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What Types of Electric Stoves are For Sale?

Getting a new electrical stove for your kitchen can be a bit overwhelming with all of the choices that are out there. There are many different types of electric stoves, many different features that they have, many different styles of aesthetics for your ho

Getting a new electrical stove for your kitchen can be a bit overwhelming with all of the choices that are out there. There are many different types of electric stoves, many different features that they have, many different styles of aesthetics for your home, and many different brands to choose from.

Do you know the difference between a slide-in range and a freestanding electric range? Do you understand what convection heating is when it comes to the oven? Do you want a cooktop with a convection oven directly below it or do you prefer a stainless-steel slide-in electric range with a double convection oven set up next to it? Are Samsung stoves good or should you get a different brand? In the guide that follows, we will be talking about the different types of electric stoves and ranges that you might want to get for your kitchen. We will also talk about the features you should be looking out for, as well as the brands that are worth considering when looking for an electric stove for sale

What Types of Electric Stoves Are For Sale?

Here Are All of the Questions You Will Have Answered In The Guide That Follows:

  • What Are Some Different Types of Electric Stoves For Sale? – There are a handful of different common types of electric stoves and ranges that you should be aware of so that you can get the one that will be best for your home. While they come in many sizes, and shapes, and with different features, here we will list the initial basic types as a starting point.
  • What Are Some Features To Pay Attention to Regarding an Electric Stove for Sale? – There is no shortage of useful features that come with an electric stove or range. This section will talk about a lot of these different features and you can decide for yourself which ones you think will be useful to your daily cooking needs.
  • What Are Some Good Brands of Electric Stoves To Consider Getting For My Kitchen? – There are many different brands of electric stoves and ranges that you can choose to put in your home like Samsung, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Amana, as well as many other brands. Before jumping onto Amazon and looking for a cheap sale on a generic electrical range, be sure to read this section.
  • Can I use an Electrical Stove to Heat My Home? – In this section, we will talk about the pros and cons of trying to heat your home with a standard electrical kitchen stove.
  • What Electrical Device is the Best Choice When It Comes To Warm My Home? – If you are looking to heat your home with an electrical device, this section gives you a much better alternative and all of the benefits that come with it.
  • What Are the Different Types of Electric Fireplaces for Sale? – In this section, we go over some of the different types of electric fireplaces if you want to heat your home with one.
  • What is the Best Electric Fireplace on the Market? – Not all electric fireplaces are created equally. In this part, we highlight everything that is great about the top electric fireplace that you can find on the market.
What Are Some Different Types of Electric Stoves For Sale?

What Are Some Different Types of Electric Stove For Sale
A good electric stove should allow you to easily cook a full-size meal and keep it warm.

When it comes to electrical stoves and ranges, there are two main types that you can get:
●      Freestanding Electric Range – This is a type of range that can be placed freely against a wall or at the end of a countertop with the side exposed. These look more aesthetically pleasing when the range isn’t built completely into a countertop. Typically, these have a standard convection-style oven under them. Because you aren’t limited by the counter, you can have a larger sq. ft. freestanding electric range without any issues.

●      Slide-In Electric Range – This is a range that is made specifically to be installed into your countertop, with no sides exposed to the kitchen. These are units that need to be precisely installed with the cu. ft. of the unit matching the space on the counter. Because of this, you will often build the counter around these stoves for a precise slide-in fit instead of finding an exact sq. ft. slide-in range that fits the counter.

Keep in mind that there is also a combination dual fuel range that uses electricity and gas. This will usually be a convection or true convection style oven but with a gas range cooktop. The gas stove provides a more precise temperature when cooking as opposed to an electric cooktop which can have wildly different temperatures throughout cooking. Consistent heat helps immensely when preparing anything that requires great heat control.

What Are Some Features To Pay Attention to Regarding an Electric Stove for Sale?

What Are Some Features To Pay Attention to Regarding an Electric Stove for Sale
Whether you are a casual cook or an aspiring chef, it’s important to choose a range with desired features, style, and value.

