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Can You Have An Electric Fireplace In An Apartment

can you have an electric fireplace in an apartment

One of the most enjoyable features to use in your home is a fireplace, which creates a cozy ambiance and can allow you to relax and feel at ease in the setting. Although fireplaces are common in single-family homes, they’re not as popular to find in apartments. If you’re currently renting an apartment or own a condo, it’s important to discover if you can have an electric fireplace to ensure you can enhance the quality of the setting. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Can You Have an Electric Fireplace In An Apartment?
  • Selecting the Right Fireplace
  • Enjoying the Warmth of the Fireplace
  • Benefits of Electric Fireplaces
  • Will This Fit in My Apartment?
  • Will it Add Value?

Can You Have an Electric Fireplace In An Apartment?

When you ask, “Can you have an electric fireplace in an apartment?” it’s important to start by understanding the design and operation of an electric fireplace before you get started. You also need to learn what the installation process looks like to get the answer to your question.

Unlike a wood-burning or gas fireplace, electric fireplaces don’t burn wood or have a fuel source to create a real fire. This means there isn’t any smoke that is produced, so you don’t need to install a flue or a vent to get it up and running. Electric fireplaces rely on LED lights, colors, and advanced technology to create a realistic fireplace that is visually appealing.

Electric fireplaces connect to an electrical outlet and immediately start working the moment you plug them into a wall. The installation process is often quicker and more efficient compared to wood or ethanol fireplaces. You can also save money because you won’t need to hire an electrician to hook it up into the building. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about configuring any part of the building to add venting or gas lines, which means saving thousands of dollars.

Electric fireplaces are ideal for apartments because they’re portable and easy to install in the same day to ensure you can have something that is a temporary fixture in the unit. You don’t have to worry about getting fined by your landlord for owning the product because it doesn’t require performing any construction or getting permits. The fireplace is easy to pick up and transport to another room or when you plan to relocate. If an existing fireplace is already present in your apartment unit, you can convert it into an electric fireplace with the use of an electric fireplace insert. This also doesn’t require any modifications and only requires closing the chimney and venting to keep out critters or outside air to maintain the temperature in the building.

Selecting the Right Fireplace

Not only can you have an electric fireplace in an apartment, but you can also select the specific model you want to own to use something specific to your needs. Dozens of different brands are available in the industry, which means you have more of a selection when it comes to what you want to purchase. It’s important to read online reviews to get insight into the brands that customers favor the most. You also need to consider how realistic the flame technology looks to ensure it creates the illusion of having a wood fireplace. Dimplex and MagikFlame reviews are posted on Amazon and can offer insight into the satisfaction customers have with the freestanding or wall mounted electric fireplace they own.

MagikFlame is known as a family-owned business that is unique because it has the most innovative technology available. The founder and owner of the company, Howard Birnbaum, invented holographic technology after an extensive career in the film industry. He used his skills in f/x special effects for movies to carry over into the fireplaces he began engineering after seeing a need in the market. Birnbaum wasn’t able to find an electric fireplace with realistic flames to use in his home. With his designs and plans written out, his ideas turned into a successful brand that has transformed the industry.

Understanding the Magikflame story is the first step to discovering why it’s considered to be a competing brand in the industry. If you want to know how Magikflame is built, you can appreciate knowing the products are American-made and are manufactured in Nashville, TN. The team that assembles each fireplace is skilled in quality craftsmanship and has an attention to detail. The same CAD software that is used by the US Navy to build submarines is incorporated into the manufacturing process for a higher level of precision to ensure the parts are cut correctly and have the perfect fit.

You can also review the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide available to discover different models available, which each have different BTUs, styles, and features. You can select a product with a fireplace mantel for displaying your decor items and mementos or even purchase a product that doubles as a TV stand. Consider what you’re looking for in an electric fireplace and what you can get the most use out of, depending on where you plan to place it in your apartment.

A flame gallery is also available to ensure you can select different types of flame effects to use. The flame design you select may depend on the style of the room or the time of year you enjoy having a fire. Each fireplace comes with 30 ultra-realistic flames and crackling log sounds to make it appear as real as possible.

There are also many styles available, whether you have a classy room or a modern setting. You can even have a selection when it comes to the finish or color on the surround. A white electric fireplace is often the best option because it matches most settings and can look contemporary for many years to come without going out of style.

Many people enjoy the process of purchasing a MagikFlame fireplace because of the exceptional VIP customer service provided by the company. You can speak directly to a representative and have your questions answered when narrowing down the top choices. The customer service team will also provide you with payment plans and financing available to ensure you can choose the best option when paying for the product you select.

Finally, selecting the right fireplace means looking into the different types of electric fireplace and technology available. Many electric fireplaces create their flame effect with water vapor. The water vapor has an orange tint but requires filling up the water reservoir to maintain the flame effect. Gel fuel is another element used to create the look of the flames.

Enjoying the Warmth of the Fireplace

Many people assume that electric fireplaces don’t emit as much heat as a traditional fireplace. Fortunately, due to the product’s advanced technology, you can enjoy the same level of comfort and even turn your thermostat down in the process. The amount of heat emitted offers supplemental heat to your main heating system, which can allow you to save more on your energy bill each month.

Not only will an electric fireplace keep the chill away during the colder seasons, but it delivers zone heating to ensure only the room it’s used in gets warm. Compared to a traditional wood fireplace with real flames, it doesn’t heat up the entire home as it’s in use, which can make the interior setting too hot and stuffy.

