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“I can get a cheaper fireplace somewhere else”

Magikflame is very different from other fireplace manufacturers. To begin with, we are a small family business. We build our product in Nashville, Tennessee with American workers our, products are not mass-produced and built-in China, with cheap components that break. We do not even come close to the volume of our competitors in terms of how many units we build every year, but we do make a quality product by hand. Each one of our fireplaces can take up to 3-4 weeks to build, and every one of them is assembled by hand in painstaking detail and checked for quality before it ships, as you would expect from a premium fireplace.

The bottom line is that our product is well-built, and it looks far more realistic than anything else in the marketplace, by far. What’s the point of owning an electric fireplace that doesn’t look like real fire? There is nothing satisfying about looking at a blur of yellow and red and orange lights that look nothing like actual fire. It’s not relaxing, it’s fake-looking, and it totally defeats the purpose of a fireplace that should be soothing and relaxing to experience. With our fireplace you’re getting a quality product with technology inside of it that warrants its price tag.

For instance, other fireplaces use a cheap Chinese electric motor, to spin a shaft that reflects some light back onto a screen behind the logs, producing a fake-looking fire effect. This is pretty much how every other fireplace manufacturer builds their products and it looks horrible. With our fireplaces, we use a patented holographic projection technology that uses real video of actual fire and holographically projects those flames onto a real physical log set that makes those logs look like they are actually burning.

With our fireplace, you get all the beautiful details of fire like wispy smoke rolling up off of the logs, as well as rising and burning embers, and even the natural and organic movement of the flames is all very true to life. Our fireplace even includes sound that other fireplaces don’t, and with ours, you get 30 different photo-realistic flames that can simulate both natural gas and even wood combustion fireplaces. You get modern and vintage fireplace flames, bonfires, brush-fires, and everything in between. That’s a different fire for each day of the month and you’ll never see the same flame twice. We offer a huge variety of flames you will not see with other fireplaces.

On top of that our fireplace has a built-in, full-color touchscreen that’s the same as you will find in a $1,000 iPhone. In addition to that our fireplace has a computer in it that runs the show so that you can get free updates for the life of your product and features that no other fireplace has, like a smartphone app for controlling the fireplace from any room in your house and self-updates for life so it’s always up to date with the latest features.

We are indeed much more expensive than other fireplaces. However, you are getting a much better value for your money, as with our fireplace you have real technology inside of it that costs more, but the flames look real, and that’s what counts. Our competitors actually have cheap Chinese technology in their products, like inexpensive motors that only cost a few dollars and break over time. Our unit uses solid-state electronics, which does not rely on moving parts that can break, so it lasts much longer and looks like real fire. I’m not saying it’s indistinguishable from the real thing, but it gets you pretty darn close.

With MagikFlame, you get free tech support for the life of the product, and you can speak to an expert anytime 7 days a week. No other fireplace manufacturer has pros available at any time you may have a question. That’s a really big deal. Apple charges for this kind of service, but we don’t charge you a penny.

We’re a quality manufacturer, and we stand behind our product and have unrivaled customer support. Most folks absolutely love our fireplace. We are a small family business that makes a premium product. We hand-build all our units and produce a fireplace that looks real.

Our product costs much less to install than a traditional combustion fireplace and will operate for years with little to no maintenance. Traditional fireplaces require annual chimney sweeps which add to the cost and are a mess and danger to operate.

With a MagikFlame, you’re getting a premium fireplace that’s worth every penny and we simply smoke our competition in terms of realism, technology, and features. Most people rave about our product, and in the past, we have had a waiting list where people have waited months to receive one of our hand-built products. That’s a testament to how good our fireplace really is and that’s what sets us apart and that’s why our fireplace is worth the asking price.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

We love talking fireplaces! Call us anytime at 615-844-3330 or chat with us on the web site. We can also be emailed at [email protected]. Usually phone calls and chat widget requests get the quickest replies.
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