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Is a TV Entertainment Center a Good Place for an Electric Fireplace?

TV Entertainment Center

Electrical Fireplaces are easily one of the best ways to heat your home while keeping a traditional fireplace experience without all of that additional hassle that tends to come with them. Of course, there are a ton of different types of electrical fireplaces that you can choose in your home for different situations. Even though many people have plenty of room to put whatever kind of electrical fireplace they want into their home, what do you do if you have a home that is smaller or you don’t have a lot of room for an electrical fireplace in a particular room? This is the case where many options would work, but one of those options is to get a TV entertainment center with an electrical fireplace built into the body of it. By combining an electrical fireplace with the TV entertainment center, you are essentially removing the need for two separate pieces of furniture in your room.

However, is a TV stand or media stand really a good thing to combine? What are the pros and cons of doing this? If you get a TV stand electrical fireplace to increase accessibility in your home, should you get a TV stand with extra features like adjustable shelves? Can it be made out of a material like engineered wood or should it be solid wood?

In the following guide, we are going to answer these questions and give you even more information so that you know if a wood TV stand electrical fireplace is the best choice for you.

TV Entertainment Center With Electric Fireplace

If You Read The Following Post, You Are Going To Learn The Following Things About an Electric Fireplace TV Entertainment Center or TV Stand:

  • What Are Common Varieties of Electrical Fireplace Models That Exist For Your Living Room? – Electrical fireplaces aren’t just limited to the standard wall model or a modern TV stand fireplace combo. There are tons of different models for different needs within a home. In this initial part of the post, we will cover these common models so that you know what is available to you and what might be the best choice.
  • Is a TV Entertainment Center or TV Stand a Good Place for an Electrical Fireplace? – Getting an electrical fireplace that is in a TV stand can help save space, but are there any other benefits or downsides to them? Here we will discuss both the pros and cons of getting one of these fireplace TV stand packages.
  • What Aesthetic Styles of Electrical Fireplace TV Stand or Media Console Are There? – Whether you have a rustic home decor style, a modern style, or you just want a piece that will match the sideboard in your dining room, the electrical fireplace TV stands come in many different looks and styles. This will highlight some of those stylistic choices to fit your home.
  • Does It Matter What Material Is Used To Make an Electrical Fireplace TV Stand or Media Center? – Material matters. This is definitely true for any piece of furniture in your home and is equally as true if you choose to get an electrical fireplace TV stand. We will talk about material choice and what that means for the quality of your fireplace unit.
  • What Additional Features Should I Keep My Eye Out For When Choosing an Electrical Fireplace TV Console or TV Stand To Put Flat Screen TVs Up On? – There are a ton of additional features when choosing an electrical fireplace that is a TV stand instead of just a standalone electrical fireplace. Here we will list common features and which you might want to get based on your particular needs.
  • Is There a Better Electrical Fireplace Option For a Small Living Space Instead of Getting a TV Stand With an Electrical Fireplace In It? – Getting electrical fireplaces that are also TV stands isn’t the only way to save space. In this section we will show you some other options, some of which might help you save more space while allowing you to put a higher end fireplace in your home.
  • How Important Is Brand When Getting an Electrical Fireplace TV Stand or Other Electrical Fireplace? – It’s a bad idea for you to jump online and start spending those gift cards or pulling out your credit card when you see a cheap fireplace on sale. The problem here is that different brands come in different qualities of fireplaces. Here we will cover generic brands, name brands, and what brand you should most consider.
  • What Brand of Electrical Fireplace Is The Best To Get? – In the previous section we talked about different brands, but in this section we will talk about the one brand you should choose if you want an electrical fireplace that beats the competition in every single way. You will learn why this brand of fireplace is chosen by people who care about having the best.

What Are Common Varieties of Electrical Fireplace Models That Exist For Your Living Room?

