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Electric Fireplace Heater: Which Modern Flame Heats The Best

Modern Flame Heats

Electric fireplaces are one of the most in-demand features among home buyers and those who are planning to build a new home. They continue to remain more popular than gas or wood-burning fireplaces due to the high level of convenience they offer for year-round use. As you browse through different options available in the industry, you may be wondering which modern flame heats the best.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Which Modern Flame Heats the Best?
  • What are the Main Differences Between Gas and Electric Fireplaces?
  • Why More People are Switching to Electric Fireplaces
  • The Unique Features You Can Consider with a New Electric Fireplace
  • How to Select a Fireplace for Your Home
  • Can You Put a Fireplace Insert in a TV Stand?
  • Simple Ways to Make Your Fireplace Last Longer
  • Important Safety Tips to Follow

Which Modern Flame Heats the Best?

When you’re looking for the best electric fireplace as a homeowner, it’s important to have a product that has a modern flame that heats and releases enough heat to keep the room warm each fall and winter season. The technology in each fireplace varies, making it necessary to discover the options available to ensure you can enjoy realistic flame effects for a cozy ambiance.

The MagikFlame Trinity Electric Fireplace is one of the top models in the industry because it has the most realistic flame effect. The product uses holographic technology and has 30 flames to make it look like a real flame is present. It’s also built with 5,200 BTU to deliver enough heat to large rooms up to 1,000 square feet.
The Emerson Grand electric fireplace features a hardwood veneer mantel and packs 5,000 BTU with a built-in adjustable thermostat you can adjust from 72 to 99 degrees. The fireplace is ideal to use to heat rooms up to 1,000 square feet, and the infrared quartz heat can be shut off if you want to use it during the warmer months of the year to ensure you can control the heat settings. The flame effect is entertaining but doesn’t look as realistic or high-quality as the MagikFlame models.
The Lauderhill Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is a recessed electric fireplace and can be built into the wall in your bedroom or office. The product has 5,118 BTU and works well in rooms up to 400 square feet.
The MagikFlame Artemis White Electric Fireplace is another popular option that works well in colder climates and has a 3D flame effect. The heater has 5,200 BTU, which is more than most electric fireplaces offered in the industry and is sufficient to circulate warm air into the room without making it feel dry.
Not only are consumers reassured they’ll get enough heat from some of these top models on the market, but they can also wonder if the materials on the fireplaces start to become warm and lead to damage to furniture or decor within a few feet away.
Many electric fireplaces you can find online on Amazon and in home improvement stores have 4,000 to 5,000 BTUs to ensure they deliver more heat than a space heater. You don’t have to worry about the glass panel on the unit from getting too hot because real flames aren’t present. An infrared heater that is built into the fireplace releases warm air and heats the setting in minutes.
This amount of heat from the modern flames allows you to supplement your main heater for a more economical heating option (check out these useful tips to choose the best heating electric fireplace) and turn down the thermostat in the building. It heats the room quicker than gas or wood fireplaces to make it easier to maintain a warm setting throughout the day. The zone heating it offers also means you don’t have to try and heat the entire house, which puts less strain on the parts and conserves more energy as an energy-efficient product. The heat never transfers into other rooms in the building to prevent other residents from getting too warm.
You can expect to get the same amount of heat you would from a hairdryer if you elect an electric fireplace with 110 volts. Opt for a fireplace with 220 volts for large rooms, which you can find on sites like Amazon. This product will offer more heat than you’ll get with a Duraflame log set to ensure it keeps the chill away.
If you’ve ever owned a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll quickly realize you’ll get more heat with an electric fireplace because none of the heat escapes through a chimney due to the lack of venting it needs. The chimney creates a draft effect that makes it more challenging to heat the home. You also never have to open a window for proper ventilation because of the lack of real flames used.
The built-in thermostats offered with electric fireplaces also mean you can control the temperature of the supplemental heat with the built-in thermostat, whether you’re using the product on a chilly fall day or it’s snowing outside. This isn’t an option with gas or wood fireplaces, which makes them only useful when the temperatures drop. With an electric fireplace, you can enjoy the beautiful look of the flames when you’re hosting parties or want to enjoy a romantic dinner with your spouse at any time of the year.
Electric fireplaces use all of the heat they produce and don’t experience any heat loss, which means you don’t have to waste any energy and spend more on the heat you never end up using. Wood-burning fireplaces are a popular feature in many homes but still lose 50 to 80 percent of the heat they produce. This can cause it to take a lot longer to heat larger rooms and open floor spaces. Gas fireplaces also lose a lot of heat and only use 60 percent of the heat they generate.
Different types of heat are available in the various electric fireplaces on the market, allowing you to choose from infrared heat or forced heating with a wall-mount electric fireplace or a stove heater. Fan-forced heaters are built with a blower that releases air to make the room stay warmer for several hours without turning the unit back on to remain cozy and comfortable. All of these options are available on sites like Amazon.
Infrared quartz heaters rely on infrared light technology, allowing a lot of heat to rapidly emit into space. It won’t require much effort to heat your space. You also have the option of forced air heat, which suctions cold air and heats it before releasing it back into the surrounding environment. The advanced technology used with this type of heat makes it safe to use.
There are a few more factors to keep in mind when you want to determine how much heat you’ll get from the modern flame of the electric fireplace heater you select. The factors include:
●      Your Ceiling Height
●      The Quality of Your Insulation
●      The Age of Your Windows
●      Climate

