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Our Patented HoloFlame™ Technology


Learn How Our Patented LCD Projection Tech.
Makes for the Most Realistic Fireplace Flames

Holographic Projection Tech.


Our patented HoloFlame technology is a real game-changer. Others use a mechanical means to recreate the look of fire; we instead use actual video of real fire which we then project onto a physical log set making it look like those logs are actually burning. Therefore you get all the details you would with real fire like wispy smoke and even burning embers which other fireplaces are not capable of producing. We spent 5 years of R&D to produce this cutting edge technology.





Life Like Details Like Smoke & Burning Embers Add to the Realistic Flames

LCD Video Projection Tech Produces

Realistic Flame Details

You may have heard the old saying “where there is smoke there’s fire”. We took that to heart when developing the MagikFlame HoloFlame line of electric fireplaces. You see other electric fireplaces on the market are not able to produce fine details like black wispy smoke or even burning and embers. As a matter of fact other electric fireplaces do not accurately even reproduce the actual colors or even the movement of real flames. Because we use real video of actual fire we are able to simulate minut details like wispy smoke rolling up off of the logs and even burning rice as they rise and cool. Our flames look photorealistic and as good as the real thing because you are looking at real fire. That’s why our fireplaces look so realistic. This technology costs much more to produce but we believe you will notice the difference immediately and we believe it’s well worth it.

LCD Video Projection

vs. Mechanical Tech

Almost all electric fireplace manufacturers use variations on the same mechanical technology. Each one of them might make a small tweak to their technology but they work over all exactly the same. The mechanical technology consists of a small motor that rotates and reflects some lights through a flame like silhouette onto a screen behind the log set. This does not look real. You get a blur of yellow and red and orange flames that simply do not look like real fire. Because we use real video of actual flames, our fires look real because they are real. Our fires have realistic details like true and accurate movement of the flames, identical flame color reproduction, and organic details like wispy smoke and realistic fire. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and with MagikFlame you get these details and more.




Relax and Unwind by the Fire

Releive the Stress of the Day by Sitting in Front of a Realistic

Electric Fireplace That is Even Better Than the Real Thing

30 Flame Loops Simulate Wood &
Gas Burning Fireplaces w/ Sound

Electric fireplaces from other manufacturers essentially produce one flame in five or six different colors. They just simply turn their internal lights different colors and call that a different flame. The MagikFlame however produces 30 completely different flames. For instance we are able to simulate the look of both modern and vintage wood burning fireplaces. The MagikFlame can also stimulate the look of brush fires, bonfires, and even campfires. We can also can accurately simulate the look of gas burning fireplaces. With 30 different flames to choose from our HoloFlame electric fireplaces get you as close to the real thing as possible, without actually setting something on fire. The MagikFlame line of electric fireplaces truly stand out above all our competition for the most realistic flames of any electric fireplace in existence. Our premium electric fireplace is the best of the best and perfect for luxury homes who care about realism and can appreciate the difference.
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Fireplace Flame Simulation

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Campfire Flame Simulation

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Fire Pit Flame Simulation

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Fire Pit Flame Simulation

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