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Can An Electric Fireplace Fit Into an Entertainment Center?

Entertainment Center

Electric fireplaces are popular because of how well they work in different types of settings for those looking to get more warmth and comfort in low temperatures. Their versatile design and compact size make them easy to install and work well on different walls and cabinets in living spaces, enhancing any living room area. You may be wondering if an electric fireplace can fit into an entertainment center when you’re looking to install it in your home.

Entertainment Center with Fireplace

Can an Electric Fireplace Fit into an Entertainment Center?

Many homeowners build entertainment centers in their living rooms to fill in a bare wall and create a space for displaying their favorite items. The storage space provided makes them extremely functional to ensure you have space for storing a cable box, DVD player, or even collectibles. They can keep some items discrete and out of sight, whether you have dozens of video games or a large sound system with a lot of wires.

Entertainment centers can be built in a variety of ways including many shelves, cubbies, and cabinets for more accessibility to your items. For those trying to find the right place to install a fireplace, the entertainment center can be an ideal spot to secure it and double as a TV stand if you also need a spot for your flat-screen television. Once you have the TVs up, it’ll create a sleek and upscale look that enhances the setting’s visual appeal.

Electric inserts are the best option for custom-built entertainment centers because they can be mounted inside one of the compartments of the feature. You can also install them inside the cavity in the wall to make the fireplace sit flush. The main step to focus on during the installation process is measuring the opening to ensure it is large enough to accommodate the size of the modern electric fireplace insert. You’ll need to cut out a piece of the back of the entertainment center where you can fit the electrical cord through to plug it into the wall.

It also helps if you find something with adjustable shelves to ensure you can configure the design of the feature to make the fireplace fit perfectly. Installing a media center with open shelves, cubbies, and a bookcase can offer additional versatility when you need a piece of furniture that has different features. The item can accommodate both a fireplace and TVs up to 65 inches. You can even find a white fireplace TV stand with a barn door or glass doors to conceal your home theater in your living space.

A modern farmhouse entertainment center with a weathered oak grain finish, thick plank detailing, and crossbuck designs can add a rustic character to your living room while showcasing your television beautifully.

Electric fireplaces are the best option for entertainment centers because they don’t require installing a chimney, gas line, or vent. You won’t need to hire a professional electrician or contractor to make additional modifications to the house to get it up and running. They’re safe to use in entertainment centers because they don’t release too much heat, which prevents the surrounding materials from becoming damaged as they’re in use. They also won’t cause damage to nearby TVs up to 65 inches because real flames aren’t used in the firebox. It’s important to measure the opening and also have enough circulation for the fireplace. Read the owner’s manual to learn the best way of installing the electric insert to ensure it’s secure on the wall.

Some brands even sell entertainment centers with built-in fireplaces, which prevents you from measuring anything if you have TVs up to 65 inches. Many of the parts will already be pre-assembled to make the installation process straightforward. There are also many different types of transitional furniture pieces that can double as a media stand for TVs up to 65 inches, which includes a highboy dresser or armoires. A hutch will also add a rustic touch to the setting and can include a fireplace while supporting TVs up to 40 inches.

Can Electric Fireplaces Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?


CO test

Gas fireplaces still come with the worry of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.

Carbon monoxide exposure is one of the main risks that come with owning a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Because the gas is flammable, odorless, and tasteless, it can be difficult to detect and can even be deadly if you have too much exposure. One of the main benefits of electric fireplaces is they don’t create any carbon monoxide because real fire isn’t used. You can protect your home’s indoor air quality and don’t have to install carbon monoxide detectors or even smoke detectors. You’ll continue to enjoy having fresh air in the home without contaminating it with pollutants or particles that can eventually lead to heart disease.

Wood-burning fireplaces and wood-burning stoves can increase the risk of exposure to carbon monoxide because homeowners often forget to open the flue each time they use their fireplace. Many people also don’t realize there’s the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with the natural gas used. According to, an average of 430 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning in the U.S. High levels of co can be life-threatening and can lead to brain damage. Co-poisoning can occur suddenly because it’s hard to detect, initially causing chest pain and shortness of breath.

Most electric fireplaces use advanced technology to create the look of realistic flames without using fire. LED lights, rotating mirrors, mist, and even a screen are often used to create the look of a real fire without the need for a fuel source. The different features that are used to create the look of the fire also don’t produce any heat. Instead, the product relies on a fan-forced heating system to generate heat and release it into the room. The fireplace is built with a blower, which pulls cool air into the unit and heats it before releasing the air back into the room.

