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Is it Safe to Paint the Fireplace?

paint fireplace

Is it safe to paint an electric fireplace? There are several reasons why you’d like to paint a fireplace. Perhaps: to redesign the space for a makeover when decorating, when installing a new door, or maybe to change the color of old brick. The response, whatever your reason is, is yes. Typically, however, a fireplace unit itself cannot be painted, but the surrounding. The correct form of primer and paint is what you need for home improvement. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • About MagikFlame
  • Whether a fireplace can be painted
  • Best paints to use
  • Impacts of painting the fireplace
  • Safety implications
  • Effects of using the wrong paint

Types of Fireplaces

You have discovered so far that a fireplace is a perfect way to keep your room cozy. They are also classified as room heaters that are vent-free and can be used in five primary types:

1. TV Fireplace stands

There are no chimneys, venting, or gas lines needed for a fireplace television stand. There is no dirty washing up of the ashes and no wood piles to cut or stack. It can be as easy to turn on your fireplace looks TV stand as to press a button.

2. Wall-mount fireplace

For those with small fireplace surround, wall-mounted electric fireplaces are a popular choice. For use in outdoor spaces, this type is rising in popularity. It is also used as the living room’s focal point—a terrific centerpiece for those without a TV. If needed, some can be moved from room to room. They come in various types, forms, and sizes. The long-form, referred to as a ribbon fireplace, is the most loved style. It comes with a mantel or without one.

3. In-wall fireplace

For home improvement into your favorite living room, built-in fireplaces looks offer the lowest profile mounting options. As they are easy to mount, they are ideal for new construction or renovating old spaces and typically only need regular 2-inch by 4-inch framing with extended depth to fit the firebox.

4. Electric inserts fireplaces

Inside an existing recessed space, such as a media cabinet or fireplace, electric insert fireplaces are mounted. By simply plugging in a panel or a package of faux logs, these types of fireplaces work. Through its three-sided inner brick wall construction, it gives customers a distinctive fireplace look.

5. MagikFlame fireplace

A MagikFlame fireplace means it has the most realistic premium fireplace available. To make the flames look natural, it does not need any venting or flue and uses holographic technology. The device is proprietary, and there are no equivalent drawbacks to any other fireplace. With that, we’re going to indulge more in the electric wonder fireplace. Here is the MagikFlame story.

MagikFlame Story

MagikFlame story is awesome as it is fantastic. However, like most electric versions, MagikFlame does not create the realistic sounds of crackling logs. It is the unit with the most natural look and sound. To produce a real-sounding electric fire, MagikFlame blends HD video holograms with sound. The advanced feature helps you to appreciate the unit even though you are not explicitly looking at it.

It is one of a kind to behold. The brand uses infrared heaters, which, like other heating systems, do not suck the air’s humidity. An exact representation of output versus quantity. It provides you with decent and high quality, but the cost is higher than the average fireplace.

How MagikFlame is built

When installing a conventional combustion fireplace, installing a fireplace insert is more straightforward and less costly. Since the structure needs only minor changes to be made. You save on gas line construction and ventilation by installing an electric fireplace in your bedroom.

It would be better for you to consider a safe and powerful fireplace when building a MagikFlame fireplace to carry the beauty of flames to your living room without much effort. Below are the necessary steps you can do-it-yourself (DIY) to install MagikFlame.

  • Unpack the log set and plug it into the outlet
  • Attach the power cord to the log collection
  • With the two screws, mount the glass
  • Plug into the wall
  • Pushing the power button on the remote
paint fireplace

MagikFlame Fireplace Review

Fireplaces by MagikFlame shine in terms of luxury aesthetics and technology. The flames deliver a crisp visual of different forms of fires. If you are recovering from a long day of work or entertaining during a holiday or seasonal gathering, this will set the stage for every evening.

The fireplace is holographic, and this is an unrivaled attribute for other brands. Not only do you get 3D burning wood, but you also get Bluetooth networking that allows you to control your fireplace remotely. There are 21 samples of flames to choose from.

The MagikFlame electric fireplace can provide you with warmth during the winter season, but it is very healthy to use even if you have kids. It stays cool all the time to make the whole family happy and safe to use. Although its cost is slightly higher, your money is worth its abilities, efficiency, and convenience.

More realism is there to it. From the real burning logs, the crackling sounds that the device makes are captured. In terms of heat, in ambient mode, you will be able to enjoy four 600 BTUs. From the touchscreen display, you get to monitor the fireplace. Currently, the mantle is made of birch. Let’s check on MagikFlame reviews and its features:

Key Features of MagikFlame Electric Fireplace

  • Replicates the style and sounds of 30 flames of various kinds
  • High-quality sounds of the crackling fire
  • To quickly access menus, it comes with a back-lit touchscreen
  • It comes with an app that allows the fireplace to be managed

Check Best Electric Fireplace Buying Guide 2023

Having learned the MagikFlame reviews, there are a few things that you should remember when it comes to purchasing the ideal fireplace. That is, the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide. Make sure that you have ample wall space for the fireplace before making the final purchase. An alternative is a free-standing model if your wall space is small. Here are other things to consider when purchasing a fireplace from Home Depot.

