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Cottagecore Essentials: White Electric Fireplace with Mantel

White Electric Fireplace with Mantel

A new trend, cottage-core, is taking the masses in waves. While it is an ancient trend, many newbies did not hear about it until it started getting a lot of attention on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. If you have not yet heard about cottage-core, you may have come across phrases such as farm core or country core. Either of these words refers to a way of life preferred by many people.

So, what is cottage core, and how is it different? It is like Nordic, Hygge, and Japandi cultures. The baseline is that all the above embrace coziness, comfort, and a slowdown to everyday life. Cottage core is a movement that romanticizes cottage living, with the main characteristics being simplicity and aspects of rural living.

Additionally, it is a means of connecting to nature, and achieving self-sufficiency and sustainability. The more comprehensive essence of cottage-core is achieving a secure, warm, and, most of all, loving home. Fads of this movement hope to bring nostalgia and quirks that help reminisce the rural way of life in an old cottage.

Why is it gaining popularity lately, and what does the cottage-core concept entail?

2020 is the year you will forever remember for minimal outdoor activities and a lot of time within your homes. In a bid to kill the boredom, everyone engaged in traditions and basics that they had long forgotten. During the last year, a significant resurgence in crafts and activities such as baking, gardening, painting, pottery, etc., became odd of the day. Essentially as everyone went back to the old days, they revived cottage core. However, not everyone has the luxury of big fields and woodlands to enjoy cottage core. It also does not mean you exclude the culture’s ambiance.

Some of the ways of incorporating cottage-core in your home and lifestyle include, but are not limited to:

  1. Colors – A touch of earthy, neutral, and muted colors is critical to bringing out the cottage-core trend.
  2. Materials – When it comes to the materials you use to achieve the cottage-core design trend, natural, handcrafted, and vintage is the way to go. For the floral aspect of this trend, wallpapers and paintings are often overused. Resorting to fresh or dried flowers in vases brings out the cottage-core design more naturally. Handcrafting is not a mere aspect of cottage-core but a core lifestyle. As pointed out earlier, the trend focuses on distracting you from your virtual life where you use your computer. Instead, you direct your focus on crafts such as floristry, pottery, baking, sewing, etc. If your skill in handcrafting is not yet perfect, outsource items from talented friends or local stores. Vintage themes to draw nostalgic memories are also a crucial part of the cottage-core concept. The best items include second-hand pieces, especially those passed down by family members, as they trickle down sentimental values and special memories.
  3. Coziness and comfort –The most important theme of the cottage-core trend is cozy and utmost comfort. As you spent most of your time indoors, all you were interested in is a comfortable living. On this aspect, the intertwinement of the cottage core and the Hygge philosophy defines coziness and comfort. To achieve this, embrace reading books, inviting furniture, and utmost warmth.
  4. A hint of luxury – Cottagecore fanatics love to embrace luxury as part of their living spaces and overall lifestyle. The use of organics such as cotton, wool, linen, etc., materials for your pillows, rugs, table settings, and bed lines is a perfect way of achieving luxury.
  5. Classic shapes

What is the best way to keep warm while adhering to the cottage-core trend in 2023?

As the winter season approaches, everyone is looking for a perfect way to heat them indoors. White modern electric fireplaces with mantels are drastically replacing the old methods of warming living spaces. Since everyone is engrossed in the cottage core trend, you are probably searching around for a means of keeping warm that marries with your newly adored movement.

