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Are Portable Electric Fireplaces Safe?

are portable electric fireplaces safe

When it comes to heating your home, there are scenarios where you want the heat precisely where it is needed. This calls for a freestanding fireplace that can be moved to that location and is safe at the same time. Portable fireplaces are used for this reason and are comfortable and easy to use while being safe for pets and children. They usually have infrared heat that ensures that the natural moisture of a room is maintained. This provides a pleasant level of warmth in the place but does not dry out the air. The portable electric fireplaces should be compact and lightweight enough to be moved around with ease. This means that the fireplace’s design must be plug-in-and-play to allow for easy usage no matter where you decide to move it. It does not need an electrician, and there is no hassle for an expert to help you set it up. These are different from the fireplaces installed alongside the entertainment center and as wall-mounted electric fireplaces. The question is, are portable electric fireplaces safe? Can they serve the needs of warming a home while still maintaining safety standards? Will they be safe enough for children and pets who you live with, or will you be worried continuously whenever the kids are close to the fireplace? This is what we look at in more detail in this article. 

Advantages and Benefits of Portable Electric Fireplaces

As we consider the safety of modern portable electric fireplaces, let us look into their merits and benefits. We will also examine whether they are a good choice for a heating system and some of the reasons they might convince you to buy one for your home. This will make answering our question much easier as we will have enough light to cast the question.

First, size is one of the most significant benefits of the portable electric fireplace. They are a piece of work and can easily fit into any small space. They are vastly different from traditional wood, wood fireplaces and not similar to wood-burning stoves. This means that any room of your house that requires the ambiance, coziness atmosphere, and warmth will not be left out. Your reach is also not limited when working with the portable electric fireplace, and you get to warm up more rooms in your house.

The heat output is reasonable for a small-sized fireplace, and the portable electric fireplace does not disappoint in its throughput. It is capable of giving out just enough heat to keep people comfortable and in the right mood. This comes in combination with a realistic flame effect that is meant to resemble real flames. The flames are interchangeable and will not dull the audience in any way. This way, they get to stay close to the flame and enjoy the heat provided by the fireplace in perfect comfort and peace of mind. You achieve the effect of mobility and decoration together.

Since the portable electric fireplaces are designed to be moved around from room to room, their detail level is impeccable. The design elements that have been employed to make these heaters are astounding, and you will find them to be quite visually appealing. None of the finishes leave a gap to the imagination, and you feel this even as you carry the portable electric fireplace from one room to another. The decoration has been done to the minor details, and this means that you feel the designer’s touch in every moment of using the portable electric fireplace. You will also be able to make a fashion statement with the correct choice of a portable fireplace.

As you go shopping for the fireplace, take the time to inspect each of the elements of design embedded into the fireplaces. You might find something that will be a perfect match for the decoration that you have inside your home. This will be quite the fashion statement. It would help if you also were keen on matching or blending the fireplace colors with those at your home to make the entire arrangement a match for each other. A keen eye for detail will get you a selection of fireplaces that you will never regret having picked for your home.

Top Portable Electric Fireplaces on Amazon

Various technologies are employed in electric fireplaces, such as Duraflame and Dimplex technology. The characteristics of each fireplace will determine if the answer to “are electric fireplaces safe?” will be “yes.” They will also determine the most cost-effective solution for portable home heating. Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove.

This is a unique-looking portable fireplace and has supreme features that any other fireplace cannot match. It is super light and can be moved from one room to another for instant warmth. The outside does not get hot like a real fire would and is therefore safe to touch. Even when it is left to run for hours, kids can still touch it and not get burnt. The portable electric fireplace is considered one of the safest options for those who have toddlers.

The fireplace also has a realistic fireplace together with a 3D view of burning logs. The glass door has a knob and a digital display just inside the door. This integrates a thermostat control system and s digital display, which indicates the temperature, timer, and an option for the flame intensity, which can control the flame’s brightness. This fireplace has impressive performance with the capacity to heat up to 1000 square feet of space. The infrared heating ensures that your indoors remains humid and the air does not get very dry.

This fireplace also has a thermostat and an in-built protection device that shuts off instantly as soon as it starts overheating. This makes it the best portable electric fireplace available in the market. It operates on a 120-volt connection and is ideal for most homes.

Lifesmart Infrared Quartz Freestanding Electric Fireplace

This portable fireplace is an electric fireplace with outstanding performance and a heating capacity of 1000 available in three different colors. The three quartz infrared heating tubes improve the heat capacity of the electric fireplace heater. It also has a tiny footprint and will be suitably placed in any room. Several heat setting options exist for the fireplace, and you can change it to create the kind of ambiance and atmosphere you want to have in your room. It is also an ideal choice for zone heating since it does not heat the entire room but a specific region in the room. With this technique, one does not spend too much on electricity bills, and the energy consumption is regulated. The portable electric fireplace has a very powerful blower that sends forced air over the heating element. This is capable of sending heat waves far away and fast.

e-Flame USA Regal Fireplace

This will upgrade the look and feel of your home décor, especially if you intend to have it in the dining or living room (having an electric fireplace in the living room is a great idea). Everyone will surely appreciate the heater’s retro design, and it is one of the best-looking fireplaces. It is available in 3 colors and has a curved design that makes it even more unique and attractive. The flames are, as usual, very realistic and charming. They add ambiance to a room and the faint crackling sound of burning logs whenever it is operational. Some people find this sound to be quite pleasing as it provides a realistic effect of actual burning logs, which is an essential upgrade to the electric fireplace.

