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How To Turn On Your Electric Fireplace With Style

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Fireplaces symbolize a feeling of home and warmth, which makes them a focal point for any living space. Interior designers, architects, and electric fireplace enthusiasts build their favorite features in a home around this centerpiece.

While a MagikFlame electric fireplace typically makes a statement on its own, consider the mantel as a blank canvas to highlight personality and design style.

As you may know, the innovation and advancement of electric fireplaces mimic a wood-burning or gas fireplace without the mess or hassle. These specialty retail products offer a level of heat control that a traditional fireplace or combustible fireplaces struggle to provide.

When attempting to manage or operate them, many manufacturers include a remote control. Be sure to consult the owner’s manual for the on/off switch, thermostat location, and control knob to ensure an ideal temperature.

Below, we’ll share how to go about styling a mantel, then starting an electric fireplace for the complete setup. As we go through each step, remember that we are trying to showcase the room for the best ambiance and personal flair that reflects who you are and what you love.

How to turn on an electric fireplace

The mantel decoration steps above have assisted with decorating and personalizing the space. Now, let’s consider the actual fireplace as the grand centerpiece of any den, family room or living space that brings the design together in a welcoming way.

As we know, a modern electric fireplace is an excellent and popular alternative if you are looking to add a unique, warm, and cozy feeling to your living room – yet, how should you turn on an electric fireplace?

In general, most fireplaces come with a remote control. Check the front functionality of the remote. Some remotes simply control the on/off function. The better remotes control heat, levels of flame, and the on/off switch – the better it is for the user. More advanced electric fireplaces such as MagikFlame, include Bluetooth technology using a smartphone app. It eliminates the need for multiple remotes for individual or basic purposes. The combined iPhone app is your one-stop solution for all functionality.

Additionally, the MagikFlame electric fireplace operates with a back-lit touchscreen for ease of control, which is easy to use even in dimly-lit environments. Please see our electric fireplace buying guide for more detailed information about various manufacturers, features and benefits. Also, consider our cost calculator tool to better understand the impact on your utility bill if you buy a MagikFlame electric fireplace.

Usually, remote controls won’t function properly without the fireplace plugged into an electrical outlet or power supply. Use a wall switch to manually activate the unit – ensure it is in the ‘on’ position before attempting any remote or app operation.

Also, consider other important factors such as: does the unit require a control panel, extension cord, and LED light for real flames? This could impact turning on the firebox and enjoying the flame effect. Consider Angie’s List (now Angi) for ratings and reviews of qualified and professional contractors and certified electricians.

Remember, it’s easier to turn on an electric fireplace than a gas fireplace (using natural gas). There is no igniter, no pilot light or gas valve to turn or gas line to maintain. Simply ensure the heat setting is to your ideal room temperature in the initial setup for the heat source or electric fireplace — use the remote or smartphone app to power on/off.

How to style an electric fireplace mantel

MagikFlame has various mantel styles such as modern and classic. The alpine white color and elegant finish is ideal for decorating and blending with any living space. The steps below are sophisticated considerations as you design and decorate.

Anchor – An anchor piece is a large object like artwork, a mirror, or a wreath that functions as the focal point. We suggest starting with the anchor and building out the look from there. The anchor could become a barrier to viewing your favorite tv show. If you think a flat-screen TV should be mounted above the mantel, then do it. Therefore, the anchor could actually be your wall-mounted tv.

Add Height – Introduce design details that have varying heights. Stacked books and mini flowers can create visual interest on the mantel. The flowers usually have a small clay or porcelain pot that could be used as a bookend.

Layering – If you decide not to have a TV mounted above the mantel, then the anchor piece such as a vase or candlestick could be used. If it’s dominating the mantel, layer other visually interesting details like family photos or artwork to diversify the space.


As electric fireplace experts, we answer questions that range from a gas fireplace standing pilot to an electric fireplace heater. This can include functionality, safety (e.g. fire hazard) and more – all related to an electric fireplace insert. We have customers who are eager to embrace electric fireplaces for their heating flexibility and ease of installation along with the various mantel designs for their living space. The mantel decorations and spacing of this focal point help create the best-looking fireplace possible. We hope the design advice related to the mantel and technical understanding of how to turn on the electric fireplace for your home was helpful.

Invest in a quality brand, such as MagikFlame, for the most realistic and technically advanced product in the specialty retail electric fireplace sector.

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