What Are Common Varieties of Electrical Fireplace Models
TVs look amazing mounted above a MagikFlame.
  • Flat Wall Unit With Mantel Combination – This is a basic electrical fireplace unit that is installed on the floor of your room and up against a flat wall. These come with a mantel that surrounds the electrical fireplace. It usually doesn’t come attached because companies swap mantels depending on what style the customer orders, while the internal fireplace stays the same.
  • Corner Fireplace – These are the same as the wall units above but are engineered so that they fit into room corners instead of against flat walls.
  • Electric Fireplace TV Stand – This is what we are mostly talking about here today. This is a TV stand with an electrical fireplace that has been put inside of it so that people can save space in their home.
  • Corner TV Stand – These are like the TV stand units above, but fit a corner instead of it being a normal, rectangular shape.
  • Wall Mounted Fireplace– These are electrical fireplaces that you can mount up on a wall instead of on the ground. It is also common to install these into wall recessions instead of just hanging and sticking out from the wall.
  • Fireplace Insert – These fireplace inserts go in your traditional wood fireplace opening if you have one in your home already. By installing these you can turn your existing fireplace into an electric version.
  • Freestanding – These fireplaces are really just portable space heaters and don’t work very well compared to the normal units above.
  • Electric Stove – These are electrical fireplaces that are made to look like an old farmhouse or cabin wood stove.

It is important that you understand that while a couple of these types should be completely avoided except in the rarest of circumstances, most of these electric fireplaces, given that you purchase a high end model, will have a huge amount of benefits that they come with when compared with traditional wood or gas fireplaces. Here are those benefits in detail:

The most dangerous part of a fireplace is actually the inside of the flue and chimney.
  • Electric Fireplaces Aren’t a Fire Hazard Like Traditional Fireplaces – Since electric fireplaces don’t use fire of any kind, they aren’t as likely to cause a house fire, where a wood or gas fireplace might.
  • Electric Fireplaces Aren’t Going To Fill Your Home With Harmful Emissions – Nothing is burning inside of electric fireplaces so you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide or smoke inhalation.
  • Electric Fireplaces Don’t Come With Any of The Hassle To Use Them – You don’t have to do all of the work to use electrical fireplaces like you do wood fireplaces. Just turn it on, set the temperature, and enjoy.
Luxuriate with a fireplace in your bathroom.
  • You Can Freely Hang TVs Up Above Electrical Fireplaces – Wood fireplaces will destroy your TV if you hang it above them, but it is perfectly safe to wall mount a TV above an electrical fireplace.
There is so much work that goes into keeping a fireplace clean.
  • Electric Fireplaces Won’t Cause Smells or Stains – Because there is no smoke, you don’t have to worry about a smoky smell in your home or your walls and furniture being stained by smoke over time.
Electric Fireplaces Come With a Remote Control or Smartphone App
Control your MagikFlame with a tap on our app.
  • Electric Fireplaces Come With a Remote Control or Smartphone App – It is easy to control your electrical fireplace from the comfort of your couch or chair with the remote or smartphone app that comes with it.
  • Installation Is Very Easy With Electric Fireplaces – There is no serious effort involved with installing your typical electrical fireplace. After you find the best spot for it, it couldn’t be easier. Plug the fireplace in, turn the fireplace on.
Install Electric Fireplaces Into Any Room
Luxuriate with a fireplace in your bathroom.
  • You Can Install Electric Fireplaces Into Any Room of The House – Electrical fireplaces aren’t limited to only the main room of your house. Since they don’t need ventilation and only need access to a standard electrical outlet, you can put one of these fireplaces into any room inside of your house.
One of The Cheapest Ways To Heat Your Home
Save more on energy costs
  • Electric Fireplaces Are One of The Cheapest Ways To Heat Your Home – Because of the efficiency of an infrared heating device paired with the fact that heat doesn’t escape ventilation because there isn’t any, electrical fireplaces are incredibly heating efficient and will keep your electric bill low if you invest in a higher tier fireplace.
  • Using an Alexa Device, You Can Turn Your Fireplace On or Off With Your Voice – Using a special outlet, you can turn your fireplace on just with your voice connected through your Alexa device.
  • High-Grade Fireplaces Flame Effects That Look Like The Real Thing – With a top-of-the-line fireplace that uses 3D hologram flames, you can expect a fireplace experience that feels exactly like the real thing.

Is a TV Entertainment Center or TV Stand a Good Place for an Electrical Fireplace?

One of the main pros for getting a TV stand electrical fireplace is that you can save space and you don’t need an extra piece of furniture in your home. Another pro is that you don’t have to decide if the electrical fireplace or the TV is the focus of your room, because they will be in the same spot, so all the couches and chairs can face towards it.

