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The Ins & Outs of Operating an Electric Fireplace

how to operate fireplace

An electric fireplace is one of the handy features you can have at your home. Not only does it provide comfort and warm air, but it is also colorful and attractive. It massively upgrades the ambiance of your home and becomes a focal point for the room. By installing an electric fireplace, you can save on heating costs in your home and make it feel more comfortable for your family member. You cover more square feet of throw rugs or carpeting at a reduced cost. It is recommended that you read through the warranty to learn more about the fireplace and hidden features you can use. Having electric fireplaces installed at your home is not the end of everything. After the electrician is gone, there is so much more that you will need to know, such as operating the electric fireplace. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Amazing features of operating the Electric Fireplace
  • Benefits of the Electric Fireplace
  • Decorating your Home with the Electric Fireplace
  • Setting up your Fireplace to use a Smartphone

Amazing Features of Operating the Electric Fireplace

According to the design of the fireplace, you can control it in many ways. Operating the fireplace is something that all homeowners must be able to do, and learning how to use it through the various means available is important. It ensures that you are fully in control of your fireplace as a homeowner and can easily determine what you want from the fireplace. It also allows you to take advantage of the many features included in the fireplace, such as the appearance upgrades that make your fireplace seem full of crackling logs and vehement flames. These are great features of the electronic fireplace, and the only way to take advantage of them is by knowing how to operate the fireplace. Safety is still provided in the warranty as the flames are not real and will not ignite combustible materials such as drapery in the vicinity.

When you know all about running the fireplace’s ins and outs, you become a better operator who can achieve the correct visual impression using the available options. You also become more accurate and set the temperature that you want to achieve for your home, and get to decide which safety features to implement in your fireplace for certain hours. With the knowledge of running the fireplace properly, you are also able to keep your fireplace on and running without it running into problems or requiring maintenance.

Properly handled installations can give you more hours and years of service when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and not taken beyond operational safety standards. With this observed, you will keep the fireplace running for longer and not have to incur repair costs, which are common for people who do not know how to operate the fireplace. These features are designed to be easily accessible and easy to work with. They have icons and symbols that directly relate to the functionality offered, and you will not be confused or lost while using them. Their usability is detailed in the accompanying warranty, and you can be sure they will provide you with the services and functionalities you need.

Some of the fundamental controls used to control the electric fireplace are on the fireplace itself. These are the displays and the buttons. These are important for interacting directly with the fireplace and can be used to implement certain parameters such as the automatic shut-off features. This safeguards the circuit breaker and prevents overheat and so on in your fireplace. A dedicated circuit is important to prevent such incidences and reduces the possibility of an electric fire due to overheating. They ensure that your fireplace is running properly and indicate its current health and operational status, which is important for you as the operator. The electric fireplace uses the buttons to affect security measures, such as shutting off the fireplace whenever you are expected to be away from home for a long time. The button ensures that you can easily adjust your fireplace and ensure that it provides you with the best functionalities that you require.

Touchscreen capabilities and features are other aspects of the electric fireplace that are not easy to ignore or forget. An electric fireplace inserts with a touchscreen, light bulbs, and led lights brings joy to the interfacing and ensure that the owner has fun setting up the fireplace. The touchscreen interface is a feature that ensures that the owner gets to control the fireplace more easily and set the parameters that they require. By use of the touchscreen, the need for pressing on buttons is eliminated, and you will find yourself having an easier, more productive time with the electric fireplace. Whenever you purchase the fireplace, be sure to ask for features such as the touchscreen control to bring more interaction, excitement, and engagement at home.

In addition to controls on the electric fireplace itself, other controls are not available on the fireplace. These remote controls come with all the necessary buttons needed to control the electric fireplace heater from a distance. The remote control has been designed to make life easier for the homeowner by letting them make changes to the fireplace from their seat’s comfort. If they feel like you can adjust the flame effect, they need to press a button to achieve this. The remote control automates the fireplace’s operation and comes with an accompanying warranty. It makes it a lot more exciting to use as the homeowner does not have to get tired moving about to tweak parameters here and there on the fireplace.

With the remote-control, the user can make changes to the fireplace’s decorative effect in many ways. For instance, you can adjust the possible fire effects usually displayed on the electric fireplace to make it look like the flame is dancing. You can slightly change the logs’ colors and design to create a theme or an ambiance for the electric fireplace. The sound effect can also be turned on or off at will, and the user of the fireplace will not need to be worried about the fireplace being too loud for their liking. Additionally, you can easily adjust the temperature setting from the remote-control, and the user will easily determine how hot it is going to get. Through the remote-control, the fireplace user will easily turn on the heat or tone it down a bit to match their tastes and preferences.

