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What Are The Best Infrared Heaters?

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Infrared heaters produce heat that is almost like that of the sun. You cannot see infrared light with the naked eye because it is beyond the visible spectrum. The invisible infrared light is absorbed by the skin, clothes and other objects. It is the science behind how an infrared heater warms things up in an area. Direct sunlight makes you feel warm faster as compared to when you are in the shade. While in the shade, it will lock out a lot of the light, and only a fraction of it will be getting directly to you. Like the sun, infrared heaters will only warm areas in their direct line of sight.

There are different categories of infrared heaters. They can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or even propane. The best infrared heater also possesses various controls, maximum output levels and designs. As such, you need to be well informed about the infrared heater’s features before making a purchase. You will be able to get a higher quality of an infrared heater when you have enough information to guide your purchase process. Infrared heaters are getting increasingly popular as more people use them to heat their homes and workplaces during the cold winter months.

In this post, you will learn:

  • How Infrared Heaters Compare to Other Heaters
  • Pros of Infrared Heaters
  • Cons of Infrared Heaters
  • Best Infrared Heater
  • Space Constraints for Infrared Heaters
  • Use and Care Tips for an Infrared Heater
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplace

How Infrared Heaters Compare to Other Heaters

Infrared heaters usually operate by emitting rays that get absorbed by other items. While they are in operation, they gradually increase the temperature of the area around the heater. Infrared heaters work in a unique way that is different from other types of heaters you might consider for your office or home.

For instance, an electric portable space heater works well for small areas and specific rooms. They are easy to use and also safe in their operation. The most popular space heaters are fan-forced or oil-filled.

Garage heaters are designed to work in places that are not well insulated. They provide potent blasts of warm air, which distribute heat in much larger areas.

Baseboard heaters are great patio heaters and are ideal for hallways and bedrooms. They are safe, low profile and incredibly easy to install. They are still popular as a heating option and fit great with any interior design.

A fireplace heater serves as a decorative element of the room. It looks similar to a fireplace and uses electricity. They are known to be cleaner and safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Any architect or home builder will recommend a fireplace heater that matches the design of the home.

Infrared heaters are significantly different from the other types of heaters that we have mentioned above. The mode of distributing heat is different, and generating heat is also very unique. There are very few other heater models known to make use of infrared light to heat objects. As such, the best infrared heater makes the area surrounding the heater warmer in a gradual way.

The operation of the infrared heater is also quite different from how the other types of heaters function. The infrared heater takes time to heat a given space but maintains the required temperature level.

Pros of Infrared Heaters

Typical heaters are known to work instantly by heating the air closest to the unit. Once the surrounding air is hot, it is circulated and allowed to penetrate the entire room. However, infrared heaters are significantly different in their mode of operation. They work by emitting a precise beam of heat that warms you up directly. The beam throws out a steady stream of heat particles.

There is no wait required for the infrared heater to warm you up, like ordinary heaters. The warming up is rapid, and the quick heat rays get rid of the cold. For someone sitting at a desk or a couch, the heat from the infrared heater is focused on them and not the entire room. As such, infrared heaters are known to work by focusing on objects to warm, and they get to spend their energy better in this way.

Infrared heaters do not use a fan. They are very silent and only need to radiate light to keep things warmed up. For those sensitive to noise environments, like the bedroom, the infrared heaters will ensure that you stay warm without the noise of a whirling fan.

Typically, the heat source has hot coils that are wrapped over it to transfer heat evenly. A polished metal then reflects the heat to ensure that it spreads out for a considerable distance. It then creates a comfortable and gentle source of warmth for the occupant of the room.

Infrared heaters are known to be healthier compared to other heaters. They owe this because the oxygen content and humidity in a room do not get reduced while they are in operation. Other heaters have been known to dry out your skin and sinuses and, in some cases, cause static electricity.

