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Living Room Ideas: How to Frame an Electric Fireplace Insert

Fireplace put out heat

An electric fireplace adds to the beauty and makes your living room appear cozier with an appealing ambiance. It is an important part of any home and ensures that the home stays warm throughout the winter. If you know how to frame an electric fireplace insert, you will be in a better position to upgrade the look and feel of your home while making the focal point of your living room more attractive. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • What are Electric Fireplace Inserts
  • How to frame an electric fireplace insert
  • Types of inserts
  • Materials needed for framing
  • How framing improves the living room décor

What is an Electric Fireplace Insert

An electric fireplace insert is one of the main options experts will present you with if you intend to replace the existing gas fireplace or wood logs. In simpler terms, a fireplace insert is a part that plugs into the frame to produce heat and ambiance. It is also the part of the electric fireplace responsible for producing the feel and look of real logs and flames. Its main advantage is that it does not produce any messy ashes and doesn’t have the danger of smoke or flames. As such, they are easier to use, safer, and cleaner for your kids and pets. There are three different kinds of electric fireplace inserts, with each providing at least 4600 BTUs of heat for up to 400 square feet.

Electric Log Inserts

These are known to be the easiest alternative to replacing gas or wood and are known to fit right into existing fireplaces. They are the ideal solution whenever you are tired of the mess and offer a realistic flame that simulates fire and gives you all the warmth and comfort you need. They are best suited for retrofit designs and a cheap way to upgrade from wood-burning fireplaces.

Plug-in Firebox

You will want to choose this option if you already have a vented entertainment center that you can access from the front. This unit comes sealed on all sides and has a glass at the front to ease viewing. They also can plug into standard wall units and are known to warm up to 1000 sq. ft. thanks to an infrared heater.

Built-in Firebox

This firebox is meant for families that need a permanent solution to apply in their home remodel. It is often recessed into the wall and can be used as a replacement for an already existing fireplace. They can also be hardwired into the electrical grid or plugged into the outlet nearby.

How to frame an electric fireplace insert

A fireplace is known to make a home look more appealing and adds an aesthetic feel to it. Following are some useful tips for planning your DIY fireplace.

  • Start by selecting a faux fireplace location as you will require an electrical outlet. Choose a place to place the fireplace that will make it a focal point for your home.
  • There are different kinds of electric fireplace inserts available in the market, and you will be required to select a size that perfectly fits your room. Do not forget to study all the features before ordering one to ensure that it works well and doesn’t appear stylish.
  • Electrical fireplace inserts require electrical outlets to work, and you need to ensure that the electrical outlets are at the exact center of the fireplace frame.

With the provided tips, you will make a better purchase decision that will ensure that you order the best napoleon fireplace inserts for your home. You will also be able to go for the best quality and something that will perform its duties instead of simply appearing stylish but not effective at all. Knowing what you need makes you prepare better with the payment plans and financing and make inquiries at your home depot. You will need the following materials for your DIY project:

  • 1/2” Plywood
  • Woodgrain trim
  • 3” wood screws
  • 2” pocket screws
  • Frame cut sizes 2×4’

These materials will be useful in ensuring that your fireplace has been properly upgraded and given the looks that you intended for it. With the materials ready, you will need some tools to work with, and this will include:

  • Compound miter saw
  • Drill
  • Table saw
  • Kreg Jig
  • Sander
  • Caulking gun
  • Level
  • Builders Square
  • Measuring tape

The tools and the materials are all you will need to have ready for the rest of the frame installation procedure. Take your time and ensure that you are not missing a single material or tool. Any missing tool can mean slowing you down significantly as you will have to look for a replacement and the best alternatives for what you do not have. You can check your local home depot for these supplies or check on Amazon for those you do not find. A MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide will also be useful as it will ensure that you have the right measurements and dimensions for your particular set. Knowing how MagikFlame is built can also be useful for the next couple of installation steps, and you should be armed with the necessary equipment for the procedure. The integrated Dimplex technology ensures that your fireplace works as you expect. These steps, if followed keenly, will show you how to frame an electric fireplace insert.

Step One: Build the Fireplace Base

This is an important step and determines where everything else will fall into place. With the fireplace base installed, you will be able to assemble the rest of the structure easily. You will also not have to worry about the rest of the structure supporting itself since the base can comfortably accommodate this. You can always start by building a base of 63” by 17” and ensure that you space out center supports every 18 inches. 3” screws will prove useful for assembling this, and you should not forget to tighten every screw to ensure the base is firmly in place and not shaking or moving around. This assures you that the base is strong enough and can easily support the fireplace frame.

