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Fireplace Design Ideas for the Ultimate Cozy Vibe

Intel Fireplace Design Ideas

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to get a cozy vibe
  • Fireplace design ideas
  • How to create lodge-style elan
  • The ABCs of French urban and country style
  • The essence of English cottage décor
  • How to craft farmhouse fireplace settings
  • The basics of mid-century industrial home décor
  • The hallmarks of modern Bauhaus style
  • How to create a contemporary design
  • How to choose a MagikFlame model
  • The MagikFlame story

Warm, secure and snug – those are a few words that help describe being cozy. If you agree that there’s nothing cozier than a crackling fireplace, you’ll love these comfort-inspired ideas for heartwarming fireplace spaces.

Whether working with natural stone, shiplap, logs or a stone veneer, your home builder or interior designer can help you make your fireplace design a focal point. No matter if your home décor style is hunting lodge, French country, English cottage, farmhouse, modern or contemporary, your fireplace will be the centerpiece of the room.

These days, you don’t have to settle for a messy wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace that emits greenhouse gases. Get cozy with a MagikFlame electric fireplace, and enjoy the added glow of being carbon neutral in a rapidly changing world.

Lodge-Style Elan

Upgrade your great room with a striking stacked stone fireplace design straight out of the cozy great room of Montana’s Glacier Park Lodge. Big building blocks of natural stone and an arched surround recreate the sense of space you get when visiting Big Sky Country.

If you are building a new home, have your home builder add a wood slab fireplace mantel above your MagikFlame insert. It only makes a striking statement about your love for the outdoors. A mantel is the perfect perch for lodge-style accessories such as sets of antlers and baskets of evergreen cones.

You don’t have to worry about fire danger because the MagikFlame insert does not get overly hot to the touch. Instead, its snug infrared heater radiates warmth out into your room.

While an outdoor fireplace can add beauty to your patio or pool area, it only provides minimal heat. Most of the warmth dissipates into the air. In contrast, a MagikFlame fireplace warms up to 1,000 square feet, and the cozy heat stays within the room.

A Nice and Natural Fireplace

Nice is a city on the Cote d’Azur in southwestern France. From its red-tiled roofs to its ancient Roman ruins, Nice is built on natural materials that exude instinctual sophistication. Its lovely ambiance inspires a number of fireplace design ideas too.

You can get a similar sophisticated yet earthy urban vibe with a red brick fireplace makeover. The brick tones reflect the red tile roofs of the coastal city. You can accent the bricks with distressed white Roman-style columns on each side that support a matching mantelpiece.

Your MagikFlame fireplace insert is the piece de resistance. It fits into your existing brick fireplace, so the cost to remodel is minimal. Curl up in front of the flames with a full-bodied French wine, a fresh baguette and your family.

Say Bonjour to French Country Charm

Capture the quaint interior design of a cozy Mont Blanc chalet with a French country makeover. The ski village of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc features stone buildings with a charming melange of Swiss, Italian and French design features.

From the cobblestone streets to the decorative wrought-iron balconies, there’s no shortage of inspiration for your home. Combine stonework with the clean lines of your MagikFlame real wood surround for a breath of fresh mountain air. Place a painting of a blooming mountain meadow above the mantel. Add cowbell accents.

Indulge in the Essence of the English Cottage

Bring the low-key comfort of an English cottage to your living room or dining room. The DIY, handcrafted look of fieldstones or river rocks plus a white or natural wood mantle are ideal.

Some elements essential to cozy English cottage home decor include:

  • White walls
  • Chintz curtains
  • Floral accents
  • Distressed wood
  • Natural stone
  • Comfy armchairs and sofas

Add a shabby chic mirror for a tidy touch that reflects English panache. Place a vase of vibrant cabbage roses on the mantle, and settle in on the chintz chaise lounge for a cozy evening.

Create a Cozy Cottage Garden Theme

Any English cottage home tour includes a look at the small yet lush and lovely garden. To achieve this cottage garden vibe inside your home, focus on earth-tone backgrounds, distressed wood finishes, and lots of florals.

The fireplace itself need not be decorative or fancy. A classic MagikFlame wood surround is ideal. If you are using the MagikFlame insert in an existing fireplace, limestone, slate or fieldstones create a comfortable, down-to-earth appeal.

