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What is the Quietest Electric Fireplace?

what is the quietest electric fireplace

When you choose to buy a modern electric fireplace, one of your main concerns might be if it makes any noise each time you turn it on and leave it running. You likely want to own a quiet fireplace to prevent it from disrupting the surrounding environment as it’s in use. Whether you plan to watch a movie or read a book in the room, it’s essential to find a model that doesn’t generate a lot of noise while asking, “What is the quietest electric fireplace?”

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In this post, you will learn:

  • What is the Quietest Electric Fireplace?
  • How Much Warmth Can You Expect From an Electric Fireplace?
  • How to Style Your Electric Fireplace?
  • How to Build a Surround?
  • How Long Does an Electric Fireplace Last?
  • Different Electric Fireplace Options.
  • The Main Reasons Electric Fireplaces are Increasing in Popularity.
  • The Main Differences Between Electric vs. Gas Fireplaces.
  • Steps to Install Your New Fireplace.
  • Finding the Right Spot for Your New Electric Fireplace.

What is the quietest electric fireplace?

When you’re ready to start shopping around for the best electric fireplace, you should consider many different features to ensure you find the right model to suit your needs. Although many people consider the style and aesthetics of the product as a top priority, it can be easy to forget and overlook other aspects that are just as important. You’ll want to think about how much noise the product generates to determine if it will fit well in your setting and ask, “What is the quietest electric fireplace?”

One of the quietest electric fireplaces on the market is the Trinity Large White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert With Sound. With 120 volts, the product is almost silent as it operates without much of a humming noise.

When you perform a search of “What is the quietest electric fireplace?” Other Magikflame models can show up in your search results because of their smooth operation. The Artemis White Electric Fireplace is another top seller from the brand because it features the same technology used in theme parks like The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and doesn’t make a lot of noise despite how realistic the flames look. This is another product with a crackling log sound effect feature you can choose to use, which will drown out any low-humming noise that you may hear from time to time.

Although most of the top models from MagikFlame are almost silent, you can still adjust the logs sound to ensure you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful setting. The crackling log sound effect that comes with MagikFlame fireplaces can also drown out any humming noises that may be present. The sound effects will not only make the fireplace look like there is real wood-burning inside but can create a soothing sound that doesn’t allow you to hear any of the mechanisms working in the product. Ultimately, the type of components used in the fireplace will determine the noise level, making it necessary for you to do your research.

The MagikFlame Athena Large White Electric Fireplace not only has a bold appearance but operates quietly to ensure you can study in your library or have a conversation without becoming distracted by the noise of the fireplace.

Fortunately, most electric fireplaces don’t generate as much noise as most home appliances, preventing them from becoming an annoyance or waking up anyone sleeping in the room or house. Some of the top brands in the industry have a quiet blower that doesn’t make as much noise as it runs compared to a gas fireplace. When the infrared quartz heating element is shut off, you can expect the fireplace to be completely silent while the flame effects are displayed. There aren’t any fans used compared to gas fireplaces, which means you won’t hear the parts running.

If your current onyx electric fireplace is making noise, you can resolve the issue by tightening any loose connections, and eliminating any rattling noises that start to occur. You can also hire a professional to inspect the tubing to know if it’s bent. The fan belt is another part to look at, which is prone to sticking at times and may need to be tightened. The fans may also create noise if they need to be cleaned due to accumulated dirt and grime.

How much warmth can you expect from an electric fireplace?

One of the main reasons you may consider becoming an electric fireplace owner is that you want to stay warm and cozy in your home once the temperatures drop outside. Some people wonder if an electric fireplace can emit as much heat as a wood-burning stove or a traditional fireplace. Fortunately, electric fireplaces don’t suffer from as much heat loss and can allow you to feel warmer moments after turning the product on in your living room.

Wood-burning fireplaces lose about 80 percent of the heat they produce through the chimney, which means it can take longer than you expect to heat the room. Gas fireplaces are also known to lose about 40 percent of the heat they produce and can still require bundling up in a blanket just to keep the chill away. With an electric fireplace, you can enjoy 100 percent of the heat that the product generates to ensure you can maintain a consistent temperature in the room. Although it uses electricity, it emits more heat than a space heater and can distribute the heat better into different room areas.