The Ceiling Height

It’s important to remember that there’s a lot more space to heat if you’re installing your electric fireplace heater in a room that has high ceilings. If your room has lower ceilings, convection heating is the best option because the heat takes longer to circulate. Look for an electric fireplace with more watts if your ceilings are higher than eight feet tall.
Measure the number of square feet in the room and multiply it by 20, which will indicate the number of BTUs you need from your electric fireplace heater. If your room is an average size of 12 x 12 feet, you’ll benefit from a fireplace with a 1,200 BTU heater.

The Quality of Your Insulation

The insulation that is present in each room in the building also influences how easy it is to heat the interior setting with your electric fireplace insert. If your home is a few decades old, it likely needs new insulation. Most older homes have poor insulation with half the recommended R-value and some drafts

The Age of Your Windows

It’s also necessary to look around and get an idea of how many windows are in the room where you plan to install the fireplace. Windows allow a lot of the outside cold air to transfer into the building and are poor insulators. Although windows don’t make up a lot of the building, they can still lead to 25 percent heat loss.
Consider the age of the windows and when they were installed. Newer windows are often built with two glass panes, whereas older homes have a single pane of glass and thinner materials that can lead to drafts. If your home has newer windows, you can consider a fireplace with fewer BTUs.
Think about the age of your house and the quality of the materials that are present. This will influence if you have a lot of heat loss during the colder seasons.


Think about the climate where your home is located when selecting the best fireplace for your needs. If you experience harsh winters, consider an electric fireplace with 5,200 BTUs to ensure you stay warm and don’t have to rely on additional space heaters.

What are the Main Differences Between Gas and Electric Fireplaces?

Understanding the differences between gas and electric fireplaces can make it easier to decide which type of fireplace will work best in your home or office. Although both options are popular among consumers, they have significant differences in their operation and design.

You’ll spend more money each time you turn on your gas fireplace because it costs 40 cents an hour to operate. This will cause you to notice a change in your electric bill during the colder months of the year. If you purchase a wall mount electric fireplace, you’ll only spend an average of one cent per hour if you leave the heating element off and only leave the flame effects running. Both the flame effects and heat will cost eight cents an hour, which makes it easier to use more frequently without worrying about the overall cost each month.
When you install a fireplace that uses gas in your home, there isn’t the option of turning off the heat. You may not get as much use out of the feature, especially during the warmer months when you don’t want to heat your bedroom or living room. With an infrared electric fireplace in your living room, you can turn the heat on and off at any time while always enjoying the beautiful look of the flames. Some electric fireplace models even allow you to turn the flame effects off and only use the heat.
Gas fireplaces rely on real fire to heat the interior setting and only have an orange color shade to enjoy. There are a variety of electric fireplaces that offer more than one color, whether you want red, green, or blue flames. You can have the flame color complement the color scheme in the room and even celebrate holidays like St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Changing up the flame color and flame settings in the firebox will allow you to have variety and avoid getting tired of its appearance. You can also have the freedom of adjusting the brightness settings of the flames with remote control, whether you want a lot of illumination or a dim glow in the room for a cozy ambiance.
It’s also a lot easier to install an electric fireplace compared to a gas fireplace. Electric fireplaces don’t require gas lines or vents to be installed and are easy to put into an outlet and have it up and running in seconds.