Due to the reason that infrared heaters produce the same type of heat as the sun, you get to enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight without UV radiation. The infrared-heat and electric heater are also acclaimed to promote a healthier circulation of blood in the body.

Environment friendliness is another advantage of the infrared heater. It will not add any pollutants to your room and can operate without carbon combustion. As such, they do not have any toxic by-products, no open flames and no fuel lines. They neither add nor take anything from the air.

Infrared heaters only warm specific objects and areas so you will not be wasting energy heating up an entire room. The heaters are also known to work instantly, and there is no need for you to preheat a room. Typical infrared heaters only use up about 300 watts of electricity, and all the heat created is transferred out. As such, you get to enjoy very efficient heating for a low cost, demonstrating the heating option’s cost-effectiveness.

There is very little maintenance that is needed for the infrared heaters. The heater does not have moving parts, motors or air filters. The only thing required is to clean the reflectors to keep your infrared heater working perfectly.

The infrared heaters are available in stylish designs, and most have a wood-like finish that will comfortably complement the home decor. They are also compact and have great portability.

Cons of Infrared Heaters

The coils of these heaters are known to get exceedingly hot. They are therefore unsafe to use around pets and children. With the increased use of infrared heaters for homes, manufacturers are beginning to produce good safety features. Some come encased in cool-to-the-touch cabinets and distribute the heat using a fan. Other models also come with an emergency tip-off switch and an automatic shut-off feature for additional safety.

Some people are not comfortable with zone heating. It might also feel minimal for people moving around the room a lot as they will not enjoy the radiant heater warming effect. Radiant heat from the heater can only travel directly, and many people will not enjoy the heater at the same time. Some infrared heaters might be powerful enough to keep an entire room warm, but they are more effective on the closest objects.

The moment you turn the radiant heater on, it immediately starts working. However, they are also quick to stop radiating their heat when you turn them off. Since the heater only heats objects and not the air, your room quickly becomes cold and loses heat when you turn off the infrared heater. In comparison, other heaters will keep warming the room even after being turned off as it takes a while to cool down.

Infrared heaters will always emit an orange color while they distribute heat to the environment. This color is to act as a warning and ensure that people do not touch the product. However, it can also have some side effects. For instance, small spaces will have a lighting effect that is brighter than average. You will not want to have this heater in your bedroom if you need to sleep in the dark.

Infrared heaters can also cause dehydration as they cause an effect similar to sweating under the sun. Whenever you begin to sweat, ensure that you replace the water in your body. Letting the skin dry out will bring about cracking and chaffing like effects that are also common with the other types of heaters.

All in all, infrared heaters still use less energy and are known to be a more energy-efficient and cost-effective option.

Best Infrared Heaters

Typical infrared heaters have an output of 600 to 1500 watts of power. They are also cool-touch enabled and work silently. Following are some of the best infrared heaters available on the market.

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

The heater is available on Amazon with up to 1500 watts of power and uses quartz elements to produce infrared heat. The element is combined with PTC heating elements for a dual heating purpose. The heating system design and the heating elements make it excellent at warming up objects and people in a room while raising the ambient temperature at the same time.

The infrared heater has a digital control pad at the front that makes it possible to adjust and set the desired temperature. You can adjust the temperature to anywhere between 50 and 86 degrees. It is also famous for its Auto mode that will maintain a target temperature and switch between a 1000-watt and 1500-watt more to conserve energy. Making it a great purchase on Amazon.

The heater also features a quiet but very effective 7-inch blower that distributes heat into the room. Safety features are not left out, and the infrared heater has an overheat protection sensor to prevent overheating. It also has a shut-off feature that kicks into effect in the event of a unit’s tip-off. The heater is an efficient heating option, and you can use it with peace of mind for a medium and large room in the house, considering it comes with a shut-off option.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electrical fireplace Stove

Homeowners who are conscious about the decorative effect of the heater will love this one. The infrared heater blends in instead of standing out. It has a classic wood-stove appearance and some realistic electric flames. However, the main feature that makes this infrared heater popular is its 5200 BTU heat output.

