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Is There a Media Cabinet That Fits an Electric Fireplace?

media cabinet fits

If you are reading this now, chances are you are already looking at electric fireplaces. You may be limited on space and looking for ways to maximize the space that you have and allow more accessibility. Some people might try to find a media cabinet that will fit an electric fireplace. Others might get a media console or a TV stand that has an electric fireplace built right into the body of it and you can put your flat-screen TV on top. Or, instead of a media console or media stand, someone might want to get a fireplace that is wall-mounted or wall-recessed.

Of course, that might not be the only reason someone wants to put an electric fireplace inside of a media stand. You might actually just not like the look of an electric fireplace, so you don’t want it to be the focal point of your home. If this is the case, you are probably looking at cheap, generic fireplaces that are so tacky they deserve to be dropped curbside with a free sign on them. Instead, you should check out some of the more high-end electric fireplaces that look beautiful and modern. Many of the higher-end brands use flame technology that will make it look like you genuinely have a real fireplace in your home that everyone can enjoy.

Regardless of where you are at in your electric fireplace journey, this article is going to help you along the way. We will talk about getting a media cabinet to fit your electric fireplace, other space-saving options, what style of fireplace you might want, and much more.

In The Article That Follows, You Will Have Several Questions Answered:

  • What Electric Fireplace Types Are There and What Are Their Benefits? – A lot of people who are looking for their first electric fireplace might have issues because there are so many choices out there. Even after you understand what types of fireplaces there are, you still might be on the fence and not sure whether they are the best decision for your home. In this section, we will help you with both of these issues. We will talk about the fireplace types that are most common in homes as well as the upsides that these electric fireplaces have.
  • Is There a Media Cabinet That Fits an Electric Fireplace? – If you are looking for some kind of media cabinet that you can fit an electric fireplace inside of, this will help you out with the pros and cons of doing this as well as some additional things that you should consider.
  • Instead of a Media Cabinet, Can You Get a Media Console or a TV Stand That Has an Electric Fireplace That Is Built Into It? – This section will talk about using a TV stand with a fireplace inside of it. What the pros and cons are when choosing this as an electric fireplace for your home, and what specific features you should be aware of?
  • What Are Some Better Electric Fireplace Options That You Can Use In Your Home? – There are even more options in your home if you are trying to save space. This will give you some different space-saving electric fireplace options so that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the fireplace and can still allow for plenty of extra space in your home.
  • What Home Decor Styles Go Well With Electric Fireplaces? – Home decor and interior design are important if you want a space that you are happy and comfortable in. Here we will talk about what home decor style means and what different styles of fireplaces might go well with different styles of interior design.
  • What Are Some Features To Be Aware of When Looking For an Electric Fireplace In The Home? – When looking for electric fireplaces, there are some specific features you should pay attention to so that you know you are getting your money’s worth. In this section, we will highlight the things for you to be aware of so that you get the right electric fireplace.
  • Are There Specific Brands of Electric Fireplaces That Are Better Than Others? – Brands vary in quality and reliability. You don’t want to grab your credit card and buy the first electric fireplace online that is listed under new arrivals or is on sale. Doing this can leave you with something generic and tacky that you won’t be happy with. Instead, choose a quality brand. This section will cover brands like Highboy, Dimplex, Duraflame, and more.
  • What Is The Absolute Best Electric Fireplace Brand When It Comes To a Real Fireplace Atmosphere? – If you need an electric fireplace that gives you an authentic fireplace experience, there is only one electric fireplace that you should decide to put in your home. Here we will highlight all of the benefits and features of this top electric fireplace brand.
What Electric Fireplace Types Are There and What Are Their Benefits?

It’s good if you understand what types of electric fireplaces there are so that you know which one will be best for your specific home situation. Here are the most common types:

●      Flat Wall Mantel Fireplace – This is the type of fireplace that is the most common type you will find. These are a fireplace and a mantel that is installed by placing it on the ground against a wall.

●      Corner Fireplace – These are just the same as the flat wall models that are listed above. The only real difference with these models is that they are shaped to sit in the corner of a room. These sit out of the way and take up less wall space.

●      Flat Wall Fireplace TV Stand or Media Console – These are fireplaces purposely built into the body of a TV stand. They are also good if you want to save space by using fewer pieces of furniture.

●      Corner Media Fireplace – This is a corner unit that is built as a TV stand. While you can put a TV on a standard corner unit, these versions have more shelves and other features.