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Why More People are Switching to Electric Fireplaces

A lot more benefits come with electric fireplaces than gas or wood fireplaces because the technology offers more features and convenience. You can get just as much warmth, if not more, than a real fireplace. The zoned heating also prevents the heat from rising and causes other floors in the house to get hot and uncomfortable.

The easy operation is another benefit because of its simple and straightforward design. You can discover how it operates in minutes instead of reading through long owner’s manuals. The units turn on by pushing a button and don’t require trying to start a fire with real wood and matches.
This type of fireplace also doesn’t require as much maintenance as other fireplace options. You never have to clean out ashes from the firebox because you’ll never burn wood. You can also forget about scheduling chimney sweeps because the lack of wood burned means creosote builds up over time. This can allow you to save more money each year to maintain the feature and also avoid chimney fires that can occur.
The installation process is also quick and easy to avoid a hassle, which you can do yourself without hiring a professional. An electrician doesn’t need to arrive at your home to hardwire any of the electrical components on your infrared electric fireplace stove or electric fireplace TV. You only need to plug in the cord and don’t have to apply for permits to install it. The lack of gas lines, vents, and chimneys needed means there’s no need to modify your house and spend thousands of dollars to begin using the fireplace. This also makes it an ideal option for people who rent their homes and don’t have the freedom to make changes to the building. You can even install an electric fireplace insert into an existing fireplace to convert it into an energy-efficient feature.
Electric fireplaces are also a lot smaller with a slimmer profile, which makes them easier to transport and move around. They’re easy to lift without much effort or strength to ensure you can always have the option of moving it to another room when you’re ready to change the layout of your interior setting. A recessed fireplace is also small enough to fit on a table.
The smaller profile of this type of fireplace allows it to fit better in smaller spaces and not take up a lot of room. You can have more places to install it, whether you want to show it off in the entryway or put it on display in your home office. It can become one of the main focal points in the room without blocking areas where you need to walk.
The safety features that come with an infrared quartz fireplace don’t allow it to overheat. It can turn off after you set the timer for a specific time to prevent the freestanding electric fireplace from running too long and overheating if you fall asleep or leave the room.

The Unique Features You Can Consider with a New Electric Fireplace

Since 1912, electric fireplaces have continued to become more innovative and advanced to accommodate homeowners. Although they were originally used to heat playhouses in the U.S., homeowners began to find them useful in the 1950s when they were in search of economical ways of keeping warm.
Not only do electric fireplaces remain popular for their realistic flame effects and classy look, but they have more advanced technology, which emerged in the 1980s. This has allowed more features to be added to the various models available and allows them to offer more than traditional fireplaces. The burning ember bed and the look of the smoke effects make it difficult to notice the flame effect and wood logs are fake.
Some brands like MagikFlame even offer an app that you can use on your tablet or phone to adjust the settings remotely and use your electronics like a remote control. Touchscreens that come on some of the products also offer ease of use and are backlit to ensure you can operate the fireplace in dim settings.
A variety of different types of ember beds are available to choose from to create a specific look that matches the style of your home. You can select from stones or rocks to create a sleek, modern look. There are various colors of ember beds to ensure it look stylish and more upscale than a Duraflame wood log set.
You can choose from a plug-in electric fireplace or an insert that requires minimal hardwiring with the help of an electrician. Installing your recessed fireplace into a wall will increase your home’s value and can make it a unique feature that attracts more buyers.
There are also electric fireplaces you can install outdoors because of the weather-resistant materials used. This means you can spend more time outside and enjoy stargazing year-round while enjoying the significant heat the fireplace emits. Many types of electric fireplaces can also be installed in bathrooms because they’re designed to operate in humid settings where moisture is present. This can allow you to stay warm and feel at ease while getting ready each day.

How to Select a Fireplace for Your Home

When you’re looking for the best electric fireplace heater, there are a few factors to consider. You’ll need to consider a few main factors, whether you choose to shop on the Internet or at local home improvement stores.