Selecting the right electric fireplace is necessary to ensure it has enough BTUs to distribute the heat evenly and doesn’t take as long to increase the temperature in the room. Get an idea of how many square feet the room has and calculate the number by 20 to determine the BTUs you’ll need to stay warm. Selecting an electric fireplace with too many BTUs can make the room too hot as the feature is in use. A fireplace without enough BTUs for the square feet of your space can require leaving it running for longer than necessary. It can also cause a few cold spots, leaving some of your family members feeling chilly.

You can also adjust the feature’s temperature to control how much heat you want it to emit. With a wall-mount electric fireplace, you can decide how warm you want the room to get by using the adjustable thermostat. You can get enough supplemental heat to rely less on your central heating system and turn the thermostat down, offering added savings on your energy bill throughout the year.


How to style your electric fireplace?

Styling your electric fireplace is a great way to get creative and make it your own after investing in an electric fireplace heater. You can decorate it the same way you would a real fireplace to ensure it complements the room’s architecture and decorative features on display. You can even paint the surround and mantel to make it look custom and unique.

A freestanding fireplace will be the most useful product to use if you want to have fun with the decorating process because of its different features, including the fireplace mantel. The mantel works as a long shelf that you can use to showcase your favorite items and prized possessions. You can even change up the items that you use to decorate it to reflect the current season or holiday. Display pastel Easter eggs in the spring, or hang stockings on the mantel during the holiday season.

The mantel is also useful for hanging your artwork, whether you want an abstract work of art to showcase or prefer to mount a famous sketch. Some people also opt for using the space above the fireplace to mount a flat-screen television. This look causes the fireplace to look like a built-in feature and can draw more attention to it.

Don’t forget about decorating the base of the fireplace to enhance its visual appeal and create a welcoming and inviting setting. Take advantage of the space at the bottom of your fireplace to use for a large vase of flowers. You can also place a few poufs or a stool, which can be used to prop up a potted plant. A small rug or runner will also add a decorative element that offers a touch of warmth where your children or pets can sit. Compared to many wood-burning fireplaces, you won’t have to worry about placing the items too close to the firebox because embers don’t jump out and cause a fire hazard.

How to build a surround?

Once you invest in a western electric fireplace insert, you may want to enhance its design and make it look more attractive by adding a surround. Surrounds encase the electric fireplace and can allow them to look real when you want the addition to appear cozy in your living space. Fortunately, surrounds are fairly easy to build and can display quality craftsmanship compared to mass-produced enclosures. Surrounds are ideal because they protect the surrounding materials in the room from the heat emitted from the electric fireplace. The one-piece frame sits flat against a wall and can make your insert look more attractive.

You can choose from different materials depending on how long you want the enclosure to last and the look you want to achieve. Brick is a popular choice because it has a traditional look and is easy to paint to customize the feature. Stone is also a popular choice because it looks upscale and regal, making the feature appear built into the wall. Concrete is also ideal in modern or industrial homes and stands out for its clean lines. The material retains heat well, creating a warmer setting as the electric fireplace runs.

One of the most popular surrounding styles is the slightly rustic shiplap style. You don’t need to install a real shiplap to achieve the look you desire. Consider using laminate boards to install on the outside of the surround before painting them white. Scuff up the paint to create a distressed and worn look that adds more character to the room.

If you want to get even more creative, opt for installing decorative tiles on the feature. It can allow you to incorporate different colors into the room and add a unique pattern that stands out. You’ll need woodgrain trim, plywood, pocket screws, and wood screws. Start by building a basic frame with the plywood and cover the base to create more stability. Keep in mind where the seams will be present and where the trim won’t hide them. Mark any areas where there’s excess material to ensure you know where to trim the materials. You can now add the mantel on top and then use wood filler on the nail head holes to create a finished look.

Sand down the different areas where the joints meet and vacuum up the sawdust that accumulates as you work on the wood. You can now paint the feature. Start by applying a coat of primer for proper coverage and to create a nice base. Allow the primer to dry before applying a coat of paint, and then add the paint to the trim. Complete the project by using a finish to prevent scratches or scuffs from forming on the paint over time.

How long does an electric fireplace last?

