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Discover 34 Cozy, Nature-Inspired Stone Fireplace Ideas

Stone Fireplace Ideas

Updating the home decor of your living room is a fun interior design project. One of the main ways to do this is to remodel your fireplace design. While some may want to hire an interior designer for their expertise, this isn’t necessary. With readily available materials, online tutorials, and a little hard work, you can have a fireplace that brings new life into your home.

For this article, we are going to focus on stone fireplace options and give you 34 great stone fireplace ideas. Look to these for inspiration for your next project.

In This Guide, We’ll Explore:

  • Why Choose a Stone Fireplace For a Home? – Before going over the 34 fireplace design ideas, we cover the reasons people like the aesthetics of stone fireplaces in their homes.

  • What Are The 34 Stone Fireplace Ideas? – The heart of this guide is the 34 stone fireplace ideas listed in this section.

  • Why Is an Electric Fireplace Essential For For a Stone Fireplace Project? – Regardless of what materials or design you choose for the area around your fireplace, electric fireplaces have their benefits over traditional options from the past.

  • Which Electric Insert Brand Has The Most Stunning Visual Fire Effects? – If you desire a realistic electric insert to use inside your stone fireplace, this section is essential for you to read.

Why to Choose a Stone Fireplace For a Home?

Your fireplace is bound to be the main focal point of whatever room it is in. The welcoming and cozy feeling fireplaces exude make the room a place of relaxation and peace. Of course, the fireplace design plays a big part in this feeling. Stone fireplaces help immensely with this aesthetic. They bring natural materials and elegantly present them. Stone fireplaces feel more traditional than many other types of fireplaces that use modern materials.

What Are The 34 Stone Fireplace Ideas?

Here are the 34 stone fireplace ideas to inspire you when building or remodeling a fireplace:

01. Natural Stone

For a cozy and rustic-style appearance, you can’t beat using natural stones in the construction of your fireplace. Many of the ideas on this list focus on using real stone instead of faux stone options. By investing the time into building a fireplace from real stone, you are ensuring your fireplace will easily last for decades.

02. Stone Veneer Fireplace

To make the construction of your fireplace a little easier, try a fireplace surround made using stone veneer. Stone veneer is quarried stone, cut into easy to manage slices. By using stone veneers, you can have total control of the aesthetics and the job will be easier.

03. French Country

One makeover option for your fireplace is a focus on a French Country aesthetic. This will have a rustic-style appearance while focusing more on elegance. Focus on stones with soothing hues to match European elegance. You can pair it with antique and aged accents for an old-world feel.

04. English Cottage

Similar to a French Country style, an English Cottage styling puts more of a focus on a charming rural home to keep you warm. It is a great blend of both contemporary styles with old world antique styles. Stones used in this style can pair well with greenery incorporated into your home.

05. Hunting Lodge

For a look that is popular with log homes, you can try a hunting lodge style. Pair larger stones in the construction of your fireplace with large, rural pieces of wood. Select darker stones and darker woods to bring contrast to the warm glow of the fireplace.

06. Farmhouse

If you want to do a makeover of your home in a farmhouse style, then you want to focus on simplicity and practicality. Choose a stone that is simple and aligns well with the rest of the rustic look in your home. Farmhouse antiques make great centerpieces for this type of fireplace.

07. Modern Fireplace

Even a modern style of fireplace can use stone. For modern styles, you want to focus on cleaner lines and lighter beige colors of the stones. For this style, consider Scandinavian variations. Scandinavian minimalism is all about a look of comfort.

08. Limestone

Using limestone in the construction of stone fireplaces will give it a lighter and clean look. This type of fireplace material goes well with a white wooden mantel to surround it. To further push sophistication, use crown molding on the mantel.

09. Cobblestone

Creating a cobblestone fireplace can take more time, but the result is worth the effort. By intricately fitting stones of different sizes, you can have an interesting and classic fireplace look. If you have the patience, this type of fireplace is great when it reaches completely to the ceiling.

