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What Electric Fireplaces Are Best for a Long TV Stand?


Electric fireplaces draw many people who are tired of cleaning chimneys, removing ashes, and procuring firewood for wood-burning fireplaces and want something that requires very little maintenance. Once you have your fireplace insert, you need a place to put it. While you may have a place in a fireplace opening, you may want to give it a home somewhere else, such as a TV stand. Below, we’ll discuss the MagikFlame story, the benefits of this type of fireplace, and what electric fireplaces are best for a long TV stand.

Decor Living Room With Long Media Console

Long TV Stand

The MagikFlame Story

Some creations are borne out of love, such as Band-Aids, which were created by a man by the name of Earle Dickson who had a wife who frequently cut herself in the kitchen. Other inventions are created by accident, such as the popsicle, or the method of cooking behind microwave ovens.

Percy LeBaron Spencer was originally working with magnetrons, which are vacuum tubes of high power that create microwaves, which are short radio waves. He was working with the magnetrons and noticed that the candy bar he had in one of his pockets had melted. He filed his first patent for the microwave oven in 1945.

Even more, creations are born from dissatisfaction with available products and an idea that they can be done better. 

When it came to Howard Birnbaum and electric fireplaces, that was certainly the case and the cause of MagikFlame’s origins. As a technophile, F/X creator, and entrepreneur, Howard Birnbaum was initially excited to see that electric fireplaces existed during a trip to his local Costco. Sadly, that excitement gave way to disappointment and dissatisfaction after he looked the fireplace over and found that it left a lot to be desired.

That disappointing experience was not in vain as that encounter planted a seed of an idea in his mind. Birnbaum wanted an electric fireplace, but none of the existing electric fireplaces were realistic enough for his liking. After a month of searching and not finding anything that met his criteria, Howard Birnbaum set about to create his own electric fireplaces, eventually starting MagikFlame in 2015.

Howard didn’t intend to create a fireplace company, but just wanted something that looked and sounded like a real fire in a fireplace. He got the idea to use a video of a real fire to play behind the logs, so he used his nearly 20 years of experience creating visual effects on the computer to build something great. Since he also had engineering experience creating 3D models, it was even easier to design something that would go on to be a great, realistic fireplace. All he needed was to find a wordsmith and a carpenter to bring his idea to fruition.

Birnbaum came up with the idea of creating holographic electric fireplaces while on vacation with his girlfriend at Disneyland in California. They were going through the Haunted Mansion ride when they came to the ballroom with all the ghosts flying around. It took five years of research, designing, and hard work to reach the goal of creating version 2.0 of the MagikFlame fireplace. This means that this innovative technology means that you can enjoy a fireplace that looks almost as good as the real thing.

Everybody loves seeing the realistic flames as they enjoy the heat of a fire as they cuddle up with a book, blanket, and cup of hot chocolate. One of the main concerns that everybody has when it comes to finding a place to put the fireplace is easy access in their living space. You may have a long TV stand, but what electric fireplaces are best for a long TV stand?

Importance of Home Decor

Decorating your home to your preferred style has a multitude of benefits. The way you style your home provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can sit down, raise your feet, and drink a nice cup of the beverage of your choice. You want a look that maintains the functionality of the room while at the same time reflecting your personality and interests.

Your insert can be the main focal point in your living room, or it can be one of them within the room, along with wall paintings, collectibles, or scented candles. Creating a home you love impacts your physical health, mental health, mood, and more. Interior design that reflects you evoke positive feelings, such as comfort, safety, and happiness.

Good interior design decisions make your bedroom more relaxing and if you have a home office, it creates an environment that helps promote focus and efficiency. For a living room, you want the right color to set the mood for relaxation and an area that relieves stress. The right type of lighting also affects your mood, which makes electric fireplaces a great addition to your home. There’s something comforting about the dancing flames in a fire, even if they aren’t real.

Home Decor With Long TV Stand

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

There are many benefits that electric fireplaces have over other types of fireplaces. You never have to worry about the risk of a fire from hot embers that pop out and land on your carpeting or furniture, and it’s safe to touch the fireplace as there is no real fire. You never have to worry about your pets or children injuring themselves or causing a fire.

