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Contemporary & Mid Century Modern Electric Fireplace For Your Home

Mid Century Modern Electric Fireplace

If you struggle to stay warm in your home or have a bare wall you want to decorate, an electric fireplace may be the answer to your problem. Electric fireplaces have a long history and continue to remain popular fixtures to find in residential properties. You may want to learn about contemporary and mid-century modern electric fireplaces available for your personal space.

Mid Century Modern Electric Fireplace For Your Home

Electric fireplaces are one of the most modern features to find in homes because of their advanced technology. The products are a more traditional and contemporary way of heating homes and create a beautiful glow. You don’t have to spend time chopping down trees in your backyard and loading them into the firebox. Electric fireplaces are easy to operate with a flip of a switch to ensure you have access to immediate heat. This accommodates renters or homeowners who have busy schedules and don’t always have the time or fireplace tools to maintain traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces emerged in 1912 in different American playhouses to deliver warmth in the building. They were not used in residential homes yet, as most people still relied on wood stoves to stay warm. Their sales surged in the 1950s as more homeowners began purchasing the feature to keep their houses warm during the fall and winter seasons. They also experienced another spike in popularity in the 1980s as their technology and flame effects became more advanced.

Electric fireplaces became more advanced, and the cost continued to drop to appeal to consumers. Their flame effects are now more realistic, and they deliver more heat than older models for increased comfort. Many people preferred spending less on electric fireplaces compared to masonry fireplaces that required more time and energy to maintain. Today, electric fireplaces continue to become the most popular type of fireplace to own. More people are looking to create a green and eco-friendly environment that reduces their carbon footprint. Electric fireplaces don’t use much energy or cost a lot to use, making them a common choice among consumers.

As the technology in electric fireplaces has evolved, their style and design have also become more modern in recent years. You may be planning to remodel your living room with an interior designer. You may also be in the process of building a new home with an architect. You can select an electric fireplace that matches the surrounding materials you choose when working with your home builder. This can allow it to blend in seamlessly and look attractive.

Many fireplaces now feature malm materials on the surround and fireplace mantel. You can enjoy a fireplace with light wood materials for a contemporary design that is light and airy. Some of the materials are also painted different colors, depending on the color scheme of your room. Danish modern fireplaces also feature clean lines and a minimalistic look, proving less is more.

Some fireplaces even come with an entertainment center to create a dramatic and commanding look in the living space. This can provide extra storage space for your books, framed photos, and decor pieces. A mid-century modern electric fireplace is another top choice if you want a retro look in the home. The vintage mid century modern look is ideal if you want to create an eclectic setting that still has a modern design. The mid-century modern electric fireplace may feature a large firebox, a natural wood fireplace, or triangular legs. The Cambridge 56-in Stardust Mid-Century Modern Electric fireplace is a great option you can find on Wayfair.

MCM fireplaces even feature multi-color flames to choose from to create an eye-catching look. You can select a unique flame color like blue or purple to show off in your modern home or even create a festive look for different holidays.

When you’re looking for a minimalist electric fireplace, a wall mounted electric fireplace is a great option. You can install this in your outdoor living space if it’s designed for outside use. If you want something even more retro, a Preway mid-century modern fireplace is a great option for indoor or outdoor use. Preway models feature a bold color shade with a porcelain enamel finish on the cast iron materials. They don’t take up a lot of space and are more decorative than fire pits. Preway fireplaces are best sellers because of their unique look but operate off of wood or gas. Fortunately, you can install a log insert inside the vintage fireplace to make it modern and energy-efficient.

MagikFlame offers a variety of modern fireplaces for different types of settings. Our brand has the most advanced technology in the industry because we use holographic technology. The patented technology was invented by our founder and features a screen that displays real footage of wood logs burning. This makes it look like the fireplace is real, even when you’re within a foot of the unit.

Many of the MagikFlame fireplace models have a freestanding design to make them look built into the wall. The exquisite crown molding creates a contemporary and elegant look to complement the interior design of the room. The Magikflame best electric fireplace buying guide makes it easy to browse the different options available. We’re one of the only brands in the industry to offer an app you can download on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to control the settings remotely without using the control panel. Our products are also unique because they have 30 flames and a 5,200 BTU fireplace heater to keep larger rooms warm. You can have more control of the climate without worrying about the temperature fluctuating.