10. Slate

Slate is a darker stone and is traditionally cut into more rectangular shapes. This stone is great if you prefer bold, straight lines in your design. The darker stone, like other dark stones on this list, will be great to contrast the bright flames of the fireplace.

11. Granite

The interesting colors and patterns found in granite make it great for stone fireplaces. You can use a single, large block of granite as the surround for your fireplace. Remember that a larger piece will be heavier and harder to install, so make sure you have help available.

12. Cultured River Rock

Cultured river rock is a rock that has been carved and smooth over long periods by the continuous movement of the river water above it. This type of stone can have a similar look to a cobblestone fireplace, but with a smoother texture.

13. Marble

For a fireplace makeover to match a more luxurious home, you can use marble. Pair an exquisite marble fireplace with high-end accessories like candlestick holders, wall sconces, chandeliers, and more.

14. Concrete

A concrete fireplace can be quite versatile. Concrete can be poured in a variety of patterns using frames. Color and texture treatments can also be done to the concrete to give it more variety. Warm track lighting can help bring out these color treatments.

15. Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked stone is when you use flatter pieces of stone that are more rustic than bricks. While stacked stone can look somewhat uniform, by varying the depth of the stone somewhat, you can create a beautiful texture that looks great under a strong light.

16. Painted Stone

If you have a specific color scheme for your home, you can amplify that scheme by painting the stones of your fireplace the same color. This works best on older stone fireplaces you already have, but the stone may not be to your liking. It is an easy way to update older stone fireplaces without completely rebuilding them.

17. Colored Stone

Regardless of what type of stone you use, consider varying the colors of the stones that you choose. Space these colored stones evenly throughout the fireplace area. By choosing stones that vary in color, it appears more rustic than stones of the same color.

18. Rustic Wood Mantel

When it comes to stone fireplace design, a great way to enhance a rustic fireplace aesthetic is by including a wood mantel. You can use any stone or design listed here and pair it with a mantel that has a beautiful, rich grain. Choose high-quality woods with a simple stain or finish.

19. Cast Stone

Casting stone allows you to make solid, stone elements of different shapes and sizes. You can customize this to fit your specific room design. This is a good option if you need specific lines and curves to match already present room aesthetics.

20. Stone Wall Backing

For your fireplace makeover, the entire fireplace doesn’t need to be stone. It can be a simple fireplace with a wood mantel, but then you can add a fireplace wall that is covered in the stone of your choice. This is useful if you already have a non-stone fireplace and want to add stone elements.

21. Open Hearth Stone

For a more traditional living space, try a classic open-hearth design. Don’t simply decorate the outside of the fireplace with stone, but use it in the flooring and interior as well. Traditionally, this type of stone floor can be used for basic cooking.

22. Mid-Century Modern

If your dream home involves homes from the 50s and 60s, then a mid-century modern style of fireplace is the right choice for you. Mid-century modern fireplaces often utilize tall fireplace surrounds with uniform stones. Stones can be natural, colored, or even faux stones.

23. Traditional

For a more traditional home design, you’ll want a traditional-looking fireplace to match it. For this, try a raised stone foundation and a classic open-hearth design.

24. Modern Rustic

This style is a transitional style between rural aesthetics and clean, modern designs. Use stones that are natural, but use mantels and trimming that are modern, simple, and clean. Pair it with contemporary accessories.

25. Stone Brick Fireplace

Stone bricks are a great material to use with a variety of decorating styles. Larger bricks will be heavier, but often involve less work to build the fireplace. You can use bricks that are completely bare or you can paint them.

26. Stone and Tile

An eye-catching addition to stone fireplaces is adding sections with tile arrangements. Colorful types can bring a great contrast to natural-colored or gray stones. This can be a tile wall or a simple tile arrangement below the mantel.

27. Carved Stonework

A skilled craftsman can carve stones into beautiful shapes. They can add ornate details that give your fireplace a more bohemian chic type of style. For something like this, you’ll want to check with professionals in your area that do this type of work.

28. Large Stones

Your fireplace decor doesn’t need to be limited to smaller stones. Extra-large stones can also be used. The work will be more involved to get them into place, but they can add a grand quality to your fireplace area.