You also don’t have to purchase firewood as the flames are not wood, which saves you money, and you never need a place to store wood. Since you aren’t burning anything in the fireplace, you don’t have to worry about smoke, improper ventilation, or carbon monoxide fumes.

You can still enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while you gaze at the vivid photorealistic flames, as well as the fake glowing embers and wispy smoke. If you had a visitor or sent a picture to someone, they would be hard-pressed to tell that it wasn’t a real fire.

However, what’s a roaring fire without the sound to go with it? Our electric fireplaces also have built-in speakers that recreate the sound of burning logs that sound so real that you’ll forget you don’t have the real thing. We also provide an optional add-on that provides the sharp scent of fresh winter pine to provide the fully immersive experience that a real fireplace provides.

Our Electric Fireplaces

Decor With Long TV Stand


Our Trinity is 55 inches wide by 48 inches tall and 18 inches deep. It offers 30 realistic flames, as well as crackling log sounds easily accessible through the iPhone phone app. If you have a traditional style home, the Trinity only adds to its sophistication. It has pure white sides and a mantel with fluted intricately carved corbels, triangular side posts, and a bull-nose edge on both side posts.

The Trinity is not entirely ideal for most TV stands, so make sure to measure your current TV stand to determine if it can currently handle the Trinity. If you decide to purchase a larger TV stand, check the dimensions to determine if it’s large enough to handle the Trinity. There are many TV stands that have adjustable shelves and glass doors.

Home Decor TV Stand


Like the Trinity, our Artemis-style fireplace also has 30 realistic flame types with crackling log sounds accessible through the iPhone phone app. The dimensions for the Artemis are 53 inches wide, 43 inches tall, by 15 inches deep. The color of the Artemis is a warm white that won’t strain the eyes when you gaze upon the leaping flames. The Artemis features rectangular and square-shaped details framed by crown molding on the side posts and the front centerpiece. It is made from high-quality wood and is a perfect fit for the modern, or mid-century modern home.

Some of the larger TV stands are a great fit for the Artemis, especially if the appearance is complementary to Artemis’ warm white exterior. You may wish to look for a long TV stand with a wood grain with a dark brown or espresso color. Some TV stands may have sliding doors or doors reminiscent of a barn door. Then there are those that have cubbies for open storage opportunities for plenty of space.

Home With Long TV Stand


The Morpheus is a smaller, more compact fireplace and is our smallest mantle design. The Morpheus is a great choice for any home, but is ideal for apartments and high-rise condominiums. It blends modern aesthetics and classical European designs. The handcrafted look is accentuated by the fluted signposts on its alpine white frame and mantle. Like with the previous electric fireplaces, the Morpheus offers 30 realistic flames and log sounds accessible through the iPhone phone app.

The Morpheus is 45 inches wide, 42 inches tall, and 15 inches deep. This makes it the perfect size for most long TV stands. Larger TV stands can also be used as entertainment consoles, bookcases, or media consoles. A TV stand with an antique white finish is the perfect complement to the Morpheus.

corner Home Decor With Long TV Stand


Our Churchill Corner model is another smaller model as it’s perfectly designed for small homes, condos, and apartments. Instead of being designed for the traditional wall fireplace, the Churchill Corner is designed to be in the corner of the room to create a focal point and is ideal for hanging holiday decorations or supporting a TV.

The Churchill is 52 inches wide, 41 inches tall, and 40.5 inches deep. The alpine white Churchill does not comfortably sit on TV stands, and the mantle is large enough that it can be used as a stand for TVs, such as flat-screen television sets. Like other MagikFlame electric fireplaces, the infrared heater technology takes the chill, making it the perfect companion to your main heating system, but won’t dry out the indoor air.

Home Decor With Long Stand


Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and handicraft, our Athena is perfect for both modern and traditional homes. With its bright Alpine white finish, it will stand out in any room with a bold, breath-taking appearance. It has intricate hand-carved appliques on both fluted side posts. This handcrafted fireplace is a wise choice for those who wish to admire the handicraft that goes into this fireplace.

