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White Fireplace TV Stand – Which One Should You Get

Entertainment Stands White Fireplace TV Stand

When it comes to using electric fireplaces at home, it can be difficult to make sure you have enough space. Some people are choosing to go with an entertainment center that doubles as an electrical fireplace so they can put their TVs up on them. This allows people to combine two large pieces into a single item for their home. There are quite a lot of large electric fireplace TV stand for TVs up to 70 inches, however, you can also get much smaller fireplace media console units if you don’t have a TV that large so that you can save even more space. Some of these can even be units that sit in the corner of the room.

Whether you want a regular console media fireplace so that you get all of the different benefits of an entertainment stand with a fantastic electrical fireplace installed in the body, or you want another type of electrical fireplace that will help you save a lot of space in your home, this guide is here to help you with that.

This guide is going to explain everything you need to know about electric fireplaces, which electric fireplaces are best to save space, what styles are commonly available, and what brands you should be focusing on. Let’s just go into the article.

The Guide That Follows Will Cover The Following Topics:

The Guide That Follows Will Cover The Following Topics
MagikFlame uses state-of-the-art holographic technology to make the most realistic flames.
  • What Electric Fireplace Model Types Are Available In Today’s Market? – Whether you are looking for electric fireplaces that you can put TVs up on or you need a different electrical fireplace solution altogether, it can be frustrating with all of the different options there are. This initial part of the guide is going to help start with the foundation of proper electric fireplace types and how you may want to use them in your home. After you understand what types there even are out there, you will likely have a better idea of what kind of electrical fireplace will be a great fit for your home.

  • How Does an Electrical Fireplace Heater Keep My Home Warm? – Long gone are the days of piling up wood in the fireplace and keeping a steady eye on it all day during those cold winter months. Electrical fireplaces are here to stay. However, how do these electrical fireplaces work to keep you warm anyway and how efficient is it? This section is going to explain both of these questions so you understand how they work and why they work so well.

  • Are There Different Flame Effect Technologies That Electric Fireplaces Use? – Heating is only half the battle and the visual flame simulation effects of an electrical fireplace is the other half of that battle. In this section, we will go over many of the different types of visual effects electric fireplaces use to attempt to simulate a real fireplace. We will also highlight which ones do the best job at this task.

  • How Are Electric Fireplaces Better Than Traditional Fireplaces? – If you are someone who is still a little bit on the fence when it comes to electric fireplaces versus more traditional fireplaces like wood fireplaces and gas ones alike, it is very important that you read this section carefully. By the time you are done with this section, you will see why electric fireplaces are the obvious choice and you won’t ever consider a wood or gas one again for indoor use.

  • Which Types of Electric Fireplaces Are Best For Saving Space In Smaller Homes or Rooms? – From electric fireplaces that also work as a TV stand console to electric fireplaces that fit snugly into the corner of the main room of your home, this section will specifically highlight the types of electric fireplaces that are great for people with more limited space in their home and want to utilize it effectively.

  • Does a Fireplace TV Stand Come As Just a Normal Model That Goes Against a Flat Wall Or Do They Make an Electric Fireplace TV Stand That Fits Into The Corner of a Room? – While they aren’t nearly as common as many of the other types of electrical fireplaces, this section is going to highlight exactly what you can expect when it comes to a fireplace built for a corner that also functions as a stand to put TVs up on. While you can put a large 70-inch TV up on many of these, they are perfect for people who have a small or medium-sized TV.

  • What Styles of Fireplace Entertainment Center Are There? – If you are thinking about getting any kind of electrical fireplace for your home that also works as a TV stand, whether it is a standard darker wood unit, or a white fireplace TV stand for the corner, this part of the guide is going to talk about styles, features, materials and more involving these models.

  • What Brands of Electric Fireplaces Are Worth Looking At?Is an Electric Fireplace Worth It? There are a lot of popular brands of electric fireplaces on the market these days like Ameriwood, Walker Edison, and many more. Before pulling out your credit card and ordering the first generic electrical fireplace that you see on sale, be sure to read this section so that you know what brand of electrical fireplace you will be most interested in buying.

  • If I Wanted a White Fireplace TV Stand For My Living Room, Which One Should I Get? – Whether you want the most high-quality white oak electric fireplace with realistic fire effects or you specifically want a white fireplace TV stand, there is only one brand that you should be looking at. This section will highlight the best brand of electric fireplace on the market that stands tall above the rest of the electrical fireplace competition.

