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Can a Corner Electric Fireplace Work in an Apartment?

Corner Electric Fireplace

For many people who live in apartments, having a more traditional fireplace just isn’t an option at all. Luckily, there is a way to have a fireplace in your apartment anyway: installing an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces have come a really long way over the years. While cheap and tacky fireplaces are still out there, newer more high-end models are so realistic, you’d think you were sitting in front of a real fire.

Electric fireplaces do not require venting or chimneys, unlike traditional fireplaces.

However, if you are thinking about putting an electric fireplace into your apartment, there is still the issue of space. Unfortunately, many apartments don’t have a lot of extra wall space to work with and you end up having to figure out compromises of exactly what you can fit in the family room of your apartment.

There is another great option to consider, a fireplace that is designed for the corner space of the room. By installing one in a corner, you can save space and keep the room feeling interesting. In the guide to follow we are going to answer all of the questions you probably have regarding fireplaces that are made to work well in an apartment.

Best Corner Electric Fireplace for Home

These Questions Will Be Covered In The Guide That Follows:

  • What Are The Electric Fireplace Types That You Can Get? – At the beginning of this guide, we are going to talk about the large variety of electrical fireplace types that you can get for your home. Because there are so many different types made for so many different situations, we will focus on the most common types that you might choose from.
  • Why Is a Corner Electric Fireplace Good For An Apartment? – In this section, we are going to explain how a fireplace that is designed to be installed in the corner has two main advantages that a regular electric fireplace may not have.
  • What Other Fireplace Options Are Good For An Apartment? – On top of electric fireplaces that are made to go in the corner of the room, there are other options for electric fireplaces that are good for apartments where you don’t have to sacrifice space.
  • How Does a Fireplace Heater Work To Keep My Apartment Warm? – Because some people are skeptical of how good a heater inside of an electric fireplace actually is, this section is going to cover the inner workings of electric infrared heaters inside of these fireplaces and what makes them so great.
  • How Does an Electric Fireplace Work To Create Flame Effects? – Electric fireplaces aren’t just about heat. Electric fireplaces also have to create the visual experience of realistic flames. This section will talk about how different fireplaces go about doing just that.
  • What Are The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces Over Traditional Ones? – If a traditional or corner gas fireplace is still an option for you regardless that you live in an apartment, this section of the post is going to explain why an electric fireplace is still the best choice that you can possibly go with for your fireplace heating needs.
  • Are Cheap Fireplaces On Amazon Good and What Brand Should I Get? – While it can be tempting to get cheap fireplaces, this section will explain why generic brands are no good. We will also talk about specific brands like Southern Enterprises, Dimplex, Duraflame, and more.
  • Why Is MagikFlame The Best Electric Fireplace and Do They Make a Corner Electric Fireplace? – If you want a top-of-the-line electric fireplace in your bedroom that can perfectly simulate a real flame with holographic technology, this section is an absolute must to read. We will also cover a specific corner model they offer that is perfect for any apartment out there.

What Are The Electric Fireplace Types That You Can Get?

There is absolutely no shortage of electric fireplace varieties, which means that anyone can find an electric fireplace that is right in their home. whether you own a large house or are renting an apartment, there is an electric fireplace option out there for you. You can filter your options based on criteria like size, style, and heating capacity. Here are the most common types of electric fireplaces that you will find on the market:

●      Flat Wall Electric Fireplace Mantel Package – This is easily the most commonly seen type of electric fireplace out there. This is a standard unit that gets installed against a wall that is flat and is set on the floor against it. This is a package because it comes in two pieces: the mantel and the fireplace. You connect them together during installation. While this makes installation a bit easier by not having one solid, heavy unit to prop up, it also serves the function of allowing customers to choose between several different styles of mantels from the company that they buy their electric fireplaces from.

●      Corner Electric Fireplace – These are the units that we are mostly talking about in this article because of their ability to save space. These fireplaces are no different than the mantel package fireplace talked about above. The only real difference is that they are shaped in a way that they fit into the corner like a wedge. In one of the following sections, we will go into detail about the benefits of these.

●      Fireplace Media Console – Putting both a TV stand and an electric fireplace into an apartment can be a bit of a tight squeeze. Instead of having a separate electric fireplace and TV stand, this unit combines them into one. These will usually have additional space for media storage like a media cabinet or shelving with glass doors in front of it. Of course, this space will be a little more limited than a standard TV stand due to the need for space for the fireplace in the body.

●      Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand – These combine the TV stands that double as electric fireplaces, but also put them into a design shaped for the corner. These are great if you really have your heart set on a corner unit and need some additional open shelves for any kind of media that needs to be stored.