●      Technology
●      Style
●      Dimensions
●      Reviews
●      Price
●      Operation
●      Brand


The type of technology of the fireplace will determine how real the faux flames look as they dance and move around. Mist, LED lights, and holographic technology are all available, depending on the look you prefer. MagikFlame is the only brand to offer holographic technology, which is an important part of the MagikFlame story and was invented by the founder of the company.


The style of the electric fireplace you select should complement the interior design of your home to ensure it blends in well and is the best electric fireplace for your setting. Consider the details and crown molding on a freestanding electric fireplace when you plan to remodel and work with an interior designer. A fireplace with a traditional wood mantel will look classy and contemporary. A wall-mounted electric fireplace can be included on one of the main walls in your living room or home office while working with an architect to build a new home. You can talk to a professional about the best wall to install your wall-mount recessed fireplace.


Think about the size of the electric fireplace to ensure it has the right dimensions for your living space. If you forget to consider the dimensions, it can look tiny on an oversized wall or even protrude too far out in an entryway. Measure the space where you plan to install the property in advance. You should also take the height of the ceilings into account to determine how much wall space is available.
A corner electric fireplace is a great option for those who live in condos or apartments. This will prevent it from taking up too much space and will still allow it to look attractive and upscale. You can still place your furniture around the feature to make it the main focal point.


Reading reviews is another part of the process while shopping for your new fireplace to get insight into the operation and features of the product. The manufacturer may provide you with a lot of details, but you can still get more insight when reading about the customer’s perspective. You can weigh the pros and cons of the product by reading reviews that are posted and even checking out the customers’ photos and videos.
It’s easy to find Ameriwood, Touchstone, and MagikFlame reviews on Amazon and even the manufacturer’s website. Consider selecting a freestanding or recessed electric fireplace with the highest reviews to ensure you get the best product.


Consider the cost of each fireplace to ensure it works with your budget. Some people make the mistake of buying the cheapest fireplace in the industry, but this can lead to issues like frequent repairs or low-quality materials that break easily. It’s better to spend a little more on a product that is more reliable and lasts much longer.
Search around for a product that has a competitive price but isn’t the cheapest product on the market. Keep in mind that the manufacturer determines how much they’ll sell their fireplace for based on the quality of materials used, where the insert is built, and the quality of their team. Hiring professional workers who have experience constructing fireplaces costs more than sourcing the work overseas in another country.
Some fireplace brands that build their inserts in China or Taiwan offer a lower price to consumers, but this can mean the item isn’t as reliable. Spending more on an American-made fireplace insert from a brand like MagikFlame can allow you to save more money on repairs in the coming years and avoid feeling inconvenienced because it won’t require a lot of repairs over time.
Check out the payment plans and financing offered by each brand. It’s also necessary to look into a warranty that the manufacturer offers with the product. Warranties show that the manufacturers stand behind the quality of their product and will perform the necessary repairs or replacements in the first year if there are any defects present. This can allow you to protect your pocketbook and have peace of mind. If you seek more coverage, consider purchasing an extended warranty.


Consider the operation of the mantel electric fireplace to get an idea of if it’s easy to use each time you turn it on when you want to heat. If the control panel is simple and has a clean layout, you’ll want to use the fireplace more frequently. Most fireplaces include a control panel and a remote control.


The type of brand is one of the most important factors to think about as you select your top picks. The manufacturer determines the type of materials used, making it necessary to research brands consumers favor. PureFlame, MagikFlame, Puraflame, and Ameriwood are known to be the most reputable and have the longest history in the industry. Visit each manufacturer’s website to check out how the company was founded and the different models available with their buying guide. You can learn how MagikFlame is built or how many models Touchstone sells.

Can You Put a Fireplace Insert in a TV Stand?

Many consumers are surprised to learn they can enjoy an electric fireplace TV by adding a fireplace insert into a TV stand. You can select an electric fireplace insert that isn’t already built into a surround, which can allow you to install it into an existing TV stand that you already own. You can create a beautiful look with a piece of furniture that is versatile and eye-catching. You can have the freedom to choose a console that complements your interior setting without settling for some of the fireplace TV consoles available.