What Electric Fireplace Model Types Are Available In Today’s Market?

MagikFlame is a top-of-the-line electric fireplace.

There is a huge variety of electric fireplace types, and knowing exactly which one you should get can be confusing. Let’s cover the most common types so that you can be sure you are getting the type that best matches your needs:

  • Flat Wall Electric Fireplace Mantel Package – This is a standard unit that goes against a wall and comes with an electric fireplace mantel.
  • Corner Electric Fireplace – These are similar to the mantel package above, but these are shaped so that they can fit into a corner instead of a flat wall.
  • Electrical Fireplace TV Stand – These are TV stands with electric fireplaces built into their body.
  • Wall Mounted Electrical Fireplace – These are fireplaces that can be mounted up on a wall or installed into a wall recession.
  • Electric Stoves – These are electrical fireplaces that are made to look like a wood stove that you might find in a cabin or an old farmhouse.
  • Freestanding Electrical Fireplace – These are portable space heaters that are made to look like an electrical fireplace.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert – This is an insert that can be put into the opening of a traditional open-heart wood-style fireplace and converts it into an electric one.

How Does an Electrical Fireplace Heater Keep My Home Warm?

How Does an Electrical Fireplace Heater Keep My Home Warm

There are quite a few cheap fireplaces that use some bad metal coils that begin to radiate heat after they get hot. Of course, these use a lot of energy, take a while to warm up, and never seem to heat a room as well as they should. You should usually just avoid electric fireplaces that use these completely. Instead, you want to opt for a better electrical fireplace that uses infrared heating technology.

The way that infrared heating works is by convection instead of radiation. When you turn the fireplace on, it will begin to pull the cold air from the room into it, before being pushed back out through the blowers. As it cycles through the fireplace, it is exposed to an infrared quartz heating coil that instantly warms that air.

Since electric fireplaces that use infrared quartz don’t need much time at all to warm up, they have an amazing ability to start pushing warm air out almost immediately upon turning them on. This further allows them to warm a space of around 1,000 square feet very quickly. Once the space is warm, since the electrical fireplace doesn’t need any ventilation like a standard fireplace, the residual heat stays and warms the room for much longer, allowing the fireplace to work a lot less and save you more money.

While a single electrical fireplace from a high-end company is enough for most small houses, apartments, and condos, there is a rare case where someone has a much larger home. The easy solution is to set up zone heating with multiple fireplaces and the fireplace is only on in rooms when people are in them. This actually saves even more on a heating bill than trying to warm an entire large home all at the same time. Because of all of the additional savings that people with this kind of setup will see on their heating bill, over time, the savings will add up and the electric fireplaces will actually end up paying for themselves retroactively.

Are There Different Flame Effect Technologies That Electric Fireplaces Use?

Yes, there are many different effects that electric fireplaces use and it is important to research a fireplace and understand what technology is in before you purchase. Many cheap electric fireplaces have terrible visual effects that don’t amount to much more than a mechanical cylinder that spins and shines lights behind semi-transparent colored panels. These look incredibly tacky and aren’t worth the money at all.

Some electric fireplaces try to get a bit better by using some more basic LED-style flames, lights projected onto moving streams of water vapor, or even looped videos of an actual fireplace. While these are all decent and definitely a bit better than the really cheap options out there, there is an even better option.

The best type of visual effect you will find that looks super realistic are fireplaces that use Holoflame technology. The way this works is that an actual 3D hologram of moving, flickering flames is projected onto a physical log set inside of the firebox of an electrical fireplace. By projecting it like this, you and anyone who comes to your house will genuinely have the hardest time telling you that it is not the real thing. There is nothing that does a better job of simulating a real fireplace without needing to actually use a real fireplace. The only company that uses this realistic Holoflame technology is MagikFlame.

How Are Electric Fireplaces Better Than Traditional Fireplaces?

How Are Electric Fireplaces Better Than Traditional Fireplaces
MagikFlame is the best choice compared to other types of fireplaces.

