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Where Do You Put a TV in a Living Room With a Fireplace?

Living room with TV above fireplace

It doesn’t matter if you have an architect designing your new home, you have a home builder already building it, or you simply feel like doing a fresh remodel of your living room. No matter what, there are two things that are usually the focal points of the room: the TV and the fireplace.

However, finding the perfect placement of these can be tricky, especially if the focal points clash across the room. Which do you even point your couches and chairs towards? Luckily, there is a great solution. Align the TV with the fireplace vertically by mounting a TV above the fireplace and combining it into a single focal point.

Within this article, we are going to be your personal interior designer helping you make important home decor and interior design decisions when it comes to your TV and your fireplace.

The Article That Follows Will Help You By Answering The Following Questions:

Can You Mount TVs Up Over Wood-Burning Fireplaces or Gas Fireplaces or Is It Unsafe To Mount TVs Up Above These?

Unfortunately, it really isn’t safe or good for your TV if you want to mount it directly above a fireplace that burns wood or gas to produce heat. Although it can seem like a very convenient place for your to put your TV, it really just isn’t worth the risk.

The big problem is that even with the chimney, a bit of smoke will always find its way into your home a bit. With your TV mounted directly above the fireplace, you have the unfortunate problem of that concentrated smoke filling the internal components. Over time, this allows soot to build up on the circuit boards within the TV. Additionally, a lot of the heat generated by your fireplace will rise directly upwards and can begin to melt some of the solder on the circuit board as well. This combination of smoke and heat can cause your TV to eventually stop working. It will need repairs or replacement.

Most TVs will tell you directly in the owner’s manual that you shouldn’t be mounting your TV directly above wood fireplaces or gas fireplaces. Because this is stated in the owner’s manual, damage to your TV usually isn’t covered under any kind of warranties that come with the TV. It is considered your fault due to negligence and improper use of the TV set.

It isn’t just your TV breaking that is the issue. In some circumstances, this can even result in the internal components of the TV sparking and causing a fire. This added fire risk is the most important reason you should never mount TVs above fireplaces that burn wood or gas. While you can always replace a broken TV, replacing a house is much more difficult, and a random house fire like this can easily become deadly to the family that lives there.

Wood-burning fireplace

Other Than Mounting TVs Up Above Them, What Other Common Problems Does a Gas or Wood Fireplace Have?

If it weren’t enough that you really shouldn’t be mounting any kind of TV above wood or gas fireplaces, there are even more issues you need to be aware of if you are thinking of using these types of fireplaces. First, here are the main, common types of wood-burning fireplaces that are frequently found within homes:

  • Open Hearth
  • Enclosed
  • Enclosed Insert
  • Wood Stove
  • Fire Pit

Although these different fireplace styles can seem fun and nostalgic, it really isn’t worth it when you consider all of the problems and downsides. Here are just the most common reasons that wood fireplaces are more trouble than they are worth:

  • Fire Safety – They are a leading cause of house fires due to the soot buildup.
  • Harmful Emissions – Both smoke and carbon monoxide are huge problems.
  • Hassle To Use – It is a lot of work to use and maintain these fireplaces.
  • Heat Loss Problem – A lot of heat is always lost through the chimney.
  • Smell – You have to worry about the constant smoky smell when used.
  • Stains – Smoke always ends up yellowing walls and furniture eventually.
  • Wood Storage – Plenty of storage space for wood is required.
  • Expensive To Build – It is a big project with a big price tag.

People that know that wood fireplaces are a big problem look for other options. One of these options is gas fireplaces. Here are the two main types:

  • Direct Vented
  • Ventless

It is true that gas fireplaces, in most cases, are going to be a little safer, less of a hassle, and more efficient than wood fireplaces for your home. Unfortunately, they are far from the best option because they still have all of these issues for you to contend with:

  • Flame Is Exposed – An exposed flame still leaves a fire hazard risk.
  • Carbon Monoxide – This harmful emissions is still present.
  • Ugly Flame Color – The flame colors always look off and unrealistic.
  • Weak Flame – The flames are underwhelming and don’t move properly.
  • Costly Installation – Professionals have to be hired to install these for you.