There are a lot of features that you need to keep in mind when buying a new electric range for your kitchen. The first thing to consider is the actual aesthetic look and how it fits with your kitchen. Do you want something that is stainless steel? Do you want black stainless steel? Do you want fingerprint-resistant stainless steel?
What kind of control do you want? Do you want something more basic with standard front control knobs or buttons? Do you want something more advanced with touchscreen control or a smart range with Wi-Fi capabilities that work with smart things home systems?
What oven layout do you want? Do you want a single oven with a storage drawer underneath or a double oven design so you can more easily bake or roast two different things at the same time? Keep in mind that a double oven electric range will typically take up more space, therefore it isn’t necessarily suited for smaller kitchens. What other features do you want your oven to have? Should it have a specific self-cleaning setting or will the standard broil method of cleaning work for you?

Self-clean can be simple cleaning with heat or it can be a steam clean function where the steam cleaning tends to clean a little better. Do you want air fry capabilities for a healthier way to fry food? Do you want a frozen bake function to more precisely bake frozen foods more without first defrosting them? For the top, do you want a smooth top induction range or a standard coil stove? Keep in mind that induction cooking requires special cookware. Do you just want four standard stove burners or do you want a griddle as well?
Think of what types of things you like to cook and choose the features based on how it will benefit you. Don’t be swayed by any features of an electric range as if it isn’t something that you will actually use very often. If you don’t normally cook with griddles, that might not be very important to you. If you don’t care about having kitchen appliances that connect to a smart house system, there is no point in paying more for a range that has that capability. Whether you are a casual cook or an aspiring chef, it’s important to choose a range with desired features, style, and value.

What Are Some Good Brands of Electric Stoves To Consider Getting For My Kitchen?

Since having a reliable electric range is vital for people who cook at home a lot, you should make sure to completely avoid any kind of generic brands, no matter what kind of discounts or rebates the salesmen throw your way. You won’t really care about any rebate you got if your stove or oven isn’t actually cooking food reliably or it stops working and needs repairs only a year or two after you have purchased it. Instead, stick to trusted brand names.
There are several brands that are trusted and reliable like Samsung, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Amana, KitchenAid, Maytag, and several models by GE Appliances. However, some of these brands specialize in specific features or range types. So, instead of simply choosing a brand based on what you think is best, choose a brand based on the specific features that the brand in question does best. If you know you want two ovens and will be doing a lot of baking, get a brand that rates the highest in that category.
If you want a range that can connect to your smart home with the ability to keep itself clean, focus on brands that rate higher for that. Once you’ve narrowed your brands down based on the features, it becomes much easier to choose, and in the end, you can get the best possible range for your specific needs that fits in your budget.

Can I use an Electrical Stove to Heat My Home?

No, this isn’t really something that you should be doing with your electric stove or electric oven. They aren’t really made to be used in this way as they are intended for smaller heat production for localized cooking only. While an electric range heats the air in the same method that many heaters do, it only works efficiently when the door to that oven is closed. Trying to heat your home with the electric oven door open will make it work at its maximum capacity and it will cost you a fortune on your electric bill while barely raising the temperature of your home.
The only time you should ever use electric stoves or ovens to try to heat your home is in case of an emergency where your normal heating ability breaks and it is an extremely cold winter night. In a case like that, it is still advisable to check into a hotel or stay with someone else that heat. However, if this isn’t possible you can use it for the night to help keep the cold out until you can call the repairman in the morning to fix your normal heating unit.
Of course, if you have a stove or oven that is gas, you should never ever do this in an emergency due to the carbon monoxide that it produces and it will fill your home.

What Electrical Device is the Best Choice When It Comes To Warming my Home?

What Electrical Device is the Best Choice When It Comes To Warming my Home
MagikFlame’s infrared heater takes the chill off even the coldest of rooms.

If you do want a completely electrical way to heat your home, rather than trying to use your electrical stove or oven for something other than its intended purpose, you should get an electric fireplace unit.
Best Electric fireplaces are made for efficiently warming a home, and because of how far their visual effects have come over the decades, these days you can get an electrical fireplace from a company that looks as realistic as a real wood fireplace. Here are all of the amazing advantages of choosing to get an electric fireplace as your standard heating device:
●      Not a Fire Hazard – With traditional fireplaces that burn wood, and even with gas fireplaces, you are burning something in your home and the flames are usually exposed to the room that the fireplace is in. This already increases the chance a great deal, but with wood fireplaces, is even more dangerous because of the soot that builds along the inside of the chimney. If this isn’t cleaned regularly by a professional, the soot will catch fire from the flames in your fireplace and it can burn your entire house down. With electric fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about any of these kinds of additional fire risks because nothing actually burns.