The Warmth Electric Fireplaces Deliver

Many people assume freestanding or wall-mounted electric fireplaces don’t deliver as much heat as a real fireplace. The advanced heater actually delivers heat quicker than a wood or gas fireplace. You can get warmer quicker and keep the chill away, which can reduce your reliance on an HVAC system in the building. The supplemental heat can allow you to take advantage of more savings on your electric bill.

With a white fireplace TV stand or freestanding fireplace, you’ll also get zone heating. Zone heating allows the heat to stay in the room instead of heating the entire house. This makes the fireplace even more green and eco-friendly. It can also allow other residents in the building to stay comfortable without getting too hot. Additionally, the heat never dries out the air compared to wood and gas fireplaces.

The product also gives you the option of shutting the heater off to ensure you can still enjoy the faux flame effect. This means you can use the wall fireplace any time of the year. The adjustable thermostat can even allow you to determine how much heat you want to circulate in the room. With a gas or wood fireplace, you don’t have this much control over the feature.

Because real fire is never used in the fireplace, it never causes the surrounding materials to become hot to the touch. The glass door or panel stays cool to avoid burns or injuries.

Are Electric Fireplaces Ideal for Condos and Apartments?

If you live in a condo or apartment, you may not have access to a fireplace. If the unit doesn’t feature the unit, it can affect how cozy you feel in the living room or your bedroom. Fortunately, electric fireplaces can be installed in condos and apartments. Their slim profile and small size allow them to fit in any room without blocking walkways. Corner units are also available to ensure you can tuck them into the corner of the room if a lot of wall space isn’t available.
Because electric fireplaces use electricity to operate, they don’t require any gas lines or vents. Installing the feature is an easy DIY project, even if you purchase a wall mounted electric unit you have to hardwire. If the fireplace has a plug-in design, you can insert the cord into an outlet in seconds. There’s no need to hire a contractor or electrician to do the work. You can save thousands of dollars in the process and don’t need to worry about getting fined by your landlord.

You can even select a fireplace TV stand to use because it won’t take up any more space than a console you may already use. You can enjoy the look of the beautiful flames and the immediate heat while watching television each day. Choose a stand that can accommodate TVs up to 60 inches to ensure it’s large enough for your screen. There are even smaller stands to support TVs up to 45 inches if you have less space available in the home. There should be enough space on the tabletop for additional decor items to enhance the look of the product for more versatility.

The portable design even allows you to take it with you on the go once you move to another unit or home. You can enjoy the cozy ambiance it adds without any hassle involved.

How to Style Your Contemporary and Mid Century Modern Fireplace?

It’s important to select a fireplace you can style to ensure it blends in with your home decor. If you have a wall fireplace, consider installing a mantel 12 inches above it to draw more attention to the feature. This is an easy home improvement project that requires using a leveler and steel studs for proper support. A variety of materials are available when selecting a mantel on Etsy or building it yourself. MDF, teak, and stone are all common choices. Consider the style of the room and the architecture in the home when making your selection.

Building your own mantel is also an easy DIY project. Longer mantels are ideal because they can support large TVs up to 60 or 70 inches. You can place TVs up to 70 inches directly on the mantel or mount TVs up above the shelf.

Many of our MagikFlame models come with mantels and surrounds to ensure they’re beautiful to display without any additional work required. Consider placing the fireplace on the wall opposite the entrance of the room. This will make it the centerpiece and focal point of the setting. It will have more of an impact on the interior design of the space to ensure it stands out. Don’t place it too close to other furnishings, or it can look too cramped in the living space.
Give attention to the bottom of the fireplace when decorating the feature. Area rugs can look decorative and also provide your children or pets with a cozy place to sit. Choose something minimal with neutral colors when decorating a contemporary and mid-century modern fireplace. Woven baskets, poufs, and plants can also look decorative and draw more attention to the fireplace.

How to Improve the Operation of Your Fireplace?

Although electric fireplaces are easy and convenient to use, they still need to be operated correctly to avoid issues. Most of the fireplaces can last an average of 20 years if you maintain them each season. Their construction and the quality of the materials also determine the lifespan of each product. Hire a technician to perform a routine inspection every six to 12 months, depending on how often you use the fireplace. The professional will examine the components and mechanisms to determine if any issues need attention. They’ll inform you of what to repair or replace to avoid potential issues. You can also lubricate some of the parts to prevent them from grinding together as everything operates.