If Mounting TVs Up Over Wood and Gas Fireplaces Is Bad For The Flat Screen TV, What Other Fireplace Options Are There To Mount Your TVs Up Over?

Even though TV mounting above wood and gas fireplaces is a huge problem, there is still another fireplace option that will work well. With an electric fireplace, there is absolutely no smoke produced that will find its way into your home or into your TV as.

As for the heat that electric fireplaces produce, this is pushed towards the center of the room with blowers rather than rising directly above the fireplace. Because of this, it is perfectly safe to mount TVs above electric fireplaces. You really don’t have to worry if the TV will be damaged by your electric fireplace, and as a result, you also don’t have to worry that a sparking TV can start a fire.

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits and upsides that you get to take advantage of if you choose to go with an electric fireplace option. Here is everything great about them:

  • No Added Fire Risk – Electric fireplaces don’t pose an extra fire safety risk like wood and gas fireplaces.
  • No Harmful Emissions – No carbon monoxide or smoke will ever come out of your electric fireplace because it doesn’t burn anything.
  • Using it is Easy – Electric fireplaces are convenient and easy to use compared to traditional fireplaces.
  • No Staining or Smells – No burning means no smoke which means stains and smells due to smoke won’t occur.
  • Easy Installing – If you have a nearby electrical outlet, it is easy to install an electric fireplace by yourself.
  • Apartments and Condos – Electric fireplaces can be used in apartments, condos, and rental properties.
  • Any Room – You aren’t limited to just one room. You can actually put them in any room.
  • Heat Efficiency – The extreme energy efficiency means your heating bill will remain low.
  • Supplemental Zone Heating – Multiple fireplaces can be used in even large homes to keep the heating costs down.
  • Remote Control – Electric fireplaces commonly come with some kind of remote control or even a smartphone app.
  • Flame Effect Ambiance – As long as you invest in a quality electric fireplaces, you can get the nostalgic, inviting atmosphere of a traditional fireplace.
TV mounted above wood fireplace

For Electric Fireplaces, Is There a TV Fireplace Stand Combination Unit You Can Get To Simply Place TVs Up On Them?

There absolutely are TV stands that have electric fireplaces built directly into them. This has a few different advantages. First, you save quite a lot of space since you don’t need a separate TV stand and fireplace in the main room of your house.

Additionally, because it is a TV stand, you don’t have to go to the extra trouble of mounting your TV since you get to simply place it on top. Lastly, there are plenty of shelves and cabinet space for your media collection and devices. If you were to mount your TV, you would need to store your media and devices somewhere else.

TV stand fireplaces come in a wide variety of types, but the two main types are rectangular TV stand fireplaces that would be placed on the floor up against one of the flat walls of your home. As an alternative, there are also TV stand fireplaces that are built for the corner of the room instead.

Keep in mind that the corner units tend to be a little smaller and therefore the TV size you can have on them is also limited. That being said, these units are good if you feel like make the corner of your living room the focus of the room rather than a flat wall. Although this might be strange in some square shaped rooms, it works well in rooms with a more asymmetric shape or layout.

What Are The Common Features You Can Expect With a TV Fireplace Stand or Entertainment Center?

The materials and the style are two of the things that you will notice first when it comes to these TV stand fireplaces. You can get them in particle board, solid wood, and more. For colors, you can go with something dark like espresso.

If espresso isn’t exactly the look you are going for, there are many natural wood looking options you will be able to find and painted options as well. You can also find something neutral in a grey wash. For a modern farmhouse or rustic farmhouse design you might want something that looks like an old barn door.

Other features to be on the lookout for is how much storage space it has. Are there large storage cabinets for your media storage needs? Are there bookcases with adjustable shelves? Adjustable shelves are useful if you have different sized devices and you want to make sure you are fitting it all in efficiently. Also, if you have DVD players, cable boxes, or other devices, shelving that is an open shelf design will be preferable.

