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1-Year Warranty

MagikFlame inserts are built in America using high quality components and is constructed to last. We do not rely on moving parts to generate our flame effects making our products very reliable. Much more so than other fireplaces that create their flames with an electric motor and rotating lights. There is less to break on our products. We use LED and LCD technology for many years of trouble free operation. MagikFlame inserts are covered by a 1 year warranty.

2-Year Warranty

Our products are built to last. But “forever” is a longtime. Extend the factory 1-year warranty with our Gold “Comprehensive Protection Plan” to cover any mechanical failure within 2-years of owning the MagikFlame. Rest assured your investment is protected in the off chance something should go wrong; “we got you!”

3-Year Warranty

Save $100 and upgrade to our VIP Platinum “Comprehensive Protection Plan” which will extend your factory warranty by an additional two years. Enjoy peace of mind in knowing your investment is protected no matter what may break; however unlikely this is to happen. Our VIP technical support is available 24/7 to resolve your issue quickly.

MagikFlame VIP

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