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Will a Free Standing Electric Fireplace Fit In a Small Footprint?

Free Standing Electric Fireplace

When you live in a home where space is challenging, you need a heating solution to fit into the available space. A small-freestanding electric fireplace easily fits tiny spaces in your constrained apartment and produces enough BTU to keep you warm. For this reason, it is preferred for many tiny homes for the way it fits into available spaces.

If your apartment does not have ample fireplace space, you can always opt for a small-freestanding electric fireplace. The fireplace will serve the purpose of keeping your home warm without taking up a lot of space that is limited in your home.

With a small freestanding electric fireplace in the bedroom, you only need to have an electrical outlet nearby. As long as there is a reliable energy source, your fireplace will produce a steady supply of warm air to the entire room. Additionally, a small home does not have as many heating requirements as large rooms.

The small free-standing electric fireplace will be able to serve the needs of your small home effectively. Additionally, you will not have to sacrifice a lot of space to fit the fireplace. With this in mind, you must know what features make up the small free-standing electric fireplace and what features to look for.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Freestanding Electric Fireplaces
  • Space Constraints for Small Homes
  • How a Free-standing Electric Fireplace Fits in a Small Footprint
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplace
small freestanding fireplace
MagikFlame is the best choice for luxury and gorgeous interior design.

Small Freestanding Electric Fireplace

A Freestanding electric fireplace is a uniquely decorated portable space heater that supplements other heat sources in a home. They are designed to resemble traditionally styled fireplaces and are designed to look very much like wood-burning fireplaces. However, this does not mean that they have the exact disadvantages and drawbacks of the traditional fireplace. For instance, they do not produce ash or burn any wood. As such, there is not much maintenance that is required for them.

A freestanding electric fireplace does not have the same safety concerns as its traditional counterparts. You do not have to worry about hot surfaces or the inability to move the fireplace around. With a freestanding fireplace, you can move it anywhere there is a 110-volt outlet, and most of the units have an accompanying remote control for efficient temperature adjustments.

Unique Features of a Free-Standing Electric Fireplace:

Unique Features of a Free Standing Electric Fireplace
MagikFlame is the perfect complement to any room in your home.
  • Realistic flame effects: these are the effects designed to complement the fireplace’s exterior. Usually, the typical electric fireplace features LED lights known to create random light patterns inside the fireplace log. They also have an extended lifespan and create a realistic LED flame in addition to the smoldering effect. The 3D flame effect resembles a real flame and keeps your freestanding fireplace operating with a real flame’s visual effects. Without them, it would be tough to know where the heat was originating from.
  • Heating Technologies: Most freestanding electric fireplaces use two main heating technologies: infrared and fan-forced. The fan-forced method blows out the hot air through a fan and can heat an area of up to 400 sq. ft. On the other hand, infrared technology enables the heat objects to be heated directly and at larger square feet. It creates an evenly heated space and can heat up to 1,000 square feet.
  • Cost of operation: Freestanding electric fireplaces are budget-friendly and not very costly to operate. They are more affordable than their bigger counterparts, and whenever you have one for your home, you will not incur high energy bills and cover greater square feet. The savings are important for small homes as there are other costs to be taken care of. With an energy-efficient and cheap-to-operate fireplace, you can save huge on your monthly bills.
  • Portability: You can easily move the freestanding fireplace from one room to another. Many customers use maneuverability for zone heating. With zone heating, the overall temperature is kept at a low setting which only heats the rooms that you heat most. It also allows for energy conservation and does not heat unused spaces in your home.

As you can see, freestanding fireplaces are unique elements of any home, and whenever you are low on space, they are the best fit. They do not take up much space and are also portable because you can quickly move them from one room to another. You also have greater control over the fireplace heat, which allows for zone heating, which does not waste energy and heat on the unused spaces.

Space Constraints for Small Homes

Space Constraints for Small Homes
Maximize your room’s square footage with a corner electric fireplace.

For people who live in homes where the space is limited, there are many space constraints. There is the space needed for people to live, work and play in. Without this space, people would not be living healthily or going about their activities. Someone who intends to work on their hobby at home will require some dedicated space to carry out their work.