While cubbies with glass shelves or a glass door might look nice, glass doors and shelves are more fragile, need to be cleaned more often, and remotes may have trouble controlling your devices without opening the doors. On the flip side, glass doors for the cabinets might be nice if you want to easily see your media collection without the need to open your doors.

Another feature you need to consider is the size of the unit. Larger units can handle a much larger inch TV than smaller units. Not only is weight a big factor, but there is also the fact that you don’t want the sides of the TV sticking out past the base of the TV stand. If the TV sides stick past the stand, it is much easier to bump into it and knock your TV off of the stand. Also, keep in mind if you need additional space on top for a large sound bar or other speakers.

For the fireplace itself, how realistic do you want your fireplace to look? Are you happy with some basic LED lights for fire effects on a screen? Or do you want something that is realistically projected over a driftwood log set or other physical log set?

What Is The Problem With Getting a Media Center Fireplace Made From Particle Board or Other Engineered Wood With a Laminate Finish?

While the lower price of these kinds of TV stands can be very tempting, they really won’t last nearly as long as solid wood media stands. The particle board tends to chip and break quite easily. On top of this, it is also extremely common for the laminate to peel and curl at the corners after only six months to a year.

If you want something that will look good year-round, year after year, then spend a little more and invest in a stand made from a solid, quality wood. This slightly more expensive investment will actually save you money in the long run because you are buying something that will last. You won’t be replacing it after only a year of use.

Are Fireplace Media Console and TV Stand Console Brands Like Walker Edison and Ameriwood Good?

Before loading up Firefox and Chrome, or running down to your local store and hunting for deals, you need to understand the importance of buying a quality brand. While there are many good brands like Ameriwood and Walker Edison, not all of them will have the specific features that you want.

When purchasing one, you want to check what styles and features that trusted brand specializes in first. Make sure the aesthetics of the brand matches your living room furniture and other decorations. If the fireplace entertainment center from Walker Edison is the best fit for you, go with that. If another brand matches your living area, that should be your choice.

Regardless of which one you end up going with, you need to keep in mind that generic fireplaces and TV stands have quite a lot of issues over trusted brands. It won’t last nearly as long, it will perform poorly, and they tend to look cheap. If you do go the route of choosing a TV stand style electric fireplace for your home, then be sure to get one from a quality brand so you know it will last.

Are There Possible Disadvantages To a TV Fireplace Stand, Media Console, or Other Type of Electric Fireplace TV Stand?

Unfortunately, there are some serious disadvantages with using TV stand fireplaces in your home. First is the actual electric fireplace inside of it. All of that shelf space and cabinetry allows a limited space for the actual fireplace unit. This means the size will be limited, and as a result, the performance of the fireplace itself can also be limited. Although it will vary from brand to brand and model to model, the electric fireplaces inside of TV stands will usually be worse than their standalone electric fireplace counterparts. The two main things that will be affected will be the heating ability and the fire effects. Before buying, you should check to see what type of heater it uses, the BTUs it can put out, and also the fire effect technology used for the fireplace.

Another downside of TV stand fireplaces is that because it is two things in one, if one part of it breaks, you essentially have to replace the entire thing. If you get a unit and the shelving, doors, or legs break, you now have a working electric fireplace supported by a broken TV stand. Conversely, if the fireplace inside of the TV stand stops working, you are left with what is nothing more than a very expensive TV stand in your home.

Instead of Media Cabinets, a Media Stand, or Fireplace TV Console, What Other Infrared Electric Fireplace Varieties Are There and Which Will Work Well With a TV Mounted Above It?