Step Two: Built the Fireplace Frame

The simplest way to accomplish this is by beginning with a flat surface. Start by working flat on the ground and assemble the front of the fireplace. Employ pocket holes or screws in this procedure and once you have finished setting up the front, fix the sides of the surrounding frame. Next, add the back support at the top and bottom for the frame to easily rest against the wall. You can do this as if you are placing a shiplap on the fireplace sides. This will be useful as a means of getting your frame working properly, and it will also be strong enough.

Step Three: Cover the Fireplace Base with Plywood

Using a table saw, cut down each of the pieces of plywood to their exact sizes. Attach the plywood to the left and right sides, then finish it all with a piece at the front and a top at the end. This will ensure that the baseboard is well prepared and installed to your precise specifications. Plywood is an excellent material and has been known to work very well for your DIY projects. It is also easily available and comes in the exact specifications that you order.

Step Four: Fix the Surround Frame to the Plywood Covered Base and Wall

You can make use of 3″ nails, screws, and pocket holes for this step of the installation. Attach the fireplace frames to the base, and don’t forget to attach the center support as well. Attach the frame to the wall studs using the 3″ screws, and you are a step closer to completing your design.

Step Five: Cover the Fireplace Frame with Plywood

Your electric fireplace frame should then be covered with ½” plywood and 1 ½” nails employing a brad nailer. You should then add the fronts and sides after that, and your entire frame should be completely covered to achieve the look you wished for. Covering with plywood also acts as a protection and makes the frame not as exposed as before covering. You can use shims at the edges to make adjustments to the frame and ensure that it is in the right place and tightly attached.

Step Six: Add a Fireplace Mantel to the Top

Before you can cut a fireplace mantel to length, place a ½” plywood on top and stencil in the point to cut on all sides. Next, trim as is necessary and attach it using a brad nailer and 1 ½” brad nails. Like the shiplap, the mantel is an important feature of the entire frame and completes the look. There always seems to be something amiss with the frame if you haven’t considered or factored in the fireplace mantel.

Step Seven: Fill in the Seams

Using a wood filler, fill in the nail holes and seams which trimmings cannot cover. This is an important step as it ensures that the frame’s appearance is smooth and doesn’t have any rough edges sticking out of the structure. It is also important to smoothen out and even out the surface by covering the holes, causing the structure to break if they are ignored.

Step Eight: Sanding and Painting the Fireplace Frame

Make sure that you sand the entire surface you have constructed to ready it for the painting step. You can get rid of the wood particles and the sawdust by running a wet/dry vacuum over the fireplace. Once this is done, you can thoroughly wipe the surface to prime it and then paint it to the color and shade you intended to have for your frame. You can select a color that matches the surroundings and balances with the rest of the structure without seeming out of place. You can apply a coat of paint for the base before you add the trim to save time. Also, do not forget to paint the shiplap and the top sections of the frame.

Add Pre-primed Woodgrain Trim

You should add trim to your DIY fireplace in a specific order, and as a DIYer, you should be keen on the steps to follow.

  • 1” by 4” trim at the top
  • 1” by 2” trim on both sides
  • 1″ by 4″ trim to the left and right edges of the fireplace front
  • 4″ by 4″ blocks at the top and bottom
  • A 1″ by 4″ trim at the outer edge of the fireplace front
  • 1″ by 4″ across the front to cover the plywood seam
  • 1″ by 2″ trim at the top and sides of the fireplace surround
  • 1″ by 2″ trim at the sides where you usually slide in the fireplace

By following these steps, you will ensure that the trim is added procedurally and has covered all the important areas of your electric fireplace frame. It also simplifies the process for you, and you will be able to save on space that the rest of the room could use. The trim is very important, and when you take the time to set it up as it is required, you will be able to achieve an appearance that is unlike that of other frames and fireplace surrounds.

Step Ten: Caulk and Paint

Finally, prepare the caulk and apply it to all the nail holes, gaps, and trim edges using a caulking gun. As soon as it has dried up, pant up the fireplace and allow for 24 hours to dry before you can place the insert. This is all you need to do, and together, the ten steps are the best guide on how to frame an electric fireplace insert. You will find the steps to be quite easy to follow if you have taken the time to look for all the listed tools and materials. This will save you time and money, and none of the work you intend to undertake on your frame will be interrupted. It also ensures the best results, and you end up with a fireplace frame that captures the MagikFlame story and your personal preferences and taste.

