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Fireplace Features: Do Electric Fireplaces Have a Crackle Sound?

Do Fireplaces Have a Crackle Sound

An electric fireplace can give you the look and feel of a real wood-burning or gas fireplace with authentic flames, warmth, and even sounds. The sounds can be one of the most beneficial features of your electric fireplace. It is the one last touch that completes the realism you expect from today’s best fireplaces.

Do electric fireplaces crackle?

If you want the ultimate in realism when it comes to an electric fireplace, don’t limit your search to just the fireplace’s flame effects and heating capabilities. While the warmth and look of the flames are important, they are missing something without any sound. When purchasing an electric fireplace, find one that perfectly replicates the crackling and popping noises that the logs in a real fire will make.

While many fireplace manufacturers are using audio effects to add to the realism of their flames, not all electric units include this special feature. When shopping, make sure the description specifically says it has the sounds of an actual fire. Otherwise, you may be missing out on a totally immersive experience.

Adding sound effects to your electric fireplace

If your beautiful wall-mount electric fireplace provides you with the warmth needed to take the chill off of your room and realistic fire effects but doesn’t have the crackling sounds of a real fire, there is a way to add audio effects to the unit. You can buy an independent sound system to use. These tiny devices simulate the crack and pop of actual wood burning.

The small size allows the device to be discreetly placed near the fireplace, where it won’t attract attention. Most come with an easy-to-use on/off switch and include adjustable features such as high, medium, and low volume settings.

Benefits of fire sounds

Do electric fireplaces crackle? Yes, and there are good reasons why. Three main advantages cause homeowners to look for electric fireplaces with sound effects. These benefits add to your enjoyment and make the investment in a beautiful fireplace well worth it.


The immediate benefit you will notice is that a high-quality sound system adds to the realism. The look of a real flame is enhanced by the crackle and pop sounds of wood burning. When combined with the warmth of the built-in heater, these qualities create a relaxing ambiance.


Have you ever spent a peaceful evening sitting around a campfire? There is something about the soft glow of flames and the cozy feeling of the warmth of the fire that can completely relax you, and as you feel the stress draining away, the crackling sound of the wood can lull you to sleep.

This is the feeling you want to have with your electric fireplace in the bedroom. Modern electric fireplace units can provide audio systems that perfectly recreate that crackling sound. As you watch the flickering flames dance, the cracking and popping synchronize with the visual effects for a comforting familiarity.

Better Health

It can be hard to believe, but it is true that the look, feel, and sounds of a real wood fire can be as beneficial to your health as an actual fire. The University of Alabama did a study on the subject. They had 226 adult participants. Some were put in front of the look and warmth of an actual fire, but no sound. Others were given visuals, heat, and sound. Those allowed to hear the sound of an authentic fire experienced consistent blood pressure decreases.[1]

Crackle Sound

The best electric fireplaces

MagikFlame Trinity – Freestanding

This large, freestanding electric fireplace from MagikFlame includes crackling logs and nature sounds. It has a beautiful surround and mantel, all in white. It also features the look of 30 authentic flame effects created with holographic technology. The built-in 5,200 BTU electric heater provides plenty of warmth in areas up to 1,000 square feet as a secondary heat source. The entire unit is controlled by an app you can install on your iPhone. 

Touchstone Sideline 80004 – Recessed electric fireplace

This wall mounted electric fireplace is designed for in-wall installation. The finished result is a flush-mount fireplace with a built-in heater capable of warming an average-sized room. Two heat settings allow you to adjust the warmth to a comfortable level quickly and easily.

Realistic flames include three colors that provide depth and four flame settings to pick from—these range from the soft glow of embers to an intense blaze. Faux logs and crystals create a realistic bed. The audio system features crackling sounds, while selecting Touchstone fireplaces have Bluetooth speakers so that you can also enjoy your favorite playlist while admiring the look and warmth of an actual wood fireplace.

Dimplex Opti Solo

This Dimplex fireplace is hard-wired into your home’s electric system. No actual flames or heat emissions are used to create the look and feel of a real fire, and the glass front stays cool to the touch. This makes it the ideal solution for families with small children.

The Dimplex patented design provides authentic-looking flames on a 3D log set. The LED inner glow logs give the look of pulsating embers. In addition to the look of an actual fire, you can hear the sound of logs crackling with a quality audio system. Convenient remote control is included with volume controls.

Dimplex Revillusion Series

This collection of fireplaces includes electric fireplace inserts and electric fireplace log sets with Revillusion flame technology and a Mirage Flame Panel. This flame effect gives you brighter and larger flames across the logs. The panel that the flames are projected onto is frosted so that you won’t see any glare.

The flames are further enhanced with 360-degree light. Flames can be used with or without heat. A fan-forced ceramic heater provides warmth, perfect for small spaces. Audio effects recreate the sound of crackling logs.

PuraFlame Western Fireplace Inserts

PuraFlame Electric Fireplace effects are created with LED lights. Three flame settings are available on this model with variable intensity and brightness options. The flames can be used with or without the heater. The realism of the flames is further enhanced with life-like logs that sit on a grate above a glowing ember bed and include crackling sounds. The heater is an excellent supplemental heat that can warm your living room beautifully. The fireplace plugs into any standard electric outlet.

Duraflame log set with heater

This compact log-style heater fits perfectly into any existing fireplace that you want to convert to electric. Lighting effects in an electric fireplace use an LED light to create the look of an inner glow. The built-in infrared heater provides enough heat for larger spaces, and the integrated crackling sounds further enhance the realism.