You also don’t have to worry about the risk of a chimney fire because creosote can’t accumulate as the fireplace is in use due to the lack of wood burned. You don’t have to schedule chimney sweeps each year to remove the buildup of creosote or clean out any ashes to prevent issues from occurring. The lack of real fire used makes the fireplace much easier to maintain and can offer peace of mind knowing your family members are safe. Electric fireplaces also come with safety features that prevent them from overheating and cause them to shut off when using the built-in timer.

What to Expect When Installing Your Fireplace?

What to Expect When Installing Your Fireplace

Installing a fireplace that uses electricity is a lot quicker and more convenient than other types of fireplaces you can choose from. The process doesn’t require hiring a certified electrician to hardwire the components. You also don’t need to find a contractor to add a new chimney, venting, or gas lines. You can do the work yourself after the fireplace arrives at your house and you unbox the materials. Most of the parts should be easy to assemble and only require using a screwdriver without needing advanced tools or equipment.

The installation process slightly varies, depending on the type of fireplace you’ve purchased. Electric inserts are lightweight and easy to lift and move around. You can install them into a cavity in the wall to create a built-in look and design, which can increase the value of your home. Most inserts have a cord you can plug into the wall to get it ready to use in seconds. This includes a 65 inch TV stand that comes with a built-in fireplace. Other inserts require minor hardwiring, which can be performed by a certified electrician. Electric inserts can also be installed on different types of armoirs for a cohesive look and design. If you have a masonry fireplace already in place in your living room, the insert can slip right into the fireplace opening to convert the feature into an energy-efficient feature. Close the flue or vent to ensure critters and outside air can’t enter the building as the new fireplace insert is in use.

What Makes This Type of Fireplace Energy-efficient?

What Makes This Type of Fireplace Energy-efficient

” Utilize Zone Heating to shrink electric bills with an efficient MagikFlame heating fireplace.”

The lack of electricity used makes this type of fireplace more energy-efficient than other options available in the industry. You can reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy saving potentially hundreds of dollars throughout the year without compromising how much heat your home gets in the colder seasons. They’re also clean to use because they don’t contaminate the air in the building to ensure you can protect your family’s health while still enjoying the benefits of the fireplace. They use an average of 1,500-watts of electricity, depending on if you have the heater in use as the flames are on display. You can expect to pay as little as one cent per hour to leave it running. If you use the maximum heat on the fireplace, it’s only 18 cents per hour. Gas fireplaces cost up to 40 cents every hour to use, which can cause a spike in your electric bill.

There’s also less heat loss that comes with this type of fireplace. Although wood-burning fireplaces work well for heating interior settings, they lose 80 percent of the heat they produce, which requires burning wood for a longer period of time. Gas fireplaces also lose up to 40 percent of the heat they generate, which means you’re spending money on the heat you never get to enjoy. Fireplaces that run off of electricity use 100 percent of the heat they use, making the room feel warmer quicker while keeping your electric costs down.

Not only can you get a lot of heat from the fireplace, but it will supplement the heat from your central heating system to ensure you use the main appliance less often. You can adjust the thermostat in the home and enjoy more savings throughout the year. The zone heating delivered from the fireplace also prevents other rooms from becoming too warm.

The lack of pollution it creates also makes it a more eco-friendly choice for those who are looking to go green. You don’t have to release any smoke into the air outdoors or worry about getting fined if some wood-burning restrictions are in place in the local area. After you learn how a fireplace fits into an entertainment center, it can provide you with more flexibility with the layout of your room. You can also enhance the visual appeal of the fireplace and draw more attention to it with your media storage.

Why Electric Fireplaces are the Right Choice?

Why Electric Fireplaces are the Right Choice

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There are a few reasons electric fireplaces are likely the right choice for your home when you want to enjoy the same benefits you’d get from a wood-burning fireplace. The product can release a significant amount of heat into the room minutes after you turn it on to make it easier to maintain the temperature in the building. It doesn’t require opening a window for proper ventilation, which prevents cold air from entering the building as you try to stay warm.

Electric fireplaces are also available in a variety of styles and designs to accommodate different types of consumers. Both renters and homeowners can benefit from the product because of the way they’re built. The plug-in design makes them ideal for rental properties because they don’t need to be hardwired into the wall. They’re also easy to lift and move to another room or home for continued use.

The compact size of this type of fireplace is another reason many people prefer to incorporate it into their homes with the rest of their living room furniture. It makes it an ideal option for apartments and condos where there’s a limited amount of space available. It doesn’t take up a lot of floor space, which allows you to still fit other furniture items in the room like a hutch or a Trinell TV stand.

The size of the product also makes it portable to ensure you can take it with you when you plan to move to a different home. The plug-in design makes it easy to uninstall and load into a moving truck for continued use. You can install it in your new home entertainment area, whether you own an insert or a tv stand with a built-in fireplace.