In this blog post, you will learn:

  1. Can and how to design an electric fireplace per the cottage-core aesthetics?
  2. What is an electric fireplace?
  3. How does an electric fireplace differ from a conventional fireplace?
  4. How does an electric fireplace work?
  5. Why does an electric fireplace not require a chimney?
  6. Is the flame produced by an electric fireplace real?
  7. What are the different types of technologies incorporated in an electric fireplace?
  8. What are the different types of fireplaces?
  9. Do electric fireplaces produce heat?
  10. How much space does a typical electric fireplace heat?
  11. What are the efficiency aspects of an electric fireplace?
  12. What are the safety aspects of an electric fireplace?
  13. What forms of electric fireplaces are available in the market?
  14. Why is the classic electric fireplace mantel of MagikFlame most suitable for achieving cottage core trends?
  15. How to choose a suitable mantel for your electric fireplace
  16. What are the trending fireplaces in 2023 that marry with the cottage core design?
  17. How to choose an electric fireplace depending on the size of your living space
  18. What factors determine the choice of the electric fireplace to choose for your living space?
  19. How you can utilize your electric fireplace to save on space

Can you design an electric fireplace that meets the cottagecore aesthetics? What is the most suitable approach?

Cottagecore fads are always wondering whether they can acquire an electric fireplace for their home while adhering to their dear love of the concept. The answer is yes. Additionally, through interior design concepts, you can carry on with your newly found concept in one space. An entertainment center with an electric fireplace a TV stand and bookcases is a suitable idea. An expresso electric fireplace TV stand and white electric fireplace with mantel are a perfect choice. The most suitable approach that combines essential aspects of an electric fireplace with a few ideas of cottagecore is the white electric fireplace with a mantle. If you are in the process of building a new home or looking to remodel your old house, you realize that cottagecore offers a viable solution to your aesthetic needs at the stage of interior design. While several companies offer mantels at different prices, some brands stand out in achieving that cottagecore look you desire. A MagikFlame Athena white mantel is ideal for attaining cottagecore as it comprises an alpine white color that offers a perfect rustic home. Other than the MagikFlame brand, Dimplex, Sienna white mantels are a suitable brand for creating cottagecore aesthetics.

What is an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace is an electrical appliance with a close resemblance to a solid fuel fire but one that offers exceptional convenience as it is easy to install and does not require additional venting. You only need to plug in the appliance into an electrical outlet and slide it into a mantel design of choice. An electric fireplace operates by accumulating all the cool air into a coil that heats it before gently forcing warm air to circulate in the room. In addition to a coil, an electric fireplace has a small fan located either on the interior or exterior side of the unit. It is responsible for aiding in the increasing heat penetration and circulation of warm air in the room. An electric fireplace is the most preferred option for a new home, remodel, and generally all residential living spaces interested in achieving a luxurious, cozy, and comfortable feel. Additionally, commercial places, especially restaurants serving espresso, hotel lobbies, and hospitality environments, are adding an incentive for their clients by introducing electric fireplaces.

How does an electric fireplace differ from conventional fireplaces?

  1. Electric fireplaces offer a safe and cost-effective alternative to heat your living space.
  2. The flame produced by most electric fireplaces is not an actual flame but a realistic flame experience by using either one or a combination of technologies to deliver an ultra-realistic 3D flame effect that resembles a true flame.
  3. Unlike traditional fireplaces, an electric fireplace does not require a chimney or venting since it does not produce an actual fire or smoke.
  4. The maintenance costs attached to an electric fireplace are minimal compared to the conventional type. If you are using a conventional fireplace, you need to spend regularly on the annual costs of sweeping and maintaining your chimney. An electric fireplace eliminates these costs hence increasing your savings.
  5. The hassle of using conventional fireplaces is replaced with top-notch convenience and unrivaled luxury of flame realism when using an electric fireplace that you cannot achieve with its counterparts.
  6. When using an electric fireplace, you will have excused yourself from the costly aspects of using conventional forms of heating your living space as you are not obliged to law requirements of obtaining permits and inspections. Also, you do not need to pay for gas or haul around looking for wood to warm your space regarding costs.

How does an electric fireplace work?

There are different types of electric fireplaces; however, the concept of how these appliances function is ideally similar. They comprise three major components responsible for producing heat. They include a heating element, a coil, a blower, and a rotisserie-style or LED screen. You plug in the fireplace into an electric source that powers the heating element. The blower collects all the cold air in the room, and after the heating element heat, it blows it back as warm air. The LED screen displays a flame realism while other electric fireplaces embrace the rotisserie style to produce a light effect that resembles an actual flame.

