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Experience the MagikFlame in Your Very Own Home

30-Night In-Home Trial

Try The MagikFlame In Your Home for 30-Nights.
Love It, Or Return It to Us Within a Month for a Refund.*

Try It At Home

Seeing is believing. There is nothing better than living with a MagikFlame for a full month (30 nights) to really experience the wonder and the marvel of our state-of-the-art, hand-built fireplace. Never has an electric fireplace been created from the ground up that so closely simulates the look of real burning fire, complete with holographic wispy smoke, burning embers, and true to life log crackling and popping sounds, just like a real fire. We firmly believe that once you’ve been able to touch the MagikFlame and experience it with your own eyes, you will be absolutely exhilarated by the experience, just as thousands of our prior customers have been. Try the MagikFlame in your own home for 30 nights and either love it, or return it to us if you’re not completely satisfied. That’s how strongly we believe that you will absolutely love our fireplace and can’t live without it, once you have experienced its magic.






In-Home 30-Night Trial*

Try your new fireplace at home for up to 30 nights.

See to Believe. Experience our HoloFlame Technology for yourself.

Factory Direct Pricing

MagikFlame is different from other fireplace manufacturers. We are a small family business that builds each 28” Insert and Firebox by hand — right here in Nashville, Tennessee — with love and care. We do not mass produce our Inserts in Asia like many of our competitors. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we’ve decided to cut out the middleman and sell to you factory direct. This has numerous advantages for you. For instance, storefronts or physical retailers like big-box stores and fireplace outlets, will mark products up far beyond MSRP prices to pad their profit margins. They do this so they can pay for operational expenses such as employees, expensive rent, and advertising. When you purchase direct from us you are guaranteed the lowest possible price and the VIP customer support for the life of the product; 7-days a week. We stand behind every MagikFlame.


Speak to an Expert

Brick and mortar retailers do not have the time and resources to adequately train their employees on the intricacies of the MagikFlame fireplace. It’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before. When you purchase directly from us, you are guaranteed to speak with a knowledgeable representative and post-purchase team. They are experts with various electric fireplaces and the MagikFlame portfolio of products. We always take the time to answer any and all questions or inquiries. When purchasing “factory direct”, we offer you the best possible pricing on the best fireplace that money can buy. You may not be able to see us in a store — and that’s why we’re offering you a “30-night in-home trial*”. Experience the “wow” factor of the MagikFlame for yourself. We feel that living with the product is a much better experience than viewing it in a store for a few minutes (in a crowded showroom). Try the MagikFlame in your own living room for 30-nights and simply return it to us if you don’t love it.




Relax and Unwind by the Fire

Relieve the Stress of the Day by Sitting in Front of a Realistic
Electric Fireplace That is Even Better Than the Real Thing

Why Put a Fireplace in Your
Home That Doesn’t Look Real?

Quite frankly, why would you put a fireplace in your home that doesn’t look real? Electric fireplaces from other manufacturers use a mechanical system to reproduce the look of fire that lacks realism. Take a look at the videos of other active fireplaces and then take a look at MagikFlame videos of our electric fireplaces. Can you spot the difference? Other fireplaces simply reflect some light through a “flame-like” silhouette onto a screen behind the logs, which look cheesy. Do you really want to stare at this fake light show for the next years of your life? It gets very boring very quickly and nobody would ever buy those imitators as real fire.

Our luxury electric fireplaces use real video of actual fire, that is holographically projected onto a physical log-set making it look like those logs are actually burning. That means you get all the subtle details like wispy smoke and burning embers. Even the true to life movement of the flames looks perfect because you’re looking at a holographic simulation of real fire using U.S.-patented, state-of-the-art technology that is exclusive to MagikFlame. We do not claim that our fireplaces are indistinguishable from the real thing, but it certainly gets you pretty darn close. If the MagikFlame does not produce flames realistic enough to completely blow your mind, you might be better off burning wood!


Try MagikFlame
for 30 Nights...

Try the MagikFlame in your home today for 30 nights. We have hundreds of five-star reviews and thousands of happy customers. Experience the spectacular and thrilling experience of a MagikFlame in your home today. See what others are raving about with their MagikFlame fireplace. We are confident you’ll love the MagikFlame otherwise, send it back. Our fireboxes are made in America and built to last. We Forge the American Home. Call now or order online!
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Try the MagikFlame in your home for 30 days. If you don’t like it return it in its original packaging. Shipping of the product to you is non-refundable. Buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping a product back and a 20% reconditioning fee for all non-defective returns.