Of course, there are some cons to using an electrical fireplace TV stand. The first is that it is only one unit. This means that if the TV stand breaks, or the fireplace stops working, you have to replace the entire thing. Another con is that while these still have plenty of shelves and other things, there isn’t as much space for your media devices as a normal TV stand due to the addition of the electrical fireplace taking up so much space. Lastly, these units tend to have smaller, lower quality electrical fireplaces inside of them. When they put electrical fireplaces with TV stands, they may have to cut corners in the build quality and materials to fit it into a smaller space.

What Aesthetic Styles of Electrical Fireplace TV Stand or Media Console Are There?

When choosing a TV stand that has an electrical fireplace in it, it is important to consider the aesthetic style of it and what that means for your home. There are fireplace TV stands out there with more of a rustic style, some with a clean, modern style, and some with a style that transitions between other design styles. It is important that you consider what your home looks like and choose a style that best matches with it.

You can go with a farmhouse country style that looks like the console was made out of an old barn door. You can get something with a darker color like espresso or even a dark walnut. Or you can get a very clean and sharp modern style with a white finish to it.

So, whether you get a TV stand that is mid-century modern, retro, or something else, make sure it is something that looks good and compliments the home when guests first come through the entryway.

Does It Matter What Material Is Used To Make an Electrical Fireplace TV Stand or Media Center?

Material choice will absolutely make a difference in not only the look of the TV stand fireplace, but also in the quality and how long it lasts. It is best to go with something sturdy like solid wood, and preferably a stronger wood like oak. There are other engineered wood options out there but they should usually be avoided if you want your fireplace to last. Engineered wood like MDF or particle board will break down faster, get chips in them easily, and generally just don’t look as good. They are usually covered in a bad laminate that looks fake and the corner starts to chip and curl after only a year or two.

If you get a higher end electrical fireplace TV stand made with higher quality materials, while the upfront cost will be a little more, you’ll save money by not having to replace it within just a year or two after purchasing it.

What Additional Features Should I Keep My Eye Out For When Choosing an Electrical Fireplace TV Console or TV Stand To Put Flat Screen TVs Up On?

There are a ton of different features that come with these units, just like standard TV stands. Even though there is an electrical fireplace built into it, they still make some room for things like bookcase style adjustable shelves. They will also have things like storage space and cubby holes for game consoles, video games, the DVD player, or a cable box. Whether you get open shelving or shelving behind glass doors, pay attention to things like wire management. You need cutouts in the back of cubbies so that wires can easily come out the back of your media cabinet or open shelves. Also, if you choose to get adjustable shelves, you can place other things like books or a piece of art to display in the open shelves.

If you really want to cover up all of your media devices and get something that stands on its own as a piece of furniture, you can go with something that has cabinet doors that are sliding doors like on a sideboard.

Some TV stands also come with a built in sound bar, and this is also true for some TV stand electrical fireplaces.

Lastly, consider what size you need. If you have a larger, 60 inch TV or something bigger, you will definitely need a larger unit that can support the weight.

Is There a Better Electrical Fireplace Option For a Small Living Space Instead of Getting a TV Stand With an Electrical Fireplace In It?

While getting an electrical fireplace built inside of a TV stand can be a decent option to save space in your home, there is also a better option: get a standard type of electrical fireplace, like one that sits flat against your home, and then mount a TV above the electric fireplace mantel on the wall. By doing this, not only will you have an item in your home that doesn’t stick out nearly as far from the wall as a TV stand would, but you ensure that you can have a higher quality fireplace instead of the smaller, lower quality ones that tend to be found built into TV stands.

If you need to save even more space you can actually install your standard electrical fireplace as one that can be recessed directly into the wall instead of one that needs to stick out at all. Now your TV and your fireplace will almost be completely flush with the wall, providing you with all sorts of additional walking room.

The only downside of this is that you may not have as much space for your media devices. However, these days, most people are using streaming services anyway and the streaming apps are built into most modern TVs. People don’t have as much need to use a cable box or to store their physical media.

How Important Is Brand When Getting an Electrical Fireplace TV Stand or Other Electrical Fireplace?

Generic brands should be avoided as much as you can. People never seem to be happy with a generic brand fireplace once it is actually in their home. For starters, their heaters aren’t ever as powerful as needed to keep your home warm, and what little heat they produce will drive up your electric bill because of how inefficient their heating units are. On top of that, their flame effects always look very tacky, they don’t have any kind of realism.

Instead, invest in more and go with a trusted brand. There are a lot of brands out there like Dimplex, Touchstone, Highboy, Duraflame, and a lot more that make decent units. However, if you want to go with the most realistic fireplace with the absolute best build quality in the market, you need to go with MagikFlame.

