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Best RV Fireplaces For Your Next Road Trip

Best RV Fireplaces for Your Next Roadtrip

Travelers are gearing up for getaways. Considering the pandemic and COVID-19 restrictions by airlines and boats, many are turning to RV travel — for their next road trip. 

What you will learn in this post:

  • Gear for RV travel 
  • Cozy amenities and convenience in an RV
  • RV fireplace and best electric fireplace for living space
  • Where to go on your next road trip

Getting behind the wheel of an RV or motorhome is a great way to explore the country while still having all the comforts of home. RVing lets you get up close and personal with nature, and allows you to spend the night under the stars, wherever your destination may be. 

The pandemic has fueled many to take a spin in recreational vehicles such as RVs, campers, vans, and travel trailers. As a result, luxury RVs, motorhomes, and other rentals are seeing an increase in sales. 

After all, it is a nice vacation alternative for the family.

Monthly data by RV dealers in combination with Google Trends (see chart below), are showing a significant increase in interest and sales starting in May 2020. 

Source: Google Trends (5-year window)

Getting In Gear
Source: Google Trends (5-year window)

Getting In Gear

Start by looking into RV companies. RVshare and Cruise America appear to be two good options for you to get on the road. 

As you review the type of RV for your getaway, consider some of the less-than-enthusiastic, yet, important considerations when renting or buying:

  • Does the vehicle have a 5th wheel, a power supply for your power cord, and smartphone devices?
  • Does it include a water heater for showering or cooking purposes? 
  • What is the return policy and customer review star rating? 
  • Should a propane tank be included or not due to safety concerns?
  • Is there a thermostat to help set the inside temperature or do you need to add to cart external fans, space heaters?
  • Air quality and airflow, do you have all of the proper venting?
  • If you bring a furry friend, what are the rules and restrictions?
  • Do you have all of the amenities for your trip — some include luxury and coziness such as an RV electric fireplace that looks great and makes for a more relaxing vacation.

Most rental companies do not require a special driver’s license. Be sure to ask about additional insurance and roadside assistance plans and any RV training session before hitting the road.

Cozy amenities and convenience in an RV

Cozy amenities and convenience in a RV
Reimagine an RV as a cozy guest suite.

There are a few ways to think about amenities and convenience in an RV. Is it vacation-ready and does it include luxury and extended amenities (typically more expensive, but truly worth it)? While you are not obligated to include anything in your vehicle, it still assists the experience depending upon your destination, activity, and climate. 

Vacation-ready vehicles could include: Pillows, sheets, towels, glassware (cups), dinnerware (plates), cookware (select pots and pans), silverware (forks, knives) bathroom necessities (toilet paper), and possibly outdoor furniture (chairs, folding table).

The luxury RV travel experience is the pinnacle of an over-the-road ride that makes you feel like royalty and arrive like a star. These typically include sound systems, multiple televisions, advanced technology, RV electric fireplace, and a pretty spacious bedroom. Sometimes these cozy amenities include the convenience of an in-unit washer and dryer, outdoor entertainment center, and built-in vacuum. These RVs even have a rooftop air conditioner (A/C unit) along with soundproof padding to reduce any external noise. 

Regardless of your “vacation-ready” RV or a luxury RV for your next road trip, one upgrade for luxury that fits both environments is an electric fireplace insert or firebox. 

RV Fireplace is best for Small Spaces or Living Room

RV Fireplace and Best Electric Fireplace for Small Living Room
Use an indoor electric fireplace when the weather is too rainy to be outside.

If you are a road warrior or outdoor enthusiast, sometimes a bonfire or campfire is a relaxing experience in the evening. Translating that idea into a home on wheels, you might want to consider various options for the long haul. Especially since RVs can have beds, TVs, stoves, showers, refrigerators, and tables, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that RV travel would include an electric real fireplace for ambiance.

As a road-tripper, take your time and do research, especially since prices and quality can range from electric fireplaces. After all, an electric fireplace flame effect, an electric heater with BTU heat output, and sound add to the ambiance

Electric fireplaces are the way to go for adding a small piece of luxury and style to your RV or home. Start researching the manufacturers of electric fireplaces. Whether you are thinking about RV travel or when you get home, MagikFlame, Dimplex, and Classicflame all have units to consider. We are trying to avoid any consideration for a combustible or gas fireplace in this wish list.

When you are selecting an electric fireplace insert for the RV, consider various features:

  • Does the unit have real flames or is it using cheap mechanical parts and lights for realism?
  • What is the heat output? 
  • Does it require a remote control or can a smartphone app work? 
  • Can the firebox be a wall mount or in the fireplace?
  • Would an isolated electric fireplace stove be a better fit? Or, would overheating be a concern?
  • Is the unit big and sturdy?
  • Is the glass safe to touch (due to temperature)
  • What are the safety risks?

Buy something that you know is going to work for you and your family. Think about the excursion and long-haul together along with activities in the RV along the way. The fireplace pulls together the family atmosphere and allows for a calming and relaxing effect. 

Should you decide to bypass an RV fireplace for the getaway, then consider a freestanding electric fireplace for your home when you return. Consider reading the MagikFlame best electric fireplace buying guide for more specifics. 

Electric fireplaces make a great addition to the living room, family room, or any living space. The size of the fireplace will often be dictated by the size of the room. Mantels can be paired with televisions to complete the home decor focal point.

MagikFlame has 30 realistic flames
MagikFlame is ideal for small spaces.

MagikFlame has 30 realistic flames with a 5,200 BTU built-in heater and crackling log sounds. It could be considered the most realistic electric fireplace on the market because of the holographic electric flame technology, which visualizes the flame effect without mechanical parts or the mess and hassle of cheaper electric fireplace units. 

Although we don’t recommend MagikFlame for RV travel, it is an excellent consideration for your new home, remodel, and family atmosphere as it’s a leader in the market. For newbies, try the RV electric fireplace as your on-the-go “serenity now” and then upgrade for a long-term home option with MagikFlame.

Where To Go on Your Next Roadtrip

As the RV travel boom is taking off, campgrounds are available, albeit with some possible restrictions. Some of our favorite campsites include Yosemite National Park, Sequoia, and Yellowstone. 

Making reservations in advance is going to be important. The national park service ( has made it easy for those reservations. 

Reservations are required year-round in blocks of one month at a time, up to five months in advance. They recommend that peak reservations are May – September and filled the first day they become available. 

Other top things to know for your planning include:

  • Be patient and flexible
  • Cell service and bandwidth are limited
  • Plan ahead for lodges
  • Drive responsibly 
  • Be mindful of traditional fire pits, ashes, and embers as they could ignite a fire hazard
  • Practice safe selfies

If you think you are ready to take a vacation and spend quality time reconnecting with your family, all while having the freedom to travel at your own pace, then rent or own an RV and hit the road. No matter where you go, be adaptable when plans change and mishaps happen. Road life will always throw a curveball.

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