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The World’s Only HOLOGRAPHIC Electric Fireplace

How It Works

We Holographically Project Actual Video of Real Fire On To
A Physical Log Set Making It Appear to Actually Be Burning

Patented HoloFlame™
Technology for Life Like Visuals
Like No Other Electric Fireplace

Peak Behind the Curtain & Learn How MagikFlame Really Works

Built From the Ground Up to Be the

Most Realistic Fireplace

We started our company with the sole purpose of creating the most realistic electric fireplace ever made. We have seen what other fireplace manufacturers are offering and we knew we could do it better. It took us five years of research and development to come up with our HoloFlame™ holographic projection technology which is a real game-changer. Other fireplaces use a mechanical effect to recreate the look of fire which is just not very realistic. For instance, they will use a mechanical system of a rotating spindle with some chrome reflectors connected to an inexpensive electric motor. The reflectors will revolve around and reflect a bank of lights through a flame like silhouette and onto a screen behind the log set. This doesn’t look anything like real fire, but it is inexpensive to manufacture and mass produce. With others, you simply get a blur of yellow and red, and orange lights in the shape of fire but it does not look anything like real fire. The MagikFlame works completely differently than that, using holographic video projection technology, which projects real video of actual fire onto a physical log set that makes it look like those logs are actually burning. There is not another fireplace on the market that comes even remotely close to the realism of the MagikFlame product. We are very proud to be offering this patented one-of-a-kind technology for a premium electric fireplace like no other.






Video Based LCD Projection Technology

For The Ultimate in Flame Realism

The key differentiator between our product and other electric fireplaces is the fact that we use real video of actual fire to make it look like your logs are actually burning. Because we’re using actual video of fire projected onto a physical log set you get all of the subtle details of real fire like wispy smoke, and rising and burning embers, as well as a natural and organic movement of the fire. Because we use an LCD projection device in every MagikFlame fireplace we are able to accurately recreate in high-definition all of the details of real fire for an experience like no other. Our high-definition LCD projection technology makes for a flame as vivid and lifelike as any fire you would experience in real life. The quality of the flames on the MagikFlame is unsurpassed in quality or realism. Modern LCD devices are capable of creating life-like representations from video that are extremely detailed and fluent in their movement and color reproduction. These devices are extremely robust and reliable and will last for many years with little to no maintenance. This technology is extremely reliable and capable of recreating flames every bit as lifelike and visually appealing as actually sitting in front of a real wood or gas burning fireplace.

It Looks Real, Because It Is Real

Super Life-Like Flame Visuals

Fire Without Smoke Isn’t Fire! MagikFlame Fires Include Billowing Black Smoke, Burning Rising Embers and Authentic Flame Colors
Our fireplaces look real because it is real. We use real video of fire projected onto a physical log set that gives a depth and appearance not found on any other brand of electric fireplace. You may have heard the old saying that where there’s smoke there’s fire, but all other electric fireplaces lack the detail of simulated smoke in their fireplaces. Because the MagikFlame uses a video based holographic video projection technology, we are able to simulate all the details of real fire like black wispy smoke rolling up off of the logs, as well as rising and cooling burning embers, and even the natural and organic movement of the fire is very true to life for an unsurpassed level of realism like no other. Mechanical fireplaces like the ones sold from other manufacturers are simply not able to recreate the organic look of fire in the same way we are. Reflected light can in no way accurately recreate the nuances of actual fire in terms of the movement of the flames and even the subtle details and coloring of the flames. Our video production technology gives you something that gets you as close to the real thing as possible without actually setting anything on fire, while remaining completely safe.





Uniquely Engineered Blaze

Fire LED Lighting Technology

In order to accurately simulate the look of burning and smoldering embers we have engineered and designed our own Fireblaze LED lights. Our specialized Blaze lighting technology uses dozens of micro LEDs of different colors in order to simulate the look of burning and smoldering embers. We then use an advanced computer algorithm to pulsate the micro LEDs in synchronization to make for an accurate representation of burning and smoldering embers. These lights are designed to last up to 15 years or more and use very little energy, and remain completely cool to the touch while creating an extremely lifelike visual effect of smoldering coals.