With a design that looks like a wood-burning furnace or a small wood-stove, the Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace is designed to provide heating for floor space that is up to 1000 square feet in size. A quartz infrared heating element provides warmth that you can feel and does not impact the room’s humidity levels. As such, you can keep breathing comfortably whenever you are using this infrared heater at your home. You also won’t need to use a humidifier while using this heater.

Costway Portable Quartz Heater

Affordability is the one feature that makes this heater a popular option for many. Going for less than $100, the heater is 22 inches tall and uses a quartz heating element to warm or gentle heat. It also comes with low and high operation modes and a dial that you can turn to regulate the temperature. The infrared heater is worth it for the reliable and noiseless operations even if it lacks features such as a digital control pad, LED display, advanced temperature controls Eco and Eco mode.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Heater

Typically, electric heaters that warm up the air to distribute the heat to the rest of the room are not as effective for areas that have no insulation. Workshops and garages tend to lack such insulation. A lot of heat is lost due to the air currents moving in and out of the space.

With an infrared heater, you will be able to heat a garage comfortably. The tower heater will warm objects and people directly instead of wasting energy to warm a poorly insulated space with a high rate of losing heat.

If you want to be more comfortable in your workshop or garage, the DR Infrared DR-988A Garage Heater is an excellent option for you. It only needs a 240-volt outlet and a 6R-30 plug to give out 5600 watts of power. The included adjustable thermostat dial enables you to specify the amount of heat that you need.

The thermostat heater uses radiant energy to keep a garage or gym comfortable while concentrating on tasks. It is also helpful in keeping the ambient temperature of gyms, shops and garages above freezing when the weather is cold. In general, the infrared heater is an excellent thermostat choice for keeping you warm whenever working in chilly areas that are not adequately insulated.

Heat Storm Wi-Fi Infrared Heater

If you have enough wall space in your room to hang the 13-inch by a 19-inch heater, you’ll get to enjoy more comfort. The Heat Storm HS wall mount heater is capable of warming areas of up to 400 square feet. It is also powerful, with a massive output of 5200 BTU of heat per hour. Most users have reported the heater to heat a room quickly and quietly. The casing of the thermostat wall heater is also safe and is never hot when touched.

Additionally, you get to enjoy the wifi capabilities that are included with the wall-mounted infrared heater. You can pair up a device or smartphone with the heater to control its settings and schedule using a simple application.

AirNMore Comfort Deluxe Copper Infrared Heater

You might be required to dole out extra for this infrared heater but rest assured that it will serve you for longer. It is vastly different from most infrared heaters that are in the market as it uses a positive temperature coefficient technology to produce infrared heat.

The other models use a quartz tube, while this model uses PTC technology and does not burn out any of its components. You can therefore expect a long service life from the infrared heater. The infrared heat produced by the AirnMore will not affect humidity levels, and it has a safe casing that is always cool to the touch.

Costway Electric Parabolic Oscillating Infrared Space Heater

Are you looking for a small infrared heater that will give you personal warmth? Do you need a heater that will heat small spaces more quickly? The Costway Parabolic Infrared Space Heater is the best option and uses a quartz heating element to produce heat that will warm up objects and people in its path.

For better functionality, the infrared heater can be set to an oscillation mode and tilt up or down to modify the heat’s direction. The oscillation power settings are available in low and highs of 400 and 800 watts. The model is specifically designed for personal use and does not use up a lot of power.

Heat Storm Logan Portable Heater

At just 10 pounds, the infrared heater has a built-in handle for easy movement. You can carry it with you to any place, and despite its small size, the infrared heater is still capable of producing 5200 BTU of heat. It also features a digital control pad that enables you to see the current temperature settings or make adjustments as you see fit. Picking up the unit and relocating will not be a hassle, and it is a convenient model that is better than Lifesmart or Edenpure models. A buying guide should enable you to make out the difference between these models and better decisions.

