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28″ HoloFlame Fireplace Insert w/ Realistic Flames, Sound & Touchscreen Controls


4,600 BTU Heater

Built in Sounds

Nature Background Sounds

Self Updating Feature

Built in Sleep Timers

Safe Around Children / Pets

       20 Minute Assembly

NO More Chopping Wood

Zone Heating


The most realistic electric fireplace on sale anywhere w/ patented Holographic tech looks as if your logs are actually on fire! Cheaper fireplaces use mechanical effects which look fake & break over time. Ours uses state of the art holograms to create the most realistic fireplace experience ever created. The logs actually appear to burn in 3D before your eyes. Must be seen to be believed. Integrated Bluetooth technology means new flames & features are being added all the time.

Choose from 26 HD flames sampled from real fires complete w/ sound for a lifelike experience like no other. We are the only manufacturer to include such a large variety of completely different flames each with their own unique sounds. Our engineers captured the audio of real burning logs & included a variation with every flame loop so you can chose the perfect fire to suit your mood!

No more fiddling around for the remote control at night & squinting to read buttons. We include a back-lit touch screen that can be controlled with the pads of your fingers just like a smart phone! The intuitive menus are easy for anyone to use & gives you complete control. Ours is the only fireplace on Amazon to include a FREE Bluetooth app for your Smartphone so you can control your fireplace from anywhere in your home. For convenience a remote control is also included.

The MagikFlame can be operated year round on minimum power in ambiance only mode or the 4,600 BTU heater can be turned on to heat your room on chilly winter nights. Safe for kids and pets as the heater never gets hot. There is absolutely no mess or danger with the MagikFlame HoloFlame electric fireplace.

Due to popular demand the HoloFlame insert is now being sold separately without a mantel in limited quantities for a limited time. This listing is for the Holographic insert only which includes the logs (w/ heater), phone app and remote. No mantel is included with this insert only version. The opening is 28″ inches. Confirm the unit will fit your enclosure before ordering.

Overall dimensions: 28″ Wide x 31″ Tall x 12″ Deep


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