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Can All Electric Fireplaces Be Wall Mounted?


In the modern home, there is little desire for dangerous wood fireplaces and lackluster gas fireplaces. Many homeowners are choosing to go with a built-in electric fireplace in their living room, both for warmth, and ambiance. Whether you are putting a simple, more traditional-looking electric fireplace in your home, or you want a much wider and more modern linear electric fireplace, there is one question that is on many people’s minds: Can all electric fireplaces be wall-mounted?

In the following article, we will talk about the different kinds of electric fireplaces and which ones you can mount on a wall, as well as what is needed to mount them. We will also discuss the benefits that come with choosing to mount a fireplace on the wall instead of simply installing it on the floor against the wall. Lastly, we will talk about the different brands of wall-mounted electric fireplaces, and which you should think about installing in your home.

The Main Takeaways From The Following Post Are:

  • What Are All The Benefits of a Wall-Mounted Fireplace? – A wall-mount electric fireplace has many different benefits, both in form and in function. In this initial section of the post, we will talk about all of the benefits that come from a wall-mount electric fireplace, so that you can decide if it is the best option for you.
  • How Many Different Kinds of Electric Fireplaces Are Commonly Found In Homes? – A wall mounted electric fireplace isn’t the only type of fireplace. This section will list the electric fireplace categories that people commonly choose to install in their homes depending on specific needs and situations.
  • Out of Those Types of Electric Fireplaces Listed Above, How Many Can Be Wall Mounted? – Now that you know the different types of electric fireplaces, several of these types can be wall hanging. We will point out which need can be wall hanging with the proper mounting equipment.
  • How Do You Mount An Electric Fireplace? – For people who are choosing to mount an electric fireplace themselves instead of calling a professional to do it, this section will give you the basic steps that you will need to follow.
  • Can You Install Electric Fireplaces In a Recessed Wall? – Electric fireplaces can be more than mounted, they can also be wall recessed. This section will talk about wall recessed fireplaces and the benefits they provide.
  • Are Electric Fireplaces Really The Best Fireplace Option? What Is Wrong With Wood or Gas Fireplaces? – For people that are still even having trouble deciding between electric fireplaces or a more traditional option, this part of the guide will certainly help you understand the pros and cons once and for all.
  • Does Brand Make A Difference When Choosing A Wall Mounted Fireplace? From Dimplex, Touchstone, Simplifire, MagikFlame, and more, there are several different brands you can go with. Before Jumping on Amazon and buying the first electric fireplace you see for sale, make sure to read the brand breakdown in this section so you don’t waste money on an electric fireplace that you will be disappointed with.
  • Which Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Is Best? – While the previous section broke down the reasons for choosing a great brand and listed a few of them, this section will help you by recommending the most realistic high end electric fireplace on the market, and exactly what makes it so much better than the competition.

What Are All The Benefits of a Wall Mounted Fireplace?

A wall mounted fireplace has many different reasons that people like them over a more standard, floor model. Here are just a few of the main benefits when choosing to mount your electric fireplace:

  • Modern Aesthetic – While high end luxury electric fireplaces can do a great job at simulating a more traditional fireplace, electric fireplaces also allow for the unique opportunity to update the fireplace experience for the modern home. By wall mounting an electric fireplace, or installing it in a recessed wall, you are giving your living space a unique, and interesting focal point.
  • Heat Circulation – The heat output of an electric fireplace heater is very efficient. A good quality electric fireplace heater can warm a lot of sq. ft. By hanging an electric fireplace on a wall a little off of the ground, the blowers on the electric fireplace can more easily reach further into the room, which will help circulate the heat quicker, heating the room a little bit faster.
  • Space Saver – Wall mounting a fireplace can easily save you floor space by having the fireplace raised a foot or two off of the ground. If you install a recessed electric fireplace, you can save even more room. While you still don’t want to place anything directly in front of the fireplace and block the view, you can easily put something below it like a bookcase. Or you can leave that area open for more accessibility in the room.