If you have a fireplace that uses lights for the flame effects, part of the maintenance will require replacing the bulbs. If you have halogen bulbs, they can burn out after two years. LED lights tend to last longer and can last up to 11 years. This means you may only have the replace the bulbs once the entire time you use your fireplace.

Wear gloves any time you handle the bulbs, which can prevent oil on your hands from transferring to the glass materials. This often causes the bulb to have less illumination and can cause it to burn out sooner. Turn off the fireplace and let it cool off for up to 15 minutes. Take the access panel off the fireplace with a screwdriver to find the dead bulbs and replace them.

Cleaning the internal components is also necessary to maintain your fireplace. Turn off the fireplace by unplugging it and remove the access panel. Gently wipe down all the internal components with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals because they can take the finish and paint off the faux wood logs or ember beds. Use a glass cleaner to wipe down the glass panel or doors. Allow everything to dry to prevent any streaks from forming. Use a screwdriver to place the access panel back onto the unit.

Keep items a few feet away from the vents on the fireplaces to prevent any blockages with the airflow. This will allow the product to continue to operate reliably and can also prevent it from overheating. Manufacturers also suggest that you never use any extension cords when plugging the unit into an outlet.
By learning about contemporary and mid-century modern fireplaces available, you can find the right model for your home or office. There are now more options available because of how advanced electric fireplaces have become in recent years to ensure you have more accommodation.

How to Find the Best Fireplace Models to Consider

Finding the right electric fireplace to purchase is essential to ensure you can rely on it to stay warm in the coming years. There are several factors to use when conducting searches online to narrow down your options.

MagikFlame is one of the most reputable brands because of our quality materials. You can visit our website to learn how MagikFlame is built. Our surrounds and mantels are American-made and assembled in Nashville, Tennessee. The beautiful craftsmanship of each fireplace we sell allows them to look upscale and regal in home offices, dining rooms, and bedrooms. We recommend looking into how each brand manufacturers its products before investing your hard-earned money.

All our models are precision engineered with CAD software to ensure all the parts fit together seamlessly. The parts have smooth, clean cuts and have identical consistency. This allows us to stand behind the quality of each product we sell because of the advanced technology used in our manufacturing process to avoid human error. Unfortunately, many brands manufacture their products overseas, which compromises the overall quality. These fireplaces may come at a lower price point but can also suffer from frequent issues and only last a few years before they break down.

Consider the cost of each fireplace model before making your selection. Research the payment plans and financing to find something that works with your budget. You’ll want to choose a fireplace that comes with a warranty to ensure the company stands behind the products. MagikFlame fireplaces include a one-year warranty to cover any repairs or replacements if issues occur.

Look into the technology each fireplace brand offers with their products. Many companies rely on water or mist to create faux flames. This requires consistently refilling the water reservoir to keep the flames going. The flame effects also don’t look as realistic as holographic technology because they lack details like smoke or burning embers. Other brands rely on LED lights and rotating mirrors but still lack as much advanced detail as MagikFlame products. This is what caused our founder, Howard Birnbaum, to invent the technology. He couldn’t find any realistic fireplace models, so he used his background in special effects to create the screen to display the footage of a real fire. This is an important part of the MagikFlame story and is what has set us apart.

Reading reviews is an important part of the process of shopping for your new fireplace. Reviews can allow you to get more insight into the product from the customer instead of the manufacturer. Sites like Etsy and Amazon have reviews available to help you make an informed decision. They also include photos and videos of the products to get different views of the fireplace.

You can even browse each manufacturer’s website to read reviews. MagikFlame reviews are available on our website to ensure you can learn about the quality of the products. Customers are often happy to share about their experience of using our fireplace and how easy the installation process is once the product arrives.

Look into the different features each brand offers. Brands like Dimplex and Duraflame include a remote control with their models to make it easy to adjust the settings. Many brands also include different flame colors to customize the look of the faux fire. You can even have the option of adjusting the size of the flames or the brightness. Many products also come with safety features to reduce the risk of electrical issues. They shut off when you set the timer to prevent the fireplaces from being left on overnight.

The amount of heat the fireplace delivers is another factor to consider. Each fireplace varies with the BTUs it offers. MagikFlame fireplaces have a 5,200-BTU heater, but other fireplaces have fewer BTUs. Consider how many square feet you have in the room you want to install the fireplace to ensure you get enough warmth. Multiply the square feet of the room by 20 to determine the number of BTUs you need to prevent any cold spots from being present as the fireplace operates.

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