Be sure you have a roomy mantel to hold vases of fresh flowers and greenery. They recreate that sense of blossoming abundance that you get in the best gardens. Scented candles provide the heady aromas of your favorite flowers.

Fashion Freshly Distressed Farmhouse Finesse

Imagine white sheets and table linens on a clothesline, billowing in a freshening breeze. A rooster is crowing, and in a distant field, horses graze.

You can recreate that wholesome farmhouse feeling inside your home. Start with your favorite white fireplace from MagikFlame.

Your color palette should be primarily white. Accents of sky blue, grass green and barn red paint colors breathe life into your decor scheme. Scents of vanilla and cinnamon candles wrap you in a cozy cocoon as you gaze at the dancing flames.

Reprise a Rustic Irish Farmhouse Fireplace

Early Irish farmhouses featured wattle and daub construction. The wattles were horizontal slats of wood covered with mud or clay – the daub. Farm families would whitewash these walls to make a homey, cottage-style structure. The roof would typically be thatch.

An Irish farmhouse fireplace pulls together these fireplace design ideas. A coating of white paint or even stucco over stone creates a smooth yet earthy surround that retains heat. A stack of turf beside the hearth once provided fuel for a cozy fire.

Add your own touches, such as a comfy chair, a basket of logs, and your dog of choice atop a braided wool rug. No matter the rain or snow outdoors, your electric insert will be the heart of your cozy home.

Make It Mid-Century Industrial

In decades past, interior designers loved the industrial look. This design style still has a loyal following today. It is a style-savvy scheme for a living room.

A wall of grey slate tiles arranged symmetrically keys into the machine-made precision that is common to mid-century industrial style. Matching grout helps keep the color uniform.

A MagikFlame fireplace surround such as the Artemis adds an understated elegance in keeping with a modern theme. Alternatively, the matte black MagikFlame firebox insert, framed within a vintage stone fireplace, highlights an industrial vibe.

Other fireplace design ideas that reflect the style include:

  • A firewood storage nook to the side of the fireplace
  • Built-in cupboards with doors on both sides of the firebox
  • A hearth of symmetrical paving stones
  • A utilitarian fireplace screen

The modern industrial decor may be minimalist, but it is not sterile. You’ll find that the above decorating ideas, working in harmony, create a cozy conversation space.

Break Out Some Bauhaus Style

Abstract and geometric designs typify the 20th-century Bauhaus style. Bauhaus originated in Germany and features the influences of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

A stone wall with an eye-catching geometric design is a great way to showcase this modern style. You can add a stone façade to an existing fireplace or use it as a background for your MagikFlame. However, keep the design austere. Straight lines and smooth surfaces communicate the reserved quality of Bauhaus decor.

A craftsman-style reclaimed wood mantel and a built-in wooden bookcase on either side of a traditional fireplace add warmth and a sense of handcrafted care. Add a framed piece of stained glass in the craftsman style to complete the cozy tableau.

Mock Up a Modern Basalt Fireplace

Flip your monochrome color palette to the dark side with basalt. Formed from volcanic lava flows, a basalt stone fireplace is typically black or deep grey.

It is a hard mineral that doesn’t scratch easily. Also, it excels at absorbing heat from the fire and then slowly releasing it as needed.

To achieve a truly modern fireplace style, keep the design on the down low. The stone component should extend from the floor five or six feet, and the dark-toned wood mantel should be at eye level.

Complete the modern fireplace look with a black metal fire screen and a silver-framed mirror above. Your MagikFlame insert will fit right in, providing the flashes of bright flames that make your fireplace come alive.

Mid-Century Meets Farmhouse

Harken back to old-fashioned family nights with a board game on the coffee table and a cozy, crackling fire. To fashion, your fireplace with mid-century charisma and farmhouse charm, start with a white brick or white shiplap facade that extends from floor to ceiling.

Have your mason insert a few extra bricks at varied levels to act as small shelves. These work great for small photos or accent pieces and add a 1960s vibe.

Your MagikFlame fireplace insert will provide a striking contrast to the white fireplace. Alternatively, place a MagikFlame such as the Trinity, with its furniture-quality wood surround, in front of your white brick wall for a classically modern effect.

Craft a Contemporary Family Classic

Contemporary home design differs from a modern design by virtue of its personal character. Whereas a modern family room can be austere and anonymous, a contemporary family room can be filled with your unique brand of charm.

