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Rank Em’: Which Small Electric Fireplace Works Perfectly?

Small Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are an ideal heating element to use when you live in an apartment, condo, or small home. Their compact size allows them to work well in a room with less sq. ft. It’s an ideal choice, whether you want to place it in a dining room or home office. When you’re looking for a small fireplace heater, there are a few top models that will work the best.

Which Small Electric Fireplace Works Perfectly?

Best Overall – Artemis

small fireplace

The MagikFlame Artremis freestanding electric fireplace measures 52 x 43 x 15 inches. It stands out for its gorgeous crown molding on the surround. The beautiful details allow it to blend in well in classic or new homes and create a built-in look. It even features a rustic log set inside the fireplace with a beautiful flame effect. This type of unit can be installed on any wall. It should only be a few feet away from an outlet due to its plug-in design.

You can operate the freestanding fireplace remotely by installing the included app onto your smartphone or tablet. The design makes it look like a real fireplace because it features crackling log sounds and a realistic flame effect. The high-quality woods used on the surround allow it to have a regal design and overall appeal. It also generates a significant amount of heat. The product packs 5,200 BTU to ensure you can stay warm on the coldest days of the year.

The mantel features detailed crown molding that causes it to look like it’s built into the wall. It’s a great option if you’re planning a remodel and are working with an interior designer or architect. The mantel is expansive enough to fit a large television and provide enough support to the screen. You can even install a TV with a wall mount above it.

Most Realistic – Morpheus

small heater

The MagikFlame Morpheus small freestanding electric fireplace measures 45 x 42 x 15 inches. It’s the smallest design available through the brand and fits in rooms with less sq. ft. It can fit well in condominiums and looks eye-catching with its realistic log set. The surround and mantel have an elegant European design to complement contemporary settings. The fluted side posts contribute to the upscale, hand-crafted construction of the piece.

The holographic technology allows the 30 flames to look as real as possible while displaying footage of the fire. The details like the burning ember bed make it look like there are real flames present. However, it doesn’t burn wood or uses gas to achieve the real flame effect. This fireplace is easy to install in seconds by plugging it into a standard household outlet with the included electrical cord. This removes any hassle involved with getting it set up and ready to use to stay warm.

The included app offers seamless operation on your electronic devices to ensure you can control it from several feet away. It’s more advanced than using a remote control and has more functions. You can use it to adjust the thermostat on the heating element or turn up the brightness.

Best Corner Unit – Churchill

corner small fireplace

If you want to find a small electric fireplace heater, consider a corner fireplace. You can tuck it into the corner in the room and keep it discrete. The MagikFlame Churchill is a top choice in the industry due to its traditional design. This model features a large mantle where you can display a variety of decor pieces each season. The plug-in design of this small corner unit makes it easy to quickly hook up by plugging it into an outlet.

The beautiful design of this fireplace model allows it to become one of the main focal points in the room. Its small size allows it to fit in small condos, apartments, and even larger rooms. The electric fireplace is also sturdy enough to support a television. You’ll get the chance to enjoy watching the flames while watching a TV show or movie.

The technology prevents the electric fireplace heater from causing the air to feel dry compared to conventional heaters. Its energy-efficient operation also reduces how much electricity you must use to keep it running. The holographic technology makes it easy to forget that there aren’t isn’t a real flame present. With the log insert, it looks like it has a real fire.

The MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide on the brand’s website is a great resource. You can discover more models and options available for your home or office.

What to Consider Pre-purchase

You’re likely ready to start looking for the best small electric fireplace heater. It’s important to have specific criteria as you shop around. This will allow you to narrow down the top choices. You can determine which model will be the most accommodating for your space.

Design type – Consider the overall style of the small electric fireplace heater that you want to incorporate into your master bedroom or entryway. It should blend in well with the home decor and architecture of your house. Whether you have a new home with a modern design or live in a Victorian house, it should match. If you want something futuristic and modern, consider a stainless steel infrared heater fireplace.

Cost – The cost is one of the main factors to consider when making your selection. The fireplace should fit within your budget. Although you want to spend less on a low-priced model, this can cause the product to look cheaper. Electric fireplaces with lower price tags are constructed with cheaper materials. The technology is also less advanced, which can make it easy to see that fake fire is in the firebox.

