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Installation 101: Can You Put a TV Above an Electric Fireplace

can you put tv above electric fireplace

The ambiance of a fireplace is very much appreciated during a particularly cold winter. There are few things that instantly make you feel cozy and comfortable like a roaring fireplace. Whether you want to lay on your couch in front of the fireplace and read a good book, or you just want the wonderful atmosphere that a fireplace provides when you have guests over, a great fireplace is a perfect addition to any home.

The problem is many people are getting away from traditional fireplaces. They can be dangerous, aren’t as cost-effective as you might think, and building a new one isn’t even allowed anymore in many regions. There are also people that live in apartments or condos that would love a fireplace but it just isn’t viable at all.

This is where electric fireplaces come into play. High-end electric fireplaces have advanced so much over the years. These days, if you claim one of the luxury electric fireplaces on the market for yourself, many of your guests won’t even realize it is electric.

However, if you have recently purchased one of these fireplaces or you are planning to soon, you might have some questions. What are the benefits of electric fireplaces? Do you need more than one? Can you put TV above electric fireplace? All these questions and more will be answered below.

In This Post, You Will Learn:

  • Downsides of Traditional Fireplaces That Burn Wood – We quickly cover the different types of traditional fireplaces and why a wood-burning fireplace is not a good idea to use in your home.
  • Downsides of Fireplaces That Burn Gas – While some people think that a gas fireplace is a good alternative to one that burns wood, this section will explain why this is also a bad idea.
  • Benefits of Electric Fireplaces – Electric fireplaces are one of the best choices when installing a fireplace into your home. This section will detail why.
  • Types of Electric Fireplaces – There are different types of electric fireplaces depending on your specific needs and home layout. This section will cover the different types.
  • How Do Electric Fireplaces Work? – Here we go into the details of how electric fireplaces produce heat and their visual flame effects to simulate a real fireplace.
  • Can You Put TV Above Electric Fireplace? – We finally answer the questions: Can you put TV above electric fireplace? This section also has some additional tips involving electric fireplaces.
  • What Is The Best Electric Fireplace On The Market? – We highlight all of the benefits and features of one of the best electric fireplaces that you can get for your home.
  • Do I Need Multiple Electric Fireplaces Or Just One? – This will help you decide if you need multiple electric fireplaces or if one will be enough.
  • Will I Regret Purchasing A Cheap Fireplace? – This section shares some good points about why you want to avoid cheap fireplaces.

Downsides of Traditional Fireplaces That Burn Wood

Before we jump right into talking about electric fireplaces, it is important to talk a little bit about the different types of wood burning fireplaces on the market and why they should be avoided. There are four main types of fireplaces that burn wood:

  • Open Hearth Fireplace – This is the most common type of fireplace that people think of. It’s simply an open firebox to build a fire in which smoke and other emissions can escape through the flue and chimney.
  • Enclosed Fireplace – These kinds of fireplaces are enclosed with a glass panel in front of the fire. This helps them burn wood slightly more efficiently and are slightly less dangerous than an open hearth fireplace.
  • Fireplace Insert – Some people who already have an open hearth fireplace may want to convert it into an enclosed version. The conversion is done with one of these enclosed fireplace inserts.
  • Wood Stove – While this isn’t necessarily what people think of when they picture a fireplace, it basically works the same way. Wood is burned inside of the stove and the stove itself radiates heat into the room. The top surface can be used for cooking.

There is no doubt that a traditional fireplace that burns wood has a certain sense of nostalgia. However, there are so many downsides of using one of these fireplaces that it isn’t worth it. This is especially true when there are electric fireplaces that can capture that same sense of nostalgic atmosphere.

Wood fireplaces are the least cost-effective and efficient way to warm your home.

Wood fireplaces are less than safe. They can be quite dangerous. A fireplace that burns wood is one of the leading causes of homes catching on fire. Despite ventilation, smoke and carbon monoxide also find their way into your home. The smoke has a bad lingering smell and can stain the furniture and walls of your home.

You can never hang a TV above a fireplace that burns wood. You are guaranteed to have heat damage to your TV and this damage won’t be covered by your TV’s warranty.

On top of all of this, fireplaces that burn wood are a huge hassle to use and maintain. You have to constantly add new logs when old logs are finished. You have to regularly stoke the fire. Every day you need to clean out all of the excess ash. You also have to hire a professional a couple of times per year to clean out all of the soot that builds up inside of your chimney.

Downsides of Fireplaces That Burn Gas

While some people think that fireplaces that run on gas are a better option, this is far from the truth. There are two main types of gas fireplaces, and each has their own fault. The two types are:

  • Direct-Vented Built-In Gas Fireplaces – These are gas fireplaces that require you to have ventilation installed, usually in the form of a pipe, but it can also use an existing chimney. The flame on these tend to burn a bright yellow or orange color.
  • Ventless Built-In Gas Fireplaces – These are gas fireplaces that don’t require any kind of ventilation at all due to the gas that is used for them. However, the flame on these tend to burn a blue color.

Gas fireplaces are slightly safer and burn slightly cleaner than fireplaces that burn wood, however they still produce harmful emissions. An incomplete burn of the gas, just like an incomplete burn of wood, can cause carbon monoxide to be released into your home which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. The gas can also cause a bad smell in your home, similar to a gas stove that has been on for a significant amount of time.

Many gas fireplaces don’t produce the right amount of heat that people want in their home. They can leave you still feeling a bit cold, especially during harsh winters.