●      Wall Mount Electric Fireplace– A wall-mounted unit is one that you can hang on the wall instead of installing on the floor against the wall. While electric fireplaces tend to be quite heavy, you can hang them on the wall by using special mounting brackets that are secured to the wooden studs behind the drywall. These fireplaces also have the advantage of being able to be placed inside of a wall recession for total enclosure. This will make the fireplace sit flush with the wall, or almost flush. Of course, this is likely an option that you can’t go with unless you own the apartment or have permission from the owner to do so.

●      Freestanding Electric Fireplace – This is a portable space heater. Unfortunately, because it is made to have some basic visual fire effects, there is less space for a good heating device. Out of all of the electric fireplaces on this list, this is probably the worst to get. The heating isn’t as good as a normal space heater, and the fire effects aren’t as good as a standard electric fireplace. For this reason, it is a good idea for you to completely avoid them. As an alternative, consider getting a normal electric fireplace off of this list, and then if you still need a portable space heater for special occasions, buy one that doesn’t have the fireplace aesthetic.

●      Electric Fireplace Insert – If you happen to have an existing fireplace with an open firebox, these fireplace inserts can be installed into the firebox so that you can convert them into a fireplace that runs completely on electricity. By doing this, you can get all of the amazing benefits of using electric fireplaces, but you can also still use the fireplace housing that was already in your home so that it is not going to waste.

●      Electric Stove – For people who love the idea of using an electric fireplace but also really like the farmhouse vibe that comes with a wood stove or a pellet stove, they would probably like these electric stoves. That’s really all they are: a normal electrical fireplace but with the shape and aesthetic of an older-style wood stove.

Why Is a Corner Electric Fireplace Good For An Apartment?


Saves Space In Your Living Room – A corner electric fireplace is ideal for saving space in your apartment because people don’t usually put any significant furniture in the corner anyway. On top of this, it won’t stick out as far and will leave more room to walk in front of it. While electric fireplaces tend to take up very little space as it is, this is a good solution if you are really cramped with space. You can save additional space by forgoing a typical entertainment center and putting your TV on top of your fireplace corner unit.

●      Makes For An Interesting Focal Point – Having a fireplace on flat walls is very typical. By moving your fireplace to the corner, it makes things look a bit more exciting and asymmetrical.

What Other Fireplace Options Are Good For An Apartment?

●      Fireplace Entertainment Center – Clearly a fireplace that is built into a standard TV console stand is going to save space because you don’t need two different pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that you will be limited in shelving space due to the extra space needed for the fireplace.

●      Mantel Package Fireplace For Flat Wall With Flat Screen Wall Mount Above It – One thing that a lot of people overlook is that you can get a standard electric fireplace that is installed against the flat part of your wall with a mantle around it. This can be a normal-sized unit or even a compact unit if necessary. Then, you can simply mount your TV above the fireplace. Electric fireplaces don’t do any damage to TVs above them because there is no heat or smoke to worry about. Electric fireplaces typically don’t stick out too far from the wall either, so there is plenty of space to walk in front of them.

How Does a Fireplace Heater Work To Keep My Apartment Warm?

Convection by the way of infrared heat is how good electric fireplaces work to keep homes warm. Cold air is pulled from the room and pushed through the fireplace. As it passes, an infrared quartz coil works to quickly heat the passing cold air. Because this happens so fast, when you turn an electric fireplace with an infrared quartz heater on, you will start to feel warm air blowing out of it almost immediately, there is no need to wait for the unit to heat up like cheap radiating coil devices that don’t use infrared quartz.

Electric fireplaces do not require venting, making them easier to install in apartments.

A good electric fireplace can heat up an area of around 1,000 square feet. For most people, this is plenty to keep their entire home warm. However, if you have a much larger home, you can get more than once electrical fireplace and set it up for supplemental heat. Basically, you only turn fireplaces on when people are in those rooms, and then you keep the doors that are between the doors closed so that the fireplace is only working a little bit to heat up a much smaller space. While some people worry about the cost of additional fireplaces like this, it actually ends up being cheaper in the long run due to the massive savings you can expect on your heating bill.

How Does an Electric Fireplace Work To Create Flame Effects?

Electric fireplaces have a huge variety of ways that they produce visual effects.

●      Spinning mechanical reflector with light bulbs
●      Colored LED flames
●      Screens that play looped fireplace videos
●      Light reflected off of water vapor
●      3D holographic projection

Out of all of the different types of flame technology used, the 3D holographic projection is the only one that looks completely realistic and is absolutely hard to tell if you are sitting in front of the real thing or not. This type of technology is only found in MagikFlame electric fireplaces.