The only servicing that the remote-control might require is replacing the batteries when they have run out of power. The retailer warranty and guarantees cover this that the remote will keep working with a battery replacement. This is affordable and does not happen very often, so it keeps the cost of running the home low and reasonable enough. The homeowner also gets to enjoy convenience and ease of mind whenever they are operating the fireplace, and they do not need to be worried about interacting with it. For instance, they will be able to turn off the fireplace before going to bed and not have to touch the fireplace at all. Reducing the need to physically touch the fireplace with bare skin to make adjustments is also important and safer. It reduces the need to interact directly with the fireplace, which is a lot safer and more conducive for the person who runs the home. They are not exposed to the fireplace, and by not touching it too many times, they ensure that it can run efficiently and serve them for longer.

The remote-control has, in recent days, been overtaken by another means of controlling the fireplace. This uses the local networks to interact with the fireplace and is integrated into its everyday life. People use applications every day on their smartphones, and modern manufacturers of electric fireplaces see the need for being part of this. They are developing fireplaces that can be controlled from a smartphone application and even used over the Internet. These apps are safer, more intelligent, and capable of giving you all the best statistics from the electric fireplace. This ensures that you know your fireplace’s current state, how much heat it is currently generating, and how well it operates. The application presents all this information to you in a neatly formatted format and ensures that you are kept in the know at all times.

The smartphone app can be one of the coolest features of the electric fireplace heater and an improvement over the physical interface and the remote-control. This is because it is only accessed when needed, and the rest of the time, it stays neatly hidden away. The application is smart, intelligent, and accurate in terms of the information and data that it presents to the user. With the application, one can get their electric fireplace’s current state even when they are far away from their home. This enables them to change the fireplace temperature and even turn it off over the Internet.

The smartphone’s interaction and operation are safer and more effective due to modern advances in software that ensure that all the information is encrypted before being sent over a network. The use of a smartphone makes the electric fireplace very similar to what is currently known as the Internet. With the Internet of things, smart devices are connected to applications with which they share information. This set-up is one of the best examples of a modern internet application in action and how to operate electric fireplaces. It is also an improvement to the MagikFlame story and a demonstration of how MagikFlame is built.

The use of the smartphone to operate the fireplace means that you have better insight into the fireplace’s operations. You can easily make changes and adjustments that will greatly improve its operations. The data you will be working with is more accurate and useful for determining what changes you should make to make the room feel more comfortable. You will also be able to keep your home running more smoothly and comfortably when you have a smartphone application to keep tabs on the fireplace and easily control it. A MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide and MagikFlame reviews can determine the best app for your needs.

Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is preferred as a heating choice for many modern homes since it is more cost-effective and low-maintenance. They are more affordable from the very purchase and installation, and their maintenance costs tend to be very little compared to wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, which usually lead to the bills piling up. When you have an electric fireplace in your home, it becomes cheaper to comfort your home.

An electric fireplace is easy to install and its heating element safely embedded. Usually, traditional fireplaces and natural gas installations have logistics involved in the installation that can be quite complex for the homeowner. For instance, the wood fireplace will require that you first get a chimney installed to take care of the excess heat, warm air intake, and venting the smoke produced by the fireplace. You will also have to accommodate gas lines in the gas fireplace case, and a hearth will also need to be built. A lot of workmanship will be required, and zone heating will be hard to achieve. Building permits that will be needed will be a lot, and you will spend a lot of time with the installation.

In contrast, an electric fireplace is easy to install and does not have too many restrictions to contend with. Typically, many electric fireboxes will plug into the 120-volt electrical outlet, and hardwiring is not complicated. This should keep users safe from electric shock and personal injury and polarized outlets ensure a better power supply. Dimplex technology means that an extension cord is not needed. Therefore, there is less work involved in installing the electric fireplace, and you get to enjoy the very many benefits provided by such a fireplace. Knowing how to install the fireplace is one of the factors involved in how to operate electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are known to take up less space, making them create a smaller footprint within your home. They are the kind of installations that often go unnoticed for the mere fact they occupy significantly smaller spaces. For instance, a hanging wall installation utilizing Dimplex design will only protrude 6 to 8 inches into the room. You also get to enjoy greater flexibility in the fireplace location, and the corners that you do not use so much in your room can become space for an electric firebox.