The DIY paint should be of your favorite color, and the color selection must match with the rest of the details of your living-room. Ensure that you paint even the baseboard and the inside of the frames. You should also select a color that is non-flammable and does not contain any materials that can be able to ignite the moment you turn the fireplace back on. Also, allow for enough time to dry to ensure that the frame has thoroughly dried. This is a good visual effect that balances the looks and feels of your frame and the fireplace. With this, you will know how to frame an electric fireplace insert and make your living-room better decorated with colors that you love and ones that match or complement the rest of the room.

Decorative Value of the Frame

The flame gallery and the photo idea gallery will not appear even more appealing with an aesthetically decorated frame around them. The entire setup will appear like a built-in gallery that improves your home’s look and feel. Going by the tutorial, you will not need an electrician as the fireplace insert will not be removed or modified in any way during the installation, and you will upgrade the DIY fireplace in a matter of hours.

The DIY fireplace surround will appear inspiring, and the colors you choose will make the desired impression. You can also have bookcases next to the frame to make a themed effect on your living-room or dining room. Your entertainment center will appear more magnificent with the front of the fireplace surrounded by beauty. Placing a frame around your existing fireplace has an amazing effect, and you do not have to go through the hassle of installing additional protective features to your fireplace. You will have significantly improved your home décor with a log set appearing conveniently.

In the middle of the frame you can even make it change in appearance thanks to the remote control that interfaces with the electric fireplace.

fram an electric fireplace insert

How electric fireplace framing improves the living-room décor

The use of an electric fireplace frame is very important for any living-room. It ensures that the details are clearly outlined, and the focal point of your home is made to stand out from the rest of the room. The wall is also made to appear separate from the frame, and the electric fireplace gets to provide you better heating. A frame is not only useful for decorative purposes but can also be used to support the fireplace opening and ensure that it does not give in to weights or pressures that might be exerted upon it.

You can frame an electric fireplace in any color that you choose, and for the living-room, this means that it can provide an ambiance that matches out with the rest of the color scheme. The occupants will live comfortably in a combination of colors that are comfortable for them and visually soothing to their minds. The trim choice is also important as it brings out the edges of the details and provides a stark level of clarity that is not easy to achieve through other means. Without the frame, the fireplace does not look any different from the rest of the home decor and can even get lost in the background. A fireplace frame ensures a clear difference between the inside and the outside of the fireplace. You do not need to venture into the inside of the electric fireplace, given the clear separation made by the frame.

You can make a statement piece with the frame, and complementing drywall is easy. Any freestanding fireplace will have gotten something to complement it when it has a frame to work with. You will also get to enhance your home’s look and feel by ensuring that the fireplace is well decorated and not ignored. It is an important part of the home and responsible for providing heat and warmth to the occupants. It also produces an aura with flame effects and artificial burning logs that are intended to make the entire setup appear as if it was a traditional wood-burning fireplace.


Anyone that wants to make their own DIY electric fireplace appear more pronounced can make use of a frame. The frame makes the details around the fireplace appear more vivid, and anyone who comes into the room will notice the fireplace. With a simple collection of materials and tools, you can undertake this DIY project within a matter of hours. You will not need anyone to help you as the project can be done by a single individual and the steps for the installation are quite simple. You will not even be required to call in an electrician as none of the components that rely on the power line will need to be moved or uninstalled for the installation.

Ensure that you have featured both the left and right side by ensuring that all details appear on the frame. The frame ensures that you achieve a perfect visual effect on your fireplace and is considered a reasonable investment for anyone who is conscious of their home decor and wants to make a statement with a framed fireplace. The tutorial has got detailed steps for achieving this.

Without the frame, the fireplace would appear very dull and boring as the details would always seem to be merging with the rest of the wall. Using a frame, we can make this clear difference and ensure that anyone that sees the fireplace will know where it is and how it is different from the other details. This also makes a house feel more organized, and the fireplace will appear to be much more effective and appealing with a frame. The frame is a good improvement for your living-room and should be considered to improve your electric fireplace look and feel. MagikFlame reviews are useful for finding out more information about electric fireplaces and getting to know what a frame does for them. The reviews detail the application of Dimplex technology to achieve the best heating effect in your home. You can find more information at the website.

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