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How to Mounting an Electric Fireplace

how to mount fireplace

Electric fireplaces are useful appliances to have in our homes (if you are interested in where to buy an electric fireplace – you’re in the right place). They keep us warm and get us through the cold winter season. They also add to the general décor of our homes and provide a focal point for our home. They are designed to be easy to install and will be a sure way to keep our homes heated. If you know how to mount an electric fireplace, you will find it easy and even enjoyable to have one installed in your home. The procedure is quite straightforward, and you won’t need much help. The entire DIY process can be done on your own, which means that you will not incur further costs for the project.

By knowing how to mount an electric fireplace, you can upgrade the look and feel of your home without the need to call in an electrician for the job. This is possible because you already have a readily accessible electrical outlet to plug in and have your appliance powered. A source of power is one of the key factors that determine the ease with which you will be able to install your fireplace. It also determines the electric fireplace positioning and what changes you might need to make to your installation plan to make the most out of the power supply. With a readily accessible power supply, you eliminate the need for long extension cords, and this makes your setup much safer and more convenient.

Electric fireplaces are the main theme of the MagikFlame story and feature greatly in MagikFlame reviews. You can get access to a variety of wall-mounted fireplaces in the MagikFlame electric fireplace complete buying guide and Amazon. Touchstone and Onyx are popular fireplace brands that you can rely on for excellent features.

Knowing how to mount an electric fireplace insert is significant and one of the things you should familiarize yourself with whenever you want to upgrade the look and feel of your home. An electric fireplace insert is different from a wood-burning fireplace, which you cannot mount to the wall. It acts as an entertainment center and reduces the hassle of upgrading your home décor. Following are some of the touchstone factors to consider whenever you are mounting the electric fireplace heater and what to watch out for as you do this. 

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Wall-mounted fireplaces are the perfect solution for creating a bold style or fashion statement in your home. They are available in a wide range of styles that will fit all your needs. Some of the options and form factors available can be wall mounted in the same way you hang a picture on a wall, while others can be wall recessed to a flush installation. All the wall-mounted electric fireplace features a realistic flame effect, and a modern ember bed creates a warm and inviting ambiance to your space. Following are some of the popular brands of wall-mounted electric fireplaces. Remember that freestanding electric fireplaces, such as MagikFlame, can be pushed up against a wall and could be considered wall-mounted.

Dimplex IgniteXL 50-In Electric Fireplace- XLF50

This fireplace that incorporates Dimplex technology provides your home with a very realistic multi-fire XD multicolor flame technology. This imitates the real fire and has an appearance that almost looks like dancing flames. The color themes available with this electric fireplace let you customize your look, and the heater has been known to heat up to 1,000 square feet of space. A diamond-like acrylic ice ember bed provides a glowing effect, and the fireplace works best with a hardwire 120-volt or 240-volt installation. Remote control and the LED display provide an easy means of operating the fireplace, which is a definite way to benefit from true year-round enjoyment. The flames operate independently from the heater and can be left on for the sake of appearances.

The fireplace is fully recessed and hardwired to provide a sleek, seamless look. This ensures that you can make a powerful and dramatic statement in your home with Dimplex’s exceptional all-mount electric fireplace. The electric fireplace comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, and you can safely invest in it knowing that you are getting the best and most reliable value for your money. The artful display truly commands attention. A sleep timer in the fireplace makes it easier for you to sleep peacefully, knowing your fireplace won’t be operational while you are asleep. This is also useful for saving electricity costs that you would have spent during the idle hours.

Latitude 60-In Wall Mount Electric Fireplace-SELF60BTFV

The Latitude 60-Inch wall-mount electric fireplace lets you create an awe-inspiring and dramatic design for your home. It is the perfect choice for use in your foyer, dining room, or living room, and it can also be surface mounted. Alternatively, you can have a fully or partially recessed electric fireplace. This fireplace is also hardwired and does not take much skill and handiwork to achieve a seamless appearance. The very moment you turn on the unit, you will be amazed by the light with LED flame effects that expertly replicate the realistic flame of the gas fireplace or traditional fireplace. The flame technology is available in 3 colors and uses pink, blue, and orange lighting in addition to 5 brightness settings for different lighting scenarios. You have the freedom to choose and set the theme that you want to have in your home depending on the occasion, and you can always change the heat settings around until you settle on an optimum appearance. You can activate the ambient backlight to give you soothing variations of red, yellow, and blue, which will fill your room with calming comfort.