The Athena is 55 inches wide, 48 inches tall, and 18 inches deep. Due to its size, it is not recommended for the Athena to be placed on a TV stand. If placed on a TV stand, the Athena would be too high up to properly enjoy and access.

MagikFlame Insert

Our standalone inserts make it easy to transition from a gas or wood-burning fireplace. With our standalone inserts, you can keep it as is, or provide it with a unique, custom look with stone or wood surrounding it. For a sophisticated look with state-of-the-art holographic technology, the fireplace insert provides the wow factor you’ve been looking for, especially when placed on a long TV stand.

The fireplace insert is 28 inches wide, 32 inches tall, and 12 inches deep. As with the electric fireplaces previously mentioned, the insert offers 30 realistic flames, and crackling log sounds, and you can change the flames with the iPhone phone app, or on the iPad. With the app, you can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi for free updates; you can enable or disable the ambient sounds, and control the sound levels on your fireplace.

With the app, you can also adjust the sleep timer mode to shut down after a certain time automatically. If you’re reading before bed and wish for a countdown timer, you can set the fireplace to shut off at a certain time. When you see that your fireplace has shut down, you are reminded that you wish to go to bed.

What To Look For When Choosing Our Fireplaces

When choosing your new fireplace, there are naturally a few things to consider before you make your final purchase. One of the main considerations is that you need to take into account the size of the room if you wish to provide supplemental heating for. An online calculator says that with a living room size of 175 square feet and a room ceiling height of 8 feet with good insulation with very sunny exposure, it would need a fireplace that provides a little over 6,000 BTUs.

If you’re looking to heat a smaller area in the same room, say less than 100 square feet, like the area around a TV stand, then a fireplace that provides 5,000 will be exactly what you need. The larger the area you’re heating, the lower the efficiency of the fireplace, but our fireplaces are meant to be supplemental heating.

Other factors that impact your electric fireplaces’ heating efficiency are windows, drafts, vaulted ceilings, and inefficient insulation. Energy-efficient windows not only keep heat in the home longer, lowering heating costs, but also reduces condensation. The proper amount of insulation also helps to keep your home warmer longer.

A home that keeps its heat in longer helps keep your fireplace and heating system from working too hard. Even though your MagikFlame fireplace is purely for supplemental heat, you don’t want to overtax your system, which causes the parts to wear out faster. When your MagikFlame fireplace lasts longer, you save money on replacement parts and save money by not having to replace the entire MagikFlame fireplace.

How To Install Your Fireplace Insert

While you may want to place your fireplace on a TV stand, you may choose to install your insert later down the road. With MagikFlame electric fireplaces, we recommend a 15-20 amp breaker as our inserts run on a standard 110 volts. All the electrical connections can be made in J-boxes that already exist, and you can hardwire into your dwelling’s power source. When it comes to powering your fireplace insert, you must not use power strips to plug in the insert.

Our Magikflame electrical fireplaces stand 31.723 inches tall, 28.167 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. The opening of our electrical fireplaces is 22.4671 inches tall, and 28.1107 inches wide with a 0.722-inch lip. The base dimensions are 12 inches deep. The hidden panel, whose top 9 inches can be sealed in, is 9.097 inches high and 27.250 inches wide. The viewing hole size is 28.160 inches wide and 22.7 inches high. The base for the insert, the wall framing, is 28.167 inches by 31.723 inches by 12 inches.

Firstly, you must measure before trying to install a fireplace insert. While it may be an easy DIY project for those with carpentry and electrical experience, if you don’t have experience working with electricity, then it’s best to call a professional electrician for assistance installing this type of fireplace, as there will need to be a power outlet in the opening of your old fireplace.

If you wish to have your fireplace insert on a stand, you’ll need to keep a distance of at least 3/8 of an inch from the top of the firebox from another material source that’s either combustible or non-combustible. This means you can’t place something right in front, above the firebox, or next to the firebox, whether it is books, plants, clothing, or even pet beds. You must also never place furniture right in front of your electric fireplace, despite the lack of potential embers.