Some of the top electric fireplaces you can install into an existing TV stand include:
●      Wall-mounted electric fireplaces
●      Plug-in electric fireplace inserts
●      Electric fireplace logs
●      Built-in electric fireplace inserts

The size of the electric fireplace insert you select will determine if it fits into your TV stand. Don’t purchase a stove heater or wall-mount fireplace if you want it to fit in the piece of furniture.
The MagikFlame 28″ Electric Fireplace Insert is an excellent option that can fit in small or large consoles. It’s small enough to fit in compact consoles without appearing too small. The crackling log sounds will also make it appear realistic. Consider visiting the brand’s website to discover more options available while browsing the Magikflame electric fireplace buying guide.
If you want a vintage or retro look, opt for a mid-century modern console that nods to past decades. A TV console with chipped paint and worn edges will add character and can blend in well with rooms with a rustic style. Some consoles even feature driftwood or reclaimed wood, which will add a high level of design to the space. TV stands with a gray wash will complement the rustic home decor on display and are one of the most popular looks homeowners select.
Look for a TV stand that features cable management features to ensure you can hide the cords and cables to keep them out of sight. It should also feature plenty of adjustable shelves and cabinets to ensure you can store various types of items like DVDs, gaming consoles, and board games. The items can be organized and easy to access and won’t get too warm when the electric fireplace is in use.

Simple Ways to Make Your Fireplace Last Longer

With proper maintenance, your electric fireplace should last an average of 20 years before it needs to be replaced. Despite its long lifespan, it doesn’t need a lot of care or maintenance to continue operating reliably. This can allow you to save time and money with consistent use of the product. You still need to perform some maintenance from time to time to avoid common repairs.
Clean the fireplace once every three to four months, depending on how often you turn the fireplace on throughout the year. Turn off the fireplace to allow the parts to cool for several minutes. You can also turn the circuit breaker off to prevent any electricity from running through the parts as you clean everything. Take off the access panel by unscrewing it. Use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe off the different components in the fireplace. A vacuum cleaner with an attachment will also make it easier to reach smaller crevices where dirt and grime have settled.
Wipe off the glass doors to remove dust and streaks by using a clean cloth with glass cleaner. Don’t let any of the moisture sit too long on the glass, which can lead to water spots.
You can also check your owner’s manual for additional tips on how to care for your electric fireplace and clean it more effectively. Every model differs in the maintenance it needs to keep it running.
Many people don’t realize the light bulbs need to be replaced after a few years, depending on the type of bulbs that are installed. Halogen light bulbs tend to burn out after two years, but LED bulbs can last up to 11 years before they burn out. If you only use the fireplace occasionally, the bulbs may last longer.
Once you spot a light bulb that is dim and is no longer working, unplug the fireplace and let it cool for 10 minutes. Remove your access panel, which should be on the front or back of the fireplace. Wear gloves to ensure you protect your hands from hot surfaces and also don’t allow any of the oil from your hands to transfer to the glass on the bulbs, which can shorten their lifespan and also affect their level of illumination.
Remove the old light bulb by turning it in a counter-clockwise direction without applying too much pressure, which can cause the glass to break. Wrap the old bulb in paper or an old rag to prevent it from shattering once you throw it away. Take your new light bulb and gently screw it into the fireplace by turning it clockwise. Screw the access panel back onto the fireplace and plug it into the wall. You should notice the new bulb immediately turns on and is lit. If it still appears dim, schedule an inspection with an electrician who can take a look at the parts and the internal components. A professional will be qualified to diagnose any problems that are present and look for parts that may need to be repaired or replaced.
It’s also important to hire an electrician to perform an annual inspection to keep your freestanding fireplace running well with consistent use. They can examine the parts and mechanisms to ensure everything is operating smoothly without any of the parts grinding. They’ll lubricate the parts and can test everything out. This will increase the lifespan of the fireplace and can also reduce the risk of the unit breaking down on a cold day when you rely on the heat to stay warm.
By discovering which fireplaces have modern flame heats the best, it can allow you to settle on a model that is reliable and creates a cozy and inviting setting where you can stay warm at the end of each year. You’ll get the chance to invest in a quality product and show off a feature that is upscale and versatile with how it’s used.

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