We Recorded Actual Fire Sounds

Enjoy Authentic Crackling

A fire is not complete without sound. Other fireplaces simply don’t offer the option of having sound along with their fireplace which substantially takes away from the realism. We Believe sound is a key component to simulating a real fire. Our audio Engineers have used commercial level audio recording equipment to accurately capture the subtle sounds of fire, including the crackling and popping of logs and the actual sounds a hissing fire makes. We have been able to sample this in a high bitrate and reproduce it with stereo speakers for an authentic visualscape experience not offered on any other product. Sound helps to further sell the illusion of this being a real fire. The volume levels can be adjusted to your liking, and you have 30 flame sounds to choose from for a huge variety of choices.

We Combined Realistic Flame Visuals,

Actual Log Sounds & Heat

In order to accurately recreate fire, one has to reproduce the key characteristics of real fireplaces. Those are a realistic visual appearance, in combination with authentic fire crackling sounds, and heat. Our fireplace is able to combine all these properties to create an electric fireplace that will fool your mind into thinking that you are actually looking at a real fire. Our 5,200 btu heater will warm 800 square feet and will take the chill off a room, while minimizing your power bill, and it will remain completely safe. Because you are not burning any actual gas or wood, these fireplaces do not emit fumes and are much safer and less expensive to operate than traditional combustion fireplaces. There is little to no maintenance and not much of a sacrifice with this product. You get all the benefits of real fire with none of the drawbacks and maintenance associated with combustion fireplaces. Our product is less expensive to install and operate and you can take it with you when you move.

Built in Full Color Touch-Screen

For Easy Control in Dim Rooms

A big part of the atmosphere comes from operating your fireplace in a dimly lit room at night, with a glass of wine or soft music in the background. With other fireplaces operating them without light is difficult due to their non-illuminated control panels or tiny remotes. Our fireplace includes a modern built in touch screen similar to what you might find on your thousand-dollar iPhone. All of the icons are brilliantly lit in color and intuitive to use. When you make your changes and walk away from the fireplace, the screen will go black to blend in with the rest of the product, and become completely invisible, only there when you need it to make a change. The way a modern and premium electric fireplace should be designed for the 20th century and beyond.

Control the MagikFlame Using Your

Smartphone and Our Bluetooth App

Other fireplaces use outdated infrared or IR remote control technology to operate their products. This is a technology that’s been around and in use relatively unchanged since the 1950s. We wanted to do it better with MagikFlame and so we’ve created an app that will run on your smartphone (iOS only). For instance if you have an iPhone, you can download our app from the Apple App Store and use that to control the MagikFlame from any room of your home. For instance, imagine turning on the fireplace from your bedroom, so that it’s already turned on and Illuminating and heating your living room by the time you step into it for your morning coffee. With the MagikFlame app you can control your fireplace using your favorite device that’s in your hand most of the time anyways, and operate your state of the art fireplace from any room of your home, without needing to stand directly in front of it for a superior experience. Bluetooth technology is simply better than IR because of the distance you can operate the product from, and it will always read and respond to your requests instantly.

Self Updating Technology

Free Updates For Life

Most technology is outdated the very same day you bring it home and put it in your living room. However the MagikFlame is different than that. Our products include self-updating technology. Simply pair the MagikFlame to your home’s Wi-Fi network and it will download and automatically install new updates as they’re available. For instance this means that you will get new features as soon as they’re available and even new flames and new sound updates for free for the life of your product. The MagikFlame will always stay on the cutting edge of technology with free updates for the life of the product, and new features are added from time to time to continue to innovate and modernize our product for the foreseeable future.

Reality Without Compromise

Simply put, the MagikFlame electric fireplace is better than real, and without the compromise. The MagikFlame requires little to no maintenance other than dusting a piece of glass every once in a while. It’s much less expensive to operate than a traditional gas or wood burning fireplace, since the cost of gas is on the rise. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of the MagikFlame as it does not produce charred wood and it’s safer and more efficient to use, and safe around children and pets. Our product does not emit dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide making it safer to breathe. The realistic visuals look every bit as stunning as an actual fireplace and can be operated with the push of a button. It costs less to install than a traditional fireplace and will simply take your breath away.
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