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Which Fireplace TV Stand Maximizes Space In My Home?

fireplace tv stand

Having plenty of space in your home is fantastic. You have plenty of accessibility to walk around your home. Things don’t feel cluttered and disorganized. And it is much easier to keep the floors clean. Unfortunately, not everyone has a lot of space to work with. Some people have limited square feet in their apartments, condo, or small house. Others might have a large house with several rooms, but their living room is limited in space or they want to add a fireplace into a room other than the living room. If you want an electric fireplace in your home but you are worried about how much space you have available, you’re in luck. You can combine two different pieces in your home and get a white fireplace TV stand.

This is simply a media center with an electric fireplace built directly inside of it. With this, people have somewhere to put their TVs up onto and have a wonderful infrared electric fireplace, without needing to choose which one they can fit in their home. If this sounds like something that can possibly interest you, there is a good chance you might have some more questions. Are electric fireplaces really as great as many people say they are? What are the types of electric fireplace TV stand that I can get? Which fireplace TV stand maximized space in my home?

Design Your Living room With Fireplace Tv Stand

This post is going to tell you all that you need to know so that these questions are answered and you can make the decision that is best for the space you have to work with.

  • How Many Different Kinds of Electric Prices Are There? – You don’t have to just pick a fireplace entertainment center, there are many other types as well that might be a better fit for your particular situation. In this section, we are going to share details about all of the different kinds of electric fireplaces that you could possibly get for your home. After reading this section, you will probably have a better idea of which options might work for you, whether it is getting a fireplace that doubles as a media cabinet or a standalone electric fireplace that takes up very little space.
  • Are Electric Fireplaces Really Worth It? – If you have never owned an electric fireplace before, chances are you aren’t sure if they are really as great as some people make them sound. If you are still on the fence, read this section very carefully. We will talk about all of the amazing benefits that you get by choosing to install an electric fireplace in your home. By the time you finish learning about all of the different benefits, you will see how smart of a decision it is to get an electric fireplace to keep you warm in the winter.
  • What Kind of Electric Fireplace TV Stands Are There? – If you are pretty sure that an electric fireplace that is also a TV stand console is the right decision for you, here we will go over everything you need to know about these products. We will cover brands, materials, styles to match your home decor, and much more. Because there are so many varieties when it comes to a fireplace media console, and simply browsing online for them you can be overwhelmed with all of the choices, we will help point you in the right direction.
  • Which Fireplace TV Stand Maximizes Space In My Home? – Since many people reading this are concerned with having enough space in their home and that is why they are thinking about getting a fireplace TV console in the first place, here we will go over which ones are best to put their TVs up on. We will also cover why the size of your flat-screen TVs makes a difference in the size of the fireplace you choose to go with. After reading this section you will probably have a good idea of what is the smallest size fireplace TV stand that will work for your specific needs.
  • Is There A Better Alternative To Maximize Space With An Electric Fireplace? – Many people think they need to combine a place for their flat-panel TVs and a fireplace together. However, in most cases, this isn’t necessarily the best solution. What if there was a way to save even more space in your home, have a place to put your TVs up, and have a much better electric fireplace than any of the combo units can provide? You would probably be interested in a solution like that. This section will talk about how to have your cake and eat it too in regards to spacing, putting TVs up for viewing, and experiencing a top-of-the-line electric fireplace.

How Many Different Kinds of Electric Fireplaces Are There?

There are tons of different kinds of electric fireplaces for people to choose from, and one that is also a TV media stand might not even be the best thing for you to put in your home. You might be better off with something else entirely. Some fireplaces types could actually be a better solution for you, even if you are limited on space. While things like brands and specific models can make this a very long list, instead we will just focus on the main types of electric fireplaces people tend to get for their homes. After you know what type you need, simply pay for the best brand you can that is within your budget. Model selection should just be based on your specific needs and the decorating aesthetic that you have in your home.

