to improve our products and craft so that we always produce the very best product we can while adopting new technology. At MagikFlame we are dedicated to perfection, and have chosen quality over quantity. Therefore our output is limited as MagikFlame not a mass produced product, and is instead a one of a kind masterpiece that takes weeks to build just one, and that’s the way we like it.




Dream Big with No Limits & Accept No Substitute

A Completed MagikFlame Installed With Custom Tile Work

Its Easy To Upgrade Your Gas/Wood Fireplace to an Electric

Powder Coated for a Lifetime of Durability and Enjoyment

To protect our precisely cut and formed sheet metal panels we powder coat them for durability and beauty. This process involves electrostatically charging our panels so that the dry powdered paint adheres to the surface and is then cured under high heat and UV to create a rock solid protective outer shell that guarantees longevity. This process beautifies the panels by adding a textured black skin resistant to fingerprints and humidity which will never rust. Powder coating not only adds beauty to the finished product but it makes it tough as nails.

Built by Hand in Nashville, TN.

Now that we’ve completed the panels for the metal chassis of the HoloFlame it’s time to assemble them together into the framework that will hold the electronics of the finished product. Our trained technicians assemble enclosures by hand ensuring that each and every unit is put together perfectly and has no imperfections. We avoid mass-production robots to avoid “batch errors” common to automated manufacturing lines. We believe having a human involved is still best practice for maintaining quality throughout. It means we build less, but the quality is better and we’re OK with that. With MagikFlame every Insert that we ship has been methodically built, reviewed, and tested to be absolutely perfect before it leaves our shop. It’s slow and painstaking, but it’s in our brand DNA to be as close to perfect as we can be, so that you will be proud to showcase your new MagikFlame to your friends and family.

Installing the High-End Digital Components

Up until now we’ve been working with a mechanical assembly and it’s time to morph that into an electro-mechanical structure to become the fireplace this product was destined to be. Computers are programmed and microchips are flashed to prepare electrical components for assembly. Surface mounted micro-controllers are expertly soldered by machine to our custom printed circuit boards to create the MagikFlame “brain” that runs the show. The finely tuned technology inside is meticulously constructed and installed bringing the HoloFlame roaring to life. We use the very best components so that we can push the limits of what an electric fireplace is capable of. This technology costs more to produce, but the life-like fire effects speak for them self and that’s why high-end buyers world-wide chose MagikFlame.

Testing for Fit, Form,
and Functionality

Now is where the fun begins. Every MagikFlame that comes off the manufacturing line is rigorously tested by a senior technician and thoroughly assessed in accordance with a 12-point quality control test, which has been built to identify any potential problems before the fireplace leaves our facility. Every product goes through multiple sets of eyes to ensure quality before being signed off on. Each product is labeled with a numeric label code identifying batch number and signifies the product has successfully passed testing and evaluation to the highest possible standards worthy of the MagikFlame seal of approval.

Our Top Quality Mantels Are
Manufactured From Premium Wood

We work with world wide partners who are experts in high quality mantel manufacturing for electric fireplaces with decades of furniture building experience. The best quality woods are used in fabrication of AAA furniture grade wood surrounds worthy of your MagikFlame Insert. Generations of professional carpenters and wood craftsman pay attention to every detail when constructing your mantel for superior, best in class wood mantel surrounds. Built with CNC routers every panel is cut with precision and assembled by a dedicated and skilled team who are experts with wood fabrication and construction. Enjoy a premium quality furniture product to show off your MagikFlame electric fireplace that is sure to turn heads with impeccable style. Our premium mantels stand up to close scrutiny and look fantastic, even close up. Superior finish and craftsmanship throughout is a hallmark of the MagikFlame brand and that commitment to quality extends to our world class mantels which will exceed your expectations.

Delivering Your

We’ve built you a perfect premium fireplace but the job is not complete until your fireplace is delivered in perfect condition to your home. You know by now how much engineering has gone into creating our product and that level of thought has gone into designing and engineering our packaging to create the best possible shell for delivering a damage free fireplace. We use expensive Polyethylene foam instead of Styrofoam to encapsulate your insert protecting it from possible trauma during delivery. This premium foam absorbs shock and dissipates it all while retaining its shape to provide reliable protection all the way to your door. We use double walled, 450 LB burst strength heavy duty cardboard boxes to ensure your MagikFlame is delivered as built and ready for trouble free installation. We use specialized freight delivery carriers who are experts in transporting our products so that you will receive your MagikFlame as intended (most of the time). Either way we fully back our product and guarantee a perfect product.

Quality Without Sacrifice

We firmly stand behind our quality and our workmanship is second to none. Feel confident when you purchase a MagikFlame that you’re getting the very best electric fireplace money can buy — sold to you direct from a manufacturer that cares about offering a superior product, sold at a price you can afford, and comes with exceptional customer support — for the life of the product. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone to our skilled and friendly staff who are standing by 7-days a week. We really love talking fireplaces so give us a holler and let’s discuss how we can help — we’d love to talk with you now. Thank you for reading this far and we hope you have learned a bit about what sets us apart from everyone else.
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