You also have the option of shutting the heat settings off completely when you want to using the fireplace without heating up the room during the warmer months of the year. You can continue to enjoy the luxurious and regal design of the fire without taking advantage of the heating system when it’s not needed.

The heat that is emitted from the electric fireplace also won’t cause the glass doors to become hot to the touch as the feature is in use. You can allow your pets and children to roam freely without worrying about your loved ones getting burned if they accidentally bump into the fireplace. Research some of the best heating systems available when shopping around for different models.

MagikFlame fireplaces are unique because they come with a built-in 5,200 BTU heater, which is reliable and evenly distributes the heat into the room. The products also come with a built-in thermostat to ensure you can adjust the range of the temperature depending on the climate and weather conditions outside. You can have more control over the heating feature on the product to ensure it offers more comfort and allows you to get more use out of it year-round.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

There are many reasons more consumers are choosing electric fireplaces when they want to add a cozy touch to their home or office. As electric fireplaces continue to evolve over time, it means consumers have the ability to access more features and advanced technology.

One of the main reasons homeowners select an electric fireplace is because of the energy-efficient design. Electric fireplaces only use 1,500 watts every hour, which equates to three cents per hour when the heat is turned off. When you choose to use it for warmth, you can expect to pay nine cents per hour, which is significantly less compared to using a gas fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces or gas fireplaces cost up to $500 per year to operate compared to up to $80 per year for an electric fireplace unit. This can make it a more affordable option for more consumers who are shopping around.

Electric fireplaces can also reduce your carbon footprint because they don’t produce emissions or smoke that is released into the air. Electric fireplace inserts don’t use a fuel source or burn wood, which means you won’t be making an impact on the environment every time you want to enjoy sitting by the fire.

The product is also considered to be a safer type of fireplace than a fireplace with natural gas because it can’t release any carbon monoxide, which means your family’s health is protected. Although having a real fire may be classy, electric fireplaces don’t affect the indoor air quality in the building by releasing particles and contaminants. This means your family isn’t at risk of developing asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues with continued use of the product.

There’s also less maintenance that comes with an electric fireplace, which means you save time and energy. The lack of fire means you don’t have to schedule a chimney cleaning each year to remove the build-up of creosote, which can lead to chimney fires. You also don’t have to sweep and clean ashes out of the firebox in-between fires.

You can even save money on the accessories that are needed with wood-burning fires to keep the fires going. There’s no need to invest in fireplace tools with an electric fireplace because you don’t need to stoke the fire. You can also forego a fireplace screen because embers can’t jump out of the firebox since real flames aren’t used. You can also choose to store furniture pieces or plants close to the fireplace because they can’t catch on fire. This can offer more flexibility with styling your interior setting, especially when you’re limited on living space in an apartment.

Additionally, fireplaces with electric heaters don’t require spending money on wood each time you want to have a fire. This can lead to added savings throughout the year and can accommodate more budgets.

Consumers also appreciate the ease of use of electric fireplaces for added convenience. Many fireplace models come with a remote control to operate the device when you want to turn it on or adjust the temperature. Some fireplaces even include an app that you can download on your phone or tablet to use to control the product without getting up and manually pressing the buttons on the control panel on the fireplace.

Will This Fit in My Apartment?

Some renters may be concerned that they don’t have enough space to incorporate an electric fireplace into their apartment because there are fewer square feet compared to a single-family home. Although this may be an issue with some types of fireplaces, electric fireplaces come in all sizes to accommodate different types of rooms and homes.

You can consider selecting a compact fireplace that adds a cozy touch without causing you to compromise on certain features or technology that is available. Using a small fireplace in your apartment can allow you to transform the setting with a smaller feature that becomes the focal point in the room because of its decorative appeal. The product’s size won’t affect how well it operates or the amount of heat it emits into the room.

Choosing a freestanding fireplace also means you don’t have to feel limited with where you place it in a living room because of its ventless design. You can place it on any wall you choose if you have the room available. The only requirement is that an electrical outlet on the wall is nearby to ensure you can plug it in easily. Avoid using an extension cord, though which can become an issue because of how much power and electricity surges through the wires.

Corner fireplaces also work well in small spaces and can take up less room when you want to incorporate it into the setting without causing it to overpower the space. Looking through a photo idea gallery can allow you to get inspiration and find different ways to place the fireplace in your home.

Will it Add Value?

Many people who are looking to purchase a ventless electric fireplace want to know if the feature will add value to their current setting. Although a wood fireplace will add a 50 to 75 percent increase in value to a home, electric fireplaces don’t offer as much value because of their portable design. Keep in mind that you’re not installing a permanent fixture into the home, which means it may not add thousands of dollars to the property value.

Some types of electric fireplace inserts can drive up the value of a property if they’re considered to be permanent fixtures. If you add the feature to an existing fireplace, it can immediately add more value and appeal to the unit. A wall mount electric fireplace is your best option if you want to invest in a product that can increase the value, similar to a fireplace with a wood fire. A wall mount electric fireplace can be left behind for future residents and will add more functionality to the setting.

Once you realize that you can enjoy using an electric fireplace in your apartment, it can allow you to begin using it. By shopping around for the right model, you can select something that is easy to install and offers long-term use for many years to come, whether you stay in the apartment or move to a house.

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