The fight for this limited resource means that huge appliances and furniture are not welcome in the home. The apartment with limited space will not have colossal sofa sets and massive tables as these are known to require a lot of space. As such, they will inhibit the rest of the home, and there will be barely any space for anything else. As a homeowner, getting to make economical use of space is essential and valuable. For one, the clever use of space results in plenty of space for the movement of air. The unrestricted air movement in the home is essential and a necessity for keeping the home comfortable.

Using space economically also ensures that there is some allowance for movement in the house. At the very least, it allows you to stretch out your legs and move about when you are at home. Whenever you live in a small home, you have to think about space whenever you intend to install a new feature.

For instance, if you intend to spruce up your interior decoration by adding a dining table to the home, you will have to choose one that does not take up more space than is available. Squeezing items and objects in the home affects crumping the home and makes it look weird and out of the ordinary.

Even when you have a small home and are constrained in terms of space, you still need to have a fireplace that will keep your home warm. For the cold winter months, this becomes a necessity, and you need to have a fireplace that will fit comfortably into the limited space you have for your small home. A small electric fireplace is known to take up significantly less space and occupies a smaller footprint at your home. Whenever you use the free-standing electric fireplace, you benefit from lower energy bills and portability.

Portability means that you can always move the fireplace from one room to another. You are not restricted to where you can use the fireplace as long as you have an electrical outlet nearby. Additionally, the ability to move the freestanding fireplace from one room to another enables you to get the fireplace from the space whenever you need to make use of it.

If you need to work on using the space currently occupied by the fireplace, you can move it to make space if there is an art project that you need to work on. The freedom brought by this unrestricted movement makes it possible for you to keep using your home space without limitations.

Supplemental heat is vital for restricted spaces, and when you have a stove heater, the small space will be more comfortable. A wall mount electric fireplace and a gas fireplace will not do for these limited spaces as they tend to require more installation space. Some of the infrared electric fireplace stoves available for small spaces occupy the same space as a media console. They have in-built venting and offer overheating protection.

You cannot have a wood fireplace, an electric fireplace heater, or an electric white fireplace TV stand in a small room since these require a lot of space. These are all critical considerations to consider when looking for a fireplace that will take up a smaller space in your home.

How Does a Freestanding Electric Fireplace Fit in a Small Footprint?

Trinity: Sleek and timeless. Perfect for apartments, condos, and small homes.

The design of the freestanding electric fireplace is intended to be compact and space-saving. Its small form factor does not cut corners or sacrifice functionality for any reason. It can fit all the necessary components into the limited space and make it possible to have a heating element that can heat a considerable area of your home. For instance, the heating element in your small fireplace makes it possible to produce enough hot air to keep the entire home warm. Usually, the heat is distributed to the rest of the room using a fan or a blower.

Most of the outstanding features in the enormous fireplaces are missing or absent in the smaller fireplaces. The fireplaces have some of the components eliminated if they are not considered to be necessary. Safety for the users takes the highest priority, and the people handling the fireplace while moving it around do not get hurt.

The exterior of the electric fireplace is safe and secure for all users, and it is usually constructed out of a material that insulates the entire structure. Touching on the small free-standing electric fireplace does not cause burns or hurt to the person handling it.

Using more miniature versions of the components used in typical fireplaces also makes it possible to have as many features of the more enormous fireplaces as possible. The features might be small but are still present and functional in the smaller fireplaces.

As such, you should not think of buying a free-standing electric fireplace for your small home as missing out on the great features of the fireplaces. You still get the same efficiency and heating effectiveness as you would get from the more oversized fireplaces without taking up too much space.

Being space-conscious, the small free-standing fireplaces will only take up a little space in your home. They are usually placed on the ground and have some structures underneath them to insulate them from the floor. As such, they do not lose heat on the floor or cause burns on your carpets. They are insulated from the outside, and only hot air gets blown from the fireplace. The small fireplace will not cause damage to your floor owing to its safe and practical design.

Additionally, the small free-standing electric fireplace for your home is light enough to carry around. They do not have much weight and will not exert pressure on your floor. When you move them around, you are advised to slightly lift them from the floor and avoid dragging them around.