29. Outdoor Fireplace

Indoor fireplaces aren’t the only thing that can benefit from using stone. An outdoor fireplace can be part of a beautiful patio with landscaping and hardscaping to match. Include one of these if you have an outdoor kitchen or you enjoy spending time with your family in the backyard.

30. Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor living can also benefit from a fire pit. Fire pits are a little different than typically outdoor fireplaces. You sit around them for an outdoor party, or you can use them to roast marshmallows to make s’mores.

31. Minimalist

If you have white walls in your home and prefer minimalism, a stone fireplace can be a great way to add an interesting focus. Use stones that are clean with straight lines. Smooth stones will often work best. Additionally, you can paint the stones white if you want to keep things light.

32. Herringbone Pattern

With stone bricks used in a fireplace, you don’t have to stick with simple stacking. Instead, try a beautiful herringbone pattern to give some beautiful linework to your fireplace area. You can use two different types or colors of stones to push the herringbone pattern even further.

33. Floating Stone Shelf

A fireplace mantel doesn’t need to have legs, even if it is made of stone. There are methods to anchor a lighter stone mantel as a floating shelf for your fireplace. Of course, this is something you will want professional help with to avoid injury or damage to your home.

34. Stone With Terracotta

Just like using tiles to bring some color to your stone aesthetics, you can try to mix some terracotta into the design as well. Compared to tile, this will generally keep that rustic-style of appearance looking more rural. This style is popular in the American southwest.

Why Is an Electric Fireplace Essential For For a Stone Fireplace Project?

To even begin constructing built-in wood fireplaces, you have to work plans out with an architect. It doesn’t matter if it is for a new home or you are performing a simple remodel. Once plans are worked out, you will have to deal with a lot of headaches while a home builder tears down a wall for your fireplace to be built. Once your fireplace is installed, there is an immediate fire hazard. Anytime you are burning wood in a home, there is a higher chance of a house fire. Breathing issues are also prevalent because of smoke and other harmful emissions. Besides these issues, wood fireplaces are a big pain and hassle to use regularly.

A built-in gas fireplace has a few advantages over burning wood. They are slightly safer and slightly cleaner. However, they still aren’t quite the best choice for someone’s home. Their flames are weak and have ridiculous coloring. If the burners aren’t maintained regularly, carbon monoxide emissions can become a serious health issue.

The safest and most efficient choice is electricity. Electric fireplaces are simple to install. They are plugged into standard outlets and don’t need ventilation to the roof. Their simple installation makes them ideal for more than just the living room. You can enjoy a warm fireplace in your dining room, family room, or any other room you desire.

Visually, high-end electric fireplaces can look just as realistic as grand wood fireplaces. They often have additional features to make them even more immersive.

With an electric insert, not only can you convert older fireplaces by putting one in the firebox, but you can install them into stone fireplace surrounds as well.

Which Electric Insert Brand Has The Most Stunning Visual Fire Effects?

MagikFlame fireplaces have fire effects that provide the same ambiance you’ll get with wood fireplaces. Although they have many freestanding fireplace models that come with mantels, you can get the MagikFlame 28″ Insert as well. The best part about this type of home improvement project is that it is completely DIY. When checking out the 34 design ideas listed in this guide, you can easily place a MagikFlame insert into any of these fireplace solutions. These inserts, along with all MagikFlame fireplaces, come with the following features:

  • Ultra Realistic Fire Effects – Select between 30 styles of flickering holographic flames that are 3D projected. Each style of flame moves and dances realistically. You can switch between these flames easily to change the mood.

  • Crackling Log Sounds – Enjoy the soothing sounds of crackling logs as the fireplace is turned on. Additional nature sounds are also available.

  • 5,200 BTU Heat – The power of the heater will keep your home toasty. The infrared coils are efficient, therefore you can warm your home while keeping your heating bill at a manageable rate.

  • Smartphone App – You can control your MagikFlame with their luxurious app. The app installs easily on both smartphone and tablet devices. It can control each MagikFlame fireplace feature.

For more information:

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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