Why an electric fireplace does not require a chimney

An electric fireplace eliminates the need for a chimney or venting since it does not produce a real fire or smoke. A chimney is a collecting point for smoke and all particles burnt at the fireplace. The eliminated need for a chimney is to the advantage of n white electric fireplace with mantel user since they add up to the costs of achieving a warm space. A chimney must be cleaned and maintained regularly, usually annually, to remove the accumulated particles. Hence, a chimney introduces labor and maintenance costs to your budget, which you save if you use an electric fireplace.

Is the flame produced by an electric fireplace real?

No. While the different electric fireplaces use various technologies to heat a room, the flame produced is not an actual flame but an ultra-realistic 3D effect that resembles a real flame. A mechanical electric fireplace embraces a combination of a rotating shaft with mirrors and an electric motor. The mirrors produce a reflection of LED lights that simulate a real flame behind the log set. The flame for steam and water-based electric fireplaces has a more realistic flame effect. The latest technology embraced in producing a flame effect further blurs the line that differentiates realism and simulated flame. The holographic electric fireplace uses the newest technology by MagikFlame to simulate a flame that you can hardly differentiate from the real one. Cottagecore fads that love the aesthetic nature of bold colors prefer the mechanical electric fireplace as it uses LED to produce many flame colors, an aspect that is absent with other technologies.

What are the different types of technologies incorporated in an electric fireplace?


Some fireplaces are incorporated with a rotating cylinder with LED lights to simulate a flame.

Steam or Mist-based

In this technology, heated water vaporizes as billions of water droplets. The steam produced is tinted orange to create a simulation of an actual flame.


Electric fireplaces that use gel produce a real flame. The difference is that instead of burning gas or wood, a combustible fuel, the gel is usually electrically burnt to produce heat.


A holographic electric fireplace is the most recent technology embraced in the market. It uses a video of actual flames projected on a log display simulating a real flame.

What are the different types of fireplaces?

Mechanical electric fireplace

The mechanical electric fireplace is the most common type and accounts for three-quarters of lower-end types. Characteristics of a mechanical electric fireplace include low prices, defective components, and are simple to manufacture. The electric motor found in a mechanical electric fireplace spins the rotating cylinder incorporated with mirrors to reflect the LED flame. The reflection appears as a natural flame on the translucent panel behind the log set. The flame produced by a mechanical electric fireplace has various flame colors such as red, orange, and yellow since it is due to illumination by LED technology. Investing in a mechanical electric fireplace with a lasting motor saves you money for buying a new fireplace, as replacing the motors when they wear out is almost impossible.

Water-based electric fireplace

The water-based fireplace design is patented by the few manufacturers in the market hence a rare commodity to find. A water-based electric fireplace comprises an ultrasonic fogger and halogen lights. The ultrasonic fogger is responsible for the creation of steam containing billions of water droplets. The water-based fireplace does not produce an LED flame but rather an illusion of real fire through tinting by halogen lights when the water droplets rise in the air.

Holographic electric fireplace

The holographic type is the latest technology being embraced in the market currently. Users of this type enjoy a top-notch experience brought forth by the appealing sound and visuals and since the flame produced has minimal difference from a real flame. Unlike other technologies, holographic technology produces the flame and its accompanying aesthetics using a video of a real fire projected onto a physical log display. The trick is that the set of log displays on the cavity of your MagikFlame 28” insert has LED lights that create the look of smoldering embers through realistic flickers and pulsates. The quality of flame production is the central aspect that attracts enthusiasts of this type of technology. The flame produced by this type of fireplace includes organic movements, smoke simulation, the sound of an actual fire, and colorful flames that all combined offer a practical experience.

Do electric fireplaces produce heat?

