Dimplex Revillusion vs MagikFlame HoloFlame

Dimplex Revillusion vs MagikFlame HoloFlame: Which Fireplace Has the Most Realistic Flames? Dimplex vs MagikFlame Fireplaces. Which has the more realistic flame? When it comes to owning an electric fireplace many look for an experience that feels like sitting in front of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. After all it's the beauty of the flames, [...]

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Best Electric Wall Mantel Fireplace 2020

Best Electric Wall Mantel Fireplace 2020 Wall mounted electric fireplaces are a subset of a much larger category of electric fireplaces. When choosing an electric fireplace for your home you have many styles and designs available like wall hanging units that are often very long and can take up many feet of your wall [...]

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