Here are the most common types of electrical fireplaces that people choose to get put inside of their homes:

  • Electrical Fireplace Mantle Combination Units – For the most traditional-looking electric fireplaces, people will usually choose to get one of these electrical fireplace mantle combination units. These fireplaces can sometimes be one solid piece, but most manufacturers, they choose to send them as two separate pieces. The reason for this is that the actual electric fireplaces themselves don’t change much between models, but instead, they allow customers to choose a different mantle style depending on their preferences and how it will look inside of their home. Once one of these mantle combination units is delivered, they are easy to install. You just secure the mantle to the wall it will go against and then connect the fireplace in the opening below the mantle. These units can come in a version that is installed against a flat wall or in a corner unit. Some people with space issues may find that a corner unit is actually the best solution for them. It takes up a bit less space in a part of the room that usually doesn’t do much else. This can allow for a larger entertainment center to be placed along the flat wall without it needing to have an electric fireplace installed inside of it.
  • Electrical Fireplace Wall Mount Units – For a more modern and interesting look, some people choose to get a wall-mount electric fireplace unit. These are basically electric fireplaces without a mantle that comes with the brackets and other parts necessary for you to hang them on the wall. Because electric fireplaces aren’t usually too thick, mounting a unit like this can take up considerably little space. To save even more space, you can actually install these into the wall themselves. While the installation is slightly more involved than a basic mantle unit, they are still relatively easy to install. You can install it so that it is partially recessed with part of it still sticking out, or you can install it so that the entire fireplace is recessed in the wall, leaving it completely flush. This will depend on both the exact model of fireplace you have and the depth of wall you have to work with.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert Units – Some people have an old existing wood fireplace that they choose not to use for several good reasons, including safety, smell, and just how much of a hassle they are to take care of. Luckily, you can still repurpose these old fireplaces by installing electrical fireplace inserts. These very easily slip right into the opening of a standard open-hearth style fireplace, converting it into a new fireplace that is way safer, way easier to use, and way more energy efficient. Alternatively, if you want to use a mantle from a different company than the manufacturer of the fireplace you want, or you want to custom build your own mantle, you can use one of these inserts for that as well.
  • Electrical Fireplace TV Stand Units – This is primarily what we are talking about today. These are units that can be used for all of your media purposes. You can put your TV on it and place your cable box and other media devices on the shelves provided. On top of all of this, it has an electric fireplace built directly into the limited space below. Many people choose to go with something like this because they want both a TV media stand and an electric fireplace, but they don’t think they have space for both, so they combine them together into one space-saving unit.
  • Portable Freestanding Electrical Fireplace Units – A portable freestanding electric fireplace unit is really no different than any other space heater that you can simply set on the floor of any room and plug into a nearby outlet. The difference with these units is that they are made to look as much like a real fireplace as possible and have some limited visual fire effects. The downside with these units is that it suffers on both sides of the equation. They are never very convincing as an authentic fireplace, and because of the internal space needed for visual effects in a smaller portable size, their heaters usually don’t even work as well as a standard space heater.

Are Electric Fireplaces Really Worth It?

Are Electric Fireplaces Really Worth It
Free up space with a wall-mounted fireplace with a built-in cabinet for your TV.

Electric fireplaces are absolutely worth it. Here are many of the benefits of getting one to keep your home warm:

1. Electric fireplaces are an incredibly cost-effective way to heat your home compared to traditional fireplaces.

2. Electric fireplaces don’t require any serious work to maintain or operate.

3. Electric fireplaces are easy to install yourself.

4. Electric fireplaces are very safe for your home, they don’t have the safety concerns that wood or gas fireplaces do.

5. Electric fireplaces can realistically simulate a real fireplace if you get a high-end model.

6. Electric fireplaces can easily be controlled with an included remote, or even better, an app that can be used with your smartphone or tablet.

What Kind of Electric Fireplace TV Stands Are There?

Choosing the right media cabinet that is also a fireplace can be difficult due to all of the different options out there. This section will help you sort through the information overload so you can decide which of the fireplace TV stands is right for you.

For starters, it is important to stay away from generic units and instead stick to trusted brand names. There are several brand names that make these: Muskoka, Ameriwood, ClassicFlame, Walker Edison, and more. Both Ameriwood and Walker Edison have many different fireplace media center combos available. Ameriwood has some good stands with lots of shelving and storage storage space, in some beautiful dark colors like brown oak and espresso. The Ameriwood espresso units are particularly nice if you want to do a mixed transitional style of home decorating. Walker Edison has many good units that have an open shelf design to look like a small bookcase. Walker Edison also has units with glass doors and glass shelves if you want a simple, modern look.