When you lift the fireplace while carrying it from one place to another, you ensure that the fireplace’s internal components are safe. You also avoid damaging the floor and tearing or wearing out the carpet on the floor. Some of the small electric fireplaces also have a structure at the bottom that is made of rails. Using this structure, you can move the fireplace from one room to another by sliding it over the rails. It is a safe design that ensures portability and comfort while moving the fireplace around.

The amount of floor space occupied by the small free-standing electric fireplace means that it can take up very little space in your home. For instance, it can be placed in one corner of the room and distribute heat to the rest of the room with much ease. The fireplace design means that it is not heavy, and most of the components are within the compartment, which holds the heating element, the fan, and the display at the side.

Freestanding electric fireplaces can also fit in a small footprint due to the design of their components. The fireplace’s internal components are not heavy, and the fact that they are lightweight means that not much pressure is exerted on the floor. They are also designed to be close together, and there is no wastage of space for the electric fireplace’s internal components.

For a limited home space, the free-standing electric fireplace will prove to be the best solution. If you feel like it is eating up space in one room, you can take advantage of its portability and move it from one room to another. When you do this, you will create space to carry out whatever activity you need to do. The fact that the free-standing fireplace is portable means that it does not bother you when it is in any room in your home. You will not see it as a constraint or obstacle as you can always move it out of the way when you need to use the space.

The choice of location is also vital for your small freestanding electric fireplaces. When you have selected an ideal location in your home that is comfortable and not frequently used, you will no longer have to worry about the fireplace. You can easily fit it into spaces that you rarely use, and when you do so, you get it off your mind. The fireplace can stay silently out of sight and keep the occupants of your home warm and comfortable.

Depending on your architect, the interior design or home decor can also determine whether you will need less or more space for your fireplace. While moving to a new home or a remodel by an interior designer, you’ll need to have a fireplace fitting your living room and providing the needed ambiance without using up more space. A home builder also considers the space that needs the heating most when considering where you can have the small freestanding electric fireplaces installed.

Major brands on Amazon such as Dimplex, Duraflame, and Espresso have smaller, compact versions of their electric fireplace heater, ideal for small spaces. A DFI Duraflame or Dimplex firebox for small spaces will have very different and unique features. The electric fireplace insert will only take up a small amount of space but still produce enough heat for the entire room.

A typical electric fireplace stove on Amazon will also have a description of whether it can fit into small spaces or not. For instance, a portable infrared heater will indicate whether it is ideal for small footprints in its description. As you go shopping on Amazon, it is essential to read about the size specifications closely. There is a massive difference between a wall-mounted electric fireplace and a portable, free standing fireplace.

An adjustable flame for some of the best electric fireplaces on Amazon means that you can acquire valuable home improvement. You do not have to hassle with different features so long as the form factor in the fireplace description is small. Portability is another indication that the fireplace is meant for small and limited spaces. The best sellers do not leave out this information in their descriptions hence making your work easier. A portable electric fireplace or an electric fireplace stove are some of the best electric fireplaces, which are more likely to fit into the small space you have in your home than a mantel electric fireplace. A Faux stone and Espresso fireplace wall mounted or fitted into a wall recess will also not fit your floor space conveniently.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

small freestanding fireplace
MagikFlame is the best choice for luxury and gorgeous interior design.

MagikFlame is at the forefront of technology in the design, engineering, and production of their fireplaces. Their fireplaces are the best in the world and have been tested and tried by many people. The evidence of this is in the many MagikFlame reviews that are all over Amazon.

The people who have tried out some of the best electric fireplaces from MagikFlame got from Amazon have found them way better than other alternatives. For instance, MagikFlame fireplaces have entirely different heating and temperature regulation found in any other fireplaces.

With the use of technology and an array of sensors, you can easily find your electric fireplace stove’s current temperature with a simple glance at the touchscreen display. You can also make use of a mobile app for the same function. With the mobile application, all you need to do is pair up the fireplace with the mobile application and view all the live data and statistics from the fireplace. The feature is fantastic and makes sure that your home is warm and comfortable for as long as there is someone in the house.