There are many varieties and types of electric fireplaces. And for each type, there are countless brands and models as well. Below is a list of the main types of electric fireplaces. We will note which ones work well if you want to mount an electric fireplace over it, and we will also mention which ones you should make sure to just stay away from. Here are the fireplaces:

  • Flat Wall Mantel Package – Typically the most traditional looking and perfect for TV mounting.
  • Corner Electric Fireplace – Built for the corner, mount a TV above it or set one on top.
  • Wall Mount Fireplace – These modern wall mounted electric fireplaces can be installed below or alongside your mounted TV.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert – These can be used with any mantel, convert your existing fireplace, or placed inside of TV stands with proper dimensions.
  • Freestanding Fireplace Heater – These portable devices never work well and should be avoided.
  • Electric Stove – These look like wood stoves and should only be used in homes with rural decor.

How Do You Mount a TV Above an Infrared Electric Fireplace Securely So That It Doesn’t Fall Down?

If you want to mount a fireplace on the wall, you need to use mounting brackets. Some TVs may come with mounting brackets, while other TVs you might need to purchase the mounting brackets separate from the TV. If you are doing the latter, make sure that the specific mounts you buy will work with your TV model, including the dimensions.

It is important to note that you will be mounting the TV to the wood studs within the wall and not just to the drywall itself. If you try to hang a TV on the drywall, it will come crashing down. This will result in damage to your wall, damage to your TV, and pain or injury to anyone that happens to be in the way. By mounting the TV to the studs within the wall, you ensure that the TVs weight will be properly supported.

Different mounting brackets will have different specific steps on how to install it. However, overall, you will be securing the brackets to the studs in the wall first, and then attaching the TV to the mounting brackets. If you try to attach the brackets to the TV first instead of the wall first, it will be incredibly difficult to mount it properly, if at all.

Keep in mind that some mounting brackets are static so the TV simply stays in place against the wall. However, some mounting brackets have arms and swivels so that you can pull the TV out, turn it, or tilt it up and down. If you install a mounting bracket setup like this, make sure that the TV will still clear the fireplace mantel without issues before finalizing the installation. You don’t want to finish installing your TV just to find out it hits or scratches the beautiful wood mantel top of your fireplace when pulled away from the wall.

Lounge with a TV above electric fireplace

Which Electric Fireplace Modern Brand Features Beautiful White Oak Mantle Options and Flame Effects That Look Like a Real Flame?

MagikFlame fireplaces have a modern design that also looks completely timeless at the exact same time. They have several models with beautiful white mantels, with some darker mantel options as well. They even have inserts for your own custom solution. Regardless of which mantel style you go with, all MagikFlame fireplaces have these features included:

  • Ultra-Realistic 3D Fire Effects – Inside of the firebox of each MagikFlame fireplace is a glowing ember bed with a log set on top. Due to the incredible Holoflame technology, 3D flames are holographically projected right onto that physical log set. The fire looks and moves just like the fire from traditional fireplaces. There are 30 different styles of flames that come with your MagikFlame fireplace, making it very easy to set your perfect mood.
  • Crackling Log Sounds – Atmosphere is everything. The best way to take the already impressive visual effects and elevate the atmosphere even further is to add the sounds of crackling logs. These sounds help increase the immersion and realism, as well as adding relaxation. For even more relaxation, there are also some nature sounds available to be played as well.
  • 5,200 BTU Heater – The infrared heater inside of your MagikFlame electric fireplace is capable of warming an area of 1,000 sq. ft. The efficiency of the infrared heating coil means that you will be using the least amount of electricity possible for you to heat your home.
  • Smartphone App – For your MagikFlame fireplace, you can control it effortlessly with their application that can be installed on your tablet or smartphone. This app will allow you to easily change the thermostat to your liking, cycle between both audio and visual effects, and much more.

Here are some more links if you have more questions about MagikFlame fireplaces:

  • MagikFlame Reviews: Check here if you would like to hear some testimonials directly from MagikFlame customers.
  • Payment Plans and Financing: The payment plans that are available through MagikFlame making getting your fireplace effortless.
  • MagikFlame Warranty: All MagikFlame fireplaces come with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Compact White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Corner White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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