Not only is it important to know what is the quietest electric fireplace, but you also want to get an idea of its lifespan to determine when you’ll need to replace it in the coming years. The best electric fireplaces have solid, long-lasting materials for more reliability and better operation. The type of brand you purchase can influence how long the feature lasts, making it necessary to look into how the products are built, whether you’re researching Sideline or Dimplex. Some manufacturers construct their products in China, whereas other brands like MagikFlame build their inserts in Nashville, Tennessee. The parts are easier to find if they ever have to be replaced when the insert is American-made.

Another factor is how well you maintain the feature and care for it over time. Although electric fireplaces are low maintenance, they still need some attention every few months to ensure all the components are operating correctly. Cleaning the internal parts is a step to take to ensure you can remove the build-up of dust that accumulates. Unplug the feature and allow it to cool off for 10 to 15 minutes to avoid burning yourself if you have contact with the parts. Remove the access panel on the front or back of the fireplace using a screwdriver. Use a dry cloth that doesn’t leave behind lint to remove dirt on the log set and different components gently. Clean the glass panel to remove any streaks or grime. Allow the moisture to dry to prevent water spots from forming.

You can also expect to change one of the lightbulbs to ensure you can still enjoy the flame effects and have a beautiful glow that contributes to the room’s ambiance. Most lightbulbs last an average of two years before they start to burn out. Use gloves to prevent the oil on your skin from having contact with the new bulb, affecting how much light it emits and its lifespan. When you’re disposing of old light bulbs, wrap the item in heavy paper or an old towel to prevent the glass from breaking into the trash can after you discard it.

A professional technician can inspect each year to ensure the components are working well. The expert will be able to check for loose connections and can diagnose any issues that may be present while replacing old or worn parts. This will improve the operation of your electric fireplace and can reduce the risk of issues that can occur.

Different electric fireplace options

Over time, there has become an increasing number of fireplace options available, so you can be more specific about the type of product you install in your home. You can have different feature options and even select the types of flames that look most realistic. Knowing the variety of electric fireplaces offered by different brands can make it easier to decide what will work best in your home.

There are a few main styles of electric fireplaces you can select, making it necessary to decide which product will look the most appealing in your living space. If you have a lot of wall space to work with, consider a freestanding fireplace that looks like it’s built into your room. This can make it more eye-catching if you need a focal point to work around. If you want to add a sleek and modern electric fireplace in your home office or living room, opt for an electric fireplace insert that you can add to the wall’s cavity. An electric fireplace insert is also a great option if you want to makeover an existing fireplace in your home and allow it to be more modern. The insert should fit well in the firebox and can be plugged into an already present outlet, or you hire an electrician to install it.

There are even electric fireplaces built into TV stands and consoles, allowing you to purchase a functional and versatile piece of furniture. You can enjoy watching the dancing flame effects on the electric log while watching television each evening with a fireplace TV stand that is classy and contemporary.

An electric fireplace stove is another option to consider because it emits a lot of warmth and has a rustic style. It’s ideal for compact spaces because it doesn’t take up a lot of room and complements homes with farmhouse styles with its traditional look.

There are dozens of different brands that manufacture electric fireplaces, as the product has become more prevalent in recent years. Finding quality brands to purchase a fireplace from is crucial to ensure you invest in a product that lasts long-term and continues to be reliable. Research brands that other customers have found reputable, including Dimplex, Touchstone, Ameriwood, and MagikFlame. Hundreds of reviews are posted on different websites where you can hear from other customers and discover the pros and cons of each product manufactured by each brand. Amazon reviews are a great place to find PuraFlame or MagikFlame reviews. You can also check out additional reviews posted on each manufacturer’s website.

Each brand uses different types of technology to create a realistic flame effect that can make your guests assume you invested in a real fireplace. Research the technology used in the other models that catch your eye while narrowing down a few top choices. Brands like Dimplex use orange mist and water to make it look like there is a real fire in the fireplace. Other brands like MagikFlame use LED lights to create stunning 3D flame visuals that are attractive and look like the real thing. Knowing the background of each brand can offer insight into their reputability. The MagikFlame story is unique because it is about a man who worked in the film industry creating special effects and used his skills to invent holographic technology. The brand was born out of his passion for creating a realistic electric fireplace with an electric log to use in his own home.