The fireplace also features a supplemental heater that provides up to 5000 BTUs of warmth to help reach up to an area of 400 square feet. As such, you and your family enjoy maximum comfort. An included digital thermostat ensures that you can regulate the heater together with the high/low settings. A multi-function remote control is also included for operating the flames easily, changing the timer, and setting a lighting profile for your fireplace. This is the best way to revitalize your home’s look and feel with visual artwork and a dramatic design from Latitude. A 1-year warranty is included with the electric fireplace, and you can be sure this will serve your needs properly.

Napoleon 60-In Stylus Wall Mount Electric Fireplace-NEFP32-5019W

The wall-mounted fireplace makes an appearance upgrade to your existing wall. The contemporary-looking fireplace has sleek, clean lines in addition to stark contrasting blacks and whites. It also features a shelf built together with the fireplace and lets you add decorative accents that personalize the fireplace to match your tastes. Surprisingly, the shelf also features two USB charging ports that you can use to charge your phone. This shelf even has color-changing light effects that provide that dramatic flair during the night. The fireplace area is open and provides a view of the dual birch log set and the crystal ember beds. you can easily customize the appearance of the fireplace with six color lighting options and varied flame colors and speeds.

The Stylus wall unit fills your room with comfortable supplemental warmth for up to 400 square feet. You also get to warm your space efficiently with the fan-forced heater included in the fireplace. Installation is straightforward, and you only need to hang the unit on the wall like a picture. You then choose whether to hardwire the unit or plug it into the wall outlet and hide the 6 ft. cord by painting it over. it is comfortable to use and comes with a 1-year warranty.

ClassicFlame 33- IN Serendipity Matte Black Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

The hanging electric fireplace offers you a contemporary appeal in addition to good looks. It can work in any decor or setting, with wall mounting being the best choice for installation. It comes fully assembled and is very easy to install on your wall. An attractive touchscreen function lets you select several options, such as the LED SpectaFire flames. These have a realistic look and can be easily adjusted to accommodate your setting or mood. Sidelights included with the fireplace make it more appealing, and you can customize the presentation.

This fireplace makes use of a fan-forced heating unit that integrates thermostat controls for the safest operational results. An included automatic timer can also shut off after thirty minutes or nine hours later. Three different flame settings help you create the right mood, and the fireplace is a good addition to any room that doesn’t require a fireplace that will utilize the floor space. It is a great way of adding art to your walls and is a reliable supplemental heater. The fireplace comes with a multi-function remote and a 1-year-warranty.

Dynasty 63- In Built-In Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for a big-sized wall-mounted electric fireplace, this is the better option for you. The 63-inch built-in electric fireplace has relaxing flame effects together with a massive linear design. It also features energy-efficient LED lights and a choice of yellow and blue coloring that will provide you with a mesmerizing effect of a dancing fire. The included ember bed can be either rock or glass and complements the overall design of the fireplace. The front venting heater is located to distribute additional heat throughout the room evenly and can cover up to an area of 400 square feet. This means that you will stay warm and nice regardless of the kind of weather or temperature outside.

The fireplace features a simple installation, and it can be plugged into an electrical outlet or hardwired into the electrical grid. A little DIY, and you can easily enjoy flickering flame effects from the fireplace. A hand-held remote is provided for convenience, and this allows you to operate the flames.

Amantii Symmetry 42-In Basic Built-in Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace offers a clean and contemporary look for your home or business. It has a slimmer design compared to most electric fireplaces and can either be fully recessed into the wall or semi-flush mounted within a two-by-four wall. An opening for the fireplace can be made at any stage of a build, and you can plug it into the wall outlet or hardwire it into your home electrical grid. It also boasts a modern LED-lit flame effect, which lets you adjust the five options’ flame color. These are orange, yellow, blue, violet, and rose. A reflective glass ember bed enhances the visual effect and provides you with a dazzling shimmer effect.