If you do decide to put the insert together yourself, you will need a few tools and building materials. You will need a level to make sure there is no tilt, you’ll need gloves to keep your hand safe, and you will need a tape measure to ensure distance.

When you decide to place your fireplace or fireplace insert on a TV stand, be sure to have something underneath that is resistant to heat, even if the casing should not get too hot. A piece of laminate is heat resistant to a point; most high gloss items are not good with heat. An item with a matte finish can’t take direct heat.

If the fireplace insert has a vent near the top, then it’s perfectly fine to place it on a TV stand as the base won’t get hot. If the vent is near the bottom, then place it on top of something with a hard veneer finish that can handle higher temperatures, or support the insert with bricks if you don’t wish to encase the insert.

An entertainment center might also be a good place in which to place your fireplace insert. The entertainment center, or media console, not only allows you to place TVs up higher, but is a place to store DVDs, music, and books. When you place your TVs up off the floor, this makes them easier to enjoy; the same goes for your fireplace insert. You do need some shelving in your media stand for your insert, but you should also have open shelves for both storage space and breathing space for your MagikFlame insert.

An entertainment center, or TV console, has cutouts for cable management and wire management for both inserts or cable boxes. Cable management is especially important if you have several devices in close proximity. Adjustable shelves are great for a modern TV stand or entertainment center as they are made from engineered wood with a back panel that makes them great for flat-panel TVs.

If you have a flat-screen TV, or flat-panel TVs if you have some for multiple rooms, then you can close the cabinet doors to your media cabinet when not in use, and it becomes a piece of furniture once more. Some people are doing away with having a TV cabinet altogether and have a wall mount for their TVs, from the 15-inch TV to the 60-inch TV.

Some TV stand features include wheels, making it easy to move the television stand around, but a wood tv stand, a tabletop, a TV cabinet with a sideboard for media storage, or a soundbar are all good options for storage solutions. Solid wood stand with engineered wood and a high gloss matte finish has a low profile that blends in with your home decor.

Medium-density Fibreboard, or MDF, is an engineered product made from breaking down softwood or hardwood leftovers into wood fibers and combining it in a binder made from resin and wax before high pressure and high temperature is applied. This makes MDF a solid wood that is denser than typical plywood.

Enjoy The Magic With MagikFlame

When you invest in MagikFlame, you’re investing in a guarantee that your new realistic fireplace provides the comfort you desire during the colder months. In addition, you don’t even have to worry about the impact it has on your indoor air quality. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace or other fireplace types, you don’t have to worry about the byproducts of said fireplaces bothering allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illnesses. You also don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide as you would with gas fireplaces, wood stoves, or wood-burning fireplaces.

When you are ready to learn about the type of fireplace inserts we provide, how they work, or other things you want to know, you can always read the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide to learn more. Inside our buyer’s guide, you learn how to control your fireplace, how much space you need, and how to install the fireplace insert.

Long before you install your fireplace, you may wonder how MagikFlame is built. Your insert must first be built by a team of technicians. These inserts are created with dedication, hard work, and lots of love, as well as a combination of high-tech engineering and precision manufacturing. After all, building an electric fireplace is both an art and a science. Our team of highly skilled technicians is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and all of our inserts are made in the United States of America.

Once assembled, your fireplace insert is powder-coated to create a protective outer shell. This protective outer shell makes your insert resistant to humidity and fingerprints, and enhances the beauty of the fireplace. The protective outer shell also guarantees longevity as it makes it more durable and ensures that your fireplace won’t ever rust. With MagikFlame, you experience the best fireplace you’ve ever had as you don’t have to worry about cleaning ashes, making sure you have enough gas or storing enough wood for the winter.

With MagikFlame, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for your new fireplace as we offer ways to help you pay. For example, if you wished to purchase our Trinity traditional white fireplace with a payment plan, you could pay as low as $156 per month or as low as $162 per month when you go with our Artemis line, a modern white fireplace.