If you want something a little different, maybe in a rustic farmhouse style, you can go with a stand that is made out of barn wood and looks like it may have been repurposed from an old, beautiful barn door.

If you want something that looks expensive, avoid any stands that use cheap laminate to decorate particle boards. Fireplace TV stands with laminate might look okay at first, but the corners can quickly chip and role down. You’re much better off getting something that is built from solid wood. It will last much longer as long as you properly take care of it.

Keep in mind that it is always useful to have cubbies and easily adjustable shelves to fit your items like a cable box, media player, or video game console. You can even move the adjustable shelves to make room for your BLU-ray collection.

Which Fireplace TV Stand Maximizes Space In My Home?

How much space electrical fireplace TV stands can save you is much more about the size of the actual unit than the brand or style you go with. The safe bet is to get the smallest possible unit for the size TV you have as well as your other needs.

If you have a much smaller TV, it will look really out of place if you have a large TV media stand, and it will take up more space than it needs to. However, some people may require a larger stand if you have a lot of items you need stored next to the TV or you need additional space on top for a soundbar.

Keep in mind that many TV fireplaces stands can usually only support a TV that is up to 65 inches. A TV much larger than this is going to require a much better solution, possibly wall mounting it securely on the studs behind the drywall. Doing this also looks cleaner and more organized because you can fish all of the cords inside of the wall instead of simply letting them hang. If your TV isn’t up to 65 inches or smaller, or you plan on getting a much larger TV at a later date, you might want to find a different solution completely.

If you really want to save space while having a place for your TV and a quality electrical fireplace, a media stand isn’t the best solution for you. There is one solution that is actually much better. Read the next section to find out what this solution is.

TV stand
28″ Insert: Most versatile fireplace. Surround and mantel can be custom-designed.

Is There A Better Alternative To Maximize Space With An Electric Fireplace?

The truth is, for most people, you don’t need an entertainment center that doubles as a fireplace, no matter how little space you have to work with. There is actually a much better solution to your space problem than getting a media console like that. Not only will you save more space in your home, but your TV will be in a more aesthetically pleasing spot, and your electrical fireplace will be leagues better than any that you can find inside of a media console.

The solution is to get one of MagikFlame’s top-of-the-line standalone electric fireplaces instead of getting a fireplace that is built into an entertainment center. Instead of putting your TV on a stand, mount it on the wall above your MagikFlame electric fireplace, which is perfectly safe to do.

The truth is, no matter the size, your TV will look much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing by being wall-mounted. Also, the fireplace you have will be even more out of the way, while being incredibly powerful and able to perfectly capture a true fireplace ambiance that TV stand fireplaces just can’t do.

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits that the industry-leading MagikFlame electric fireplaces provide:

  • Holoflame Technology – There is no beating the realistic flame that MagikFlame fireplaces can produce with its holographic technology. Behind tempered glass sits a realistic-looking synthetic log set and ember bed. On these logs, you can select between 30 different ultrarealistic holographic flame effects that will be projected onto them.
  • Immersive Sound – You wouldn’t be able to properly capture the atmosphere of a real fireplace if you didn’t include the immersive sound of crackling log sounds. MagikFlame has a selection of these sounds as well as some natural sounds when you want an even more relaxing mood.
  • Powerful Heat Efficiency – When you really want to make sure your home can stay warm during a cold winter, you want to make sure you have a powerful heater. The heater inside of MagikFlame fireplaces puts out an incredibly 5,200 BTUs of heat. This can easily warm an area of up to 1,000 sq. ft. The amount of heat from only one MagikFlame electric fireplace can easily warm a small house or an entire apartment. For people with larger homes who need more space warmed, you can get multiple MagikFlame fireplaces and save even more money off of your heating bill with a zone supplemental heating setup.
  • Futuristic Control – In place of a boring remote control, you can use the well-designed smartphone app to turn your fireplace on, set the thermostat to the absolutely perfect temperature for you, select between all of the different flame and sound effects, and much more.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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