Put a fresh face on your existing wood fireplace wall with an elegant, cultured marble veneer. Customize this very contemporary material to reflect your personal style. For example, add a built-in nook above the fireplace for your HGTV television.

The classic elements like the corbels and fluted side posts of your MagikFlame fireplace surround combine with the marble backdrop for a design truly your own. You can even supercharge the elegant ambiance with a chandelier above the fireplace alcove.

The crackling flames – in your choice of 30 different formats – belie the notion that a marble fireplace is cold and sterile.

The Complete Cozy Package: Low-Maintenance, Energy Efficient and Lovely

Demand nothing less than a lovely, low-maintenance, energy-efficient fireplace for your contemporary home. MagikFlame delivers all three.

Your new, custom-designed fireplace requires little attention other than regular dusting. Its furniture-grade, handcrafted wood surrounds deliver the epitome of classic style. Better yet, it’s built to last for years to come.

A MagikFlame Smith freestanding fireplace or insert is energy efficient too. It converts 100 percent of the electricity it uses into cozy infrared heat that quickly warms your room.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Choosing the right MagikFlame to complement your home decor is a fun DIY project in itself. Several freestanding models are available as well as the fireplace insert.

When making your selection, consider the available space. The location you choose and your fireplace design ideas, such as paint colors and furnishings, should also have a bearing on your ultimate fireplace choice.

MagikFlame models, features and dimensions include:

MagikFlame ModelTech FeaturesDesignDimensions
TrinityHoloFlame, 5200 BTU, 30 flame options, crackling log sounds, smartphone appFluted side posts, carved corbels, bull nose edging55” wide x 48” tall by 18” deep
ArtemisHoloFlame, 5200 BTU, 30 flame options, crackling log sounds, smartphone appGeometric designs, bright white finish, crown molding52” wide x 43” tall x 15” deep
ChurchillHoloFlame, 5200 BTU, 30 flame options, crackling log sounds, smartphone appCorner model, classic design, crown molding on mantel52” wide x 42” tall x 40.4” deep
MorpheusHoloFlame, 5200 BTU, 30 flame options, crackling log sounds, smartphone appFluted side post, bull nose edging, bright white45” wide x 42” tall x 15” deep
AthenaHoloFlame, 5200 BTU, 30 flame options, crackling log sounds, smartphone appFluted side post, decorative appliques, bright Alpine white55” wall x 48”tall x 18” deep
InsertHoloFlame, 5200 BTU, 30 flame options, crackling log sounds, smartphone appPowder-coated matte black28” wide x 32” tall x 12” deep

The Morpheus is the smallest freestanding fireplace from MagikFlame. It is well suited to an apartment or wherever living space is tight. The Churchill boasts the largest mantel space. It is a corner fireplace and offers a perfect place for holiday decorations.

The fact that the company sells its products directly via the website means added convenience to you. You can browse, compare and choose right on the website, and complete your transaction too.

Trust MagikFlame staff members to be well-informed about the technology and design of each MagikFlame model. Whether you have technical or practical questions, MagikFlame’s friendly representatives can provide the answers you need.

The company even offers homeowners a 0 percent APR buy now, pay later program. MagikFlame partners with Bread, an online finance firm, to make your purchase as easy and affordable as possible. It only takes a few moments to see if you qualify.

The MagikFlame Story

It all began in 2015, when innovator and FX specialist Howard Birnbaum wanted to buy an electric fireplace for his home. The only models on the market at that time were anything but realistic. The flames looked fake.

Howard resolved to create his own version of the electric fireplace since he couldn’t find one that met his expectations. He drew upon his experience with special pyrotechnic effects in feature films like The Matrix to design flame appearance and styles.

He came up with a superior design. Then, Howard enlisted a crew of top techs to help him bring MagikFlame from the drawing board to the marketplace.

The flames were more realistic, the quality higher and the attention to detail superb. The MagikFlame fireplace outshone anything else available. Initial sales were brisk.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Howard continued to fine-tune his products. In 2020, he patented a technology called HoloFlame, which brought electric flames into the third dimension. The company introduced its new MagikFlame 2.0 the following year.

Although competitors have tried to duplicate MagikFlame technology, there’s still no substitute for the original. Get more information on MagikFlame electric fireplaces by browsing the website. Touch base with our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives today to get all the details.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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