What Are The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces Over Traditional Ones?

There are several reasons that electric fireplaces are the obvious choice:

●      No Fire Hazard – No flame, no fire. MagikFlame doesn’t have the added risk of a house fire because it doesn’t actually burn anything.

●      No Dangerous Emissions – Because MagikFlame doesn’t burn anything, you don’t have to worry about smoke inhalation or fatal carbon monoxide.

●      No Hassle To Use – There is no hassle to using an electric fireplace like there is when you need to build a fire and maintain it using wood as fuel.

●      No Hassle To Set Up – Electric fireplaces are simple to set up. It’s as easy as putting it down and plugging it in.

●      No Venting Required – Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces do not require venting or chimneys.

●      Energy Efficient – Because all of the heat is retained in the room instead of a lot lost through the chimney like a wood fireplace, electric fireplaces are super efficient with energy usage and cost very little to keep your home warm.

●      Remote Control – You can control an electric fireplace with a remote or app for your smartphone.

●      Alexa Voice Activation – With outlets made to work with Alexa, you can set your fireplace to turn on with your voice alone.

●      Realistic Ambiance – If you invest in a high-end holographic projection model, you can have realistic flames and feel like you are sitting directly in front of a real fireplace.

Are Cheap Fireplaces On Amazon Good and What Brand Should I Get?

There are so many terrible electric fireplaces out there, and they are almost all generic brands that seem like a good deal until you actually install them in your home and realize how bad they are. These fireplaces always have issues with the heaters not working nearly as well as they should, the visual flames looking very tacky with unusual flame colors which break the illusion, and your energy bill will be higher due to how inefficient they are with electrical heating.

It is important to invest in good brands so that you can make sure you get one that you will be happy with for years to come. There are many good brands like Redden, Duraflame, Dimplex, Southern Enterprises, and more. However, each brand will have different types of visual flame technology inside of them and they will usually have different styles in color, material, and construction.
Before looking for brands, think about what you want your fireplace to look like before it is even turned on. Do you want something darker like a dark walnut or espresso? How about a faux stone like stacked stone? For a beautiful, clean, and timeless look, you should think about a solid white oak fireplace.
As for flame effects, there are a lot of choices there as well. Some are really cheap like mechanical spinning LED lighting or some basic colored LED flames. And while Southern Enterprises, redden, and those other brands might look great at first glance, the absolute best fire simulation technology you can go with is the 3D holographic technology that MagikFlame has inside of them. It is only with the dual functionality of a top-of-the-line fireplace like MagikFlame that you can properly combine the realistic ambiance of their holographic flames with a powerful and efficient electric infrared heating device inside.

Why Is MagikFlame The Best Electric Fireplace and Do They Make a Corner Electric Fireplace?

MagikFlame electric fireplaces are considered the best indoor electric fireplaces because they are ideal for various needs:

●      MagikFlame Has Ultrarealistic Holoflame Technology – Boasting 30 different choices of 3D holographic flickering flame you can cycle between for any mood, MagikFlame fireplaces feel like you are genuinely sitting right in front of a real fireplace. The flames are holographically projected onto a physical log set that sits inside the fireplace.

●      MagikFlame Has Crackling Log Sounds – The sounds on a MagikFlame electric fireplace are what take the top-of-the-line realistic visuals and add even more atmosphere. By hearing each little crackle and pop of burning logs, you can completely immerse yourself in the fireplace experience. Also, if you are in a relaxing mood, you can also turn on nature sounds.

●      MagikFlame Has an Incredible 5,200 BTU Heater – The powerful heater inside of each MagikFlame electric fireplace can keep an apartment of up to 1,000 sq. ft. warm with no problem at all. All you have to do is set the adjustable thermostat to your desired temperature and allow this incredible heater to efficiently warm your home while keeping your heating bill low. On top of this, because the fireplace only uses 13 amps, you can easily connect this plug-in fireplace to a standard 120-volt electrical outlet.

●      MagikFlame Has an Easy To Use Smartphone App – Do you want to change the settings on the thermostat or control other features from the comfort of your own home? That is incredibly simple with the MagikFlame smartphone app. This app has large, easy-to-see buttons that can effortlessly control every aspect of your MagikFlame fireplace.

On top of all of these features that every single MagikFlame electric fireplace comes with, MagikFlame also has a beautiful corner model called the Churchill. If you are looking for the perfect fireplace for the corner of your apartment, this is the model for you. You can also use it as a stand for your TV to put the focus on the corner and to save more space.

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