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Modern Infrared
Electric Fireplaces

Modern Infrared Electric Fireplaces


The fireplace is traditionally the heart of the home, and a source of supplemental heat in winter. Homeowners who don’t have a fireplace can create the same ambiance by adding a quality electric fireplace with an infrared heater. Electric infrared fireplaces are easy to install and they provide safe, efficient heat. Since no special venting is needed they are more affordable than wood or gas-burning fireplaces. Surround an infrared electric fireplace insert with brick, wood, faux stone, tile, or stucco for a fully custom fireplace. An attractive modern electric fireplace design with a built-in appearance can add significant value to your home without having to renovate.

Using Hollywood special effects, MagikFlame infrared fireplaces create amazing, realistic fire. We offer the best infrared electric fireplace, with thirty different real fire effects, natural crackling sounds and a quartz fireplace heater. Choose a natural gas flame, a bonfire, a campfire, or set the flames for the height and intensity that suits your mood. MagikFlame fireplaces plug into a standard outlet and include an attractive mantel that can be painted to match your decor.

What Are Infrared Electric Fireplaces?

Without real flames, an electric fireplace insert must produce heat from another source. Many electric fireplaces use fan-forced heating, where the air is passed over a heating element and then blown around the room. The MagikFlame electric fireplace uses an infrared quartz tube heater to generate infrared light. When the infrared light waves touch your skin, they make it feel instantly warm. Electric infrared fireplace heaters are highly efficient, and warm a room faster than forced air heat. They are also safer, since not having a heating element helps prevent electrical fires. Infrared heaters are a popular source of supplemental heat that can be found in a number of products, including:

  • Electric fireplace inserts
  • Infrared electric stove heater
  • Mantel or tv stand with a fireplace infrared heater
  • Standalone electric quartz heater

MagikFlame’s electric fireplace inserts have a quartz heater that is nearly 100% efficient, and able to heat larger spaces than most space heaters. A MagikFlame 3D infrared electric fireplace creates 5200 BTU of warmth and can easily heat up to 1000 square feet. Most space heaters use a forced-air blower and can only effectively heat about 400 square feet.


Are All Electric Fireplaces Infrared?

Not every electric fireplace has an infrared heater. Many electric fireplaces use fan-forced heat, especially those in the lower price range. Some electric fireplaces have no heater at all. The radiating heat of an infrared quartz electric fireplace offers superior warmth and inviting ambiance.

Infrared vs Electric Fireplaces

The main difference between electric and infrared fireplaces is the type of heat they produce. Most conventional electric fireplaces use fan-forced heating elements. An infrared quartz electric fireplace insert uses quartz technology to produce infrared light. The infrared light is radiated out into the room, warming you up when it touches you. When you compare electric vs infrared fireplaces, it’s easy to see that infrared heat is more effective and more efficient.

Electric Forced Air Heat

Infrared Heat

Infrared Electric Fireplace Pros and Cons

Infrared Fireplace Heater Pros

You can easily convert an existing fireplace with a MagikFlame infrared electric fireplace insert. Our electric fireplace infrared heaters are an energy-efficient source of supplemental heat. Using the heater for a few hours a day is an affordable way to support zone heating and lower utility bills.

MagikFlame’s complete fireplaces include a decorative mantel surround, so you won’t need to call a contractor – just assemble the unit and connect it to your home’s existing wiring. Since the MagikFlame fireplace plugs into a standard wall outlet, you can move it from room to room. We also offer a space-saving corner electric fireplace. You can even mount a TV directly above the MagikFlame because the heat comes out the bottom of the log set.

Infrared Fireplace Heater Cons

Infrared heaters are typically only found in luxury models of electric fireplaces, like the MagikFlame.

Benefits of Infrared Electric Fireplaces

If you live in a cold climate, an infrared electric fireplace heater lets you use your fireplace as a supplemental heat source. Heat your home in an emergency, or lower your whole-house thermostat and use zone heating to reduce energy use. A quartz fireplace heater adds instant warmth to older homes that have inefficient heating systems. Even in warm climates, MagikFlame’s fireplace electric heater is the perfect way to take a chill out of the air. The 5200 BTU electric heater has a 1500-watt output. While the infrared heat is most effective in spaces of about 400 square feet, it can warm a room up to 1000 square feet using the maximum heat setting.

Electric fireplace infrared heaters for the bedroom are much safer than combustion fireplaces when used appropriately. MagikFlame offers both hardwiring and a safer plug for fire prevention. As with any heat source, make sure furniture, draperies, and bedding are a few feet away.

Do Infrared Fireplaces Use a Lot of Electricity?

An infrared heater with fireplace is essentially a space heater with rolling flames all year, a realistic log set and embers. How much your electric fireplace infrared heater costs to run depends on when and how you use the heater. Using an electric fireplace on just the flame setting, without supplemental heat, is just a few pennies a day. The best infrared fireplaces will have an adjustable thermostat and automatic heat settings to maximize the energy efficiency of the heater.

To calculate the potential cost of using a fireplace infrared heater, estimate how many hours per month you expect to turn on the heat. Check your electric bill to see how much electricity costs in your area. Then use our online Electric Fireplace Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of using an electric fireplace with infrared heater as part of your Zone Heating system.
Adding MagikFlame’s infrared electric fireplace to your home is fast and easy. To create a custom fireplace, simply order the MagikFlame fireplace insert to fit your own mantel or surround. If you don’t have a fireplace or mantel already, choose one of our complete fireplaces with mantel, or our corner infrared electric fireplace.



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