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Do Electric Fireplaces Come in White?

White Electric Fireplaces

Finding the right electric fireplace for your home can be difficult. There are many different types that you can choose depending on your specific needs and the layout of your home. Even if you can choose the right type, there are many styles, colors, brands, and models. Because of this, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to pick out the right fireplace. If you are going for a cleaner, more modern look, you might want a beautiful white fireplace or a distressed white fireplace. Having a white fireplace and fireplace mantel is great, not only for the clean look but also because it is timeless and won’t go out of style in the next few years or decades. A white electric fireplace allows the shapes and details of the mantel to be the main focal point.

If you have questions about if you can even get a white fireplace, whether an electrical fireplace is right for you, what type to get, or what brand to get, this article is going to help answer all of these questions and more.

Electric Fireplaces Come in White:

  • Is It Even Worth It To Get An Electric Fireplace Instead of a Wood Fireplace or a Gas Fireplace? – If you are somebody that isn’t even quite sure that you want to get an electric fireplace in the first place and you are toying with the idea of using a wood fireplace or having a gas fireplace installed, this section is important for you to read. Here, we will talk about all of the problems with traditional fireplaces and all of the benefits electric fireplaces have over them.
  • What Different Electric Fireplace Categories and Types Are Commonly Installed Into Homes? – When choosing an electric fireplace for your home, it is important to get one that fits your layout and the situation that you need it for. In this section, we will help you by explaining the common types of electric fireplaces and why you might choose to use each different type.
  • Can You Get an Electric White Fireplace? – Here we will talk about white fireplaces for your home and what home decor styles that they go with.
  • What Other Electric Fireplace Styles and Looks Are There? – There are some other types of fireplace you can get other than white. Here are a few more.
  • What Are Some Decent Brands of Electric Fireplaces and What Brands Should Be Avoided Completely? – There are many brands of fireplaces out there like Southern Enterprises, Dimplex, and more. Before jumping in and purchasing from one of these brands like Southern Enterprises or even going with a generic brand, be sure to read this section carefully.
  • Which Electric Fireplace Brands Has The Most Realistic Fireplace Ambiance? – For people that truly want the perfect traditional fireplace atmosphere with an electrical fireplace, there is only one brand that can provide that properly. This section will talk about these great fireplaces.

Is It Even Worth It To Get An Electric Fireplace Instead of a Wood Fireplace or a Gas Fireplace?

If you are someone who is thinking that you might want an electrical fireplace but you aren’t quite sure, this section needs to be read thoroughly. There are tons of issues with wood and gas fireplaces that make them terrible for your home. There are tons of benefits of electric fireplaces that make them great for your home. Let’s look at wood fireplaces first:

  • Open Hearth – This is a standard wood fireplace with an open hearth. A fire is built in the main opening, smoke is released through the chimney. These are the most typical fireplace.
  • Enclosed Fireplace – These are fireplaces with a built-in enclosure to keep the flames from being exposed to the room. These are slightly more heat efficient that a fireplace with an open hearth.
  • Fireplace Insert – If you want to turn an open hearth into an enclosed fireplace, you would use one of these inserts that go directly into the open hearth firebox.
  • Wood Stove – This is a classic cabin-in-the-woods style fireplace stove. You burn wood in them, they radiate heat to keep a room warm and you can do basic cooking in them. They tend to look weird if you put them in any modern home and should only be put into cabins or hunting lodges.
  • Fire Pit – These pits are essentially outdoor wood fireplaces. Instead of just a hole in the ground, these are usually part of a slightly raised table for people to gather around.