●      Wall Mount Electric Fireplace – This is a fireplace that you can mount on a wall or install into a recessed wall up off of the ground. These are secured to the studs with special mounting brackets.

●      Fireplace Insert – For people with traditional fireplaces that burn wood, you place these inserts into the opening and now it is an electric fireplace.

●      Freestanding Fireplace – These are portable heaters. They have been designed to look like a fireplace rather than your typical space heater.

●      Electric Stove – This is an electric fireplace that has the aesthetic design of a farmhouse wood stove.

These electric fireplaces, especially if you properly invest in a high-end model, will have tons of benefits like those listed below:

●      No Flames – There are no flames so you don’t have to worry about the extra risk of a house fire like traditional fireplaces.

●      No Emissions – Electric fireplaces don’t produce harmful smoke or carbon monoxide.

●      No Stains and No Smells – While traditional fireplaces will stain your walls and furniture all while leaving a lasting, unpleasant smell, electric fireplaces won’t do either of these things because they don’t produce smoke.

●      No Hassle – Wood fireplaces have a lot of work that goes into maintaining them and using them. Electric fireplaces don’t need any regular maintenance and they are simple to use. Once you’ve turned them on and set the temperature, they will automatically adjust their heat production to fit your ideal temperature and keep it there.

●      Heat Efficient – Because there is no necessary ventilation like a chimney for heat to be lost through, electric fireplaces retain as much heat in the room as possible, allowing it to be more efficient. On top of this, infrared heating devices use very little electricity to warm your room.

●      TV Safe – You can hang a TV above an electric fireplace without the risk of damaging it.

●      Remote Control – Electric fireplaces have a remote or a phone app that will let you control it without the need to get up.

●      Room Freedom – You can install electric fireplaces in any room. All you need is a nearby wall outlet.

●      Realistic Flames – With high-end holographic fireplaces, you can get flame effects that genuinely look like the real thing.

Is There a Media Cabinet That Fits an Electric Fireplace?

Yes, you can find media cabinets where you can find space for an electric fireplace. First, you would need to measure the outside of the fireplace that you want to get. It should be an insert model, nothing with a mantel. You then need to look for media cabinets that have an interior space that will fit the fireplace insert you choose to get. Make sure it not only fits but that the doors can be closed completely instead of always jutting slightly out.
Of course, there are downsides to doing something like this. First, you might be limiting yourself on how large the fireplace is, therefore you would need to purchase something of a lower quality, with a weaker heating device inside of it. Second, you will be blocking the wonderful view of your fireplace whenever you aren’t using it.
You might be interested in the idea of putting an electric fireplace into a media cabinet due to the need to save space. Or you might just not like the look of the electric fireplace you have or were thinking about getting. Both of these are non-issues. For starters, we will cover later in this guide some better options if you want an electric fireplace while saving space in your home. Also, you likely are looking at the wrong fireplaces if you don’t want them displayed all of the time in your home. We will also cover later some higher-quality brands of fireplaces that are much better for your home aesthetic.

Instead of a Media Cabinet, Can You Get a Media Console or a TV Stand That Has an Electric Fireplace That Is Built Into It?

This is a choice that some people like to do if they need to save space in their homes. You can get an entertainment center with an electric fireplace built into it. They will also have lots of other features around your fireplace. These will be features like storage space for your media cabinet collection, an open shelf or two for your cable box, DVD player, or other devices, open storage to display your movies and other media storage items, or adjustable shelving like a bookcase. These can be an open shelf that might be out of wood, an open shelf or glass shelves, or various other features.

What Are Some Better Electric Fireplace Options That You Can Use In Your Home?

While putting an electric fireplace into a media cabinet or getting a TV stand fireplace might sound like a good idea, there are actually even better options where you can save more space and have a better electric fireplace with the space that you use.
First, you can wall mount an electric fireplace or install a fireplace into a recessed wall. By wall mounting a fireplace, you allow for additional furniture to be placed below it, or just freeing up walking space. A recessed fireplace, whether it is wall mounted or not, can allow a fireplace to sit flush against the wall, allowing a lot more space in front of it.
Standard electric fireplaces actually don’t take up as much space as you think, so you might be able to just get a standard flat wall mantel package electric fireplace and then mount your TV up above it. This will allow you to have a beautiful, quality fireplace on display in your home while still having a convenient spot for your TV. It also has the added bonus of putting the two most common focuses of a room into the exact same spot. The only downside is you don’t have as much space for things like your media devices. However, these days, everyone is streaming everything anyway on Netflix and other streaming services. These streaming apps are built directly into the TV and don’t even require a streaming device to be plugged into the TV.