Whenever you need additional warmth in your room, you can turn on the supplemental heater to enjoy 4800 BTUs of pure warmth. The heat usually vents from a concealed heater located at the front top and will comfortably warm areas of between 400 and 500 square feet. An included remote lets you make settings changes without ever leaving your seat, and this includes a 2-year warranty.

how to mount fireplace

How to Mount Fireplace?

You are probably wondering how difficult it is to mount an electric fireplace to the wall. The entire project is straightforward and will take less than half an hour to complete. The process is quite similar to hanging a heavy mirror or a picture frame. However, you will not be looping the wire over screws for the electric fireplace as the installation set comes complete with a bracket that we can attach to the firebox. It would be best if you were keen on the outlet’s location and the cord the same way you would for a TV stand. Moving the outlet in the wall ensures that the cord is completely hidden behind it. Camouflaging the cord is important for the fireplace’s general appearance and serves a safety role in the home. The installation process is a simple three-step process:

  • Attaching the mounting bracket to the wall
  • Attaching the firebox or electrical fireplace to the bracket installed
  • Attaching the Screen to the firebox

The shipment for your order of an electric fireplace usually comes with two separate boxes. One of the boxes obtains the screen that displays the flame effects, while the other has all the necessary mounting hardware and the fireboxes. Based on the model you have selected, you might be required to attach the screen to the fireboxes and then mount this combined setup to the bracket. Ideally, it would be best if you mounted the stainless steel bracket into the wall studs to prevent causing any damage to the wall and leave it in an entire state. While you are lifting the fireplace, do not use the glass screen as this comes right off. Ensure that you lift your fireplace unit by the fireboxes and if you cannot do this on your own, get someone who can help you. You will need the following tools:

  • A tape measure or yardstick
  • A stud finder
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Electric drill

If you have a brick wall, you will be required to have additional hardware such as anchor bolts for a wall-mount electric fireplace. Typically, these should be masonry bolts that are uniquely different from drywall anchor bolts.

To begin, locate an area where you will have your fireplace installed and mounted to the wall. The area should have access to an electrical outlet to ensure that it has a reliable source of power once it has been installed. You can consider the fireplace’s final focal point effect to select a spot in the home that will have the best final effect on the appearance of the home. A source of electricity such as a wall outlet also factors into this equation and ensures that you get to use the fireplace with ease and not have to use very long extension cords that are difficult to work with. It would be best if you also considered the area of the room that will be receiving the heat while you select the spot for the installation.

Mark out the studs in the wall by separating them 16 inches apart. With the use of a level, draw a line connecting the studs and ensure that it is perfectly flat. This is very important as it ensures that once you have installed the electric fireplace, it is perfectly balanced and not leaning to any side. The use of a level in this step ensures that you have enhanced accuracy and that your installation goes smoothly. Preparations are essential for the setup, and as you go about wall mounting the electric fireplace, the studs should be in place and in perfect alignment.

Having prepared the studs, the next step in the installation process is screwing in the bolts to the bracket. The bolts should go into the studs you have prepared, and the bracket should be perfectly straight. It should follow the level you prepared while you were getting the studs ready and when you are drilling them in, ensure that the bracket does not move in any way. This way, you get to fix it firmly in place, and you will have a stable foundation on which to install the rest of your fireplace setup. Ensure the screws are firmly mounted before you release the mounting bracket. Ensure that both the top and bottom screws have been installed to prevent the bracket from hanging precariously to any side.

Align the inserts of your fireplace to the slots that protrude out of the bracket to install your fireplace. Ensure that the inserts click into place when you place them and have them angled to hold onto the bracket. Now, you have your fireplace mounted to the wall. Using the attached electrical cord, plug the cord into the power outlet close to the wall-mounted fireplace unit to provide a source of power for your unit. You can conceal the cord in many ways, and it will not appear prominent in the décor of your home. Once this is done, locate the power switch and turn your electric fireplace on.

Try adjusting the fireplace settings with the provided remote control and exploring the various features that accompany the electric fireplace. This will also allow you the opportunity to try out the capabilities of your electric fireplace and how they suit your heating needs at home. Just as simple as this and you are ready to go.

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