You’ll also need to look into any warranties or guarantees that are included. This can offer peace of mind if any repairs are needed within the first year. You’ll also need to research any payment plans and financing options that are available. Each fireplace brand has different financing options for customers to consider.

Technology Differences – There are a variety of different types of technology used to make it look like there are realistic flames present. Keep in mind that the type of technology used in your electric fireplace will influence if it looks like a real fireplace.

Water vapor/steam is a common technology used that uses water to make it look like flames are present on the log set. The water is tinted orange, and the flames immediately shut off when the reservoir runs out of water. Not only do the flames look fake, but you’ll have to remember to refill the water tank in-between uses.

Some electric fireplaces even use mechanical mirrors and LED lights to create the illusion of flames. Unfortunately, it’s easy to know the difference and realize that the LED flames aren’t real, even at a difference. Holographic technology/video is only used by the MagikFlame brand and is considered to be the most advanced technology. This is an important part of the MagikFlame story. The founder of the company used his background in special effects in the film industry to invent the technology. Today, it’s now patented and uses a video screen that displays real footage of real flames. A screen is placed behind the wood logs for a realistic look that is eye-catching and innovative. The details cause the flames to look more realistic than other technologies.

Size – The size of the fireplace that you select is another factor that will determine how well it fits in your space. You may want to select an electric fireplace insert that is placed into the wall if you’re limited on floor space. This can prevent the fireplace from taking up extra room for a seamless, modern design. You won’t have to worry about bumping into it each day.

You can even consider investing in an electric fireplace TV stand, which is also available to avoid taking up more space. This allows you to own a furniture item that serves more than one purpose without taking up more room. You don’t have to clutter small spaces with multiple furniture items and can have it condensed. An electric fireplace TV stand will also feature multiple shelves and compartments for storing your items. The TV stand can allow you to keep your belongings hidden and discrete but still easy to access.

Where Should the Electric Fireplace Go in My Home?

The placement of your small bedroom fireplace heater determines how much you can showcase it. Where you place it also determines if it complements the layout of the room. Most people choose to place their electric fireplace heater on a recessed wall that is most visible. Choose a larger wall that prevents the fireplace from sitting too close to other furniture items or lamps on display.
The MagikFlame Churchill corner unit is a great option if you’re limited on wall space. It has a slim profile and doesn’t take up too much room. This small electric fireplace heater is even compact enough to fit in a bedroom or your entryway. It will create an inviting setting that is relaxing and serene.

How Will This Affect the Cost of Heating My Home?

Understanding the operating costs of your electric fireplace can help you expect how much it will cost to use. You shouldn’t notice a spike in your energy bill because it only costs one to eight cents an hour to operate. Even in the highest setting, you don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars to use it every season. It delivers so much heat that you can turn your main digital thermostat down in the home. You to spend less on your energy bill each month because you can rely less on your HVAC system. You also won’t have to compromise your level of comfort with the electric heater.
Electric fireplaces also are favored by residents because they deliver zone heating, which is similar to a space heater. They only heat the room that they’re installed in and won’t cause the rest of the house to become warmer. You won’t have to worry about other floors in the home becoming too hot as it’s in use. The heat also isn’t wasted because it doesn’t go to rooms that are unused in the house.
Electric fireplaces often come with an infrared quartz heater, which is environmentally superior to conventional heaters. This type of heating element uses radiant heat to heat various items and surfaces in the room. This also allows outdoor electric heaters to work well because the heat isn’t affected by wind.
Infrared quartz heaters are convenient to use because they don’t cause damage to materials or furniture in the room. This offers peace of mind and makes it safe to use. You don’t have to worry about purchasing wood logs or the risk of a fire because there are no real flames. The lack of embers means that you don’t need to purchase a fireplace screen. There are never embers that can fly out of the fireplace and into the room, which offers more safety.
You can even adjust the heat settings to adjust the temperature of the heat, depending on the climate and season. This means you can have more control over the heat and use a thermostat that creates the perfect climate. Gas and wood fireplaces don’t offer this option and have a general temperature of heat they deliver.
The lack of ashes and creosote produced also means you don’t have to schedule chimney sweeps each year. Chimney sweeps can be costly and are necessary with wood-burning fireplaces. They remove all the creosote that accumulates to reduce the risk of chimney fires.
Without any ashes produced, it means you can spend less time cleaning out the fireplace. You don’t have to use certain tools to sweep out the grime. You can also avoid making a mess every time you enjoy a fire. This offers a high level of convenience every time you want to get warm. You don’t have to get soot or grime on your hands and risk making a mess on your floor.
Many people also enjoy electric fireplaces because they’re known to be more eco-friendly. They don’t require chopping down trees just to keep you warm at night. They also don’t contribute to any pollution because there are no emissions. You can enjoy a green product that doesn’t have a harmful impact on the earth.
Unlike gas fireplaces, you also don’t have to rely on natural gas to enjoy the flame effects. You can turn the fire on without using more energy, which can allow you to get more use out of it. Electric fireplaces cost even less than gas fireplaces because gas fireplaces are an average of 40 cents an hour to operate. You’ll take advantage of more savings with the product without getting less heat from the unit.
Compared to gas or wood-burning fireplaces, you can use an electric fireplace any time of the year. Even if air conditioners are running in a heatwave, your wall-mounted electric fireplace can have the flames displayed. You don’t just have to limit your use during the colder seasons for a cozy ambiance at any time. With an electric fireplace, you have the option of turning the heating element off. This means you can enjoy the flame effects without causing the temperature to increase in the room.
With the flame effects, you can enhance the ambiance of the setting and make it feel cozy and inviting. It will add the perfect touch to the room when you want to make your house feel more like home. Because real flames are never used, the glass doors don’t get hot to the touch. You don’t have to worry about your children or pets getting burned if they have contact with the glass.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe to Use?

