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Buy Electric Fireplaces with a Realistic Flame


30 realistic flames

Our Patented HoloFlame Technology Produces Flames
That Look Closer to Real Than Any Other Electric Fireplace



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The MagikFlame is the most realistic electric fireplace in the world. Learn how it’s made, and what makes it so special. Explore how it compares to other electric fireplaces and discover what makes our electric fireplace the very best you can buy.





Electric Fireplaces

Buy an electric fireplace with these luxury features:
as low as $163.47 / mo*
Trinity Large White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
as low as $163.47 / mo*
Artemis Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
as low as $163.47 / mo*
Morpheus Compact White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
as low as $163.47 / mo*
Churchill Corner White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
as low as $163.47 / mo*
Athena Large White Electric Fireplace Mantel Insert With Sound-and Heater
as low as $154.04 / mo*
Insert 28″ HoloFlame Fireplace with Realistic Flames, Sound and Heater
as low as $163.47 / mo*
Smith Electric Fireplace TV Stand
as low as $154.04 / mo*

Technology & Features​

30 Unique Realistic Flame Settings

  • Instant Ambiance For Any Gathering
  • Small, Medium & Large Fire Effects
  • Classic Wood, Gas & Propane Fires
  • Realistic Campfire and Beach Bonfire
  • Virtual Fish Tank Option

Log Crackling & Fire Sounds

  • High-Quality, Real Fire Audio
  • Crackling Fire And Popping Log Sounds
  • Add Crashing Waves For A Beach Campfire
  • Cozy Up With Rain And Thunder Effects
  • Enjoy Singing Birds And Rustling Leaves

Backlit LED Touch Screen

  • Easy To Use In Dimly Lit Rooms
  • Intuitive Operation & Simple Navigation
  • Remote Control Included

iOS Bluetooth App

  • Use Your iPhone As A Remote Control
  • Operate Your Fireplace from Any Room
  • Easiest Controller To Use
  • Bluetooth technology

Free Software Updates For Life

  • No-Cost Updates For Life
  • Computer Updates Automatically Via WiFi
  • MagikFlame Software Will Never Be Obsolete
  • Get New Features And Flame Effects Free

How Do Holographic Fireplaces Work?

With the MagikFlame a physical log-set sits inside your fireplace, that has some custom-engineered fire lights inside that pulsate using dozens of tiny multi-colored LEDs to create the look of burning and smoldering embers. We then project an actual video of real wood and gas-burning fireplaces onto that log set to make it look like it’s actually burning. With this proprietary tech, our users get all the subtle details of real flames, like black wispy smoke rolling up off of the logs, rising and burning embers that climb into the sky and then cool, and the movement and color of the flames are all very true to life — because you are looking at the real fire!



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Expert Advice

Our online Learning Center has everything you’d want to know about electric fireplaces (and then some).


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MagikFlame electric fireplaces are a direct-to-consumer product. That means you'll get a an electric fireplace best buy, whether you purchase here on our website or an online marketplace store.

Buy Electric Fireplaces & Inserts With Realistic Flames

Homeowners, interior designers, and contractors choose MagikFlame as the best place to buy a modern electric fireplace. We offer various large electric fireplaces with mantel packages that have 30 convincingly realistic flame effects. MagikFlame luxury electric fireplaces use safe, patented HoloFlame technology inspired by theme park special effects. Choose one of our classic wood mantels, or use our fireplace insert to create a custom fireplace of your own design. Experience high-tech features like iPhone or iOS app control, 30 different fire displays, and an energy-efficient infrared heater. MagikFlame is the finest electric fireplace to buy today.

What To Know Before Buying An Electric Fireplace

When deciding where to buy an electric fireplace, keep in mind that MagikFlame is an electric fireplace manufacturer based in Nashville, TN, and produces 28” Inserts that are made in the USA. Our fireplace inserts contain actual faux-wood logs, with flickering flame lights to create a 3D burning embers effect. Our patented holographic display of real fire, so they actually appear to be burning – on the logs. Our realistic sound effects are even recorded from actual fires. Other fireplace brands use LED lights, orange-tinted mist, or gel fuels that emit unhealthy fumes; none of them come close to the realistic ambiance of MagikFlame.

Why Is MagikFlame The Best Place To Buy An Electric Fireplace?

We’ve made buying an electric fireplace online easy, but we also understand it can be difficult to make a decision when you’re not able to see the product in person. We use only the finest components in our fireplaces. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the electric fireplace industry. Whether you’re looking for a mantel package or you’re deciding where to buy an electric fireplace insert, we’re ready to help whenever you need us.

Crackling Log and Fire Sounds

Enjoy high-quality audio of a real fire, with the sounds of crackling and popping logs, and the hiss of flames. Our stereo sound system adds to the ambiance with crashing waves for a beach campfire, or with rain and thunder sound effects for a cozy evening. Relax anytime to the sounds of singing birds and rustling leaves.