Best electric fireplace guide

To find an electric fireplace that you will be happy with, you need to understand your options. These fireplaces take advantage of the latest technology to provide realistic flame effects, adequate heat, and beautiful sounds.

Style of fireplace

The first decision you will have to make is to decide which style of fireplace will best suit your needs. Today’s manufacturers offer a variety of styles to complement many different types of homes.

Freestanding units look like traditional wood-burning fireplaces or are offered as electric fireplace stoves. The main benefit of this style is that you can put it anywhere. You can simply plug it into a nearby outlet, and it is ready to use. Without actual flames, there is no need to provide venting. Some of these integrate the benefits of a TV stand, making it even more straightforward to decorate.

An electric fireplace insert is designed to easily convert a wood fireplace into an electric one. Many homeowners love their existing fireplaces, but they are looking for something safer and low maintenance. Electric inserts don’t require the fireplace to be cleaned between uses, and you don’t have the hassle of having the chimney cleaned and inspected routinely. Inserts are cool to the touch, and they simply slide into the existing firebox. Once plugged in, they can be used to impersonate an actual fire.

Wall-mounted styles allow you to place your electric fireplace on the wall where it won’t take up precious floor space. These units give you a lovely, contemporary look. They provide the realistic flame effects and heat that all other styles do.

Flame effects

Most electric fireplaces create their flame effects with LED lights and a turning bar with mirrors. This gives the illusion of flickering flames. Others use an actual video of a fire. MagikFlame uses its own patented holographic technology to create the most realistic effects available. You will have 30 ultra-realistic flames to pick from to have the look of glowing embers up to a roaring fire. Flame effects can be used with no heat or in addition to realistic flames.

Built-in heater

Electric fireplaces use two types of heaters to warm a room. The first is a fan-forced fireplace heater. This system relies on a fan that draws in air, directs it over hot coils, and then blows the warmed air out a vent and into your home. The other type of heater is an infrared heater. Like the sun, this type of heater warms objects in the room and the air. These are highly efficient, and they can handle larger areas than a fan-forced heater can.

The more BTUs a heater has, the more area it will heat. The heaters found in electric fireplaces are meant to be used as supplemental heating and your home’s main heating system. MagikFlame has a built-in 5,200 BTU heater that provides enough warmth to easily handle up to 400 Square feet of space.


Do electric fireplaces crackle? Each of MagikFlame’s 3D flame effects is enhanced and amplified by the authentic sound of a crackling fire. The result is a true-to-life experience that gives you all the benefits of watching an actual fire. Whether you want the feel of a dwindling flame or a roaring fire, the log sounds add to the realism and create a relaxing occasion. The sound completes the illusion perfectly. The MagikFlame sound effects include natural sounds like thunder, rain, and ocean waves.


Operating your MagikFlame fireplace is easy. You can use the high visibility built-in touchscreen to control the flames, heat, and sounds, or you can install the app on your favorite device. Unlike a remote control, you don’t have to be standing directly in front of the unit to change settings. You can now operate the electric unit without being in the same room.

Do Fireplaces Have a Crackle Sound

The MagikFlame Story

MagikFlame started as a family-owned business that created the most realistic electric fireplaces in 2015. Howard Birnbaum is credited as the founder. A tech geek and avid entrepreneur, he has worked in the film industry creating special effects for movies like The Matrix, Starship Troopers, and Harry Potter.

Mr. Birnbaum first saw an electric fireplace while shopping in a Costco. The piece immediately intrigued him, but upon closer inspection, he was disappointed in the look of the flames. He began searching for a more realistic fireplace, but he had little success. The next logical step was to create his own fireplace. He started by using an actual video of a fire. Once he was happy with his flames, he teamed up with a Florida company that works on movie sets. They helped him design the surround and mantel. He finally had the fireplace he desired.

While riding The Haunted Mansion at Disney, he realized he could use technology similar to what they used to create even more realistic flames. This led to the development of MagikFlame’s state-of-the-art holographic technology. Patented as “HoloFlame” technology, he was now able to give us the beautiful look of a fire we have all grown to love.

Once Mr. Birnbaum was using this fireplace in his own home, people were asking where they could buy one for themselves. The first MagikFlame sales were made on Amazon with great success and positive MagikFlame reviews. Homeowners loved how MagikFlame is built with quality materials in the United States.

Bottom line

Do electric fireplaces crackle? Yes, and you will love the benefits of the audio systems found in electric fireplaces. Today’s models already include amazing visual effects and heaters that will perfectly supplement your home’s HVAC system during the chillier times of the year. When you add the crackle and popping sounds of fire to the mix, you have an experience that rivals any campfire or wood fireplace in beauty and sound.

Electric fireplaces with audio effects come in a variety of styles. You are sure to find one on Amazon or from a manufacturer’s website that will meet your needs perfectly. Whether you pick a wall-mounted version, a freestanding unit, or one housed in a TV stand, the benefits remain the same. Look for additional features that provide convenience, such as a thermostat to help control the temperature of your room and an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating.

The best part of purchasing an electric fireplace that recreates the look and feel of a real fire and creates sound is that you can experience the relaxing atmosphere of an actual wood fireplace without the hassles or safety issues that other types of fireplaces have. Before making a final purchase, make sure your new fireplace includes these beautiful features. You will be glad you took the time to find that one perfect fireplace for your own home.

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Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
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European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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