Yes. The technology embraced by electric fireplaces to produce heat works on an on-demand basis where you can use it during cold seasons to heat your space or reap the aesthetic benefits. The standard measure of heat output generated by an electric fireplace is the BTU. The higher the number of BTU heaters in the technology, the greater the space in sq. ft your heater can warm. Contemporary electric fireplaces control the heat output through various new means. While basic types adjust the heat using a low, medium, or high setting provided, advanced types of fireplaces have a variable thermostat that controls the heat output and flame brightness either by dialing your smartphone, using a remote control, or the touch screens provided. Since your interest lies in achieving a luxurious feel, acquiring a model that is compatible with a smartphone app brings out a cozy touch that a remote control cannot achieve easily.

What are the efficiency aspects of an electric fireplace?

Before walking into a supermarket or a shop to purchase your white electric fireplace with a mantel, it is always advisable to research the various models available. The analysis helps in unveiling the most suitable model depending on the size of your house. In your analysis, look at the type of programmable thermostat, how to use it, the realism of the flame, whether you can use it for additional bookshelves or mount your TV, the technology used to produce flame, etc.

An adjustable thermostat to control the flame brightness and heat settings earns you a unique level of efficiency when using an electric fireplace. The adjustable aspect offers a multi-level efficiency in energy savings through zone heating, and accommodation depending on the amount of heat required, which depends on the climate, height of your ceiling, insulation, and age of your windows. MagikFlame, Sienna, Dimplex

Additionally, the energy efficiency of electric fireplaces is unmatched. Compared to solid fuels, gas, and wood, and used in fireplaces, an electric fireplace is efficient in terms of power. All the fuels mentioned above produce heat by forcing a large amount of hot air into the whole house or a whole-house heating system. electric fireplaces, on the other hand, do not force warm air in the entire house. Heating a section of the house instead of a whole system is a great way of accumulating massive annual savings.

Another most significant efficiency aspect attached to electric fireplaces is that they operate without chimneys, and some are freestanding electric fireplace. A fireplace fitted with a chimney loses more than eighty percent of the entire heat produced. Unlike a conventional fireplace, an electric fireplace forces all the hot air produced where needed without resulting in zero loss of heat.

What are the safety aspects of an electric fireplace?

Even if you choose a white fireplace with a mantel, it does not mean it is not an electric fireplace. Like all electric appliances, it is not excluded from the extremely high safety concerns of all electrical appliances. In addition to the convenient warmth and heat electrical appliances produce, they offer an extremely secure house heating system. Various aspects make an electric fireplace safer than conventional fireplaces. If you adhere to the model’s guidelines on its use, instructions on maintenance, and installation procedures, you are assured of maximum safety when operating this heating system.

  1. The first aspect is whether it is safe health-wise. When using wood, the air moves upwards, causing dust and any other allergic particles to blast. Accumulating these allergen particles creates a very uncomfortable living space, especially if you are allergic or have sinuses. With electric fireplaces, this cleanliness and air quality issue is not present since the system is automatic. The dangers of gas leaks and the emission of hazardous fumes are always safety precaution issues raised by many. When using an electric fireplace, there is a sufficient oxygen supply
  2. An electric fireplace eliminates the safety concerns of a fireplace around children and pets. The appliance does not produce a real fire that is likely to cause danger to pets and children. Additionally, the mantel covering the electric firebox is a non-conductor of heat; hence, it cannot burn your pets and children when they touch it.

Which is absent when you rely on conventional fireplaces that use gas, wood, and other solid fuel. The fuels mentioned above cause problems such as the building up of creosote, gas fumes, smoke, and leaking gas.

  • It is easy to rectify issues by using an electric fireplace. If you are faced with a technical hitch when using this electrical heating system, you only need to unplug it. If the problem is extreme, you must get your system inspected by an expert.

What forms of electric fireplaces are available in the market?