The safe design of electric fireplaces is one of the main reasons they continue to surge in popularity. They’re built with a long list of safety features to ensure they operate smoothly. They don’t produce any smoke, which means you never have to worry about exposing yourself to carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. With wood-burning fireplaces, this can be deadly as the smoke often enters the home. The smoke can back up into the room if you forget to open the flue each time.
Electric fireplaces are also built with overheat protection to prevent them from becoming too hot as they’re in use. It has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent the issue from occurring. This means you can leave it running for several hours without the risk of the materials getting too warm.
Additional Safety Tips
Although electric fireplaces have a safe design and operation, there are still a few safety tips to follow for proper precaution. You’ll need to know how to safely handle the unit to reduce the risk of issues that can occur.
Get in the habit of unplugging the cord when you’re done using the fireplace. This prevents electricity from running through the unit when it sits unused. Manufacturers recommend avoiding the use of extension cords, which can be dangerous because there’s too much power moving through the cords. This is often a common cause of fireplaces overheating.
Always rely on the built-in timer on the fireplace to ensure the product turns off even if you forget to manually shut it down. This will offer peace of mind if you happen to fall asleep on the couch while watching television. Avoid leaving the room while the fireplace is operating, and never let it run overnight. It’s also important to supervise children and pets who are in the space as the fireplace heats the room. Although it’s safe to get close to the fireplace, you should still keep your loved ones at a distance.
When you unpackage your fireplace, carefully inspect the cords to ensure there isn’t any damage that is present. Look for any frayed materials or exposed wires, which is a sign the product isn’t safe to use. Immediately notify the manufacturer or seller of the defect to ensure a replacement can be sent your way. Most manufacturers offer a warranty or guarantee on their products. This will protect your investment and will allow you to receive the necessary repairs or replacement parts at no additional cost.
Don’t make modifications or changes to the electric fireplace once it arrives at your home. This may seem like a great idea because you can customize the feature, but it can also lead to issues. Tampering with the fireplace can put your safety at risk and can even lead to fires. It can also void your warranty. Modifying the product can compromise the safe design and operation. Read through the owner’s manual to get an idea of what changes or modifications should be avoided. Following the instructions will also allow you to understand how to operate it correctly.
Never place your furniture items or belongings near the vents, which can cause them to become blocked. Everything should be about three feet away to ensure there’s proper airflow and circulation.
All wires and cords should be taped behind the fireplace or hidden away. This will prevent your kids or animals from chewing or clawing at the cords. Immediately unplug the fireplace if you notice damage is present.