Space Constraints for Infrared Heaters

Due to their operations’ nature, infrared heaters tend to have some limitations regarding the area and space they can cover. They will not be able to distribute heat to large areas, and unless they are equipped with a dual heating system, they will not be able to heat the air around them. Using infrared technology also means that objects have to be directly in line with the heater to get heated.

Objects that are not within sight of the infrared heater will not receive the heat that it needs. They will stay cold and not enjoy the benefit of having an infrared heater in your home. There will be a lot of air moving in and out for the spaces that are not well insulated. Thankfully, casters in your infrared heater will not be affected by this.

Most of the infrared heaters that are available on the market are only capable of limited heating areas. They cannot be able to heat larger areas owing to their design. Whenever they are used for larger spaces, they will only effectively heat the objects and people in their close range. Other items that are out of range of the infrared heater will not receive the heater’s warmth.

Spaces that are enclosed are the ones that can be served best by an infrared heater. The nature of these spaces means that they will effectively warm up all the objects, and there will be no loss of heat. Infrared heaters have been engineered to give out all the heat they can and use up all the electricity supplied. They are therefore known to be the best at keeping enclosed spaces warm. They are handy for the cold seasons when people are not moving outdoors much and tend to spend most of their time inside.

If a home occupant does not move around much, the infrared heater will be enough to keep them warm and comfortable in the cold season. Moving around has been known to reduce the infrared heater’s effectiveness in keeping the room’s occupant warm. The heater model that you choose also determines whether you will stay warm in places that are not well insulated. For instance, garages and shopping areas that have air supply louvers at the sides of the wall lose most of the heat in the air.

The fact that an infrared heater does not heat the air means that it can be used for the spaces that are not insulated. They will be able to keep objects in the vicinity warm. Oscillating models are beneficial for such usage scenarios as they will keep rotating to ensure that all the objects and people in their radius stay warm. Whenever you are looking for a heating solution that will not interfere with the air’s humidity and dryness, an infrared heater often is the best option for you.

Whenever there is a need for a heater that will cover a larger area, the best alternative is required. The infrared heater might be effective for tight spaces, but better options are needed for larger areas. The infrared heater’s abilities will be limited, and the heat will not be distributed to larger areas. It would help if you shopped around for better options that will effectively cover the space you have in mind.

Use and Care Tips for an Infrared Heater

Units that have a power output of 1500 watts and above should be connected to a 20-amp outlet. If you intend to connect the infrared heater to a 15-amp circuit, ensure that the circuit is dedicated for use by the heater only. 1500-watt heaters will draw up 12.5 amps of power, and the circuit might get overloaded whenever you have lights and other appliances running on the same circuit. Always factor in electrical requirements whenever you are installing an infrared heater.

Many models of infrared heaters have exteriors that are safe for use with pets and children in your home. It would help if you got rid of clutter in the area around the heater. It will ensure that heat moves freely throughout the room. Additionally, keep all papers, magazines, clothing and similar items far from the heater. They are very likely to get ignited and can even cause a house fire. The infrared heater is very likely to quickly burn through paper and other light objects in the room.

The design of infrared heaters is meant to be room, zone or space heaters. Some of them might have a boosted capacity that heats a larger area. However, it is not advisable to use an infrared heater as the only heating-system in your home. The infrared heater should be used as supplemental heating to your central heating system.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have been gradually improving over the years. As technology has kept on improving, the design of these appliances has also been upgraded. Advances in technology have made it possible to have highly efficient electric fireplaces that do not use up as much power as their previous counterparts. These modern electric fireplaces are capable of running for longer durations and do not get toasty themselves.

MagikFlame has been at the forefront of all these new inventions. The improvements that have been made in its line of fireplaces have been the best in the entire industry. Using the latest, most advanced technology has made it possible for the manufacturer to design electric fireplaces that are easy to operate and more efficient.

