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Are Portable Electric Fireplaces Expensive to Use?

fireplaces expensive to use

When you’re ready to heat your home and make it warmer, a fireplace is the best feature to use because it’s a reliable heat source that also creates a cozy ambiance in the setting. Those who live in a rental property or don’t want to commit to a masonry fireplace can opt for a portable electric fireplace, which is easy to move around. It’s important to be aware of the cost involved to ensure you know how much it’ll increase your electric bill each month. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Are Portable Electric Fireplaces Expensive to Use?
  • Different Types of Portable Electric Fireplaces to Purchase
  • How to Operate and Maintain Your Fireplace
  • Electric Fireplace Installation Tips
  • Where to Place an Electric Fireplace
  • The Advantages of Purchasing an Electric Fireplace
  • Finding the Best Fireplace For Your Needs

Are Portable Electric Fireplaces Expensive to Use?

One of the main reasons electric fireplaces are increasing in popularity among homeowners and renters is because of their low energy usage and their cost-effective operation. Because they’re portable, they don’t use a lot of electricity to operate because they’re not hardwired into the wall compared to other types of built-in fireplaces. You can get more use out of the fireplace without worrying about spending too much money to enjoy the warmth it offers.

On average, electric fireplaces cost an average of three to eight cents an hour to operate. If you use the heating element in the fireplace, it can cost closer to eight cents. Most gas fireplaces are an average of 40 cents an hour to operate, which can add up when you use it for several hours each day, several days a week. An electric fireplace can be left on for several hours at a time without causing a spike in your energy usage. This can equate to a total of $250 over a six-month period compared to $400 to $700 for other types of fireplaces available.

The type of fireplace you install will also determine how much you’ll spend on energy usage. Some manufacturers offer calculators on their website to ensure you can get an idea of what your energy cost will be each month before you purchase the fireplace. Use the MagikFlame utility bill cost calculator to get a precise number by entering in specific information, which includes if the fireplace is a plug-in design or is hardwired, the wattage, unit of power, daily usage, and duration.

Another way to estimate the average cost is by dividing your watts by 1,000, converting watts into kilowatts. The kilowatts can be multiplied by the kW/hr rate or your electric bill to get an idea of the operating cost every hour.

Another reason why electric fireplaces are known to have more energy efficiency is because they don’t experience as much heat loss as other types of fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces lose approximately 80 percent of the heat they produce, and gas fireplaces lose 40 percent of their heat. Electric fireplaces use 100 percent of the energy they generate, making them more energy efficient while maintaining the temperature in the building. You don’t have to be concerned about the temperature in the building fluctuating too frequently compared to other types of fireplaces.

fireplaces expensive to use

Different Types of Portable Electric Fireplaces to Purchase

There are many types of electric fireplaces available, making it easy to find something that blends in well with your space and is the right size. An electric fireplace insert is the best option if you want something small and portable to mount in or on the wall in your living room.

A freestanding electric fireplace is one of the most popular options because it looks like a traditional wood fireplace that is built into the wall. It has a classic and contemporary design with a surround and mantel, which makes it the main focal point of the living room or home office. It’s also slightly smaller than a traditional fireplace, which makes it take up less room to avoid overcrowding the space. It also makes it the perfect size to use in a master bedroom or dining room (learn about the benefits of an electric fireplace in a dining room). Those who live in a condo or apartment can also enjoy the feature and still have enough room to walk around it or fit other furniture pieces in the space.

Consumers are also surprised to learn that many brands sell TV consoles with built-in electric fireplaces. You can enjoy watching the dancing flames while enjoying movies and television. You can also take the item with you to your next home and continue enjoying its classy and decorative appeal.

How to Operate and Maintain Your Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are appealing because they’re much easier to use and operate compared to gas or wood fireplaces. You can use a remote control to adjust the heat settings and turn the product on and off.

Start by plugging in your electric fireplace. The wall socket also needs to be turned on for the feature to operate. Check to see that the flame effect is also turned on to ensure it looks like there’s real fire in the firebox. The produce may come with a dial that allows you to adjust the brightness of the flames depending on the time of day that you use it.

Maintaining your electric fireplace requires occasionally cleaning the inside of it. Although ashes may not be present, dust and dirt can accumulate over time. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust in small crevices that are present. You can wipe down the wood logs with a lint-free cloth to make them look new again.

After a year or two, one of the light bulbs will need to be replaced. Most of the light bulbs will last about two years before they start to burn out and require a replacement. Replacing the light bulbs will allow you to continue enjoying the flame effects and will allow the fire to look real.

Electric Fireplace Installation Tips

After you ask, “Are portable electric fireplaces expensive to use?” you’ll also need to know how much you can expect to pay to install the fireplace in your home or office setting. Not only are electric fireplaces inexpensive to operate because of their low energy usage, but they’re also inexpensive to install. Many times, you don’t need to hire a professional to do the work because of the simple design of the product.

Most electric fireplaces have a plug-in design that doesn’t require any hardwiring or hooking anything up. You can get it set up in minutes by plugging it into a standard outlet in your home.

Many electric fireplaces are also easy to install with a screwdriver without requiring any advanced tools or equipment. You don’t have to spend money on expensive tools just to get it set up, making it a more convenient and simple process. You also don’t have to be mechanically inclined and can put it together the same day by following the instructions.

If you choose to hardwire a recessed electric fireplace into the wall, it doesn’t require a lot of electrical work and is a simple task for electricians to perform. Look for a certified electrician in the local area who can install the feature into the cavity of your wall to ensure it has a seamless look and is flush against the wall.