The variety of features included in the fireplace should also be considered. Do your homework by researching some of the most recent advancements in the industry to determine what you want in your next electric fireplace. You may want a product with a remote control to ensure it’s easy to operate with little effort. Some brands like MagikFlame even come with an app that you can download on your device to ensure you can operate the product with your smartphone or tablet. The models can even feature different types of flame effects to ensure you can customize the color of the faux fire and choose the size of flames you want. If you want something even more advanced, look for an electric fireplace with a touchscreen to ensure you can effortlessly adjust the settings and have more control over the product.

Spend some time exploring the manufacturer’s website, which is where you’ll learn the most information about the brand, including facts like how MagikFlame is built. You can view the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide to discover each available model. When you’re ready to order the product, you can even inquire about payment plans and financing before buying the item.

You not only want to ask, “What is the quietest electric fireplace?” but should also consider if the manufacturer stands behind the quality of their products. Consumers often forget to look into a warranty that may come with the product they want to purchase. The warranty will cover any repairs needed or even allow you to receive a replacement fireplace if issues occur in the first year of using it. Extended warranties can also be purchased if you want more extended coverage to protect your investment in the coming years.

The main reasons electric fireplaces are increasing in popularity

The reason why it’s becoming easier to find more electric fireplace models on Amazon and in the industry is because they’re booming in popularity. Today, electric fireplace sales surpass gas and wood-burning fireplaces because of the many advantages they offer to consumers.

As more people look to reduce their carbon footprint, it means opting for an electric fireplace that is more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Compared to a wood fireplace, the product doesn’t contribute to pollution because it doesn’t use a fuel source or release emissions. It also doesn’t require using natural gas for the flames every time you want to get warm.

The high level of convenience of operating an electric fireplace is another reason it is the top choice among consumers. You can say goodbye to the days of chopping down wood and loading it into the firebox, which takes time and energy throughout the fall and winter seasons. With an electric fireplace heater, the feature is ready to use with a flip of a switch on the control panel or a button with a remote control. You don’t have to prepare any materials or worry about opening up the flue, which takes the hassle of having a fire. There’s also no mess to clean up after enjoying a fire. With a traditional wood fireplace, you must remove ashes and clean them up after each use. You don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty or cleaning out soot from the chimney each year.

A high level of safety also comes with using different types of electric fireplaces. The advanced design of the product makes it less of a fire risk compared to other types of fireplaces. You don’t have to be concerned about the possibility of a chimney fire that can occur because you’re never using real flames. The product also doesn’t produce any carbon monoxide, which means your family’s safety isn’t at risk. The glass door doesn’t get hot because real fire isn’t used. Several safety features come with the product. It has a built-in timer to ensure it will immediately shut off after a certain amount of time, which will prevent it from overheating. You can also adjust the heat and flame settings to adjust how much heat you want to receive.

Renters can also appreciate the portability of the product. Because venting isn’t needed, someone in a rental property can incorporate it into their home without feeling like they have to miss out on enjoying a traditional fireplace. The size of the feature is also compact to ensure it fits in small rooms without taking up too much square footage. When it’s time to move out of your current home, you can easily unplug and transport the product out of the room and into the moving truck to ensure continued use of the fireplace. You don’t have to invest money into something you can only use in one location.

The best way to add a mantel

If you have a wall-mounted electric fireplace, you can enhance the look of the feature by installing a mantel above it. A mantel is one of the most recognizable features that will make the electric fireplace more recognizable when your guests see it in the room. It will also add a touch of functionality that allows you to have an extra spot for displaying your items.

You can build or purchase a mantel to complete the look of your infrared electric fireplace. The finish on the mantel should complement the finish of other furniture pieces in the room.

Most experts recommend mounting the fireplace mantel an average of 12 inches above the fireplace’s opening. This creates the proper height and is close to eye level for most people. You can also consider the height of the ceilings. If you live in an older home with low ceilings, mount the mantel slightly lower. If the room has vaulted ceilings, you can add a few extra inches to the height of where you installed it to prevent it from looking too low.

The height of the ceilings will also influence which type of items you should put on display. Rooms with higher ceilings can benefit from large items like huge vases with tall flowers or a tall mirror for proper scale. Balance out the tall items with smaller products to ensure everything looks balanced and cohesive.

When you mount a mantel on the wall, it should be secure on the studs to ensure it stays put and doesn’t become loose. Mantel brackets can also offer more stability and can allow the beam to support extra weight when you plan to place items on top of it.