A unique aspect of this fireplace design is the heating elements at the bottom. The heat comes out from the bottom, making the fireplace an ideal way to warm feet. However, it is not performing as the two we have mentioned above and can only reach about 400 square feet of space. This makes the fireplace ideal for a small room. There is no assembly needed as the entire electrical outlet setup has already been put together for you. All you need to do once you have the fireplace with you is connect it to the wall outlet, and the rest will be easy and straightforward.

Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove

People fond of traditional fireplaces will love this fireplace. It has such a realistic look that you might mistake it to be a wood-burning fireplace and not a portable electric fireplace. It is very lightweight and is composed of an ember bed with a realistic glowing log set. A short extension cord makes the firebox setup effortless. It does not require any venting and has reasonable heat output in BTUs. These can be left to glow through the night with the heat turned off and will still leave you with an impression that you will find hard to ignore. Suppose you have been used to traditional fireplaces. In that case, this is one of the best ways to commemorate the memories and relive the moments without exposing yourself to smoke or carbon monoxide emissions.

Even though this fireplace might seem to be a bit small, it can still warm a room of up to 300 square feet. It is available with an optional remote control that you can use to tweak all aspects of running the appliance, such as heat regulation and the brightness of the glow from the logs. It takes a moment before it can warm a room to a comfortable enough temperature, and one has to be patient for it to get to the right temperature. The fireplace has a powerful heater integrated, which is very attractive, and its safety feature turns the heater off to prevent overheating. It also has an outside sheet that is cool to touch at all times. The payment plans and financing options for this electric fireplace insert are affordable and straightforward.

are portable electric fireplaces safe

Are Portable Fireplaces Safe to Use

Even with the benefits that have been mentioned above, portable electric fireplaces cannot be assumed to be entirely safe to use. They still have their downfall, which is why one must always be very cautious when selecting one for their home. For instance, they take some time to heat up and match the temperature of the room. There is no guarantee that the fireplace will not warm up beyond the expected level during this period and cause an overheating of the room. This presents a safety hazard, which might be a reason for many people to turn away from using portable electric fireplaces for their homes. They are also safer than a gas fireplace, which depends on a local gas line to operate.

Portable electric fireplaces are not fixed in a single position in the house, as is the case with wall mounted electric fireplaces. As such, they do not take into consideration general safety rules and regulations whenever they are being positioned somewhere. When you have placed them somewhere in a room, you have to be very careful not to put them somewhere close to combustible materials as this presents a safety hazard to the entire house. You must always keep these materials far away from the portable electric fireplace, or else they will burst into flame and even burn the whole place down.

Placing the fireplace at any position or location also means that the absolute safety standards and protocols are not met or observed. This reduces the home’s general level of safety, and you might relax some of the rules. This will then result in other people being exposed to the fireplaces’ danger, such as when they get tipped over by people moving around in the house or children playing. Safety is of paramount importance in any home, and electric fireplaces that are portable need to be located in the rooms’ safest corners.

A portable electric fireplace neatly tucked away in one corner of the room is safe from tampering and being touched by children. It also presents fewer safety risks to the occupants of the room. This is not when the same portable electric fireplace is placed at the center of a busy room as it might get knocked over or end up causing bodily harm and injuries to someone who touches or strikes it. A lot of safety protocols have to be considered before you can decide to buy a portable electric fireplace, and with this in mind, you need to be careful of the model you choose.

There are various safety features in each portable electric fireplace model, and one must always examine them before deciding which one to choose. A fireplace that integrates manual and automated safety features such as a timer and an automatic shut-off switch is important and better than entirely manual fireplaces. This handles all your safety concerns and ensures you have a safe heat source. Some of the fireplaces might accompany remote control, which is ideal as it ensures that distance from the fireplace is maintained. This distancing is vital to prevent bodily harm and ensures that heat dissipates across the room quickly.

The space heater’s external surfaces must not get too hot for comfort and should be made of a material that does not conduct heat. This is incorporated into the fireplace design, and one must be very keen on the fireplace they choose. Some of the fireplaces are known to overheat very quickly and cause skin burns whenever someone touches them. The fireplace might suddenly get very hot and pose health and safety hazards to the occupants of the room.

Safety is paramount not only for homeowners but occupants of your home and family members. As you go about in search of a suitable heating solution for your home, you might be tempted to choose a portable electric fireplace. Safety tips should be in your mind all the time. However, this is not always the best option as it brings with it a lot of safety questions that you might answer. Are portable electric fireplaces safe? This is the question: if you consider purchasing a fireplace, you can move around from room to room without causing any injuries.

Some of the best portable electric fireplace models in the market and online stores such as Amazon have these safety features and capabilities. They can also heat more extensive areas, and their outside is always cool to the touch even when they have been operational for many hours. These are good and safe and recommended for when you need portability for your home heating requirements. However, getting to know the difference between safe and unsafe portable electric fireplaces is very difficult, and you have to think hard before settling on one. There should be nothing near the fireplace whenever it is in operation and once you have bought it, make sure that you look at where you are placing it to avoid fires.

Staying keen when placing the portable fireplace somewhere in your room is beneficial and ensures that you do not have flammable materials close. This is a recurrent topic in the MagikFlame story and presents concern in many MagikFlame reviews. You will find it emphasized in any MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide and integrated into how MagikFlame is built. This way, you will stay safe, and nothing in your home will be a danger to you. This will also be one of how your fireplace can serve you better without posing a security risk. Remember, the fireplace’s safety begins with you being keen on positioning it as it happens to be a portable electric fireplace. 

When you know this and adhere to these rules, you will be able to keep your portable fireplace operating safely, and there will be no reason to be worried about fires or accidents. As you ask yourself, are portable electric fireplaces safe? Remember safety starts with you.

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