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10 Gorgeous Fireplace Decor Ideas for Styling an Empty Living Room

When it comes to home decorating ideas, how does the homeowner know where to start? Simply select a focal point. For example, a fireplace with dancing flames is always the center of attention. With a MagikFlame electric fireplace, you won’t have to worry about placing flammable décor too close because the exterior doesn’t get hot. See the fireplace decorating ideas below for inspiration.

Starting from Scratch: Where to Put Your Fireplace

Your MagikFlame fireplace is ventless, so you don’t have to place it near an exterior wall or chimney. That allows you a lot of leeway in interior design.

Also, MagikFlames are freestanding units that do not require a gas connection. You only need to make sure there is a regular electrical outlet nearby. Installation is as easy as adding a faux fireplace, but you will have realistic flames year-round.

If you intend to use your fireplace for heating, you can optimize its efficiency by placing it away from any windows in the room. That way, none of the cozy, radiant heat will escape through any openings in the window frames.

On the other hand, putting your fireplace beneath a distinctive arched window can make a striking design statement. Simply make sure the window is well-sealed and double-paned.

Also, since your MagikFlame’ electric fireplace will be the focal point of the living room, family room or dining area, avoid placement near or behind doorways. Upon entering the room, the lovely large fireplace should be within your line of sight.

10 Gorgeous Fireplace Decor Ideas

1. Contemporary Fireplace

Before furnishing or adding decorative details, determine a color scheme. It should reflect your home decor style as well as your personal aesthetic. For example, a room with a contemporary style is more interesting by virtue of variety and contrast. To achieve that effect, select a paint color that contrasts with your bright white or warm wood mantel.

corner fireplace decorating

In the above photo, the choice of interior designs features a dark blue paint for the walls of the room. It really showcases the Churchill corner fireplace, which is white. The contrast brings out the bold lines of the fireplace and provides a crisp backdrop for the mantel display.

2. White Fireplace

Another approach to home decor is more of a monochrome background with colorful accents. This often has a sleek, modern fireplace style that is understated, elegant and chic:

white fireplace electric

Take the monochrome theme a bit further by dedicating the entire wall to it. Built-in white shelving on either side of the fireplace provides a luxury craftsman appearance with early 20th-century charm.

You can infuse your white fireplace wall with some splashes of color that create a contemporary effect. For example, display a vignette of colorful collectibles on shelves of different heights. Be sure to intersperse them with white and off-white accents.

3. Wow with Wainscotting

If you want to skip the monochrome look for something a bit more eye-catching, consider adding wainscotting. Achieve a modern effect with a wainscoting design that echoes the look of the fireplace surround.

Traditional half-wall wainscotting with a chair rail compliments the classic lines of the MagikFlame Morpheus model. When finished with white paint, the wainscotting ties the fireplace into the room, making it look like a built-in.

On the walls above, use a neutral tone of paint. It should not match the white but should not be a stark contrast. A smoother transition between design elements has a relaxing, calming effect that makes people comfortable.

magikflame electric fireplace

4. Understated Elegance

Every MagikFlame furniture-quality fireplace surround features classic design elements. You can amplify the elegance of your living room styling by letting the surround speak for itself.

A round mirror above the mantel should reflect well on your decorating scheme. The shape, size, and frame of the mirror can make a variety of style statements.

Whether you want to establish a vintage, minimalist, or art-deco mantel decor theme, the right mirror speaks volumes. A few well-placed objets d’art on the mantelpiece further reinforce your desired effect.

If you like, add a coordinating fireplace screen. It will tie into your fireplace during the rare times you aren’t using it.

5. Christmas Trimmings Fireplace

Corner unit decoration with fireplace

The MagikFlame fireplace pictured is the Churchill, which is designed for a corner of your room. The white, glossy finish of the surround and fireplace mantle coordinate with the carpet and wall color. When you add colorful accents, you can create a lovely DIY seasonal mantel decor display.

One great feature of a MagikFlame electric fireplace is that you can arrange decorations right on top and to the sides without any fire risk. The radiant infrared heating element inside the firebox does not raise the outer temperature into the danger zone.

Therefore, you can place your television right on the fireplace mantel without fear of heat damage. Since everyone will be turned toward the cozy fireplace anyway, it’s quite convenient to have your TV up above.

For the same reason, your seasonal display will garner plenty of attention on and around the fireplace. Make the most of the warmth and crackling sounds of your MagikFlame with a cozy, traditional Christmas display. Here are some seasonal fireplace decor ideas to try.

It’s always smart to start your mantel decor by covering the surface with a protective layer that also keys into your decor ideas. For this one, a deep red or forest green runner will work great.

First, place your centerpiece in the middle of the mantel, slightly toward the back. The centerpiece should be taller than your other elements and make a statement that speaks to the theme of your display.

Since it’s the holidays, an appropriate centerpiece could be:

  • A large poinsettia plant (real or faux)
  • A grouping of pillar candles in metallic holders of different heights
  • A vase with branches that you’ve sprayed with metallic paint (similar to the photo)
  • A small, decorated tree

If you want to replicate the lovely backlit glow you see in the photo above, conceal an LED shelf light behind the centerpiece.

To each side of the centerpiece, extend a holiday garland of evergreens to the ends of the mantel. Add some candles and holiday accents, beginning with two taller items on either side of the centerpiece.

Add pairs of similar-sized objects on each side as you move toward the ends. These could be candles, snow-related items, or other mantel decorating ideas. Finally, in front of the centerpiece, place a few colorful ball ornaments, a miniature nativity scene, or some other small grouping.