The Best Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace
Once your electric fireplace is installed, you can start brainstorming how you want to style it. Decorating your fireplace will allow it to blend in more with the surroundings. It will also allow it to match other decor items on display in the house. Choosing a product with an electric fireplace mantel will offer more flexibility with how you decorate it.
Several types of decor pieces can be placed on the mantel to enhance the beautiful design of the product. You can add your favorite pieces of artwork or even ceramic vases. Antique pieces will also add character and classic touch. Some people even prefer to mount a TV over the fireplace. This makes the set-up the main focal point in the room. You can then place the remaining furniture around the fireplace to ensure it influences the layout of the space.
You can even add a large wall hanging over the item to create a bohemian look. An oversized mirror will also create a classic design that isn’t too trendy.
There’s also room to decorate the bottom of the fireplace to make the feature pop and stand out more. A wicker basket works with different design styles and can be used for storing blankets or pillows. Adding a rug will add a touch of warmth. This will contribute to the cozy feel of the living room or bedroom. If you’re decorating the fireplace in a home office, consider placing a stack of books or a chair near the base of the fireplace. The infrared heat won’t cause damage to any items that are within several feet of the heating element.
Additional Reasons You Can Benefit From an Electric Fireplace
A common myth about electric fireplaces is that they don’t give off as much heat as other types of fireplaces. Fortunately, electric fireplace heaters can emit as much warmth as a wood or gas fireplace. This means they work well and are reliable in the coldest climates. The heat is quickly distributed in minutes to ensure you can immediately become more comfortable.
The amount of heat distributed is more than what you’ll get with a space heater when using a stove heater. The supplemental heat is not only warm but means there’s less use of the HVAC system in the fall and winter seasons. You can turn down the adjustable thermostat as your infrared electric fireplace stove is operating.
You can also install it in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional fireplace. Most types of electric fireplaces operate by plugging them into an outlet. There’s no need to hire an electrician to hardwire any of the electrical components. You also don’t need to obtain any permits through the city just to get started on the project. Everything is ready to set up in minutes right after you take it out of the packaging. You don’t have to install a gas line or vent, which means there’s no need to modify the building. This makes it easy and affordable to set up. This means installing the fireplace is easy enough that it won’t turn into extensive home improvement projects.
It’s easy to pick up and transport the fireplace when you’re ready to move to a new home. You can easily haul it away because of its lightweight design and avoid leaving it at your own home. Renters often find this to be accommodating when they can’t always find a property to live in with a fireplace. Owning an electric fireplace means they can continue to use it in any setting in the coming years.
The portable design of the product makes it easy to relocate to another room in the home. You may be ready for more warmth in your living room or want to have a fireplace in your formal dining room. You’ll have the flexibility to place it in another spot at any time. You can even lift it without using a dolly or special equipment. Many of the inserts are compact and slim enough to place on a tabletop for those looking for a portable electric fireplace.
If you’re looking to boost the value of your home, an electric fireplace insert can make your property sell for a higher price. The insert is considered to be a part of the house once you install it into one of the walls. It will not only look modern and upscale but can become one of the main selling points of the property.
Some electric fireplace brands even allow you to have multiple flame color options with the flames on display. This means you can enjoy various effects, depending on the occasion. You don’t just have to settle for orange flames every time you turn the fireplace on each season. You can opt for green, purple, pink, and blue flames. This works for when you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve or Christmas to create a festive environment. The color you select can even work with the color scheme of the room.
Additionally, you don’t have to get fined for using an electric fireplace at certain times of the day or night. Many cities have regulations in place that limit how often residents can use their wood fireplace because of the pollution it creates. Places with a lot of smog are known to regulate the frequency residents rely on their fireplace. You can enjoy using an electric fireplace as often as you prefer without getting fined.

What to Know About Installing a Mantel Above Your Electric Fireplace?

