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Mirrored Fireplace Decor: Your Fireplace With Mirror Front

mirrored fireplace

Electric fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of consumers who are looking for something that enhances the aesthetics of their interior setting. If you want a luxurious and regal fireplace, you can consider looking for electric fireplaces with a mirrored front and detailed inlay. 

Are There Electric Fireplaces That Have a Mirror Front?

In today’s market, it’s easy to find a variety of fireplaces with different color shades and materials to ensure you can be selective about what you purchase. Although some people like black fireplaces or fireplaces with classic crown molding, other people prefer a fireplace with a mirrored surround. You may be in search of a mirrored fireplace to add to your dining room, bedroom, or living room.

Fortunately, there are a few fireplace models available with a fireplace mirror that creates a unique and striking look with its beveled edges. The surround is often decorated in mirrored panels that have a high level of visual appeal and look more upscale than other types of models. The mirrored top and mirror panels also look elegant and glam to complete the look. This style works well in homes with a French country or modern style. Those who want more embellishment on the fireplace can look for a model with faux stones or faux diamonds.

There are many different brands that sell fireplaces with a mirror front, and they’re often embellished with quartz or marble accents. Some of the fireplaces are even accented with faux crystals. This can be a gorgeous addition to any room in the home and is something you can request to be installed while working with an architect or builder on your new home. You can find a mirrored fireplace with crown molding or other materials on the fireplace, which may also have a silver finish to ensure the fireplace looks high quality. The large front mirror face will stand out in the room and can even reflect more light in the space.

Corner unit with fireplace mirror

Reasons to Upgrade to a New Fireplace

It may be time to upgrade to a new fireplace when you want more warmth in your home and are looking for something that is energy-efficient. Electric fireplaces don’t use a lot of energy and only cost an average of one to eight cents an hour to operate, depending on if you also use the heat setting instead of only the flame effects.

Other people want to purchase electric fireplaces because of how convenient and easy they are to use. You can look for a model that comes with a touch panel to make it easy to adjust the settings with a push of a button. A control panel is also present on the fireplace and only has a few buttons, making it easy to learn how to use after you take it out of the box. You also don’t have to hassle chopping down trees, purchasing firewood, or carrying the wood into the house. The process is much simpler to ensure you don’t have to spend as much time or energy starting the fire. With a push of a button, the electric fireplace immediately starts working without any effort required. You also don’t have to keep a window open to get enough ventilation that is needed for wood-burning fires, which can make the room feel cold.

Many homeowners who are looking to enjoy a fireplace without making an impact on the earth also choose to use this type of fireplace. The item doesn’t cause any pollution because it doesn’t release any smoke into the air as it’s in use. You may even feel limited with how often you enjoy having a fire if you live in a city that prohibits frequent use of wood fireplaces. With a fireplace that runs off electricity, you can enjoy using it as much as you prefer without getting fined. You also don’t have to worry about contributing to trees that are chopped down.

Many renters benefit from electric fireplaces and can enjoy the advantages they offer. The slim profile of these types of fireplaces makes them fit in different types of spaces. You don’t have to own a large home to make room for a standard fireplace. The compact profile makes them fit in entryways, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. They’re also portable with their plug-in design so you can take it with you when you want to move to another rental property without leaving it behind. You can also choose to move it to another spot in the room if you want to change the layout of the space and rearrange your console table, coffee table, and couch.

The warmth that electric fireplaces offer is another reason they’re enjoyed by consumers. Electric fireplaces use infrared quartz heaters and quickly heat rooms minutes after turning them on, creating a more comfortable setting. They work well for supplementing central heating systems and can allow you to reduce your energy usage without compromising on the heat you can receive. You can turn down the thermostat in the home building and avoid using more energy than necessary. Each fireplace comes with a certain number of BTU, which determines how large of a space it can heat. You’ll need to determine which room of the home you want to use the fireplace in and then calculate the square feet in the room. Multiply the square feet by 20 to determine the correct number of BTU output you’ll need to prevent any cold spots from being present in the space. The built-in thermostat also allows you to adjust how much heat it delivers to ensure you can create the perfect climate in the building. You can use the included remote control to adjust the temperature at any time to ensure the internal temperature in the building is perfect at any time of the year.

Not only do electric fireplaces release a good amount of heat, but they offer zone heating. Many homeowners enjoy zone heating because it only heats the room where the fireplace is installed instead of the entire home. You don’t have to spend money heating unused rooms in the building but will get the heat you need in one spot where you spend the most time. This can also contribute to the energy savings you experience year-round.

Electric fireplaces can also be used in a variety of ways. With a gas or wood-burning fireplace, you don’t have the option of turning the heat off while enjoying the flame effect. Fortunately, electric fireplaces give you the option of turning off the heater while the flames are still on display to ensure you don’t have to increase the temperature in the building if it’s a warm day. This means you can enjoy the cozy ambiance and look of the fireplace any time of the year instead of when it’s just cold outside.

Electric fireplaces also have a safer design than gas fireplaces or wood stoves because there aren’t any real flames used. You don’t have to worry about using a fireplace screen because embers won’t jump out of the fireplace and into the living room, which reduces the risk of a fire. The clear glass on the panel or door also doesn’t get hot because the heat is released from an infrared heater instead of from a fire. There’s no risk of getting burned with frequent use of the product.

The low cost of owning electric fireplaces also makes them more appealing. You can expect to spend one to eight cents an hour to operate the unit without needing to spend up to 40 cents an hour with a gas fireplace. It doesn’t use much electricity, which means you won’t notice a spike in your bill, even in the colder seasons. The low installation cost and price of the fireplace can allow you to save thousands of dollars compared to building a masonry fireplace that is out of the price range or budget for many homeowners.

