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Electric Fireplaces

For Dining Room

Electric Fireplaces For Dining Room

A fireplace in the dining room is a luxury touch most often found in historic homes. For homeowners who want the hypnotizing ambiance of a fire while dining, an electric fireplace in the dining room is the perfect solution. Installing most types of fireplaces is expensive and complicated. Traditional fuels like wood and gas contribute to indoor air pollution. Dining room electric fireplaces are affordably priced and support healthy indoor air quality and beautiful ambiance. A freestanding electric dining room fireplace is easy to install. The best electric fireplace for a dining room will have realistic flame effects and heat; for an upscale look, the fireplace design might include a custom mantelpiece or surround.

Why Is An Electric Fireplace Best For Dining Room?

One of the most compelling reasons to choose an electric dining room fireplace is improved indoor air quality, especially in an enclosed space where people are eating. Fireplaces that use combustible fuels like wood, gas, and alcohol gel create unpleasant by-products that pollute indoor air, and are expensive to operate. If anyone in your family has allergies or is sensitive to chemicals, an electric dining room fireplace is a healthier choice.

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces may be nostalgic but they’re an expensive, dirty source of heat. Expect a constant indoor smoke smell and soot on the walls. Gas

fireplaces are cleaner-burning, but owners must factor in the price of gas, and you don’t always want the heat. Plus, they can emit deadly carbon monoxide. Modern “ventless” gas fireplaces have even been found to emit unhealthy by-products that pollute the air in your home. At the lowest price point is a faux electric fireplace; they use LED lights to create a focal point, but don’t provide realistic flames or heat.

Wall-mount modern electric fireplaces that use alcohol gel fuel may seem appealing at first, because they’re easy to install, but expensive to operate. Despite claims that they’re “clean burning”, like any combustible fuel these fireplaces do emit fumes. Plus, once you buy an alcohol fireplace you’re locked into purchasing fuel refills from that manufacturer. Like other traditional fireplaces, alcohol-gel fireplaces always produce heat. In contrast, electric fireplaces offer the option of flames without heat, so they’re ideal for warm climates or creating ambiance in the summertime.

A dining room electric fireplace is an affordable solution that can be installed quickly, with minimal disruption. You’ll enjoy safe, efficient heat with no special venting required. They’re simple to install – just plug it into a standard outlet. You can even convert an existing wood or gas-burning firebox by installing an electric fireplace insert. Create a stylish interior design with a fireplace surround in brick, wood, faux stone, stainless steel, tile, granite, or stucco.

Using Hollywood special effects, MagikFlame electric fireplaces create amazing, realistic fires. We give you thirty different real flame effects with natural crackling fire sounds. Choose a complete fireplace with a decorative mantel surround for classic style. Use our electric fireplace insert to upgrade an existing fireplace, or incorporate a custom design into your dining room during renovation. Our Churchill corner fireplace makes it easy to fit an electric fireplace into a small dining room.

Benefits Of An Electric Fireplace In A Dining Room:

  • With realistic flames and heat, an electric fireplace can truly replace traditional fuel fireplaces.
  • Electric fireplace heaters are energy-efficient and safe, without the pollutants or costs of a gas, alcohol or wood-burning fire.
  • Electric fireplaces can reduce your energy bill by utilizing Zone Heating; lower your thermostat and use the fireplace to heat the dining room when it’s in use.
  • MagikFlame dining room electric fireplaces use Bluetooth technology, so you can control the fireplace from any iOS smartphone.
  • An electric fireplace can be installed almost anywhere, even in a small dining room.

Electric Fireplaces In Dining Room Are Elegant And Cozy

Use MagikFlame’s luxury fireplace features to create a cozy ambiance in your dining room. The built-in backlit color touchscreen control lets you set the sound volume, flame style and heat settings. A built-in timer sets a crackling fire that turns off automatically. Use your iOS smartphone to turn on the fireplace from another room, and turn on the heat to warm up the dining room before you come in.

Here we’ve gathered some pictures of electric fireplace designs to help inspire your dining room project. In this dark and moody charcoal-painted room, black and white modern art and a white mantel create a sophisticated contrast:

A MagikFlame electric firebox can convert an old brick fireplace to a safer, cleaner source of flames in your dining room:

This chimney adds architectural interest when clad with faux stone; a built-in buffet is perfect for serving:

Complement a traditional mantel with a minimalist shelving nook to display art or serving pieces:

A custom fireplace surround covered in gray wood planks creates a modern farmhouse look:

In a small dining room, take advantage of unused corner space to add a fireplace. Placing our Churchill corner mantel on a pedestal raises the firebox for a better view:

What’s The Best Electric Fireplace For Your Dining Room?

What should you look for when buying an electric fireplace for the dining room? Ideally, a fireplace should be easy to install and use, with a variety of flame settings that look and sound real. An attractive electric fireplace design with a built-in mantel helps increase your home’s value without a costly renovation. MagikFlame fireplaces plug into a standard grounded outlet, and offer several attractive mantel designs that can be painted (if needed) to match your decor.

A premium electric fireplace delivers ultra-realistic 3D flame effects that closely resemble real wood and gas fires. A MagikFlame offers a variety of fire display options and sound effects recorded from real fires. In addition to remote control, smartphone control over Bluetooth offers the ultimate convenience. For advanced technology, nothing beats MagikFlame’s electric fireplace hardware and display options. Every fireplace unit includes:

  • A reliable computer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an HD projection display
  • An iPhone-quality touchscreen and remote control
  • Lifetime software updates and tech support
  • Rain and thunder sounds for a cozy ambiance
  • Singing birds and rustling leaf sounds that bring the outdoors in
  • Crashing waves to accompany our campfire on the beach
  • A unique Virtual Fish Tank option (yours free for a review)

MagikFlame’s ground-breaking HoloFlame technology was created by Hollywood special effects experts. This computer-based projection system uses a holographic video of real fire projected onto an actual log, simulating a burning fire. The log is surrounded by smoldering embers, and the whole experience is enhanced by the crack and pop of real fire sounds. This safely creates the flame effects of a traditional fireplace, yet it’s cool to the touch, and safe around children and pets.

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