How power will be supplied

A fireplace requires an electrical appliance and typically requires an electrical power source to run. A power cord and plug will come with the MagikFlame fireplace as usual. It works right out of the box, and you only have to plug it into one of your house’s regular electrical outlets.

Ensure that you know before you buy whether the fireplace can be plugged in or needs to be hard-wired. Consider also if the fireplace would be able to hit your home’s adjacent electric outlet. Since a fireplace cannot be plugged into an extension lead, this is unlikely.

Flame Effects

As the focal point of a fireplace, flame effects are considered. Though the flames are not real, they create the look and atmosphere of a real fire in a fireplace surround. In the fireplace, the flame effects are produced by reflecting light from spinning mirrors that make flickering flames appear.

Between brand and model, the realism of the flame effects varies. The more practical the impact of the flame is, the greater the price. Look out for incredibly realistic flame technologies that famous brands like MagikFlame use, such as Prism, Allure, and 3D spectra fire.

Heater and Size of your room

Via an integrated heater, large fireplaces produce supplementary heat. In a fireplace, there are two types of heaters used:

1. Fan-forced heater for

2. Infrared Quartz heater

Usually, these heaters are rated to heat rooms to the size of 400 square feet. If your house is big, then look for an infrared heater to buy. It can heat rooms to a size of 1000 square feet.


Most modern fireplaces use LEDs to help generate the flame effects, although some models like a gas fireplace can still use bulbs. LEDs are rated to last longer than bulbs, several times longer. If your new fireplace uses bulbs than LEDs, you will need to adjust once it has blown up every few years. Check what bulb it uses when purchasing a fireplace.

Added features

Most models of fireplaces have added features to make work easier for you. The features include:

  • Remote control – allows you to adjust all elements from the comfort of your seat
  • Overheat protection – will enable you to control heat
  • Multi-color flames – gives an array of flames
  • Thermostatic control – allows setting to the desired temperature
  • Timer functionality – will enable you to set a specific period
  • Flame speed and brightness control – allows you to adjust the brightness and intensity of the flames
  • Flame-only functionality – enables you to adjust the brightness of the flame effects

Payment Plans and Financing

You have the option of paying later when you buy your MagikFlame from Home Depot. The good news is that from 6-months to one year, that may be interest-free. Low monthly payments are also made for you. By following the steps below, you can still apply for financing:

1. Visit the website and add your preference to the cart.

2. Go to the “Continue to checkout” box, pick your shipping details, and fill it out.

3. Pick the pay overtime option in the payment portion.

4. Click on the application button

The funding works pretty coolly because the conditions are straightforward and no hidden fees, and there is no paperwork. Here’s how it operates:

  • Simple and fast online application requests
  • Flexible and manageable payments per month
  • No penalty for prepayments.

Can an Electric Fireplace be painted?

Fireplaces are a versatile type of fireplace that can be installed around a home in many places. Besides, it can also be embedded in various furniture pieces, including TV stands and fireplace mantels. In short, home decor can be built with an electric fireplace. However, to make it blend in, you might keep thinking, is it safe to paint an electric fireplace?

Nothing compares to a fireplace when it comes to adding warmth and beauty to a house. This is where a fireplace comes in handy if you’re not lucky enough space. Without the hassle of building a conventional fireplace, it gives similar effects to standard fireplaces.

An electric fireplace is not a modern invention. It’s been around for over a century. In the 1950s, its success took off and has been kept up to date. You might be still wondering, is it safe to paint an electric fireplace? Here are the best paints to use.

Types of Paint to Use

Even if it doesn’t work, an electric fireplace anchors every room it is in. Is it safe to paint an electric fireplace? Yes, it is the easiest way to make a fireplace makeover if you want to conceal it and make it less visually noticeable or improve its architectural allure. You need a heat-resistant color when it comes to selecting paint. If you want to blend in or stand out, remember to consider your décor.

There are several types of paints to use when painting a fireplace. They include:

  • Chalk paint
  • Cottage paint
  • Latex paint
  • Spay paint

An electric fireplace can be painted very quickly with chalk paint. It is just like painting a brick fireplace. That means it can be a DIY project. Follow this fast tutorial that will make your fireplace look new in a budget-friendly makeover. Here is what you need before you begin painting and the tutorial step by step:

  • Your favorite paint color
  • Primer
  • Dust mask
  • painter’s tape
  • Paint brush, roller, and paint tray
  • Sandpaper
  • Drop cloths

Step 1: Wear your dust mask first. Cover your floor with drop cloths to catch the debris and possible coats of paint spills.