What to Expect When Installing a Mirrored Fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are easier to install than you think. They don’t require hiring any professionals to help and can be set up within minutes of having it arrive at your door. Most electric fireplaces come with a cord to install in the wall. The freestanding fireplace should be within a few feet of an electrical outlet in the room to ensure you can plug it in without needing an extension cord. An extension cord can be dangerous to use and can become a hazard because of how much power is surging through it.

Some fireplace inserts may require hardwiring, depending on the model you select. Those who want to own a recessed fireplace can hire an electrician to perform minor hardwiring of the product and install it in a cavity in the wall. This will allow the fireplace unit to sit flush in the wall and look sleek. The design will look modern and upscale, and can even boost the market value of your property because it’s considered to be a part of the building.

If you have a masonry fireplace in your house, you can convert it into an electric unit by installing an insert. Start by cleaning out the fireplace of any ashes that are still present. Shimmy the insert into the firebox and use a trim kit to get the best fit. You’ll need to plug the cord into the outlet that is located inside the firebox or on the outside of it on the surround. If you prefer to hide the cord and keep it discreet, hire an electrician to move the outlet inside the fireplace.

The easy installation of a wall-mounted fireplace also contributed to the lack of vents, gas lines, or chimneys needed. Because electric fireplaces only require electricity, they don’t require additional modifications to be made to the building, which appeals to those who are renting their home and don’t have the freedom to make changes to the house.

Tv or mirror fireplace

How to Shop for a New Fireplace?

There are two ways to shop for a new electric fireplace, which include in-person and online. Those who want to get a firsthand look at different fireplaces available can shop at local home improvement stores to find the top models that are currently selling. This can allow you to take a look at the flame effects and determine if they look realistic. Shopping in person can allow you to have more confidence in your decision when you want to select something that is a beautiful piece in your living space.

Some manufacturers also invite the public to view their showrooms where you can see the different models they sell. You can ask questions and take a close look at the features when making your selection.

Check out the dimensions of the fireplace to ensure it fits well in your space. You can also look at the different settings available by using the remote controller or touch screen that comes with the unit. You can get the chance to experiment with the flame color or size of the flame effects.

You can also consider shopping online for your new fireplace, which offers a high level of convenience and allows you to browse different models in the comfort of your home. There are many websites available to look at, which includes Amazon where a variety of different brands are available.

Visiting each manufacturer’s website can be the most helpful and is where you can find information about payment plans and financing. Some of the top brands to consider include Dimplex, MagikFlame, Acme, and PuraFlame. The MagikFlame website includes a wealth of information and allows you to make your purchase directly on the website. You can also learn more about the MagikFlame story. Check out the MagikFlame reviews to hear from other customers who own the specific model you’re considering. You can also learn how MagikFlame is built to ensure you can select a fireplace electric insert that is manufactured in the U.S. and is built with quality parts by skilled technicians. A Magikflame best electric fireplace of years buying guide will also prove to be helpful when browsing different models that are sold by the manufacturer to compare what’s available.

Shopping online can give you the freedom to take your time looking around and even comparing some of the fireplace models that catch your eye. Choosing something with touch control technology can allow you to own something advanced and easy to use.

You can also consider the different types of fireplaces available to find one that is perfect for your space. Some inserts are built into an MDF TV stand and can allow you to view the beauty of the flames while watching television. Other fireplaces are wall-mounted or come as inserts and can be installed in an existing fireplace or directly in the wall.

Ways to Make Your Fireplace Stand Out

There are a few ways to draw more attention to your fireplace and enhance its visual appeal, even with a mirrored fireplace on display. Some of the best types of home decor include mirrors, artwork, and vases with flowers, which you can display on the mantel.

If you own a Dimplex or Acme NYSA electric insert, consider building a surround to make the fireplace stand out and look more upscale. You can also install a fireplace with mantel above the fireplace insert if you want to make it look built into the wall. The fireplace mantel can be installed 12 inches over the fireplace opening, depending on the height of the ceiling and the size of the room.

Consider adding a few home decor items at the base of the fireplace to make it look stylish and cozy. A basket of blankets or pillows will work with any type of interior design style. You can also place a plush rug at the base of the fireplace where pets or your children can relax while enjoying the heat in the living room.

Painting a wood surround on your fireplace will also look attractive and contemporary. Some of the top color shades include gray, black, and dark blue. Some people even choose to install laminate floorboards, which create a shiplap effect that adds a rustic and farmhouse touch to your room.

Do I Need to Clean Electric Fireplaces?

Your MagikFlame or Acme electric fireplace won’t require frequent cleaning compared to a wood-burning fireplace, which offers a high level of convenience and can allow you to get more use out of the feature. Ashes don’t collect under the wood logs, which means you don’t have to sweep anything out. You also don’t need to perform chimney cleanings because creosote doesn’t build up in the chimney over time.

Instead, clean out dust that settles in the fireplace every few months. You can access the inside of the fireplace by removing the access panel. Use a clean cloth to gently wipe everything down. Avoid harsh cleaners because the chemicals can remove some of the finish on the wood logs. You can also vacuum out the dirt that has settled in hard-to-reach places in the fireplace.

Replacing the LED or halogen light bulbs can also be performed each time you clean out the fireplace to ensure you can maintain the realistic look of the flames. Most of the halogen bulbs last two years before they die out, but LED light bulbs can last up to 11 years before they need to be replaced.

When you want to find a mirrored fireplace, there are several different models available to ensure you can choose something specific for your interior setting. The item can be beautiful to put on display and will prove to be a conversation starter when you’re looking to heat your home and also boost its visual appeal.

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