The use of the iPhone mobile app also means that you can be long-distance away from home when you decide to shut off the fireplace. When you need to do this, all you need to do is authenticate yourself on the application, and you will be automatically connected to the fireplace.

Once you are connected, you can view live statistics from the fireplace and make changes as you want. You can turn the heat up or down, and change the adjustable thermostat and the timer. The timer integrated into the fireplace automatically turns the thermostat and fireplace off when a specific time has passed.

The fireplace thermostat sensors are the most advanced in the industry and make use of advanced technology. With the latest technology, it is possible to automatically regulate the fireplace’s temperature and the heat that is being produced. Additionally, the sensors ensure no wastage and only as much electricity as required will be used. The feature is handy for keeping your energy bills low and is one of the reasons many people are interested in the MagikFlame story.

Automatic safety features are also included in the MagikFlame fireplaces. These features are meant to keep your fireplace running for much longer. Whenever there is too much heat being produced, or the fireplace has been running for too long, it automatically shuts off. During this time, it can cool down, and when it does, you are assured of a safe place to live in.

The safety features are also included in strict adherence to fire and safety rules and regulations. According to the law, the regulations apply to electrical appliances, and MagikFlame has to design and produce fireplaces that are safe for use in your home. Their fireplaces should not cause home fires and undergo thorough testing before they are released to the market. They are also certified as safe electrical appliances and an excellent fit for your home.

In keeping your home safe, the fireplaces from MagikFlame are designed to be safe for use around pets and children. Pets and children are known to be very playful and will tend to stay around your fireplace a lot. If it is within reach, they will try to touch it, and a poor design can result in many accidents. The MagikFlame fireplace’s design is meant to keep it safe and secure for pets and children playing around the fireplace. The external components are all known to be cool to the touch.

Additionally, there is a door that keeps the screen to the fireplace safe. The flame effect might arouse curiosity in the children and cause them to try accessing the fireplace’s interior. With a door that is firmly locked and tamper-proof, the children will not be able to hurt themselves or get injured while they are playing around your fireplace.

The latest technology has not been ignored, and it is how MagikFlame is built. The fireplace log set and the ember bed are all made out of the latest lighting technology, designed to keep your fireplace attractive and appealing to all the people in your home. Also, solid-state flame production technology is one of a kind and unique to MagikFlame fireplaces only. There are no other fireplace designers that are known to make use of solid-state flame technology. Most of the other designers resort to moving parts such as cogwheels grinding over each other to produce the flame effect for your log set.

Moving parts for modern electrical appliances have been known to have a massive impact on their usable life. You cannot expect to have moving parts inside your appliance and still get many years of service. The grinding of the components is known to wear them out, and you have to keep replacing such components from time to time. Thankfully, this is not the case for the MagikFlame fireplaces. Using solid-state real flame technology, you achieve 30 realistic flame effects for a fraction of the cost. A massive 5200 BTU of heat is also impressive considering the other features of this fireplace.

Sound effects are not missing in the MagikFlame electric fireplaces. There are many sound effects to choose from, and you can create any environmental setting that you want. For instance, you can have the sound of waves crashing on the beach accompany your dancing flames. The result is a fantastic display of sounds and colors that make the fireplace appear more realistic for your home. You can choose from the many sound effects available through the remote control and the mobile app that accompanies the fireplaces from MagikFlame.

The glowing log set placed in front of the realistic flame effects in the MagikFlame electric fireplace is also known to produce crackling sounds. You can modify the lighting to a soft glowing light which is ideal for evenings and other special occasions when you do not require bright lights in your home. In terms of lighting, MagikFlame is your best companion. Not only are the heat settings easy to use, but they are also available in plenty. As such, you get to have greater control over the fireplace, flame color, and how it appears in your home. Whenever you are looking for a fireplace for your home, always go for the best. It allows you to get many years of service in addition to the best features that are available.

The use of technology means that these fireplaces can conserve energy and are also safer than other fireplaces. A MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide is one of the best resources whenever you are looking for a fireplace. With the buying guide, you will be able to select and compare the different available options. Additionally, you will also get to compare the different payment plans and financing options available. The MagikFlame website is the best place to get started in your search for an electric fireplace for your home or office heating.

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