Select a stone or wood mantel to install, depending on the style of the room and the other materials present in the space. Stone mantels are affixed in a few separate pieces with legs that support the feature. Wooden mantels are secured with cleats, and the cleats immediately become invisible and are hidden once the mantel is in place. You can also paint the screw heads to ensure they blend in with the rest of the materials.

what is the quietest electric fireplace

The main differences between electric vs. gas fireplaces

It’s important to know the differences between an electric and gas fireplace when you plan to install a wall-mount electric fireplace in your home. Both options are popular choices among consumers but have a few main differences that set them apart in the industry.

Gas fireplaces cost more when you want to enjoy having a fire in your home for added warmth. The gas costs an average of 40 cents per hour to burn, which can add up during the winter months with the product being more in use. A wall-mounted electric fireplace only costs an average of one to eight cents per hour to operate, depending on if you use the infrared heater on it. If you only use the flame effect, the cost is one to three cents per hour. With a gas fireplace, you always have to use the heat when you want to create a cozy ambiance in the space. You don’t have the option of turning the heating element off, limiting when and how often you can use the product. With an electric fireplace, you can turn it on for the flame effect and enjoy the realistic flames when you’re hosting a party or gathering.

Gas fireplaces have real flames, which means you can’t customize the look of the fire. With a western electric fireplace insert, you can change the flame color to make it match a specific holiday or the color scheme of your home. The flame color can also be adjusted to match the season or time of year to create a festive look that stands out more and creates a luxurious touch to the setting. Many color options are available to ensure you can mix up the look every time you use it. Additionally, you also can adjust the flame brightness depending on the time of day you plan to use it.

Electric fireplaces are also easier to install because they don’t require adding a gas line. If you don’t own your home, you may not have the freedom to modify the building. With a freestanding electric fireplace, you can plug it in without making permanent changes to the structure or spending as much money to set it up.

You can also adjust the amount of heat from an electric fireplace compared to gas fixtures. They come with a built-in thermostat that allows you to decide how much heat you prefer to add to the room.

Steps to install your new fireplace

Once you learn what is the quietest electric fireplace, you can prepare to install the feature in your home. Fortunately, the installation process is pretty easy with the different types of electric fireplaces available. Whether you select a PuraFlame freestanding fireplace or a Duraflame fireplace TV stand, the product is often easy to assemble with a screwdriver. The plug-in design allows you to immediately use it by plugging the electrical cord into a standard outlet in your home or office. There’s no need for hardwiring any of the parts or installing vents. Electric fireplaces don’t require a chimney because they don’t produce smoke. This can prevent you from spending significantly less money than a standard fireplace.

If you’re installing a MagikFlame or Touchstone electric fireplace insert, you can add it to a cavity in the wall. A certified electrician can perform any minor hardwiring that may be needed. In some cases, you can still plug it into an outlet.

The process is still simple and straightforward if you are converting an existing fireplace in your home into an electric fireplace. Shimmy the insert into the firebox and use a trim kit to create the perfect fit and a seamless look. You can plug the insert into an outlet that is in place inside the fireplace or on the outside of the surround. A professional technician can also install an outlet on the inside of the fireplace if you don’t want the cord to be visible.

Finding the right spot for your new electric fireplace

After you ask, “What is the quietest electric fireplace?” and make your selection, you can now find the right place to put it in your home to ensure it’s functional and easy to access.

If you have a fireplace with a plug-in design, it needs to be a few feet from an electrical outlet to ensure it’s easy and convenient to plug in each time you use it. Some people opt for using an extension cord to place it farther from the outlet, but this can cause it to overheat and cause electrical issues.

Measure the product in advance to determine which wall it will fit on without appearing too large. It should also not be too small for the wall you plan to use it on unless other furniture items are a few feet away.

One of the best spots to place an electric fireplace is on the wall opposite the room’s entrance, which will make it most noticeable. This will allow it to be the main centerpiece and the focal point for a more dramatic look.

If you have a large room, you can also consider placing the fireplace near the seating area where your family members and friends lounge around to ensure they stay warm and get a good view of the flames. This will offer more enjoyment of the product instead of keeping it hidden.

Once you find your answer after asking, “What is the quietest electric fireplace?” you can have more confidence in making your selection to ensure it’s something that won’t affect the peace and quiet of your setting. Finding the right type of fireplace to own can allow you to incorporate a feature that keeps you warm and is also calming to view each time you see 

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