●      No Dangerous Emissions – Wood fireplaces produce a lot of smoke, that’s why they require ventilation in the form of a chimney. Of course, this ventilation doesn’t completely work and smoke will inevitably get into your home. This can cause some serious issues for you with smoke inhalation. An incomplete burn of the wood also produces deadly carbon monoxide. As for gas fireplaces, they don’t produce any smoke, but they still produce carbon monoxide and without the smoke accompanying it, it isn’t quite so obvious when you are breathing it in. That’s why carbon monoxide detectors are so vital to home safety in addition to smoke detectors. However, with electric fireplaces, there is no smoke or carbon monoxide because there is nothing burning. The only emissions that an electric fireplace will release into your home is that of clean warm air.

●      Won’t Smell or Stain Your Walls – Smoke from wood fireplaces will stain your walls over time. They will leave soot on them directly above the fireplace and will yellow all of your walls in the long run. This yellowing can get into your lighter-colored furniture, carpet, and curtains as well. On top of this, the smoke smell gets into everything and lingers far past the point that the fireplace itself has been extinguished. If you were to use a wood fireplace as your regular heat source throughout the winter, your home would smell like smoke all of the time. It will get into your furniture, rugs, carpet, window curtains, and more.

It will even get into the clothes you are wearing and the hair on your hair. The worst part about this is that you will get used to this smell and not realize it is present. However, guests will notice the strong smell in your home when they come over and people will notice the strong smoky smell on you when you leave your home. Again, because electric fireplaces don’t burn anything at all, they don’t produce smoke, therefore you don’t have to worry about any stains in your home or a lingering smoky smell.

●      Effortless to UseElectric fireplaces are dead simple to use. This is when compared to wood fireplaces. With wood fireplaces, to start a fire you first have to shovel all of the ash out of your fireplace. After this, you are going to have to go to your wood storage pile and split wood if you haven’t split it previously. Then you have to build a proper fire and wait for it to warm up after lighting it. Additionally, you have to keep an eye on the fire throughout the day both for safety and to stoke the flames with new logs once the fire starts dying down. With electric fireplaces, you don’t have all of this work and hassle that you need to deal with. Instead, you just turn the thing on, set it to whatever temperature you want it to be at, and let it do the rest. Electric fireplaces know how to work harder or less in order to keep your home at the ideal temperature.

●      Easy to Install – Building a wood fireplace, even if it was allowed in the area you live, is a huge construction undertaking and involves a complete rebuild of a section of your home. Even gas fireplaces require gas lines and ventilation to be installed by professionals. With electric fireplaces, they couldn’t be any more effortless to install. After you have your electric fireplace, you pick a spot against a wall that you want it. You then set it down and plug it into a nearby standard 120-volt electrical outlet. That is all there is to it. The only time the installation would be slightly more involved is if you were installing a wall-mounted fireplace or one that is in a recessed wall. Still, both of those scenarios are significantly less work than building a wood fireplace or installing a gas one in your home.

●      Can Put Them In Any Room – Since electric fireplaces don’t burn anything, they don’t require any kind of ventilation. They also only need to be near a standard wall outlet. They don’t have any other installation requirements. This opens up tons of possibilities of where you want to put them in your home. You aren’t simply limited to having an electric fireplace in your living room or family room. You can install one in your dining room, your bedroom (electric fireplaces for bedrooms create a cozy ambiance), your office, and much more. You could even use one in a converted garage room.

●      You Can Mount a TV Above Them – You can’t mount TVs above wood fireplaces. The smoke and rising heat destroy the electronics inside of the TV over a short amount of time and it will need repairs or replacement. Because the TV owner’s manual will specifically state not to mount it over wood fireplaces for this specific reason, the damage caused usually won’t be covered under any kind of warranty. This isn’t an issue with electrical fireplaces at all. These fireplaces don’t release smoke that will damage the TV’s internals. On top of that, any heat that is produced by the electric fireplace is blown out into the center of the room rather than rising directly upwards, so there is no increase of heat to damage the TV as well.

