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Is an Electric Fireplace Insert Worth It?

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Nothing makes a room feel cozy and complete like a fireplace. From curling up with a warm drink on a chilly night, adding ambiance to family gatherings, or just enjoying a little extra warmth in your living room or bedroom (take a look at our electric fireplaces for bedroom) in cooler months. A fireplace is an everyday luxury that you will enjoy for as long as you own your home. There are several different varieties of fireplaces on the market and different methods of converting existing ones. Electric fireplace inserts may be unfamiliar, but they can be a wonderful option for many people who want the real flame experience of a fireplace without the hassle. You might wonder, is an electric fireplace worth it? Let’s explore some of the options and find out if an electric fireplace might be a good choice for your home.

Traditional Wood And Natural Gas

When you think of traditional fireplaces, you might imagine a wood-burning fireplace with a hearth and grate. A wood fireplace is great for ambiance but falls short in just about every other way. First, they burn wood which means that if you want a fire, you need to have a supply of cut logs, kindling, and some sort of fire starter. It can take some time and skill to get a fire going, and then it needs to be tended to. If you want to just sit and relax, a wood-burning fireplace is not your best bet.

In addition to being more difficult to use, a wood-burning fireplace needs regular maintenance. Imagine cleaning out the grate yourself after every fire and scheduling regular chimney cleanings that can be costly. By failing to do regular maintenance, your cozy fireplace can become a fire hazard. All the soot and ash that accumulate inside the chimney is flammable. They also burn up carbon dioxide and need to be properly vented during use.

Even a properly maintained wood-burning fireplace presents some danger. They can become blisteringly hot, and the potential for ash or smoke emissions to come into your living space is high. Children must be kept away to prevent burns and great care must be used to extinguish the fire when you are ready to leave the room. 

Natural gas fireplaces have the look and feel of the real thing, but require access to a fuel source, proper venting, and regular maintenance.

What Are Electric Fireplaces?

An electrical fireplace is a great alternative to a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Simply put, an electric fireplace is one that can be plugged into the wall and offer the look and warmth of real flames. They come in a variety of styles and price points, but all of them offer a safe, reliable fireplace experience with none of the mess or maintenance of other kinds of fireplaces. Additionally, the inclusion of remote controls simplifies operation, facilitates customization, and contributes to safe and convenient usage. There are many ways to add an electric fireplace to any room in your home, from wall-mounted electric fireplace units to freestanding fireplaces and fireplace inserts. They are a fantastic complement to your current heating system and can help keep your home warm and comfortable in even the coldest winter months. If you have an existing fireplace that you’d like to replace, you can do just that with an electric insert that offers the same ambiance and flame effects as the real thing.

are electric fireplaces worth it

Are They Realistic?

Electric fireplaces are incredibly realistic. There are a wide variety of fireplaces available, from traditional hearths with crackling fires to modern, wall-mounted units, and even TV stand varieties. Imagine the warmth of a wood fireplace stove in your kitchen without having to feed a wood stove. Or, enhance the contemporary decor of any room with a modern, heat-giving TV stand unit with real flames. It’s possible with a simple, safe electric fireplace!

Each kind offers realistic-looking flames and will add warmth and charisma to any room in your home. And as much as you will enjoy using an electric fireplace, you will also enjoy freeing yourself from the headache of maintaining your fireplace.

Do They Provide Warmth And Ambiance?

An electric fireplace is the perfect solution for a chilly, drafty room in your home and eliminates the need for unsightly space heaters. They can warm many square feet—all without having to tend to it or perform time-consuming, expensive maintenance. An electric fireplace heater will save you money, time, and headaches. It is a cost-effective way to warm your space that you will enjoy year after year. Imagine having a fire whenever you wanted without having to actually build a fire and clean up the mess. Picture being free from the worry of carbon monoxide or the cost of running a gas line. For a safe, warm, worry-free fire, your best bet is an electric fireplace.

Electric Fireplace Inserts Installation

One of the best parts about adding an infrared electric fireplace to your home is how easy it is to do so. There isn’t a need to connect it to a gas line or worry about venting. This kind of fireplace can be added to virtually any room in your home, as long as there is an electrical outlet. In most cases, there is no need to even call an electrician. It really is that simple!

Installation can even be a simple DIY project for most people. This ease of installation means less worry, no invasive, expensive home projects, and no unexpected installation fees. You’ll be warming your toes by the fire in no time at all in a new home or remodeled home.

Considering the selection available, you are sure to find something to fit your space. Shop for electric fireplace inserts to enjoy the convenience and variety of options available. If you have an existing wood-burning fireplace, you may opt for an electric fireplace insert, like a warming, realistic-looking firebox from MagikFlame (see our leading electric fireplace buying guide). These luxury electric fireplaces offer 30 realistic flame effects.

If floor space is limited, a wall-mounted electric fireplace, such as a sleek Touchstone unit, might be just the right thing for your space. They are easy to find. Online retailers, including Amazon, carry a wide range of high-quality brands, including MagikFlame, Dimplex, and Duraflame, that are reliable and affordable. In smaller rooms, you may find that a fireplace built into a TV stand is the perfect choice. A wall-mounted electric fireplace is another good option for rooms that don’t have available floor space. Whatever homeowners are looking for, they will find the perfect fireplace to fit the bill.

Electric Fireplace Benefits

If you find yourself wondering, is an electric fireplace worth it, think about the benefits when compared to traditional fireplaces. The energy usage can be quite low, especially because many of these units use LED lights. Controlling the amount of warmth by adjusting the heat settings can help you keep your space warm while also keeping your energy use low. A standard electric fireplace can produce around 4500 BTUs an hour, which means that you will get plenty of warmth and enjoy the benefits of this type of heating system, all while keeping ash and fumes out of the environment. You will also be able to set your thermostat at a lower temperature while remaining warm and comfortable, which can lead to energy savings — see our utility cost calculator tool for more financial specifics. 

An electric fireplace is the kind of fireplace that requires almost nothing in terms of ongoing care. Once installed, you will enjoy worry-free fires and warmth without needing to clean or keep up with maintenance schedules. When you want a fire, simply flip a switch or use a remote control for even more convenience. You will not have to worry about carbon monoxide or the risk of fire, and you will not have to put up with ash, soot, or a smoky smell. In short, you will get all of the benefits and relaxation with none of the work or worry.

Once you discover how cozy and effortless it is to have a fire in your electric fireplace, you may want to use it all year long. And you can! Because the heat settings can be adjusted, you will be able to enjoy your fireplace at any time of the year without the added warmth. And any restrictions on when you are allowed to have a fire can be ignored, as electrical fireplaces do not emit pollution or ash.

When choosing the best electric fireplace for your home, knowledgeable retailers can help you sort through all the considerations about your space and your needs and help you choose the one you will love for years to come.

Do They Last?

Is an electric fireplace worth it? Electric fireplaces stand the test of time since they are not susceptible to rust, decay, or buildup, they will function flawlessly, even with everyday use. Unlike natural gas fireplaces, they do not need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their safety. They truly are the best choice if you want maintenance and a worry-free source of warmth that will provide comfort and enjoyment for years to come.

Are Electric Fireplaces Worth It?

If you enjoy having a fire but don’t want the hassle and associated costs of a natural gas fireplace or wood-burning fireplace, a MagikFlame electric fireplace might be the perfect solution for your home.

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