Is MagikFlame Safer Around Children and Pets?

Another question we frequently get from potential MagikFlame owners is if the electric fireplaces we sell are safer to be around children and pets, particularly birds. We understand the concern that bird parents have when it comes to their feathered friends, especially since their respiratory system processes oxygen differently than we do.

Mammals inhale oxygenated air and exhale deoxygenated air, also known as tidal breathing. With birds, their lungs have tube-shaped structures called parabronchii, while our bronchial tubes don’t. Birds have posterior and anterior air sacs where the first inhalation brings air into the posterior air sacs while the first exhalation moves the air from the posterior air sacs into the lungs. This makes them incredibly sensitive to fumes and other air pollutants.

Bird caretakers also know that some everyday items can make their birds ill or even kill them. These items include Teflon and other PTFEs, bleach, air fresheners, fumes from paint, perfume, and other VOCs. They also know that Teflon and other PTFEs aren’t just found in cookware but also in curling irons, door latches, hairdryers, hair straighteners, and other items found in the home, such as pet toys and dishes.

While gas fireplaces and wood stoves are not safe for parrots and other birds, mainly due to the carbon impact on indoor air quality, our fireplaces are safe for parrots and other birds. This is because fireplaces from MagikFlame don’t emit dangerous fumes or gases, or particulate matter, into your home’s air. You don’t have to worry about your birds flying close to your fireplace and landing on a hot surface or burning themselves in the fake flames.

As for your other pets, whether they are cats, dogs, turtles, or frogs, you don’t have to worry about them either. Your reptiles and cats might discover the joys that electric fireplaces can provide, and you may have a hard time convincing them to stay away, but that is pretty much the only thing you have to worry about.

If you have curious pets or children, you never have to worry about them getting too close and burning themselves or accidentally causing fires. Our fireplace insert weighs 33 pounds, while our other fireplaces weigh up to 50 pounds. One of the few ways your pets or children can knock over your new fireplace is if they are running at full speed and collide with it.

MagikFlame Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it; check out our reviews. Our customers rave about their fireplace inserts, gushing over points from how we supply latex gloves to prevent fingerprints, how realistic their flames look, the ambiance, and the customer service MagikFlame provides to our customers. They also love just how easy it is to control it through the app on their phone.

MagikFlame Warranty

MagikFlame does not use any moving parts to generate the flame effects, which leads to fewer breakdowns and makes our fireplace inserts more reliable. All MagikFlame inserts are covered by a 1-year warranty as they are guaranteed free of defects at the time of shipping. MagikFlame will ship you hardware and parts free of charge if it’s determined the unit can be repaired by swapping parts and instructions can be given by phone tech support.

If the failed component falls within the warranty period, but is no longer available, then you will be paid the wholesale value of the part. Any fireplace insert returns must be done so in the original foam, packaging material, and box, as all returns for issues will be void without those. We use LED and LCD technology so you never have to worry about replacing lightbulbs frequently. LED lights and LCD technology are both known for being energy efficient and for lasting a long time.

Why wait? Get your new favorite fireplace from MagikFlame today and enjoy the heat and crackling of the flames from the comfort of your TV stand. While you’re waiting for your new fireplace to arrive, why not check out our learning center where you can read everything about the cost analysis of your new fireplace to our latest articles, such as how to paint your new fireplace. You can also check out our flame gallery to see how each of the 30 flames looks. There’s a flame style for everyone to enjoy, from classic fireplace flames to the North Pole Arctic fireplace experience.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

Product specifications and features are subject to change without notice and may vary from actual products available. Readers should consult the manufacturer or retailer directly for the most up-to-date information, installation requirements, safety guidelines, and warranty details.

The author and publisher shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused by reliance on this information. The use of any information provided is at the reader’s own risk.

Please note that some links may be affiliate links, and we may earn a commission from purchases made through these links. This does not impact our editorial content or recommendations.

For questions or concerns, please contact the manufacturer or retailer directly.

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Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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