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Electric Fireplaces

Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces

Modern Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces At MagikFlame

A wall-mount electric fireplace is a popular home upgrade that adds a modern touch to any room. MagikFlame’s electric in-wall fireplaces are affordable and easy to install. You can use a MagikFlame fireplace insert to create a recessed wall-mounted electric fireplace just about anywhere. Your contractor can add one during a home renovation, or a builder can easily incorporate a modern wall-mount electric fireplace into a new home during construction. A small wall-mount electric fireplace is the ideal solution for a living room, kitchen or bedroom. For an easy DIY project, choose a MagikFlame wall-mounted electric fireplace with a mantel. Just assemble the decorative mantel surround and connect the electric fireplace insert to your home’s existing wiring. MagikFlame’s patented “holographic” design uses Hollywood special effects to create the most realistic fireplace available, with flames, sound, and smoke effects. They are by far the best wall-mount electric fireplaces on the market today.

Why Are Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces The Best?

A fireplace that hangs on the wall provides an instant style upgrade, adding a contemporary touch to any space. MagikFlame’s modern wall-mount electric fireplaces are a safer and more affordable alternative to wood, gas, or gel-fuel fireplaces. Unlike combustion fireplaces that burn fuel, our electric fireplace wall units do not pollute the indoor air by emitting by-products. Since no vent or chimney is necessary, our built-in wall electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere in the home. Plus, traditional fuel fireplaces require costly maintenance. MagikFlame’s recessed wall-mount electric fireplaces are maintenance-free.

Design your own fireplace in-wall unit with a custom surround in ceramic tile, wood, faux stone, brick, or even stainless steel. Wall-hung electric fireplaces can be placed at almost any height. In a bedroom, place an electric hanging fireplace high on the wall and enjoy a crackling fire from the bed. A raised hearth in the dining room or kitchen provides a table-side view.

How Much Space Can Be Heated By A Fireplace That Hangs On A Wall?

A modern wall-mount electric fireplace can be used as either or supplemental heat source. Today’s electric fireplaces are very energy efficient. Since there is no chimney, all of the heat output from an electric wall fireplace heater is circulated into the room. Each MagikFlame electric hanging fireplace has an infrared quartz heater that creates infrared heat. Capable of handling larger rooms than most space heaters, the heater in a MagikFlame electric fireplace can warm spaces up to 1000 square feet.

Use our electric fireplace heater wall mount to support zone heating; this reduces utility bills by allowing you to turn down the whole house thermostat. Supplemental heat from your MagikFlame built-in electric fireplace is an affordable way to keep a bedroom or living room warm. Heat vents are located on the bottom of our wall-mounted electric fireplaces, making it safe to hang art or a television on the wall above.

How Much Do Freestanding Electric Fireplaces Cost?

Unlike a surface mount electric fireplace, MagikFlame is a freestanding electric fireplace or custom wall mount insert installation fireplace. MagikFlame can be positioned as an alternate, cost-effect solution to that of a recessed electric fireplace. Typically installed as part of a custom fireplace surround, the electric fireplace insert is purchased separately, and installed into a wall or mantel that provides a space at least 12″ deep.


Overall Size
31.723’’ Tall
28.167’’ Wide
12.000’’ Deep

Opening Size
28.110’’ Wide
22.467’’ Tall


MagikFlame wall mount electric fireplace specifications

The fireplace surround is typically made from wood framing and can be finished with almost any surface material. Of course, the cost of a fireplace surround varies, depending on the size, design and finish materials. A look at the average installation prices for popular fireplace materials provides a rough estimate of pricing for a custom fireplace surround.

Finish MaterialPrice Per Square Foot
Wood Paneling$25-$75

The estimated cost of finishing the fireplace, plus MagikFlame’s wall mount modern electric fireplace insert at $3295, adds up to several thousand dollars for a custom wall mount electric fireplace with mantel surround. Building a fireplace inside the wall is significantly less expensive than adding a fireplace that burns wood or gas. 

What Is the Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace? MagikFlame!

Realistic Flames

MagikFlame’s Hollywood special effects technology recreates a burning fire with more realistic flames than any other modern electric fireplace wall mount. A computer in the recessed fireplace insert holographically projects video of real fire onto actual faux-wood logs to create natural flame effects.

Crackling Log and Fire Sounds

Our stereo sound system plays real fire crackling sounds and the hiss of flames. Plus, enjoy crashing wave sounds for a beach campfire, or rain and thunder effects for a summer evening.

Cool LED Fireplace Bulbs

Our holographic, LED fireplace wall mount is safe and low maintenance. The MagikFlame electric fireplace uses energy efficient, cool LED bulbs that last up to 15 years. Our computer-controlled LED lighting system creates realistic burning embers. MagikFlame is probably the safest electric fireplace you can buy.

30 Unique Flame Effects

Choose from 30 different holographic flame effects for a custom fireplace in seconds. Our patented HoloFlame technology includes small, medium & large fire effects; classic wood, gas & propane fires; a realistic campfire and a beach bonfire.

Backlit Touch Screen And iPhone App Control

Our backlit touch screen is designed for dim lighting. Precision touch technology and intuitive icons let you choose flame effects, control the heat, turn the volume up or down, or switch the audio on and off. Available in the App Store, Magikflame’s iPhone App remote control makes it easy to turn your fireplace on or off from any room. This premium feature makes MagikFlame the best electric fireplace wall mount you can buy.

MagikFlame Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces: Shipping Options

Adding a MagikFlame wall mounted electric fireplace heater to your home is fast and easy. Simply order the MagikFlame 28″ Insert or Mantel Package of your choice. Most orders ship via ground freight. Your contractor or carpenter can build the surround to fit, in your choice of finishes.



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