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Is There an Electric Fireplace That Matches a White TV Console?

white tv console

Your fireplace is one of the main features in the home that stands out and contributes to the overall design of the setting. Many people choose to pair the feature with a white TV console to create a certain style or look in the room. If you want to find a fireplace that matches this style of TV stand to place in your living room or office, there are a few facts to learn.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Is There a Fireplace That Matches a White TV Console?
  • Additional Tips for Making Your Fireplace Stand Out
  • How to Operate Your Fireplace
  • Installing a Mantel Over Your Fireplace
  • The Best Spot to Install Your Fireplace
  • Why Your Home Will Benefit From a New Fireplace
  • How to Shop Around for Your New Fireplace

Is There a Fireplace That Matches a White TV Console?

There are a number of fireplaces available in the industry that can match well with a white TV console and have a high level of contrast, especially with TVS up on top. The MagikFlame 28″ Fireplace Insert has an all-black style that makes it pop and complement white TV consoles. It even comes with fire sounds and crackling log effects to make it look like a real fireplace, whether you place it in a media console or wood TV stand.

The Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD 23″ Plug-in Electric Firebox features a thin black surround with crystals on the ember bed, creating an upscale and luxurious design. The LED lighting creates a realistic effect in the firebox to make the mid-century modern console or TV stand look like there’s wood burning inside.

The PuraFlame 33-inch Western Fireplace Insert Heater can also fit in a larger TV stand or entertainment center. It has four flame effects and can be used with or without heat. The electronic temperature control allows you to adjust how much heat output it delivers, depending on when it’s in use throughout the year. The flame effects are less realistic than the Magikflame insert, but it still works well for heating the room.

When you plan to fit an electric fireplace insert into a TV console, you’ll need a trim kit to make it fit seamlessly. You’ll need to determine how you plan to supply power to the console table. You can consider hiring an electrician to install an outlet if you prefer to purchase a fireplace with a plug-in design, which will make it easy to install. Other fireplaces may need to be wired directly into the furniture.

Look for a console that is constructed of solid wood and has cabinet doors, a barn door, and shelving to keep certain items discrete. Some products even have durable engineered wood and include a sturdy bookcase with adjustable shelves for customizable storage space. You can also look for a modern TV stand or entertainment center that has LED lights to add a modern touch. Adjustable shelves and cutouts can also be convenient because they can allow you to fit different sizes of gaming consoles, cable boxes, and accessories in the TV cabinet. If you choose a corner TV stand or barn door TV stand with open shelves, your game consoles may be visible, but they can also be easier to access. The storage space in the entertainment center or media console will keep everything organized and around the fireplace. You can even find something with a cubby for your remote control. The storage console can serve more than one purpose, whether you invest in a Walker Edison Highboy insert or a Dimplex fireplace. They may even come with a sliding barn door on the TV stand for a decorative accent piece.

Many brands like Convenience Concepts also sell inserts that are already installed in a TV stand. There are a variety of styles available, whether you want a classy credenza or a modern TV stand with clean lines.

A TV stand also allows you to place an LED TV on top of the farmhouse TV stand or TV console. Placing the TVs up over the TV stand will draw more attention to the feature and can also free up extra space. Select a TV stand that fits the size of your TV, whether you own a 42-inch or 70-inch TV. Mount the TVs up above the TV stand by looking for the studs in the walls to keep it secure.

White TV Console

Additional Tips to Make Your Fireplace Stand Out

If you want your fireplace to get more attention and become the centerpiece in the living room, you can enhance its overall look with a few changes that are made. Start by thinking about how you want to decorate the bottom of the electric fireplace. You can add poufs, pillows, and accent chairs to invite your family members to lounge near the heat. You can even add a wicker basket that is stuffed with blankets or pillows, which your loved ones can reach for when they want to stay warm or get more comfortable. A rug will also add a decorative touch at the base of the fireplace to draw more attention to it and offer a place where your pets or kids can sit.

If you plan to purchase a fireplace insert, opt for building a surround to make it look dramatic. This is a simple DIY project that doesn’t require too many materials or experience and will look great with TVs up over it. The surround should sit flat on one of the walls in the home and will be effective in protecting the surrounding furnishings from damage from the heat that is released. You can select from wood, brick, or concrete, depending on the look you want to achieve. Something with a high gloss finish will look more regal.

Those who want a classic design can opt for a wood surround. Purchase wood screws, pocket screws, woodgrain trim, and plywood. Build the frame by using plywood boards. Cover the base to increase how much stability is present. You’ll need to trim the material where there’s excess board to make it look upscale and like it’s built by a professional. Wood filler will also prove to be effective for filling in nailhead holes on the materials.