You can also add floor decorations near the fireplace, such as the trees in the photo. Other fun accents, like a sign with an arrow to the North Pole or a medium-to-large Santa figure, would also bring holiday cheer. As you decorate, more fireplace decor ideas will spring to mind as well.

6. Victorian Romance Fireplace

Create a romantic Victorian-style display for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just because you love the vintage vibe. The Morpheus MagikFlame model has the strong, classic lines that contrast beautifully with the soft curves of your romantic design.

Protect the mantel with a length of vintage lace or linen. Hang a gilt-framed mirror on the wall above.

Position a centerpiece, such as a vase of dried flowers like the roses pictured above, slightly to the side of the centerline. Then move outward from the vessel toward each side of the mantel, placing items such as:

  • White or blush candlesticks in crystal candle holders
  • Victorian-era photos in small ornate frames
  • A pair of antique dolls in vintage clothing
  • Stacks of two or three small books with gold embossed covers
  • Wire-rimmed eyeglasses
  • Floral teacups and saucers
  • Dried floral nosegays
  • Satin ribbons

Fill in any empty areas with strands of pearls, baby’s breath, and silk stems of greenery. If the décor is in honor of your anniversary, use pictures of yourselves rather than Victorian ladies.

7. Rustic Farmhouse Fireplace Décor

A couple of other great fireplace decor ideas are to place your MagikFlame against a red brick wall or a natural stone wall. Both white and cherry wood surrounds would look fabulous.

A MagikFlame insert in a stone fireplace or brick fireplace has an appealing rustic quality. It’s a good platform for a farmhouse fireplace look that coordinates well with rustic farmhouse furnishings and paint colors.

Adopt the charm and character of the farmhouse style by taking a cue from the photo. Distressed wood collectibles, shabby chic accents, and used brick red and earthy tones are a few of your style-defining features.

On the wall above the mantel, try a distressed wood four-pane window frame. A vintage crock, a milk can, or a cream pitcher would each make an interesting centerpiece. Fill it with dried sunflowers, stalks of wheat, lavender stems, or all three.

If you want to use candles, place them in hurricane lamps, glass milk bottles, or vintage mason jars. Other fireplace decor ideas include:

  • Wood or ceramic rooster
  • Various-sized wicker baskets
  • Wire egg basket
  • Wooden apples, pumpkins, eggs
  • Gingham mantel runner
  • An old-fashioned scale
  • Old farm or seed ads mounted on wood boards
  • Kitchen implements like a whisk, a rotary eggbeater, a flour sifter

Fill the mantel, keeping a good balance of larger to smaller-sized items.

8. Family Heritage Décor

As the center of attention in your living room, your MagikFlame mantel is an ideal spot for family photos and heirlooms alike. An eclectic mix of frame designs and sizes keeps the gallery interesting.

Perhaps you have a Menorah that has been in your family for generations. Fill it with candlesticks and make it the anchor of your family heritage display.

If your family loves the outdoors, use a souvenir of a favorite hiking trip, such as a moose antler, as the centerpiece of your gallery. If sports are important in your family life, anchor your photo display with a framed baseball glove or game ball. Shine the focus on your family for more fireplace decor ideas.

photo: family-anno-1318682_1280.jpg (Image by Devanath from Pixabay)

Touches of personality bring your interior design to life. The warmest, most welcoming rooms communicate your family’s personal style.

9. A Platform for Fine Art

Art adds sophistication to your home. Your choice of fine art and the way you display it also communicates your personal aesthetic.

A MagicFlame dining room or family room fireplace is the perfect platform to support your artful mantel decorating ideas. This is an easy DIY project because you will be working with only a few elements.

Choose an artwork that speaks to you. Otherwise, you can end up with a sterile, bank-lobby look. For example, art featuring vibrant colors and synergy breathes life into an otherwise nondescript room.

Accent a piece of fine art sparingly. For example, you could curate a trio of accent pieces that pick up the theme and colors of the artwork. The art itself, though, should take center stage.

A pair of wall-mounted sconces light up the artwork and add decorative detail. Make sure they don’t detract from the impact of the piece itself, though.

The art you choose to ornament the fireplace need not be an expensive original. Frame a museum print or even your child’s artwork. Select a piece that speaks to you or says something elemental about your family.

10. Botanicals

A botanical theme is very contemporary. Whether a seasonal or year-round design, natural elements key into many elements of this style.

Lush textures, a neutral color palette, and organic elements are the hallmarks of contemporary botanical designs. Warm earth tones and a mix of textures displays the epitome of the style.

From a vase of fresh flowers and greenery to wicker and wood vessels, keep contrast, texture, and simplicity in mind when creating a botanical theme. Extend your efforts beyond the mantel by adding a larger element or two beside the dancing flames and glowing embers of your electric fireplace. For example, a big basket of firewood is natural.

Fireplace structure image

The MagikFlame Story

With groundbreaking, patented HoloFlame electric fireplace technology, MagikFlame offers the most realistic electric fireplace available anywhere. Creator Howard Birnbaum established the company in 2015 and has been innovating ever since.

As a result, MagikFlame fireplaces offer a unique way for you to enjoy the look, sounds, and ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace. Unlike wood or gas heaters, MagikFlame is a safe, zero-emission, and fuel-efficient appliance.

Standard accessories include a smartphone app so you can adjust your fireplace from anywhere you go. Also standard is your choice of 30 distinct flame styles. You can even enjoy crackling flames without heat during warmer times of the year.

High-quality wood surrounds add to the attraction, making your fireplace the focal point of any room. No maintenance and years of trouble-free operation make MagikFlame ideal for your new home or remodel. Your home builder or makeover architect can add it to your blueprint wherever you want it to go.

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