How Many Different Kinds of Electric Fireplaces Are Commonly Found In Homes?

One of the best part about electric fireplaces is that there are just so many different types to choose from. Whether you want a specific electric fireplace for its aesthetic purposes or you need it for a specific home situation, here are the most common types of electric fireplaces that you can install in your home if you choose:

  • Flat Wall Electric Fireplace Mantle Unit – For the most traditional style of electric fireplace that tries to mimic the look of a traditional open-hearth fireplace, people usually choose to go with one of these electric fireplace mantle units. This type is installed against a flat wall, but on the ground. Many companies allow you to choose between a variety of different mantle surround styles for these fireplaces, even though the fireplace itself will be the same.
  • Corner Electric Fireplace Unit – These are the same thing as the wall unit listed above, but with a different shape so that it fits snugly in the corner instead of against a flat wall. This is good for people with rooms where the corners are more emphasized or if they want a corner unit to save wall space that they need for something else in their home.
  • Electric Fireplace Media Center Unit – These are a multifunction electric fireplace unit. These are a TV stand or entertainment center that has an electric fireplace built into the body of it. These are useful for people who are looking for ways to save space. This achieves that buy essentially taking two pieces of furniture and combining them into one. While the body has an electric fireplace built into it, many of these units still have plenty of space for cabinetry or shelves for media devices.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert Unit – These are units for people that typically have a traditional wood or gas fireplace. These units can easily be installed into the current opening, converting it into a fireplace that runs on electricity instead of burning wood or gas for fuel. For many companies, these are essentially the same as the flat wall units above except without the included mantle.
  • Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace Unit – These are the unit that this article is mostly focused on. These are very similar to the fireplace insert unit that is listed above. Although, if you buy these specifically as a wall-mounted variety, they will typically have some kind of display housing that is a little different than a standard insert, as well as the necessary mounting brackets and other equipment for you to hang them on the wall. These are also the type of electric fireplace that is most commonly installed into a recessed wall.
  • Freestanding Electric Fireplace Unit – A freestanding electric fireplace is very similar to a typical space heater. They are portable units that can easily be moved from room to room and plugged in where needed. The main difference between these units and the typical space heating devices is that these are aesthetically designed to look more like a fireplace. It is important to note that these types of electric fireplaces trade a lot of their heating and visual effect quality in exchange for their portability. Also, because they need space for the visual flame effects, they tend to have trouble warming a room as well as a standard space heating device that can use all of its internal space for a more powerful heating device inside of it.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of overlap between these different types, and because of this, many electric fireplaces can actually fall under two or more types listed above.

Out of Those Types of Electric Fireplaces Listed Above, How Many Can Be Wall Mounted?

You may be surprised to find that a large amount of the electric fireplaces above can be wall-mounted. Of course, a few of them can’t. Let’s first eliminate the types of electric fireplaces that can’t be wall-mounted. The portable freestanding type of electric fireplace clearly is made to just be set on the ground and plugged in. The TV stand electric fireplace is also just made to be placed on the ground, and there is no chance or need to mount one of these units on the wall.

Of course, the wall-mounted type that is bought specifically as that kind of fireplace, can be wall-mounted. It already includes everything you need. Out of the other types, if the fireplace has hanging elements on the back like many high end electric fireplaces have, and you get the proper mounting brackets that are designed to hold the weight of an electric fireplace, mounting shouldn’t be an issue. Let’s cover the types that you can wall mount:

  • Flat Wall Mantle Unit – Because these are already made for a flat wall, they are pretty easy to wall mount. You will need to make sure that the unit that you bought has the proper hanging spots built into the back of it. Many of them are due. You might be curious about the mantle itself. Clearly, you wouldn’t want to mount that up as well, as these are made to be put on the ground. Because these units usually have many different types of mantles that you can choose from, they typically aren’t permanently connected to the mantle. So the inner fireplace can be disconnected completely and easily mounted. You may need some kind of housing for aesthetic purposes, but many electric fireplaces look great even without the mantle they come with. Because of this, they are very similar to the electric fireplace insert types, and for some companies, there is no difference.
  • Corner Mantle Unit – While corner units aren’t mounted nearly as much, it is still possible to do so if you have the correct hanging anchor spots on the back of the fireplace. Instead of mounting it to a flat wall, you’d be mounting it to both walls of the corner that it is in. Corner units serve the unique feature that you can easily build something underneath the fireplace after you hang it, to make it look like a complete column unit. This can be something like a unique, corner bookshelf. You can search online for ideas around this, or if you are someone who enjoys woodworking and DIY projects, you might be able to come up with your own solution.
  • Fireplace Insert Unit – Just like the flat wall mantle units above, these are relatively easy to hang on a wall, or even to install as a recessed fireplace. You just need to make sure that the proper wall anchor points are on the back of the fireplace. Luckily, because so many electric fireplaces need anchors to hold them to the wall even if they are placed on the ground, this isn’t a common problem. Just use proper mounting brackets made for electric fireplace mounting.

How Do You Mount An Electric Fireplace?

When it comes to fireplace installation, wall mounting an electric fireplace is quite an easy installation compared to building a new wood fireplace or installing a gas fireplace. However, because of the heavyweight, you do need to make sure that everything is done correctly or you will have some serious issues. If done improperly, your wall can be damaged, and your electric fireplace can fall, damaging the fireplace, and possibly causing yourself injury. While this section serves as a basic overview guide, you will want to follow the exact instructions that come with your wall-mounted electric fireplace. If you didn’t specifically buy a wall-mounted electric fireplace, then check the owner’s manual of your fireplace to see if it has wall mounting instructions. If you are still unsure if your specific unit can be wall-mounted, check with the manufacturer’s website or contact their support.

To install a wall-mounted electric fireplace, there are three main steps after you’ve chosen the best wall for your electric fireplace:

  • Step 1: Install The Mounting Brackets – The Mounting brackets are what get installed first. These are mounted securely to the studs that are behind the drywall of the best wall you’ve chosen. If you don’t secure them to the mounts, and just install the mounting brackets into drywall, the mounting brackets will break out the second you hang your electric fireplace due to the weight. If you have a wall that isn’t drywall, but it is brick, stone, or some other hard material, then you should use proper anchors that are specifically made for mounting into that type of material.
  • Step 2: Hang The Fireplace On The Mounting Brackets – Once the mounting brackets are secured completely on the wall and they are level, you then mount the electric fireplace onto the mounting brackets. While the specifics may vary depending on the type of electric fireplace and mounting brackets that you have, you would usually sit the electric fireplace on a lip at the bottom of the mounting brackets that acts as a small shelf for the back of the electric fireplace base. Then you would connect anchoring points at the top of the back of the electric fireplace to the mounting brackets.
  • Step 3: Install The Electric Fireplace Glass Insert – Many electric fireplaces don’t come with the glass already installed in the fireplace. This makes it easier to mount due to the extra weight. After your electric fireplace is secured to the mounting brackets and the electric fireplace is level, you can install the glass onto the front of the electric fireplace. This is usually rather easy and it simply snaps into place, but like all of the other instructions in this section, first check with the specific installation instructions that can with your electric fireplace as one or more of these steps can be different than what is stated here.

Can You Install Electric Fireplaces In a Recessed Wall?

Yes, you absolutely can install an electric fireplace into a recessed wall. This is one of the features about them that makes them so great for modern homes. Because they don’t require any venting and the blowers are usually located on the front of the unit, you can snuggly fit the electric fireplace into a completely recessed wall if you want to. By fully recessing it in the wall, the fireplace will be completely flush for a very clean look. However, if you want more depth variety, you can install the electric fireplace as a partial recession. This means that part of the electric fireplace will still be sticking out of the wall.