Sand down all spots where the joints meet and vacuum sawdust that accumulates on the wood materials and floor. Add primer to the wood boards before painting them. Some of the top colors to consider include white, black, blue, or gray. The paint should dry before you add the finish. A surround with an espresso finish or high gloss finish will look rich and upscale, depending on the style of the room.

If you want to create a farmhouse look, add laminate floorboards to the surround to make it look like it has a shiplap. This will give it extra character and will boost its visual appeal.

How to Safely Operate Your Fireplace

Although your electric fireplace has a safe design, you still need to know how to operate the feature to avoid potential problems that can occur. Electric fireplaces have a safe and reliable design, which offers peace of mind to homeowners. You’ll still need to unplug the feature each time you’re done using it to prevent electricity from running through the cords when it’s not in use. This will also reduce how much energy you use each day. Avoid using an extension cord or surge protector, which can lead to the unit overheating.

One of the best safety features of the fireplace is the built-in timer, which allows you to shut the device off to avoid running it for too long. Many people make the mistake of keeping it running when they fall asleep or tend to other duties. You also want to avoid leaving the room as it operates, especially if you have small children or animals in the house. Pets and kids should also never get too close to the product.

If you notice damage on any part of the cord, don’t use the fireplace. The electrical parts and components should be carefully examined to ensure it’s safe to use after you take them out of the box. Contact the seller or manufacturer if any repairs or replacements are needed to protect your safety.

There should never be any modifications made to the fireplace once you take it out of the box. Although some people may have experience with electrical wiring or contractor work, tampering with the unit can lead to issues that put your safety at risk. Many modifications are outside of the guidelines of the manufacturer. Check the owner’s manual to determine what modifications to avoid.

You also want to keep the vents away from any items in the home to prevent any of the air from being blocked as it comes out of the vents. Your furnishings should be at least three feet away from the fireplace to ensure it continues to function correctly.

You can also keep any wires or cords hidden behind the unit to prevent anyone from having contact with the electrical components. Wires that stick out can be damaged if pets or kids are in the home, which can lead to electrical issues and fires. Never turn the unit on if you notice some of the wires are frayed or chewed.

Installing a Mantel Over Your Fireplace

One of the main additions you can make to your fireplace to make it stand out and look more appealing is by installing a mantel over it. A mantel will create a built-in look and can also allow you to have a spot where you display home decor or even a flat-screen TV. This is a great option if you install an insert or a wall-mounted fireplace.

Start by deciding if you want to purchase or build the mantel. The mantel’s finish should complement the finish of other living room furniture in the room, including the media stand or entertainment center. The mantel can be made out of engineered wood or reclaimed wood.

You can build or purchase a mantel with a high gloss white finish to complete the look of your infrared fireplace and enhance your interior design. The finish on the mantel should complement the finish of other types of furniture pieces in the room.

Install the feature about 12 inches over the fireplace opening for proper scale. It should also be at eye level in the room. You also need to think about the height of the ceilings to ensure it’s not too low or too high. It can be mounted slightly lower if you live in a house with lower ceilings. Rooms with vaulted ceilings require them to be mounted a few inches higher.

If you have a room with a high ceiling, consider decorating the mantel with tall vases with long stems to have the proper scale. You can also add smaller items or framed photos to the mantel to make everything look balanced.

Use quality studs to secure the shelf and allow it to have enough strength to support heavy items. You can also use mantel brackets, which are ideal if you plan to add a television to the shelf.

Consider the style of your living space when choosing the type of material you want to use on the shelf. Wood and stone are popular materials. Wood mantels are installed with cleats, which are hidden and discrete. If you install a shelf with stone materials will need to affix it into separate pieces with legs for proper support. Painting the screw heads will allow them to be hidden.

The Best Spot to Install Your Fireplace

The spot where you install your new fireplace will determine how easy it is to see and how much warm air can circulate in the room. Whether you’re building a new home or are planning a remodel while working with an architect or home builder, the process is easier because electric fireplaces are easier to install compared to other types of fireplaces. If you choose to hardwire it, you’ll need to commit to a permanent spot where the insert will be situated.

Whether you have a freestanding fireplace or a wall-mounted fireplace, one of the best spots to place it is on the wall that sits opposite of the entrance of the room. This will make it easier for the fireplace to stand out. When your guests enter the room, the fireplace will be the first feature they notice. You can situate the other furniture pieces around the fireplace to make it tie everything together.

If you use an electric fireplace in a bedroom, consider placing the fireplace across from your bed to make it enjoyable to view as you spend time reading or watching television. You can also place it at the end of a dining room table or on the side of it, wherever it’s easiest for everyone to see.