Entertainment Center

What Brand of Electrical Fireplace Is The Best To Get?

If it is important to you to get an electrical fireplace that is reliable and made of the highest quality, more than getting a novelty fireplace built into a TV stand, you need to look no further than MagikFlame electric fireplaces. There are many reasons that so many people choose to go with the incredible functionality of a MagikFlame and won’t even consider the competition for the focal point of their main room. Here are those reasons:

  • MagikFlame Fireplaces Have Ultrarealistic Flames That Can’t Be Matched By Other Electrical Fireplaces – MagikFlame fireplaces use their own Holoflame technology. The way this technology works is that in the firebox of MagikFlame fireplaces, there is a log set and ember bed that is physical. When the fireplace is turned on you can swap between 30 different flicker flames that are 3D hologram projected onto that log set and ember bed. Because there are 30 different choices of these beautiful flames, you can be sure that there is a flame for any mood you are trying to set.
  • Crackling Log Sounds Add Even More Atmosphere To MagikFlame Fireplaces – Admiring the impressively realistic flicker flames of your MagikFlame fireplace is further elevated by the sound of a crackling log. With these audio enhancements, you can hear every snap, crack, and pop of a burning log. To add to these crackling log sounds, you can also choose to play some nature sounds that add to a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.
  • MagikFlame Fireplaces Have A Powerful, Energy Efficient Heater – The heater inside of MagikFlame fireplaces is a beast. It’s 5,200 BTU infrared quartz heating coil will instantly warm the cool air that cycles through your fireplace. As the blowers gently release the warm air into the room, the room can warm very quickly. Because it uses infrared quartz, when you turn on a MagikFlame electric fireplace you can feel warm air coming out of it almost immediately. These fireplaces use electricity as efficiently as possible so that you can warm up to 1,000 square feet of your home for a lower cost than many other heating options. For large homes, if you install a second or third electric fireplace in other commonly used rooms, you can save even more electricity by zone heating. This means you only run a fireplace in an area that is occupied and leaving doors closed between occupied and unoccupied rooms.
  • An Intuitive To Use Smartphone App Helps You Easily Control Your MagikFlame Fireplace – While many electrical fireplace companies just have a boring remote that comes with their fireplace, MagikFlame has decided to go a step further and offers a smartphone or tablet app that is effortless to use. The large, graphic buttons allow you to easily turn the fireplace on or off from anywhere in your home. You can also change the temperature or control any of the audio or visual effects. Because you can control the fireplace from anywhere within your home instead of by direct sight only, you can easily turn your fireplace in the family room in the morning when you are still laying in bed. By the time you leave your bedroom, the family room will likely already be warm. You don’t have to deal with the biting cold while waiting for the room to heat.
  • MagikFlame Fireplaces Come In a Range of Beautiful Models – There are so many amazing MagikFlame models that you can choose from. MagikFlame fireplaces come in a solid wood mantel housing with a beautiful white finish. The different models vary on the size of fireplace you want and the aesthetic style of lines, shapes, and other artistic choices. The models all come with the same MagikFlame electrical fireplace unit inside of them with all of the same flame, audio, and heating features listed above, regardless of which unit you choose to go with. They even have a unit that fits in the corner, or you can choose to go with an insert unit for your existing fireplace or to install in any other kind of enclosure.

For anyone that thinks they might need a little bit more information regarding MagikFlame electric Fireplaces, here is a list of some helpful links for you to check out:

  • MagikFlame Story: A Tale of how the futuristic hologram flame technology in MagikFlame fireplaces stems from a background working on visual effects for big blockbuster movies.
  • How MagikFlame Is Built: The details on the quality materials and parts that goes into MagikFlame fireplaces as well as the top tier craftsmanship along the way.
  • MagikFlame Reviews: Raving testimonials from people who have installed one or more MagikFlame fireplaces into their homes for the essential fireplace experience.
  • Warranty: A product as fine as MagikFlame electric fireplaces can be backed up with an equally impressive warranty.
  • Payment Plans and Financing: Finding the perfect option to get your MagikFlame fireplace today has never been easier that it is with their financing and payment plans.
  • MagikFlame Best Electric Fireplace Buying Guide: Curious people might want to learn more about buying an electrical fireplace. This guide will help them with anything else they may want to know.

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