What Home Decor Styles Go Well With Electric Fireplaces?

The interior design style is more than just what types of furniture you use or what curtains you hang up. It is everything. It is a credenza in your dining room or entryway to your living room, the nightstands by your bed, your cookware, your flat dinnerware, your dinnerware that includes glassware, and even your bakeware. Style can be found in your candle holders, your chandeliers, and your bookcase. It can even be little things like poufs, ottomans, a shaker, or a duvet. Interior design isn’t just about the latest item that is trending or the color swatches and pattern swatches you use to decorate your home. It is the entire package.
There are quite a lot of home decor styles that you can choose from. Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles that fit whatever interior design style you use. You can do something that is mid-century modern, a rustic farmhouse style, or something more luxurious with ornate designs on them. Whether you are choosing a TV console like a wood TV stand fireplace, or you are going with a more traditional-looking electric fireplace that isn’t a media center, you should be able to find something that matches the style you want to go with.

Do you have a lot of teak in your house? Do you want something that looks like it was made from a barn door? Do you want solid wood? Do you prefer glass doors that open or sliding doors? Do you want something that matches the wood grain of your sideboard or do you want something that compliments your sideboard while still looking different? Do you want something that is a bright, clean white finish? Or do you want something darker like espresso?

What Are Some Features To Be Aware of When Looking For an Electric Fireplace In The Home?

There are a few different things that you should be on the lookout for whenever you are thinking about getting a new electric fireplace for your home. These are:
●      Material Used – Are you getting something that is a stainless steel recessed wall insert? Something with a strong, solid wood type? Engineered wood like particle board? You want to make sure the fireplace you are getting uses quality materials that will last a long time.

●      Build Quality – How the fireplace is built is just as important as the materials it uses. You want to go with a respected brand that is known for good craftsmanship so that you can have a fireplace that won’t break down after a couple of years.

●      Overall Type and Style – You want to choose a type of fireplace that fits your needs and space, as well as choosing one that fits your home decor style and colors.

●      Heating Ability – You want to make sure the heater inside of the fireplace is powerful and can easily warm a room and keep it warm. High-end brands use infrared quartz convection heaters that do this without any issue. They can warm a room quickly, keep it warm easily, and they will use the least amount of electricity possible when they are doing it.

●      Fire Affect Technology – When it comes to electric fireplaces, one of the most important aspects is actually how well it simulates the flames of a real fireplace. You don’t want cheap fire technology that just shows some random LED lights on a moving mechanical device. At the very least you need LED flames. However, for the top-of-the-line realism, you should absolutely go with holographic flames like those in MagikFlame fireplaces. These are the most authentic flames you will find in an electric fireplace, and you will have trouble telling if you are sitting in front of a real fireplace or not.

Are There Specific Brands of Electric Fireplaces That Are Better Than Others

Brand quality matters a lot. First of all, don’t buy generic brands. They have too many issues and it will end up just costing you more money when you quickly need to replace them. They heat poorly, use way more electricity than necessary, and the flame effects are always pathetic to look at. Because you will need to replace a generic fireplace once you are eventually disappointed with it, it is actually a better deal to buy a high-end electric fireplace the first time, one that will last you for decades.
While there are some decent brands that you can get like Dimplex, Highboy, Duraflame, Classicflame, Luxe, Touchstone, and more, there is only one electric fireplace brand you should get if you want excellent quality, a powerful heater, and the most realistic flame effects. That brand is MagikFlame.
Media Cabinet fits

What Is The Absolute Best Electric Fireplace Brand When It Comes To a Real Fireplace Atmosphere?

MagikFlame fireplaces are easily considered one of the best fireplaces for a realistic and authentic atmosphere because of these features:

●      Premium Flame Effects – To make a realistic 3D flame experience, MagikFlame fireplaces project their hologram flickering flames onto a physical log set. There are 30 different flames that you can choose from that vary depending on what kind of mood you are interested in setting.

●      Deluxe Crackling Log Sounds – While many electric fireplaces just show you the visuals, MagikFlame adds audio enhancement on top of their realistic flames. By hearing the crackling audio sounds of burning logs, you will be further immersed in the authentic atmosphere.

●      Superior 5,200 BTU Heater – The powerful infrared heater inside of MagikFlame fireplaces can easily keep an area of 1,000 square feet toasty and warm for you. These heaters are very efficient and use the least amount of electricity necessary

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