Look around for where all the electrical outlets are present in the room to find an ideal place to install them. The cord should be within reach of the outlet without using an extension cord. You can also have more freedom with where you place it because you don’t have to determine where gas lines, vents, or chimneys are installed. The lack of venting needed offers a lot more flexibility and can even allow you to move it around to another wall or room in the home in the coming years.

Why Your Home Will Benefit From a New Fireplace

There are many advantages that come with purchasing new electric fireplaces. To start, you can enjoy the warmth that is delivered, which is comparable to a real fireplace. You don’t have to compromise your comfort when resorting to a fireplace that is more energy-efficient. They produce a lot of heat because electric fireplaces come with infrared quartz heaters.

This type of fireplace can also allow you to enjoy zone heating, which only heats the room instead of every room in the house. The heat won’t transfer into other parts of the home to ensure you spend less energy and don’t make other rooms too warm. Other floors in the room will remain comfortable without too much heat rising.

The adjustable thermostat on the unit makes it easy to adjust the temperature of the heat in any season. You can expect it to give you the same amount of heat you’d get from a wood stove or Modway firepit.

The easy and simple operation of electric fireplaces is what makes them appealing to consumers. They don’t require a lot of instructions and don’t have too many controls or buttons to use. There isn’t any hassle involved, and it’s easy enough to learn how to use it in minutes. You also don’t have to lift any heavy logs into the firebox or attempt to start a fire. There also isn’t a need for any fresh air or ventilation to keep the fire going and prevent it from dying out. You don’t have to keep one of the windows open and allow cold air in, which can make it too chilly in the space.

You also don’t have to worry about cleaning out the fireplace every time you use it. Ashes won’t collect on the bottom of the firebox because real wood isn’t burned. The lack of creosote produced also doesn’t make chimney sweeps necessary because the flame effects are created with the use of electricity. This can allow you to save money on hiring a professional to perform the service.

The installation process is also simple and straightforward, whether you purchase a freestanding fireplace or a fireplace that is built into a TV cabinet. There’s no need to hire a local electrician or contractor because you don’t need to hardwire many types of electric fireplaces available in the industry. The simple plug-in design offers a high level of convenience and allows it to be ready to use in minutes. This saves a significant amount of money compared to building a masonry fireplace, or even installing a gas fireplace. You also don’t have to spend time and energy applying for permits through the city and waiting for them to get approved.

The portability of these fireplaces is another reason to love them. They can move from one spot to the next without being built into the wall. This is a great option for renters who can’t make permanent changes to their rental homes. You also have the freedom of packing up and bringing it with you once you decide to move. This allows you to continue using the feature even when you relocate to a new property.

The smaller size of electric fireplaces also enhances their appeal to ensure they can fit in large or small settings without taking up too much space. You can place them in more rooms without worrying about how many square feet are available to accommodate the fireplace. You can choose to place it in your dining room, entryway, or your home office to make a statement. Most types of fireplaces also don’t weigh too much, making them convenient to move around without any heavy lifting required.

corner white tv console

How to Shop Around for Your New Fireplace

When you’re looking for the best fireplace to purchase, you may have difficulty knowing where to start. Check out reviews that are posted on the internet to hear from other customers. MagikFlame reviews are available on Amazon or directly on the brand’s website. You can get insight into other customers’ experiences using the products and learn the benefits and drawbacks of each product.

Checking out the background of each brand can also make it easier to select the best option, whether you’re looking for a fireplace TV stand or a freestanding fireplace in a modern farmhouse surround. MagikFlame is newer than other brands but has better technology and creates the best flame effects. The technology is a part of the MagikFlame story, which involves the founder inventing holographic technology with his experience in the film industry. The screen uses real footage of logs burning and has a lot of details for the best picture. Every model the company sells includes 30 flames, which are accompanied by burning log sound effects. Whether you choose a fireplace built into a media center or a white TV stand, you can enjoy the advanced technology.

Other brands like Southern Enterprises and Ameriwood use tinted water and mist or LED lights to create the look of real flames, but the effects aren’t always realistic. Check out the different types of models available to determine how much of a selection you have when researching all top manufacturers. The Magikflame best electric fireplace guide is a convenient resource to use because it allows you to view the descriptions and specs of each product available.

How MagikFlame is built is also an important consideration, whether you want to install it in a white TV stand or place open shelving around the feature. The company produces all of its inserts in the U.S., which means they’re of higher quality than other models in the industry. Some companies manufacture their inserts in China or Taiwan, which can cause them to have a shorter lifespan. They can also be difficult to repair in the future because you have to look overseas to find the parts.

Looking at payment plans and financing that is available through each manufacturer is also necessary. You want to find a product that works within your budget and is affordable.

By discovering the fireplaces that match a white TV console, it can allow you to find the best product for your needs. It will not only make the feature look attractive in the space, but can make it blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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