For starters, traditional fireplaces like wood fireplaces have tons of problems that some people aren’t aware of:

  • Can Start a House Fire – Flames exposed to a room as well as flammable soot building up inside of the chimney are common causes of house fires.
  • Releases Harmful Emissions – Burning wood produces dangerous smoke and carbon monoxide that can fill your home.
  • Hassle To Use and Maintain – It is a lot of work to keep wood fireplaces clean and the fire burning well.
  • Costly Wood Due To Heat Inefficiency – Because all of the heat is lost through the chimney, you have to burn a very high amount of wood to keep your home warm.
  • Smoke Smells and Stains – Smoke will make your home and furniture smell, as well as leave smoke stains, especially on white walls.
  • Will Damage Flat-Panel TVs – Smoke destroys TVs mounted above real fireplaces.

Some people argue that gas fireplaces are a better alternative to wood fireplaces because they are less work to use and burn cleaner. While these facts are both true, these same people don’t seem to be aware of the additional problems caused by gas fireplaces:

  • Fire and Emissions Still a Safety Concern – Fire and carbon monoxide are still present.
  • Costly Installation – You must install expensive gas lines.
  • Bad Flame Quality – Weak flames with unusual colors.
  • Lingering Gassy Smell – Usually has a bad smell.

On the flip side, electric fireplaces don’t suffer from all of these downsides of both wood and gas fireplaces and have tons of upsides on top of them. Here are all the benefits people can expect when using a high-end electrical fireplace:

  • No Additional House Fire Chance
  • No Releasing of Harmful Emissions
  • No Smells or Wall Stains
  • Easiest Fireplaces To Use
  • Incredibly Heat Efficient That Will Save Money
  • They Come With a Remote Control
  • Effortless Installation Process
  • Electrical Fireplaces Will Not Damage Your TV
  • Realistic Flames That Truly Capture Fireplace Ambiance

Which Types of Electric Fireplaces Are Best For Saving Space In Smaller Homes or Rooms?

MagikFlame is ideal for small spaces and apartments.

If you are looking to specifically save space and improve accessibility, there are a few options:

  • Get a Fireplace That Doubles as an Entertainment Center – These are the standard console units that have a fireplace built into them. By combining two pieces into one, you are reducing the amount of furniture taking space up in your apartment or home by one.

  • Get a Fireplace That is Fit For The Corner – Corner units are excellent at saving space because they are more out of the way and there usually aren’t any other pieces of furniture that people typically put in the corner of a room.

  • Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Into a Recessed Wall – If you don’t have a problem with wall space but instead just need more space on the floor to walk in front of the fireplace, installing a wall-mounted unit into a wall recession is a great way to get it up and out of the way. Of course, this isn’t usually possible if you are renting, so keep that in mind.

  • Use a Normal Electrical Fireplace With a Mantle and Mount a TV Above It – Because electric fireplaces don’t have any fire or smoke to damage your experience TV set, you can easily just use a standard electrical fireplace unit in the room and then mount the TV on the wall right above the mantle. Keep in mind that compared to huge wood fireplaces with big open hearths, electric fireplaces don’t usually stick out very far from the wall at all.

Does a Fireplace TV Stand Come As Just a Normal Model That Goes Against a Flat Wall Or Do They Makes an Electric Fireplace TV Stand That Fits Into The Corner of a Room?

Does a Fireplace TV Stand Come
TVs look amazing mounted above a MagikFlame.

Yes, you can find corner electric fireplaces that also double as TV stands. These are a bit more rare than other types. These are excellent for people who are looking to save space with a corner unit and also like the idea of putting their TV upon it instead of having a separate stand for their TV. However, compared to standard electrical fireplace TV stands that normally go against a flat wall, these units will have a bit less space for additional shelves and cubby holes.

However, due to the increasing popularity of streaming and most streaming apps being built directly into the TV, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Instead of trying to get a corner unit with all of the additional features, consider a more prestigious-looking corner fireplace that doesn’t have shelves or cabinets at all and instead focuses on better heating and visual effects. Because they are corner units, you can still put a TV up on top of it without an issue at all.

What Styles of Fireplace Entertainment Center Are There?

What Styles of Fireplace Entertainment Center Are There
Unify your room’s focal point with a TV over a MagikFlame.

Electric fireplaces, whether they are entertainment consoles or standard electrical fireplaces, come in a ton of aesthetic shapes, styles, and materials. Here are the main categories of things you should be aware of when deciding what kind of electrical fireplace will be fit the current home decor you have:

  • Material – The material will go a long way when it comes to the quality of the unit and how it will look. Do you want something that is made from MDF or do you prefer solid wood like a clean and modern white oak? Do you want something with a faux stone treatment for a more traditional look? When choosing the material of the electrical fireplace that you are looking at, be sure to consider how long it will last and how it matches the other pieces of furniture that are already present in your home.