When it comes to interior design, gas fireplaces can be an eyesore. Many just don’t truly capture the look of a traditional fireplace. The direct-vented flame color isn’t quite right, and the blue flame of the ventless fireplace looks absolutely artificial. Many gas fireplaces also produce very weak flames, with little to no flickering effect that you see in a real log-burning fire.

Gas fireplaces require you to have new gas lines run in your home to the location of your new fireplace. This can be a costly project to take on.

tv above electric fireplace

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are easily one of the best fireplaces to choose if you want to cost-effectively warm your home. High end electric fireplaces are energy efficient and can produce enough heat to keep your home very warm.

Electric fireplaces don’t require any kind of ventilation. They don’t burn anything, therefore they don’t produce any harmful emissions. The fact that they don’t require ventilation is also what adds to their efficiency. With wood and gas fireplaces, a lot of heat is lost through ventilation. With electric fireplaces all of the heat remains in the home.

Electric fireplaces are super easy to install. You simply place your fireplace in the location that you’ve chosen for it, then you plug it in to a standard 120 volt electrical outlet. By choosing a plug-in electrical fireplace, you can easily put one in any room of your house. There is no extensive construction needed when installing electric fireplaces.

Many electric fireplaces come with a remote control to turn it on and off, set the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, and control any other features the fireplaces come with.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

There are four main types of electric fireplaces that people tend to get for their living room:

  • Fireplace Mantel – These are electric fireplaces that come in two pieces: The fireplace itself and the mantel. By coming in two pieces it allows homeowners to choose a mantel style that suits them. These come as wall units, corner units, and sometimes even as part of an entertainment center or TV stand.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert – An electric fireplace insert is a kit that allows you to turn a traditional fireplace into one that runs on electricity. You can use them to convert fireplaces that run on wood and even ones that run on gas. Essentially, this is the fireplace without the mantel attached to it.
  • Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces – These are units that are mounted off of the ground, and usually installed directly into the drywall to sit flush. They should always come with everything you need to mount them.
  • Freestanding Electric Fireplaces – These are basically space heaters that can be moved from room to room. These tend to be the least authentic and look cheap compared to the other electric fireplaces that are listed above.

How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

To generate heat, electric fireplaces use convection. The fireplace first draws in cool air from the room. It then heats the air inside with a heating coil or other heating element. The hot air is then gently released back into the room via a blower. The heat output of these fireplaces is measured in BTUs. The higher the number, the better it can warm your home.

For the flame effect, the technology varies quite a bit between brands and models. For a lot of the cheaper, low-quality electric fireplaces, they simply use a mechanical spinning device that reflects lights to produce the effect. These kinds of fireplaces should be avoided.

Some slightly better electric fireplaces use things like colored lights projected onto water vapor to get their flame effects. However, this is still a bit lacking.

The best electric fireplaces use hologram technology to produce realistic full-motion flame and ember effects.

can you put tv above electric fireplace

Can You Put TV Above Electric Fireplace?

So, can you put TV above electric fireplace? In short, yes. For most electric fireplaces, it is perfectly safe to use a TV wall mount to hang a TV above your fireplace. The only time this isn’t good for your TV is if the heat is blown directly upward. For most models, this isn’t a problem as the heat vents aren’t usually located on the top of the unit. If you have a cheaper unit with vents on top, this can affect your picture quality and cause damage to your flat-screen TV.

Now, let’s say you want to hang your Samsung LCD TV above your electrical fireplace. How high should you hang it? You don’t want to hang it too high. You want the focal point to be pretty much at eye level. The height that you can hang your TV also depends on how far away the couch is from the wall. If your couch is close, and you hang your TV too high, it will be like if you chose to watch TV sitting in the front row of a movie theater. This kind of viewing angle will cause neck strain. For comfortable viewing, mount the TV just a few inches over the mantle of your fireplace and make sure your couch is a comfortable distance away from the screen.

What Is The Best Electric Fireplace On The Market?

For several reasons, MagikFlame is easily one of the best electric fireplaces on the market today.

When it comes to the visuals of the flames and embers, they are the only brand that uses Holoflame technology. Each of their units can holographically project 30 different 3d flame and ember effects directly onto a physical log set. You can switch between the 30 effects depending on the mood that you prefer.

These high end electric fireplaces have incredibly powerful heaters built directly into them. Each MagikFlame fireplace produces an impressive 5,200 BTUs of heat to keep your home nice and toasty.

If the ultra-realistic flame visuals weren’t enough, MagikFlame also produces realistic crackling log sounds. On top of this, you can select different nature sounds for some added atmosphere.

MagikFlame can be remotely controlled through their intuitive and easy to use smartphone app. You can turn your fireplace on or off, cycle between the different flame and sound effects, set the thermostat to your ideal temperature, and more.

Each MagikFlame comes with a full warranty.

For more information about MagikFlame, enjoy these resources:

Do I Need Multiple Electric Fireplaces Or Just One?

This depends on a few factors: the brand you go with, the model you choose, the square feet of your home, and the number of rooms.

If you go with a high end brand like MagikFlame, they can keep your home a lot warmer than many other electric fireplaces on the market. If you have a particularly large home and many rooms, it might actually be more cost-effective to purchase multiple electric fireplaces and set your home up for zone heating. This way, you can heat only the rooms when they are being used and keep the doors to unused rooms closed to help conserve energy. By setting up a home like this, the savings on your electric bill will actually end up more than paying for your fireplaces in the long run.

Will I Regret Purchasing A Cheap Fireplace?


Not only will you regret it, but you will end up spending more money when you replace the first fireplace with a high end fireplace. Save yourself some money and trouble and get a high end fireplace like a MagikFlame the first time.

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Installation 101: Can You Put a TV Above an Electric Fireplace