Step 2: Begin by cleaning and wiping your wood mantel. To have a consistent finish, ensure that you get rid of any dirt or dust. Use a sandpaper for sanding the walls.

Step 3: Use the painter’s tape around the fireplace to ensure that you don’t get chalk paint or spray paint on the walls to create smooth edges. A different color will make a huge difference.

Step 4: Use the fireplace to prime it. You may use a latex primer for interior bonding or an oil-based primer. Priming helps to conceal joints or seams on new-look dry walls and prevents knots and other neutral blemishes from bleeding—a whole place to dry.

Step 5: Paint a coat of oil-based enamel over the fireplace using a paintbrush. This is going to be your new paint color. Before you redo another chalk paint coat, allow the paint to dry. Offer your new fireplace coats of paint after having the desired paint color, and enable it to dry.

Impact of Paint on a Room

A painted electric fireplace will laminate your living room and bring to life the feel of the art. Imagine the perfect living room around the fireplace with the family gathered together. It’s traditional, appealing, and natural-looking. For any remodeling decision, painting a fireplace is a personal choice and fulfilling if it is a DIY project. Here are the results of the in-room painting.

  • Painting improves the look of your home decor.
  • By painting, you cover a repaired or discolored wall in the fireplace, which enhances your interior design.
  • It will laminate your room by adding a great deal of value to your home.
  • Painting a fireplace adds a sense of style.

Safety Implications of Painting a Fireplace

I did my own research and calculated the correct model for my room size. Fireplaces are beneficial supplementary heat sources, fireplace makeover is beneficial supplementary heat sources, since they are more energy-efficient than gas fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces.

Fireplaces provide more significant savings as a whole, unlike large brick fireplaces or gas fireplaces, since they allow you to heat the room that you are using most or actually in, not the entire house. For several purposes, they provide a better heating system. Here are some security precautions to be considered when doing fireplace makeover:

  • Stop using bare skin to touch it. When turned on, the heating element is hot.
  • Keep all combustible materials away from all sides of the electric appliance at a safe distance.
  • Air must pass freely without covering the fresh air intake or hot air discharge vents with the paint.
  • Even if it is safe for children and pets, show caution while the appliance is in service.
  • When painting, unplug the electric heater.
  • When the paint is still wet, do not operate it.
  • After painting, they are intended for indoor use only and do not expose them to the weather.
  • Do not use electric heaters in washrooms or bathrooms where water is most likely to be exposed.

Impact of Using the Wrong Paint

DIY projects can be hard if you don’t have a tutorial for fireplace makeover. Most bloggers have written posts on WordPress about DIY projects. Visit the WordPress website to get a glimpse of these projects. Paints designed for use on a fireplace are specifically developed to cover high-temperature mantels, earth devices, and other metal surfaces. Their coating series should provide outstanding adhesion, film integrity, color consistency, and resistance to thermal shock over the entire temperature spectrum. It begs the question, is it safe to paint an electric fireplace?

What happens when you use the wrong paint?

  • It will surrender intense heat
  • It will peel, flake, or chalk
  • Bleach and discolor
  • It will not withstand repeated thermal cycling
  • Remains wet for a long time
  • It will not last
  • It will be prone to scratching and marring

Although fireplaces are secure, additional problems are generated by fireplace makeover. When the fire is in use, the zone immediately around the fire will get hot. This will discolor ordinary paints and eventually cause them to crack, flake, and peel off the surface. Note, neither traditional colors are fire retardant nor are heat resistant paints.

Coatings that can withstand high temperatures and are most widely used for chimneys, pipes, and vehicle exhausts are heat-resistant paints for fireplace environments. Fire retardant paints, sadly, are not suitable either. These paints are meant to respond to the surface to which they are applied in a fire. They must be extracted and re-applied after doing their job to ensure the protection is retained in the new look.

Using acrylic latex paint is the right thing to do. They are used to finish paint systems with fire retardant and come with most traditional paint finishes. They can be ordered in a wide variety of colors as well. Your fireplace is comfortably decorated with a flame-retardant topcoat. They can withstand high temperatures of around 70-80 degrees Celsius, even though they are not heat resistant.

Still wondering, is it safe to paint white electric fireplace? For a fireplace adequately mounted, the wall’s temperature should not exceed that of a conventional radiator. You can be confident of protection with a Rustoleum high-heat paint, understanding that you do not paint the surface with something explosive.

Fireplace Wrap Up

If you wish to add extra heat to your home without increasing your energy bill, consider getting a fireplace new look. Unlike a gas fireplace that needs costly materials, building work, and checks on top of the fuel, with this fireplace, you only need to take it out of the box and plug it into position.

You may be required to install the mantle, place it on the wall, or connect it to a stand, depending on the design. Other than that, you can plug it in within a short time and enjoy the water.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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