  • Color – While color has a lot to do with the material, it still is something to be considered. You need to think if you want some kind of darker look like espresso or dark walnut or if you want a lighter look like a distressed white or bright white solid wood. Keep in mind that a darker look like espresso might look okay on its own, it will make the room look a bit smaller if the walls or white. If you have white walls in your home, then a solid white fireplace will definitely make the fireplace look like it is a part of the room instead of just a piece of furniture that was placed there.

  • Features – There are a lot of extra features that come with any kind of electrical fireplace TV stands. There are things you should consider like wire management. Do you want it to have bookcase-style shelving? Do you want it to have storage shelves for media devices? Do you want cabinetry, possibly with glass doors? Do you want one with a soundbar built into it? Consider what kind of features you want it to have. If you are someone who is getting away from physical media devices altogether and prefers streaming services, you may want to avoid all of these extra features completely and instead get something that looks more traditional. Avoiding all of the additional cabinets and shelves can really make a fireplace look more high-end and luxurious. It also gives space for a better heating device and visual effects.

  • Visual Effects – Visual effects are going to be a very important feature for you to consider and can seriously affect what style TV stands you look at. Make sure to get something with high-end, realistic fire effects or you will be incredibly disappointed with your purchase. Do you want some basic LED flames, some cheap LED lights that barely pass as fire, or do you want ultra-realistic flames projected onto a driftwood log inside of the firebox? It is better to invest in fireplaces with better effects if you want something you won’t regret down the line.

What Brands of Electric Fireplace Are Worth Looking At?

MagikFlame is the best choice for luxury and gorgeous interior design.

Before even talking about some of the more popular brands of electrical fireplaces that are on the market, it is important to know that generic brands are never the way to go. While the price can make it seem tempting, cheap, generic fireplaces are always purchases that people regret. It’s bad enough that their visual effects look tacky and unsatisfying, but you also have to worry about their failure to adequately heat your home while simultaneously increasing your electric bill due to their poor energy efficiency.

Of course, there are many brands that are popular like Ameriwood, Southern Enterprises, Somerset, High Boy, Lumina, Walker Edison, Calie, and more. Keep in mind that although many of these brands are popular, the build quality and fire effect technology that is used will vary a lot between brands. And while Ameriwood and all of these other brands are somewhat decent, there is only one brand that has the best build quality, materials, parts, heating device, and realistic holographic flames. That brand is MagikFlame.

If I Wanted a White Fireplace TV Stand For My Living Room, Which One Should I Get?

MagikFlame electric fireplaces are easily the best on the market. If you are looking to save space, there are a few ways that you can go. You can get a standard mantle package fireplace that they have and you can mount your TV above it. They have different mantel styles and sizes that you can choose from so that you can find the best pick for your home. Another option is to get one of the fireplace insert units they have and install it into a recessed wall so that it sits flush with the wall. Lastly, you can get their beautiful Churchill corner model that can easily allow your TV to be displayed on top of it.

Regardless of which road you choose to go down with your MagikFlame best electric fireplace, all of their fireplaces have the following amazing features:

  • The Most Realistic Flame Effects – Once you see the 3D holographic flickering flames that are projected inside of MagikFlame fireplaces, it is hard to see any other type of electrical fireplace as a viable option. You aren’t limited to just one style of flame either, there are 30 different flames you quickly change between depending on the fireplace mood you want to go with.

  • Realistic Crackling Log Sounds – Nothing makes the flames feel more realistic than actually hearing the crackle of the logs. On top of the immersive crackling audio that is included with MagikFlame fireplaces, you can also choose to play soothing nature sounds.

  • A Powerful 5,200 BTU Heater – With an impressive infrared quartz heating device, the heating unit inside of MagikFlame electric fireplaces are capable of quickly warming space of up to 1,000 sq. ft. while using very little energy to do so.

  • Easy To Use Smartphone App – Instead of a standard remote, MagikFlame continues their degree of excellence with the effortless smartphone app that lets you control the thermostat, flame effects, and sound effects, all at the quick press of a button from anywhere in your home.
Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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