5,200 BTU Energy-Efficient Heater

Buy an electric fireplace to support zone heating and lower your utility bills. Use the 5,200 BTU quartz heater as a companion to central heating. Safe, efficient infrared technology won’t dry the air like conventional heaters, and it’s capable of warming spaces up to 1,000 square feet. The heat vents out the bottom of the fireplace, so you can safely place accessories or a television on the mantel. In warm seasons you can choose an ambiance-only mode, for realistic flames with the heat turned off.

30 Unique Flame Effects

Choose from 30 different flame effects to create an instant ambiance. Holographic real fire videos include small, medium & large fire effects; classic wood, gas & propane fires; a realistic campfire and a beach bonfire. Not in the mood for a fire? Select our virtual fish tank option! Adapt your living room, dining room, or bedroom to any mood in seconds with our patented HoloFlame technology.

Ember and Smoke Effects

Nothing is more soothing than watching a real fire as the flames flicker and pulse around the logs. The incredible detail of our HoloFlame system convinces shoppers to buy an electric fireplace from MagikFlame. High-quality specialized LED lighting reproduces the look of smoldering coals and embers. The flickering and rising embers and vivid smoke effects make you feel warm even when the heat is off.

Authentic Fire Sounds

Browse the top-ranked fireplaces online. MagikFlame is the only electric fireplace that sounds real. We added high-quality stereo speakers to add audio recordings of real burning logs. Enjoy crackling and popping logs and the hiss of the flames. Before MagikFlame, it was impossible to buy an electric fireplace with fire sounds that are truly authentic.

Nature Sounds

Relax any time with MagikFlame realistic nature sounds. Cuddle by the fire as you listen to rain and thunder sound effects. Select our grassy field environment to listen to chirping birds and rustling leaves. Unwind at the end of the day with sounds of crashing ocean waves and a campfire by the beach.

Zone Heating

Zone Heating is an energy-efficient way to significantly reduce utility bills by turning down the whole house thermostat. Then buy an electric fireplace to add supplemental heat in your most-used room. MagikFlame is on the top-ranked list for efficiency. Use our utility bill calculator to figure out the exact cost based on your local utility rates.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Heater

Enjoy clean indoor air and lower your carbon footprint with our energy-efficient, emission-free heating system. Traditional fireplaces emit smoke and carbon dioxide.  MagikFlame is chemical-free, emits no fumes, and is safe and cool to the touch. Save energy with zone heating; MagikFlame can cost less to operate than a propane or wood-burning fireplace. Hundreds of reviewers agree, it’s an electric fireplace best buy!

iPhone App Control

Our custom iPhone App puts fireplace controls in the palm of your hand. Bluetooth technology allows you to turn your fireplace on or off from any room. Warm up the living room before you walk in. Set the sleep timer and fall asleep to cozy fire sounds. Download MagikFlame iPhone App from the App Store — it’s easy to use.

No Outdated Technology

Most electric fireplaces you can buy use outdated infrared remote control technology. These line-of-sight devices require you to be standing right in front of the fireplace. MagikFlame lets you control your fireplace from any room using state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology. We think it’s better suited to a high-tech, premium electric fireplace.

Backlit Built-In Touch Screen

Control your fireplace in dim lighting with our built-in touch screen. Backlit for superior visibility, it features a beautiful interface and precision touch technology. Intuitive icons allow you to cycle between flames, control the heat, turn the volume up or down, or switch the audio on and off. This premium feature continues to make MagikFlame the best electric fireplace to buy.


Fall asleep to the beauty of natural fire with soothing sound effects. The MagikFlame lulls you into a deep sleep and turns itself off automatically in 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Most electric fireplaces you can buy don’t have this safety feature. MagikFlame owners can feel confident that the fireplace and heater will safely turn themselves off once they are asleep.

Easy Installation

MagikFlame is so easy to set up, most people can finish this DIY project in around 30 minutes using only a screwdriver. No professional installation is required! Simply assemble the mantel, plug the MagikFlame in and you’re ready to enjoy the beauty of realistic flames. Need help? A handyman in your area can easily assemble and install this fireplace in no time.

Safe, Cool LED Bulbs

If you want to buy an electric fireplace and you’re concerned with safety, avoid electric fireplaces that use hot-burning halogen bulbs (which are expensive to replace). The MagikFlame electric fireplace uses energy-efficient, cool LED technology. Extremely energy-efficient and reliable, LED bulbs can last up to 15 years. Our computer-controlled LED lighting system will create realistic burning and smoldering ember effects for many years without requiring maintenance.

Lifetime Free Software Updates

Enjoy free, automatic software updates for the life of your fireplace when you connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Automatically download the new flame effects and exciting features we’ve planned for the future. There is no subscription fee, and we’ll keep your fireplace up-to-date with the latest software upgrades. MagikFlame is the best electric fireplace to buy, because it won’t be obsolete in a few years.

UL Certified, Safe Electric Fireplace

Our electric fireplace heater is UL Labs certified. This means that the heating system has been rigorously tested and has been rated extremely safe when used according to directions. Unlike wood and gas-burning fireplaces that always have the risk of a structure fire, MagikFlame is probably the safest electric fireplace you can buy.

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