The easy and cost-effective installation makes it less of a hassle to set up in minutes. You can do the work yourself and enjoy a seamless process that is easy. Place it in a spot that is a few feet from a standard outlet in the room and avoid using an extension cord for safety purposes. You can even add a few decor items to enhance its visual appeal and draw more attention to the feature.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Fireplace

Extending the Lifespan of Your Fireplace
MagikFlame is a top-of-the-line electric fireplace.

After you spend money on a new fireplace, you’ll need to care for the product to prevent it from suffering from excess wear and tear that can occur prematurely. If you give it enough attention, it should last an average of 20 years before it needs to be replaced. Providing general and routine maintenance to the unit will also reduce the number of repairs that are needed as it’s in use.

The first step you can take is to clean the inside of the fireplace. With a fireplace that uses electricity, it’s easier to clean because you don’t have to sweep any ashes out of the firebox. Use a screwdriver to remove the access panel, which may be on the front or back of the fireplace. Allow the fireplace to cool for 10 minutes after unplugging it. Use a dry cloth to wipe down the fireplace logs to remove any dust that is present. You can also use a vacuum with an attachment to remove dust in hard-to-reach places.

Finish the cleaning process by wiping down the glass doors with a lint-free cloth. This will remove any streaks and grime that have formed over time. Avoid using harsh cleaners on any of the surfaces to avoid causing damage or removing the finish or paint.

Annual inspections can also be performed by certified electrical who are familiar with the different parts and internal components. The expert can check out the different mechanisms of the fireplace to ensure everything is working correctly and doesn’t need attention. If repairs are needed, it can improve the operation of the fireplace and extend its lifespan.

Choosing the Best Fireplace for Your Living Room Furniture

28″ Insert: Most versatile fireplace. Surround and mantel can be custom-designed.

28″ Insert: Most versatile fireplace. Surround and mantel can be custom-designed.

It’s important to consider the different options available when finding the right fireplace for your interior setting to ensure it’s functional and you can get plenty of use out of it long-term. The type of product you select will determine if it works well in the space and becomes the main focal point in the room.

You also want to consider how much space you have available before selecting the fireplace you want to own. If you have a lot of room to work with, consider a freestanding fireplace that features a surround and a mantel. This will add a touch of drama to the room and can allow the product to look like it’s built into the wall.

You can also opt for a TV console with fireplace, which you can enjoy viewing while watching your favorite TV shows. It’s easy to find a media console constructed out of solid wood or engineered wood with shelving for your books, DVDs, a soundbar, and gaming consoles. If you want something classic and contemporary, opt for a media console with an espresso finish, which will look upscale in your home or office.

Those who want something that is upscale can opt for installing an electric insert into their wall. This is easy to insert into a cavity that is present and can sit flush with the wall to prevent it from taking up any space. You may want to consider this option in a home office or entryway where there’s less space available.

A wall-mounted fireplace is another popular option that can be mounted directly onto the wall. You can hang it up in minutes after finding the studs in the wall to ensure it’s secure.

Not only do you want to consider the best type of fireplace to purchase, but it’s important to consider the brand. The type of brand you select influences how long the fireplace lasts and if it is reliable for many years. A few of the best-selling brands in the industry include MagikFlame, Dimplex, and Touchstone.

Many consumers opt for MagikFlame products because it’s the only brand to use patented holographic technology in the industry. The technology is unique because it uses a screen to display the realistic flame effects, which is an important part of the MagikFlame story because it was invented by the founder, Howard Birnbaum.

Reading online reviews should also be a part of shopping for the right fireplace to ensure you can get an idea of its overall quality. The reviews will give you more information about the details of the product from the customer’s point of view based on their personal experience of using the product. MagikFlame reviews are posted on the company’s website, as well as on Amazon. Amazon is also a great place to find reviews of other brands like Puraflame.

You can also think about the features you want to have available with your next fireplace. You may want something with different flame effects or different heat settings you can adjust. It’s also necessary to consider how Magikflame is built or how Dimplex products are constructed to ensure they have solid, long-lasting parts and don’t suffer from issues down the road. Purchasing an insert that is constructed in the U.S. can offer peace of mind instead of spending thousands of dollars on a product made in another country.

It’s also necessary to inquire about payment plans and financing that are available through each manufacturer when making your selection. The fireplace you select should fit within your budget. Determine how you want to pay for the fireplace in advance. If you use your credit card, look into the background of the company to ensure they’re reputable and do not sell my personal information. You can also inquire about gift cards that are available if you want to gift a loved one with a new fireplace for their home.

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