Since you are interested in the cottagecore concept for your home decor, understanding the various forms of electric fireplaces is helpful in decision-making. Whether you are interested in expresso or a white electric fireplace ambiance, the various parameters before deciding. Some of the trending forms of electric fireplaces include:

  1. A wall-mount electric fireplace
  2. Built-in fireplace and firebox
  3. electric fireplace insert also referred to as a firebox
  4. Electric log sets with firebox
  5. Free-standing fireplace stoves
  6. Corner electric fireplace
  7. Electric fireplaces with mantel. It is further divided into:
  8. Media fireplace mantels are commonly referred to as media consoles or entertainment center
  9. Mantel package

One of the basic concepts of the cottagecore trend in the southern enterprises is classic. Not only does a white finish offer a touch of classiness, but using a white mantel surrounding tor for the electric fireplace inserts in your living room or family room also invents a focal point of the room. The approach used is using an electric firebox on a wall-mount electric fireplace and surrounding it with a wood or faux stone commonly referred to as a mantel. Mantels are ready to use and do not require the skills of a professional to install. In approximately thirty minutes and using only a screwdriver, you can enjoy your white electric fireplace with mantel. To achieve a match with your living space, use a whitewash to paint your wooden or faux stone mantel. Other aspects that make the MagikFlame a suitable choice of the mantel in southern enterprises include:

  • 30 ultra-realistic multi-color vivid flames to choose from
  • They have built-in 5,200 BTU heaters
  • They can produce crackling log sounds

What is the most suitable white mantel for your electric fireplace?

The most suitable mantel package to choose from depends on the quality of wood and materials used also on your fireplace insert. They both define your fireplace as a perfect focal point for your living room or family room. To achieve a furniture-grade mantel package for your premium electric fireplace, ensure that you select wood of high quality.

Cottagecore fads that are interested in a hand-carved appearance and mantel package should choose the MDF core. However, the MDF selected for this choice needs embellishments of natural wood grain veneer and hardwood crown molding.

What are the trending MagikFlame fireplaces in 2023 that marry with the cottagecore design?

  1. Athena fireplace
  2. Neo fireplace
  3. Smith fireplace insert
  4. Artemis fireplace
  5. Trinity fireplace
  6. Morpheus fireplace

What factors determine the choice of the electric fireplace and mantel package to choose for your living space?

  1. The type of Vivdflame technology you are interested in

The mechanical type does not offer the realistic flame you may be interested in but is a cheap option. The height of authenticity provided by the holographic compared to using water or gel-based electric fireplace offers a perfect choice of luxury.

  1. Overall budget

Aesthetics, mode of control, and heating offered by your flame of choice determine your budget for your white electric fireplace with mantel.

  1. The amount of heat required for your wall-mounted electric fireplace

The appliance uses an electric fireplace heater to heat the air in the room. Depending on the size of the space you want to heat in square feet, you have two heater options: infrared quartz or a coil-based system heater. Small spaces of 500-400 sq. ft use the coil-based system heater. While infrared quartz is an expensive option for an electric fireplace heater but an appropriate choice for supplemental heat for rooms as large as 1,000 sq. ft.

  1. Style of fireplace that you most prefer
  2. The warranty

How to utilize your white electric fireplace with mantel to save on space:

  1. Install a TV above the electric fireplace mantel in your living space

Provided your heater does not blow heat upwards but through the front, mounting your TV above the fireplace is safe and offers an aesthetic appeal.

  1. Creating bookshelves or designs of freestanding bookcases above or on the sides of the mantel.
  2. Corner electric fireplaces save significantly on space as they are small and occupy a limited space of your living space and are sometimes freestanding.

Whether you are a new home builder, want a freestanding electric fireplace or you are interested in home improvement, adding a touch of home decor in your living room needs lengthy consultations with an architect and an interior designer lest you not achieve the aesthetic nature you are looking for. Visit our website to view the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide to learn more about our electrifying warranty and more electric fireplace functionality.

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