Wood fireplaces have a number of issues

  • Fire Hazard – Both the exposed flame and the soot that builds up in the chimney are extreme fire hazards for your home. Unless you have a professional clean the soot out of the chimney a few times per year, your chimney can easily catch fire, then spread to the rest of the home.
  • Breathing Hazard – Burning wood produces both smoke and carbon monoxide. Both can be deadly when inhaled in a significant amount. Despite chimney ventilation, these can still fill your home when using a traditional fireplace.
  • Smoke Smell and Stains – Smoke will yellow any white or light-colored walls in your home over time. Additionally, the smoky smell lingers in your home and can get deep into your furniture and curtains.
  • Big Hassle – Using any kind of wood fireplace is a lot of work, almost to the point that it starts to become a part-time job whenever you are home. You have to shovel ash out daily, build fires, watch the fire, add logs, and much more.
  • Lacks Heat Efficiency – While burning wood produces a good amount of heat, a huge amount of that heat is lost through the chimney with the smoke. This means you have to burn a lot more wood just to sufficiently warm a house. You need a lot of wood to be stored at your home or else you will need to have frequent deliveries of all the wood you will burn during the winter months.
  • Will Destroy Your TV – The smoke and heat that rises out of a traditional wood fireplace will destroy your TV if it is mounted above it. The smoke destroys the internal electronics and the repairs for something like this aren’t usually covered by warranties.

Of course, gas fireplaces don’t suffer from quite as many problems as traditional wood ones, but they still have their issues. Here are the main two types of gas fireplaces:

  • Direct Vented – This is one that needs ventilation.
  • Vent Free – This is one that uses a different gas that doesn’t need ventilation.

Despite burning cleaner and being slightly safer, there are still problems:

  • Still a Potential Fire Hazard – An exposed flame means it can still cause a fire.
  • Carbon Monoxide – They don’t produce smoke but they still produce carbon monoxide.
  • Flame Weakness – The flames are usually very weak and are akin to a Bunsen burner.
  • Weird Flame Colors – The flames have a strange color. This is especially true for the vent-free gas fireplaces that have a really weird blue flame.
  • Difficult Installation – You have to have gas lines installed with gas fireplaces and ventilation for some models.

In contrast to the problems that wood and gas fireplaces have, electrical fireplaces have a ton of benefits:

  • No Fire Hazard – Since nothing is burning, there is no additional risk of your house burning down.
  • No Breathing Hazard – They don’t produce any kind of smoke or carbon monoxide.
  • Easy Operation – Installation of electrical fireplaces is usually not much more than picking a place in your home, setting it on the floor, and plugging the fireplace into a standard outlet.
  • Very Efficient – Since there is no venting needed, electrical fireplaces are very efficient with their heat that stays in the room instead of leaving the house. This is especially true for infrared fireplace heaters that use minimal electricity.
  • TV Safe – You can mount your TV right above the mantel of an electrical fireplace without any risk of damaging it. There is no smoke and any heat from the fireplace blows out into the room instead of rising directly upward.
  • Remote Control – Most electric fireplaces come with a remote or smartphone app so you can control them from your seat.
  • Easy Installation – The installation of an electric fireplace is very easy. Once you find the best spot for your fireplace, you set it down and then plug it into any nearby standard 120-volt electrical outlet. You aren’t limited to just the living room with an electrical fireplace. Because they only need an available outlet and don’t have any ventilation requirements, you can put electric fireplaces in the living room, dining room, family room, bedroom, or anywhere else that you want.
  • Realistic Atmosphere – With high-end holographic flame fireplaces, you can get a perfectly realistic fireplace atmosphere.

What Different Electric Fireplace Categories and Types Are Commonly Installed Into Homes?

  • Electric Fireplace With Mantel For Flat Wall – This mantel package comes with the electric fireplace and mantel separated, and you combine it upon installation. The reason that it is usually separated is that many manufacturers offer multiple models with different mantels but with the same fireplace inside. This allows you to have more choices of mantels from a single company.
  • Corner Electric Fireplace Mantel – This is a fireplace type that is very similar to the flat wall mantel type, except it is designed for use in the corner of one of the rooms of your house.
  • Electric Fireplace TV Stand – This is an entertainment center that has an electric fireplace built into the body of it. These will have extra features like shelves that resemble bookcases for you to store your devices and media.
  • Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand – This is another media console with an electrical fireplace inside of it except it is built for the corner of a room. What is different from this unit than a standard corner unit is that while a standard unit can still be used to put a TV up on it, this has that extra space for bookshelves and cubbies.
  • Wall-Mount Electric FireplaceWall-mounted electric fireplaces allow you to hang them on the wall using special mounting brackets that secure the wood studs that can handle the weight of the fireplace. You can also install these into a recessed wall to leave even more accessibility around that space.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert – For a convertible electric fireplace, you install these electric units into an existing wood fireplace’s firebox. This converts it into a fireplace that is completely electric rather than one that needs to burn wood for fuel.
  • Freestanding Fireplace – While many electric fireplaces are technically freestanding, this is more referring to the portable space heating devices that are made to look like a fireplace. Unfortunately, these tend to be cheap, tacky, and not work well. You should avoid these and go with one of the standard models above.
  • Electric Stove – This is an electric fireplace that is trying to mimic the look of a traditional wood-burning stove that you commonly see in things like cabins.