You can also choose to install an electric fireplace into an existing fireplace that currently burns wood. You can convert it into a more efficient fireplace by inserting an insert into the firebox. Hire an electrician to install a standard 120-volt outlet if there isn’t already one in place. The outlet can be installed on the inside or outside of the fireplace, whether you prefer the electrical cord to be hidden or not.

One of the main reasons it costs less to install an electric fireplace compared to a gas or wood-burning fireplace is because you don’t have to install a chimney, gas line, or venting. You don’t have to hire a contractor to perform the work, which can save hundreds to thousands of dollars. It also means your fireplace can be installed in minutes rather than days.

Where to Place an Electric Fireplace

After you do a search online for “Are portable electric fireplaces expensive to use?” it’s time to think about where you want to place the feature. Place it within a few feet of an electrical outlet and avoid using an extension cord, which can lead to electrical issues. Fortunately, the product can be as easy to install as a space heater with its simple design.

You also want to measure the dimensions to determine where the heating system will fit in the room. You can even place it in the corner of the room if you have limited space. Many corner electric fireplaces are available to ensure they fit in seamlessly with the layout of the room.

The Advantages of Purchasing an Electric Fireplace

When you own an electric fireplace, you can get more than enough warmth for your interior setting compared to a space heater to ensure you stay cozy during the fall and winter seasons. Electric fireplaces offer zone heating, which means the heat is contained in the room and won’t heat the entire house. You don’t have to spend extra money on heating unused rooms in the house or cause some rooms to feel warmer than others. Each electric fireplace heater varies with the BTU it’s built with, making it necessary to determine how many square feet you have in the room to ensure the fireplace releases enough heat. According to, most standard electric fireplaces come with 5,000 BTU for average room sizes. Larger rooms should have electric fireplaces with 7,500 to 10,000 BTU to prevent any cold spots from being present. The amount of heat generated can supplement your central heating system and can allow you to turn down the thermostat in the building for increased savings.

Many safety features also come with electric fireplaces, which offer peace of mind to homeowners. Their advanced design prevents them from igniting surrounding materials. It doesn’t produce any smoke, fumes, or sparks because it doesn’t burn anything in the firebox. Although the glass door will radiate the heat, it never gets too warm to burn anything. You don’t have to think twice about animals or children in the home getting injured by the feature. You also never have to worry about exposing your family members to carbon monoxide if you forget to open the flue, which can offer peace of mind.

The low energy usage also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid using natural gas or propane compared to a gas fireplace. You don’t have to worry about chopping down trees for wood to burn to enjoy having a fire. The fireplace also won’t contribute to pollution because it doesn’t release any smoke into the air. You can minimize your impact on the environment without having to go without a fireplace in the home.

The portability of electric fireplaces also allows you to move them around at any time when you want to change the layout of your interior setting. Whether you prefer to place an electric fireplace in your bedroom or move it to your guest room, you can have the flexibility to move it without feeling too committed to where you install the wall-mounted electric fireplace.

There are many fireplace uses you can enjoy, whether you want to heat your interior setting or enjoy it for the flame effects. Not only does it release warm air, but you can enjoy the look of the real flame and use it without the heating element during the warmer months of the year. Wood-burning and gas fireplaces don’t allow you to use the feature with the heat turned off because of their wood and fuel source. You can adjust the settings on the fireplace without using both of the features at the same time.

Finding the Best Fireplace For Your Needs

You may know where to start looking once you decide you’re ready to purchase an electric fireplace at MagikFlame. Fortunately, it’s easy to find electric fireplaces online on sites like Amazon, which can allow you to have the product shipped directly to your home. You can browse through a variety of products from top brands like MagikFlame, Duraflame, Dimplex, and Touchstone.

Many manufacturers also sell their products on their websites, which can allow you to compare prices, features, and different styles. Brands like MagikFlame offer more information about their products than you’ll find anywhere else on the internet and can allow you to learn about the MagikFlame story and how they got started. You can also use the website to discover payment plans and financing that are available through the brand. MagikFlame reviews are also posted on the website, where you can view photos that customers post and read about their experience using each product.

Consider how much space you have available in your home when selecting the right fireplace to purchase when you need home heating. A recessed electric fireplace doesn’t take up any room and can mount into the wall for a clean look that is flush on the wall. This style is a common style you can find through brands like Dimplex and MagikFlame.

You can also browse through a MagikFlame best electric fireplace buying guide to browse through different products that are offered when viewing what’s available in the industry. You don’t have to hassle visiting different stores in person and can shop around online and take your time looking around.

If you prefer to visit a store in person, consider visiting home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s to see the realistic flame effects before making your purchase. You can also feel the amount of heat the feature emits, which is more than a space heater and can allow you to create a more comfortable setting in cold climates.

Once you narrow down a few options, look into the manufacturing process of the brand that you’re considering purchasing to ensure they’re reputable. This will give you an idea of how long the fireplace will last and if it’s something high-quality and worth investing in for your home. Many people are surprised by how MagikFlame is built. MagikFlame is one of the top brands in the industry that constructs its inserts in Tennessee. If any parts need to be replaced in the future, it’ll be easier to perform repairs because everything is sourced from the U.S. The internal parts are also prone to be of higher quality to ensure they hold up better with long-term use.

After you ask, “Are portable electric fireplaces expensive to use?” you can start using the feature and enjoy more warmth at a lower cost. The low cost of the fireplace will allow you to save more money heating your interior setting without noticing a hike in with your electric bill.

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