For instance, these modern fireplaces are coming equipped with wifi capabilities. They can be used and controlled over a network using a mobile application installed on an Apple iOS device. Anyone looking for convenience in an electrical fireplace will appreciate the features in modern versions of MagikFlame fireplaces.

MagikFlame fireplaces cover up for the weaknesses that are not covered by infrared heaters, and a warranty backs this up. They make it possible to reach more expansive areas, for instance, and their heating technology is more efficient. No heat is wasted, and the electric fireplaces ensure that your entire room is well heated. Working in contrast with the infrared heaters, the MagikFlame electric fireplaces heat the air in the surrounding and use fans to blow the hot air to the rest of the room. The convection of hot air and cold air takes over, which keeps the air circulating in the room.

Anyone that is within the vicinity of the electrical fireplace will be able to feel the massive heat that it can provide. Being able to heat the air also means that someone that has just walked into the room will start feeling comfortable sooner. The MagikFlame fireplaces have been designed to be easy to control, and the various heat and temperature preset ensure that you are in control. Whenever you need the room to be a little warmer, you need to reach for your remote control or mobile app and you are done. The rest is automatically taken care of by the fireplace itself, equipped with sensors to handle the temperature regulation on your behalf.

In addition to the incredible ease of use, the MagikFlame electric fireplaces are known for their aesthetics. They are good-looking and have a visual effect that makes them the focal point for your home. The visual effect is also accompanied by a sound effect used to create environments and surroundings that immerse you in a different world. If you want to feel like you are in a tropical rainforest, adjust your heat settings, and you are all done. The sound emanating from the electrical fireplace will be a natural reflection of wherever you desire.

Visual effects and the heat settings are made possible thanks to solid-state technology that has long been behind the realistic flame effects. The flame presets available with the Magikflame electrical fireplace are designed to make your home more appealing and inviting. The appearance of waving and dancing flames in your living room will be another reason for people to feel comfortable in the room. You can change the flames’ appearance, as you are free to choose from 30 different presets.

The flame technology that is in use in MagikFlame fireplaces is the most advanced there is in the market. Other electrical fireplace manufacturers use moving parts to create the 3D flame effect. Moving parts quickly wears down the fireplace and makes the lifespan of the appliance reduce. It also creates a visual effect that is less believable and not as realistic as people might appreciate. As such, you should always go for electric fireplaces that can produce a realistic flame effect effectively.

How would it feel if you had a fireplace that felt more realistic and inviting? A fireplace that can create a relaxing atmosphere for you is the best. For the MagikFlame fireplaces, the effect of the crackling log is one of the best you can get from a modern electrical fireplace. It appears as if many logs are being burned to produce the heat you are feeling. They make the electrical fireplace seem more believable and add to the comfort of the room’s occupant.

Controlling the MagikFlame’s best-infrared heater fireplace is very simple, and wifi connectivity even allows for remote control over the internet. As long as you have an application installed on your device, you can connect to the fireplace from anywhere and see its current status. You can also control the temperature settings and the timer from the same application, just like using the remote control. The convenience brought about by this modern feature is one of the many reasons you should have a MagikFlame fireplace at your home.

Covering a larger area is no longer a thing to worry about when you have a MagikFlame fireplace. From the many MagikFlame reviews on the market, the MagikFlame story is cast in the best light. It is capable of running for long durations and gives off heat to a much wider area. The electrical fireplace then becomes a much better option than the infrared heaters available on the market due to broader coverage. The fireplaces heat a general area and are not known for zone or space heating.

With a good MagikFlame best electric fireplace buying guide, you will be able to prepare your payment plans and financing better. You will also learn how MagikFlame is built to make the best infrared heater and the much that has gone into its design and development. The MagikFlame buying guide website is one of the best places to start whenever you intend to upgrade your home heating system. All units come with a warranty and installation and usage instructions.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

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