Can You Get an Electric White Fireplace?

Yes, electrical fireplaces come in many colors, including white. However, keep in mind that not all brands have white fireplaces. Out of the ones that do, not all brands are created equal. If you want a fireplace that is white, you should instead focus on getting the best brand that you possibly can and seeing if they have any white models of fireplaces that will look great in your home.

What Other Electric Fireplace Styles and Looks Are There?

There are many other looks of electrical fireplaces. You can go with something that is darker like a dark walnut or even an espresso color. You can get something with a faux stone look to imitate an old rustic style of a fireplace. Or you can even get fireplaces with simple, stainless steel housing.

If you are going to go with something that has a wood look, make sure to get something that is solid wood. You typically want to avoid any kind of engineered wood like MDF, and especially particle board. These types of materials are cheap, chip easily, and fall apart after just a couple of years of use. On top of this, they usually use laminate on them. This laminate always gets chips on the corners and the corners start to curl and peel over time as the glue begins to wear off. If you stick to real, sturdy wood like oak, you will have a fireplace that will last for years and look great the entire time.

What Are Some Decent Brands of Electric Fireplaces and What Brands Should Be Avoided Completely?

There are many things to consider when selecting brands. Keep in mind that some brands specialize in certain types of electric fireplace design and certain types of flame effects it can produce. First, you need to think about what type of these things you want? Do you want a driftroom-style fireplace? Do you want a fireplace with color-changing LED flames? While multi-color flames may sound interesting, the novelty quickly wears off and they don’t always produce a very good-looking real flame. Do you want a fireplace that has a log set inside that looks like real wood?

Of course, you should completely avoid generic brands altogether. They don’t heat homes well, cost a lot on a heating bill, and they tend to look very tacky when placed in your home. They also don’t last very long and you can be buying a new one after just a couple of years. Instead, stick to trusted brand names.

There are several decent brand names of electric fireplaces you can go with. There is Dimplex, Touchstone, Southern Enterprises, Callaway, Ameriwood, and a few others. However, if you want to go with a realistic, high-end fireplace that can make holographic visual 3D flames that truly look like the real thing, you need to go with MagikFlame.

Which Electric Fireplace Brands Has The Most Realistic Fireplace Ambiance?

MagikFlame fireplaces easily provide the best atmosphere that truly feels like a real fireplace. Most people in your home won’t even realize it is an electric fireplace in the first place. Here are the reasons that people love these fireplaces so much:

  • 3D Holographic Realistic Flames – You can switch between 30 realistic flickering flames with a MagikFlame fireplace. 3D holographic flames are projected inside of the fireplace, and it is almost impossible to tell that it isn’t real.
  • Crackling Log Sounds – To add to the already incredible visuals of a MagikFlame fireplace, you get to heat the relaxing audio of crackling logs, further immersing you in the fireplace experience. There are also options you can select if you want to play additional relaxing nature sounds.
  • 5,200 BTU Heater – The powerful infrared quartz electric fireplace heater inside of a MagikFlame fireplace will allow you to easily heat a home of up to 1,000 sq. ft. If you have a larger home than this, you can easily get a second MagikFlame fireplace and set your home up for supplemental heat or zone heating. By only using the fireplace in areas that are occupied while keeping walls closed between the rest, you can save even more on your already low heating bill.
  • Smartphone App – With the smartphone app in place of a boring remote, you can set the thermostat to your ideal settings and let MagikFlame do the rest. You can also switch between the different fire and audio effects. The app is very easy to use and has large buttons with easily identifiable graphics on them.

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