●      Comes With Remote Control – Electric fireplaces will usually come with some kind of remote control device or even a smartphone app for the more high-end electric fireplace models. With these remotes, you don’t even have to get out of the comfort of your seat to operate your fireplace. With a remote, you can turn the fireplace on or off, set the heat settings to your exact preferences, change any flame effect options that the fireplace might come with, and control any other features that the fireplace has.

●      Heat Efficient – If you buy an electric fireplace that is of high quality, by a good brand, it can keep your home warm by using the least amount of electricity that is possible. Similar to an electric kitchen oven, electric fireplaces typically use convection-style heating, usually in the form of an infrared quartz electric fireplace insert. This means that the second you turn your electric fireplace on, cold air is being pulled into the fireplace. As this air moves through the fireplace, the infrared quartz heating coil instantly warms that air before it is gently blown throughout the room. This type of heating uses very little electricity to quickly warm large areas. In fact, it works so quickly that you can feel the heat coming out of the blowers of a quality electric fireplace almost immediately after you have turned the electric fireplace on. There is no long wait for the fireplace to warm up first.

●      Zone Heating Capability – One of the great advantages of electric fireplaces is zone heating or supplemental heating. This is when you have an exceptionally large home with a lot of rooms where a single electrical fireplace isn’t quite enough. While a quality electric fireplace can usually warm an apartment, condo, or small to medium home without any issues, they aren’t usually rated to heat an area of over 1,000 square feet. If you have a particularly big home, then you can actually save even more money on your heating bill by installing a second or even a third fireplace and setting up a zone heating system.

This means that you only turn on one of your fireplaces in an area that is occupied by people at a given time while keeping doors closed between areas. This allows the fireplace to keep a smaller area warm, costing less energy. While the initial cost of ordering an additional fireplace can seem high, it actually ends up paying for itself with the extra savings that you can expect on your heating bill.

●      Beautiful Fireplace Designs – While there are some very tacky-looking electric fireplaces out there when spending very little on a cheap, generic fireplace, there are also some beautifully grand fireplaces with mantels as well. You can get an electric fireplace with a full, luxurious mantel set that looks like a high-end wood fireplace.

●      Realistic Fireplace Visuals – By investing in a high-end electric fireplace, you also benefit from realistic flame effects. While some flame effects are poor and don’t look at all authentic, if you choose an electric fireplace that uses superior 3D holographic flame technology, you will be able to enjoy a fireplace experience that genuinely feels like the real thing and has all of the benefits of a real wood fireplace without all of the hassle that comes with it.

What Are the Different Types of Electric Fireplaces for Sale?

What Are the Different Types of Electric Fireplaces for Sale
MagikFlame is the best choice compared to other types of fireplaces

If you are thinking that an electric fireplace might be a good fit to keep your home warm, it is important to know what types there are, which ones are good, and which ones should be avoided.
●      Flat Wall Mantel Package – These are the standard-looking fireplace that goes against a flat wall. They come with a mantel that you install with the fireplace.

●      Corner Unit – This is functionally the same as a standard wall mantel unit except it is designed to be located in the corner of a room. These are good if you need to save space.

●      Standard TV Stand Fireplace – These are TV stands with fireplaces built into them. The fireplace tends to be weaker in these. You’re usually best off going with a standard mantel package and mounting a TV above it.

●      Corner TV Stand Fireplace – These are TV stand fireplaces but for corners. Unlike a standard corner unit, the fireplace is smaller to make room for shelving and cabinets. Again, even if you want to save space, you’re better off with a standard corner unit to put your TV on it.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace – These are units that can be wall-mounted using special mounting brackets and can be installed into recessed walls.

●      Freestanding Electric Fireplace – These are nothing more than portable space heaters with a fireplace aesthetic. They tend to work poorly as both a heater and simulating flames. These should be avoided entirely.

●      Electric Fireplace Insert – This is a unit that goes into a wood fireplace to convert it to an electric one.

What is the Best Electric Fireplace on the Market?

What is the Best Electric Fireplace on the Market

The best electric fireplace is easily MagikFlame. Here are the reasons why:
●      They have 30 ultrarealistic flickering flame effects due to their 3D holographic flame technology.
●      They come with the realistic sounds of crackling logs to further immerse you in the fireplace atmosphere.
●      They have a powerful 5,200 infrared BTU heater that will keep your home warm while using very little heat in order to do so.
●      Instead of an underwhelming remote, they use an advanced, easy-to-use, smartphone app.

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Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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