Being able to install fireplaces in a recessed wall relies on a couple of things. First, how far you can recess the fireplace depends on how thick the fireplace is versus how thick the inner wall space is. If the inner wall has less depth than the thickness of the fireplace, you will need to install it as a partial recession instead of a full recession. Luckily, most electric fireplaces don’t have a lot of depth to them for this space-saving reason. Second, you need to make sure there is enough room between two studs for the width of the fireplace. This can be tricky for much wider, linear fireplaces, in which case specific installation strategies for those types of units would have to be implemented.

It is good to remember that unless you are experienced with doing this sort of thing, it may be a good idea to call a profession. This is especially true for any of the more difficult wall recession jobs where the solution isn’t so obvious.

Are Electric Fireplaces Really The Best Fireplace Option? What Is Wrong With Wood or Gas Fireplaces?

Wood fireplaces are notoriously a hassle. There is so much work and maintenance that you have to put into them. You have to clean them regularly, and call professional cleaners for the chimney several times per year. They are also incredibly unsafe due to the higher chance of a house fire or smoke inhalation issues.

Gas fireplaces, while they seem like a decent alternative, still have a lot of safety issues with the flame and gas fumes. They also do a poor job of looking like a traditional fireplace.

Electric fireplaces have tons of benefits. They are completely safe to use. There are no real flames and no harmful emissions. They are easy to install. They are more cost-effective to heat your home. Many electric fireplaces come with a remote control so you don’t even have to get up if you want to change the temperature.

Does Brand Make A Difference When Choosing A Wall Mounted Fireplace?

When choosing electric fireplaces there are many factors to consider. What specific features does an electric fireplace has, how good the flame effects are, what materials it uses, and more. Some brands might have models with stainless steel, others may have a log set that is a driftwood log or an ember bed in the firebox. Still others might have a multicolor flame. Some brands might have tempered glass, and some have curved glass. Different brands will have a big difference in quality, but many also specialize in specific features of the fireplace. Some brands might use an LED flame with a backlight, others might use cheap mechanical devices. Still others like the Dimplex Opti Myst use LEDs that shine on water vapor to get a somewhat 3D moving flame. Keep in mind, that with things like an LED fire, you have to consider flame brightness.

While there are plenty of good brands like Dimplex, Touchstone, Muskoka, Amantii, Napoleon, ClassicFlame, Simplifire, and more, there is one brand that has the most realistic flame: MagikFlame. MagikFlame uses ultrarealistic 3D holographic flickering flames.

Which Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Is Best?

MagikFlame electric fireplaces have several models that can be wall mounted, which is great for anyone who cares about having a top-of-the-line realistic electric fireplace. There are several key benefits that people choose MagikFlame over other electric fireplaces:

  • Superior Visuals – The visual flame effect of MagikFlame electric fireplaces are the most ultra-realistic flames on the market. They use 3D holographic flames that are projected inside of the fireplace. These 3d flames look like the real thing. The flicker and have embers that spark off of them. 30 different flames can be swapped between at the push of a button so that you can choose the flames that fit the mood you prefer.
  • Audio Enhancement – The sound of crackling logs is what makes the ultra-realistic flames feel even more alive. By adding these audio enhancements, MagikFlame electric fireplaces have a fireplace atmosphere that feels like you are sitting in front of a real wood fireplace. There are also optional nature sounds you can swap between as well.
  • Heating Power – the adjustable heat of the 5,200 BTU heater can easily keep the room at the exact temperature that you want. The infrared quartz heating element warms the air quickly, allowing the 5,200 BTU heater to quickly warm a space of up to 1,000 square feet.
  • Touch Screen Control – Many electric fireplaces come with a remote control. MagikFlame electric fireplaces use an intuitive smartphone app so you don’t need a boring remote control. With it you can power it on, set the thermostat, and change any of the flame effect and audio features.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

Product specifications and features are subject to change without notice and may vary from actual products available. Readers should consult the manufacturer or retailer directly for the most up-to-date information, installation requirements, safety guidelines, and warranty details.

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