Decorating your Home with the Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is much safer for the homeowner as there are no hazards such as smoke, ash, carbon monoxide, and chimney fires. You don’t need to use a blower to clean the fireplace and building codes not to have to be broken to accommodate it. You also get to have greater control over the fireplace’s operation, and they have a greater degree of safety. There is no risk of fire as the front section of the fireplace is always cool and an important feature for pets and children playing in the room. If you know how to operate electric fireplace, safety should be one factor you pay attention to. Customization options are always plenty for electric fireboxes and electric fireplaces wall mounted. They can be adjusted to accommodate your design tastes and needs. For instance, you can combine them with a mantel that provides the best finish to the design, and the thermostat controlled heater ensures that the temperature is easily regulated. Colored themes are available in plenty, and smartphone users get the chance to download new themes and have them installed on their fireplaces. This means that they can customize the fireplace to match the season and look like they would like. Since the firebox and electric fireplaces allow for all these customizations, they will be even easier to control your home’s décor with.

The use of an electric fireplace can enhance your home’s decoration. This fireplace is designed to be fully customizable, and someone that has an eye for art and design will take advantage of this for decorating their home. The color options, for instance, can be tweaked around to enhance the appearance of the fireplace. This means that you can change the colors to match the home’s surroundings and the current season. You can modify the flames to match the home’s mood or the music currently playing in the background. These are easy to accomplish and designed for ease of use, and can be easily tweaked with the powerful controls available to the homeowner.

For instance, you can use the remote-control to transform the theme when it is evening and change the electric fireplace’s appearance to something else when there is still bright daylight in the home. This way, someone that stays in the house does not get dull or bored with the same uniform appearance or look of their home, and with this in place, they will be able to keep their moods up. The customization will also enable them to match their home’s look and feel to the current season, and the color schemes can be changed and turned into a preset option for easy changes.

You can even change the log presets into different colored logs to ensure there is always a variety in the fireplace’s looks and feels at different times. The logs can be interchanged using the many that come with the installation setup. Many logs are provided to the user to use when they are upgrading the look and feel of their homes, and with these logs, the look of the fireplace does not stay the same, which means that people feel different every time they are using it. Some electric fireplaces usually have crystals used to transform the flames’ color, and with these, you can significantly improve how your home appears to your family and guests.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces take up less space and work with television sets installed into the remaining space. The television can be set up in the mantel, and from here, it makes the entertainment center of the home complete. The home’s family members and visitors will now have a single focal point to focus their attention on, which means that the home will be more organized and visually appealing. It will also be well balanced, and the users will be able to enjoy perfect peace and tranquility when they are in their homes. This way, you know how to operate electric fireplace and use it for your benefit.

Setting up your Fireplace to use a Smartphone

Depending on your manufacturer, your fireplace can have the option of using a smartphone. You will use the smartphone to control various aspects of running the electric fireplace and keep track of statistics and other critical measurements. The mobile applications that accompany the fireplace will need to be approved by the manufacturer to work with the fireplace. Compatible apps are an absolute necessity for you to take advantage of your smartphone’s power to improve how you can interact with your electric fireplace. Installing the application is the first procedure and requires that you pay a visit to the app store and search for an application with the fireplace brand name or the manufacturer’s name. This will present a couple of options for apps that you can install and use with the fireplace. Be sure to read through some of the apps’ descriptions to ensure that you get only the application that matters to you and is a perfect match for the fireplace.

On installing the application, you might be asked to create a new account or sign in using the various options provided. These methods make use of accounts you already have, such as your existing social media accounts, to log you into the services. Once you have logged into the application, it will present you with the option for connecting to the fireplace using your local Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth. Both options take a while to get you fully set up, and once the connection has been established, using the application is made much easier for you. You will be able to view real-time data and statistics from the fireplace while it is in action. You also get the chance to control the fireplace from wherever you are, and with this in place, you can make changes and do much more from the comfort of your mobile device. The smartphone is also more effective and easier to use, with greater troubleshooting capabilities and detailed information.

how to operate fireplace


Your electric fireplace will best serve you when you have understood all the nuances involved with its operation. You can easily switch the settings around and make changes to the fireplace using the controls available in buttons on the fireplace itself, remote-controls, and recent fireplace models. This smartphone application can be installed to interface and interact with the fireplace itself. When you know how to operate electric fireplace, you make better use of the fireplace.

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