Most fireplaces are immediately elevated with their design and appearance once a mantel is installed. A fireplace mantel draws more attention to the feature and can make it look like your contractor built it when constructing the home. The mantel is not only decorative but also functional and can be used in a variety of ways.
If you want to install a fireplace mantel over a wall-mounted electric fireplace, there are a few steps to take. Think about if you want to purchase the item or build it yourself. If you choose to construct your own mantel, the stain or finish should match other furniture pieces in the setting. Allow it to blend in well with an entertainment center or media stand.
You can also choose to paint the mantel with a unique color shade to make it pop on the wall. This can allow it to have contrast with the surround and create a dimensional look. Adding stones or tiles will also add more visual appeal, depending on your personal taste.
The mantel should always be placed 112 inches over the opening of your fireplace. If you don’t have a measuring tape, it can be mounted at eye level for proper scale. Consider the height of your ceilings to ensure it’s placed on the right spot. If you live in an old home that has low ceilings, place the mantel a few inches lower. If your living room or bedroom has vaulted ceilings, the mantel can be placed a few inches higher than normal.
The way that you decorate the mantel will also determine if it looks too high or low. Add a vase with tall flowers or stems if you install it in a room with vaulted ceilings. Rooms with lower ceilings can lead you to add smaller framed photos or artwork.
While installing your fireplace, insert thick, sturdy studs that will support the shelf and allow you to place heavy items on it. Metal brackets also work well if you want to place a TV screen on the mantel.
There are a variety of different materials to choose from when you build or purchase your new mantel. Wood and stole materials are popular because they’re classic and never go out of style. Cleats that come with wood mantels can create an elegant look. If you’re working with stone materials, they will likely need to be installed with legs in a few pieces. This will allow the feature to have enough support. If your screw heads are visible and don’t blend in with the rest of the materials, consider painting them to create a flawless look.
Additional Types of Electric Fireplaces You Can Select
As electric fireplaces have become more advanced, it means that consumers have more options available. There are a variety of designs to consider, whether you’re heating your bathroom or a backyard.
Electric fireplaces that are resistant to moisture are increasing in popularity. More people are using these products in their bathrooms to create a cozy setting. They can get ready with the fire on and place it in a lounge area.
Although freestanding fireplaces are the most recognizable and popular option, other styles are offered to accommodate your unique setting. An electric fireplace stove has a rustic look that is compact enough to use in a kitchen or even an entryway. You may want to select an electric fireplace stove if your home has a farmhouse or vintage interior design. The smaller profile makes it work well for condos and apartments or rooms with 400 square feet.
A wall mount electric fireplace is ideal if you need to place it in a spot that is unusual or unique. You can add it to a recessed wall in a dining room, home office, or even a hallway.
Do your research to ensure you purchase a model that is from a quality and respected brand in the industry. The brand is one of the main factors that determine the lifespan of the product. You will likely suffer from fewer issues if any if you spend more on a quality product. The top brands available to consumers include Dimplex, Touchstone, MagikFlame, and Ameriwood. Each brand is available on Amazon for added convenience.
Reading reviews is the best way to compare different models available. You may want an infrared electric fireplace stove or a Duraflame 3D electric fireplace heater. Customers are often willing to share their honest opinions and are clear about if they recommend the fireplace to other consumers. The reviews often come with customers’ photos to ensure you can browse through different photos. You can get more of an idea of what a product like the Duraflame DFI 470-04 Infrared Quartz Fireplace looks like in person.
Amazon is a great place to find Duraflame or MagikFlame reviews. Look for Dimplex or Duraflame models with the most Amazon reviews to ensure you can obtain more information. You can also ask specific questions on Amazon. Other customers on Amazon will provide you with an answer to ensure you can decide if it’s the right choice. Reviews are also posted directly on most manufacturers’ websites to help give you more insight. This can allow you to have more confidence in your selection.
Many consumers forget to think about the different features that come with the product. The features often determine which model is the best electric fireplace to own. The features not only enhance the value of the freestanding fireplace but determine how easy it is to use. Most people enjoy buying a fireplace TV stand that comes with remote control. You can operate it from a distance without walking up to press the buttons on the control panel. There are even a few electric fireplace models that come with a sleek and advanced touch screen. The screens offer easy and seamless to operate. They’re often backlit to make them visible in the dark. They feature sharp, crisp graphics with vibrant colors and high resolution.
Visit each manufacturer’s website to learn more about their fireplace models and discover more about the background of the brand. This will allow you to determine if they spend more time constructing quality products. On MagikFlame’s website, you can learn how Magikflame is made. All of their surrounds are assembled and constructed in Nashville, Tennessee. You can invest in an American-made product that is higher quality than imported surrounds. If repairs are ever needed, it’s easy to find the right parts within the country instead of abroad.
If a warranty comes with the product, it’s a good sign that it isn’t likely to suffer from any issues. Companies typically offer warranties when they stand behind the quality of their goods and know that they’ll last long-term.
Once you find the best small electric fireplace or electric fireplace tv stand for your needs, it can enhance the quality of the room. Owning the best electric fireplace will keep the chill away and allow you to feel more at ease during the day and night.

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